Saturday, August 30, 2008

Open Thread of Same Ol' Same Ol'

Same lineup as yesterday. I just got done with a 3 hour fantasy football draft so I need some AFK time. I'll be back before the night is through...soldier on without me.

2B Rickie Weeks
SS J.J. Hardy
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
CF Mike Cameron
3B Bill Hall
C Jason Kendall
RHP Jeff Suppan

Open Thread: Badger Blowout

The Zips have zip. Zilch. Nada.

So far it's a steady dose of PJ Hill.

I assume you all can watch, since you all have the Big Ten Network now. I'm fairly sure there is no HD broadcast today unfortunately. That 's OK. A few beers and it looks great.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Gah. F'in Cubs and their f'in day games. I have to sit and watch those damn things and they refuse to lose. Screw you Chicago.

Luckily, the Brewers are facing Tom Gorzelanny...whom they mash.

2B Rickie Weeks
SS J.J. Hardy
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
CF Mike Cameron
3B Bill Hall
C Jason Kendall
RHP Dave Bush

Why Weeks is in there I have no idea. He has been completely shut down by Gorzelanny over his career. Oh well, gotta play the righties.

What's next, Brett Quatre?

So Chad Johnson just legally changed his name to Chad Ocho Cinco, which is both hilarious and insane, as you would expect from Chad John..Ocho Cinco.

I think this creates a bit of a problem for the NFL, as I can definitely see some enterprising company paying an athlete to change their name.

Chad Goodyear
Antonio Budlight
Phil Google
Tony Roma
Peyton Pepsi-Manning
Tom Coke-Brady
Shaun Apple

This could be fun.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Flynn's Gotta Be #2

I'm impressed.

I Hate The Yankees

Have you ever listened to a Yankee radio broadcast? They're awful. I'm listening right now (Jeter just messed up a double play, by the way). They were talking about a quote from Johnny Damon, who said that to pull off a major comeback and make the playoffs, they would all have to play like A-Rod. The Yankee broadcasters then ripped A-Rod and said:

"I'm sure he meant the MVP A-Rod and not the A-Rod of the last two weeks."

Here's A-Rod's last two weeks:

.293/.400/.488, OPS+ - 134.

Terrible. Just terrible. They've been ripping A-Rod to shreds, bringing up his lack of clutchness and lack of RBI's in the 8th or later. Well, A-Rod doesn't have a lot of RBI's this year because other Yankees are hurt or having crappy years, and are therefore not getting on base. A-Rod's clutch stats are just fine:

2 outs, RISP - .245/.452/.415
Late and Close - .283/.380/.483
Tie Game - .283/.387/.528
Within 1 run - .289/.392/.502

The Yankee announcers are unworthy of A-Rod, who is still the best player in baseball.


They did it, the Brewers sold their 3,000,000th ticket. Good for them and good for the fans who made it happen.

It would not be out of the realm of possibility .........

For the Yankees to make a run at both Sabathia and Sheets for the 09 season.

I am becoming very set in my belief that CC Sabathia will be the opening day pitcher on the mound for the Yankees when they open Yankee Stadium Mk2

But as I was bouncing back and forth between the Yankees vs. Boston game on ESPN and the Brewers game I caught Rick Sutcliffe saying something that made sense.

He said the Yankees needed a starting rotation they had tried to home grow one and had failed so now it was time for them to buy one.

Then it struck me that two of the top free agent pitchers who are going to be on the market are playing for the Brewers right now and they are also two of the younger free agents. Yes we all know I am talking about Sheets and Sabathia.

So I stated to wonder could the Yankees make a run at signing both of them?

Money wise it is isn't a thing to them just by dropping
Giambi, Abreu they free up 33 million

Then if they wanted to they could chose to drop any one of these pitchers or all three if need be.
Pettitte 16 mil, Mussina 11 mil and Pavano 13 mil so depending on how many they dumped they could free up a lot more hell if they let all three go they would have 73 million freed up when added to the Giambi and Abreu money

All 5 of the players named above are either done or the Yankees have a small buy out option in 09

It is looking like the Yankees will not make the playoffs for the first time in Derick Jeters career so I look for them to be a raging elephant in the free agent market

I could really see them signing both Sheets and CC. I do not follow them enough to know who they would keep out of the Pettitte Mussina and Pavano group if any of them but A starting 3 in your rotation of CC Sheets and Joba has to look pretty tempting to the Yankee ownership

Anyone have any thoughts on this I just threw the numbers together from Cots doing things rough so nothing here is too exact but it looks like the Yankees could add both Sheets and CC with out a second thought actually depending how they go about it they could add both and still have their payroll go down form the 209 million they spent this year. But I doubt that would happen with the ticket prices they will be paying for seats next year at YS2 their income stream is going to expand even more.

So that is my prediction Sheets and CC both wearing pin strips next season


Thats it I am not watching the Brewers till Monday

And not it is not because they lost, they are off today and I am going up to my Trailer for the weekend so no baseball for me till Monday.

Sometimes it is a good thing to step back and take a breath

Simple to explain what happen last night

Bats wasted chance after chance to expand the lead so they are partially at fault.

Yost decided to pitch Riskie and Shouse both who pitched a whole inning the day before instead of going with Mota who was fresh in the 8th. I am sorry I am starting to sour on the Riskie signing. But back to the Yosting why use Riskie back to back nights? He has not been that good lately you have a day off the next day and guys in the pen who are fresh.

Then they did not make plays when they had a chance to if Hardy throw a better ball to home the St Louis runner would have been Meat and who knows what happens them.

Not the end of the world first loss in 6 games they split with St Louis which was all they needed to do so you chalk up last nights game under shit happens forget about it and move on.

Big test coming up over the holiday weekend they have to go into the House of Horrors PNC Park and play a Pittsburgh team that has nothing to lose.

The Pirates are a horrible baseball team just plain awful so the Crew has to take 2 of 3 at the minimum.

Hell face it we are at the part of the season where every game seems to be worth a little more while we all know that is not true try convincing yourself of that.

Ad the pressure of the WC race and the Division race to the fact they usually play like shit in PNC Park and it will be no walk in the park this weekend.

Weekend game info

All games at PNC Park
game one Bush vs. Gorzelanny
game two Suppan vs. Malhom
game three Sabathia vs. Karstens

Friday and Monday first pitch 6:05pm CDT
Sunday first pitch at 12:35pm CDT

Fox HD Friday and Sunday
WMLW on Saturday(Yuck)

2 of 3 would be nice but a sweep would be grand. Cubs play Philly this weekend so we can gain ground on which ever team loses

St Louis plays Houston so Go Astros

Final thought they are 4-1 on their drive to 100 wins and now have burned one of the seven loss they could have and still get to 100 wins. With 29 games left that will be a tall order going 23 and 6 for the rest of the season. Not impossible but improbable lol.

I will be around today but after that see you all Monday or Tuesday enjoy the long weekend.

Hurray Beer

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rollerball Open Thread

It could get ugly tonight if TLR decided he wants his revenge tonight.

If Crew get out early look for fireworks

Here's the Brewers' lineup:

2B Rickie Weeks
SS J.J. Hardy
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
CF Mike Cameron
3B Craig Counsell
C Jason Kendall
LHP Manny Parra.

Hurray Beer

Cubs/Afternoon Open Thread

Cubs are playing, Favre is potentially sitting out this weekend, Red Sox got Kotsay, Matt Garza is going to throw a perfect game tonight...

Funnel it all here

A evening in Baseball Pleasantville

What a perfect evening if you were a Milwaukee Brewers fan.

Ben Sheets had to grind a bit but got the job done getting stronger as the night went on. And low and behold what happens when they score runs for him.

Last night the Brewers started to see things in color(if you have seen the movie Pleasantville you know what I mean)

And the Cards have to be sitting there saying "That is real rain out there"

The Brewers did what they needed to do on this short two game series, avoid the sweep they did that in a huge way and also sent a message to the Cards. How sweet was it that Braun and Hall of all people hit the home runs last night. Hall would be an all-star if he played half of his games in Busch Stadium.

I think the St Louis fans have realized there is a bigger issue than un tucked shirts when it comes to the Cards and Brewers. At least for this year the Brewers are a better team than the Cards.

Once again let me give Sheets his due he struggled early he could not locate his curve but he got through it when he got heated up he gave them a solid game and pitched well in a close game(game was close for most of the time Sheets was on the mound) Last night Sheets pitched like an Ace is supposed to pitch on a day he does not have his best stuff. Nice Job.

So the Crew jumps out to a 4.5 game lead over the Cards and Phillies in the Wild Card Division. Right now the Brewers are starting to pull away in the WC the Cards and which ever team is in second place in the East at this moment are the only teams with in 5 games of the Brewers. They stay within shouting distance of the Cubs who also refuse to lose.(The Pirates are a bad bad baseball team)

They are 4-0 in their drive to 100 wins and have a chance to deliver if not a death blow to the Cards a real kick to the crotch. 22 games over .500 that is just sick and they are now 5 wins away from locking up the winning season(hat tip to the Cubs who locked up a winnings season with their win yesterday)

The Crew has 30 games in the season(where did the summer go?)so pushing the lead in the WC division to 5.5 tonight would be huge.

On to tonight's game info
Parra vs. Wainwright at the hushed Busch Stadium III

First pitch is at 7:15pm CDT


Now it is time to get greedy you have the split locked up you cannot leave St Louis any worse off than you were when you got there. But now the Crew has a chance to get the sweep and start putting the Cards in their rear view mirror and keep pace with the Cubs.

Parra has to step up here and pitch like he did during that 8 game winning streak we cannot rely on the Bats exploding for 12 runs again.(not that we would turn it down if they did)

I think if the Crew can jump out early the Cards might just lie down and die right now they are pretty punch drunk from their run in with the Crew the press down there is admitting the Crew is the better team.

My only fear is if the Crew gets on them early TLR might try and settle some scores the boys better make sure their batting armor is on tight.

So I hope everyone enjoyed last night and lets hope we get a repeat performance tonight

Hurray Beer

What Is The Deal With Branyan?

Today is the day that Russell Branyan is eligible to return from the DL, and while I don't think anyone expects Russ back today, as rosters expand next week, I am concerned about the complete lack of news. As such, I actually submitted the question to Tom H. and Anthony W., and I plan on bothering Will Carroll about it later.

The fact is that Brewer fans should be way more concerned about this than they are. As is frequently pointed out on this blog, Craig Counsell sucks and should never play third. Even against righties his .236/.338/.326 line is just terrible. While that is better than Bill Hall's almost unbelievable .190/.271/.318 against righties, having to choose between these options shows a lack of creativity in the dugout as well as the front office. Kicking Hardy over to third and calling up Escobar for a trial run (as he is likely to be up for roster expansion anyway) would be better. Joe Dillon has put up a .259/.378/.418 line in 43 games at Nashville, and while he's not exactly a right-handed specialist either (.130/.216/.130 in 33 games this year in the majors) his early struggles were more likely due to his .182 BABIP. It's hard to imagine that he is a worse option, and at the very least, he tends to get on base.

The fact is that it is completely unnecessary to play Craig Counsell at third, and if Russell Branyan, who is clearly the best option against RHP at third, is not back with this team by Monday, they have serious problems.

The Newspapers' lack of coverage on this is also ridiculous.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Open Thread of Pointless Platoon

Craig Counsell is atrocious against lefties. He is also atrocious against lefties. There is no reason for him to be in the major leagues, much less starting for a team that is leading the Wild Card. His grit, determination and veteran leadership mean about as much as my grit and determination to never miss a game. I may actually be more valuable than Counsell, as I am not out there pretending to be a baseball player and stealing a roster spot from someone actually deserving. But, Ned is in love so there is naught we can do. Craiggers gets the start tonight:

2B Ray Durham
SS J.J. Hardy
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
CF Mike Cameron
3B Craig Counsell
C Jason Kendall
RHP Ben Sheets

For the record, Craig Counsell is 0-1 against Wellemeyer, and Bill Hall is 0-8, so the only two options are disgustingly terrible, but seeing as Branyan is done, that's what we gots. Total Brewer OPS against Wellemeyer is .616, so in order to escape the wrath of the detractors, Sheets will have to pitch a gem and probably drive in a few runs.

Game starts in about 90 minutes...Go Crew!

MLB Replay Starts Thursday

MLB is holding a press conference at 5:00 (Eastern, I assume) to announce that replay will be enacted for disputed home runs starting this Thursday.

This is long overdue, and a step towards getting PitchFX to call balls and strikes.

If anyone tells you that they like "the human element" in baseball umpiring, they may be an evil robot. You should dunk them in molten steel just to make sure.

Man untucking their shirts really bugs St Louis

Check how many times they bring up the untucked shirts in this St Louis Post Dispatch article.

Hat tip to Old Pete over at BCB

It was funny they bitched about the Brewers watching their home runs and the untucking of shirts last series there was a Cards fan who either here or at BCB was just railing on it in our threads.

Then in the extra inning game against the Mets(the one I left early lol) Pujlos did his best Ryan Braun imitation when he watched his late home run give the Cards the lead.

I have to give the Cards guy credit he showed up after that game and admitted that Pujlos did the same thing.

but I bet the shirts still bug him lol

Hurray Beer

Rick Reilly At His Best

On the Olympics.

Read the whole thing.

Final Cards Series of the Year

And it is a huge one as huge as a two game series at the end of August can be. This is the last time the Cards and Brewers are scheduled to play this season barring running into them in the playoffs.

You have to tip the hat to the Cards I have no clue how that team is managing to stay up with the Brewers and Cubs. They have no bullpen to speak of and quick other than Ankiel Pujols and Molina name one of their every day players. But here they are 3.5 back of the Crew.

For the Brewers anything other then getting swept is a good series. A split still leaves them 3.5 up and if the Crew can take both games they push the lead to 5.5 games with a month to go and the Brewers having a much more favorable September schedule than the Cards.

On paper you have to like the Brewers chances of winning at least of the games. With Sheets and Parra taking the hill for the Crew.

Now we all remember what happen the last time the Crew went into St. Louis they won 4 games in a sweep of the Cards and 3 of those games were dramatic come from behind home run driven wins. The Brewers also committed the crimes of watching home runs leave the park and untucking their shirts after the wins(the shirt things makes Cards fans rabid for some reason) So you would have to say the Cards will be motivated for this series the perceived(wow a real life example of I before E except after C lol)insult will just be one of many things firing them up.

The Cubs destroyed Pittsburgh yesterday so the Crew gave up a half of game to them to fall back to 5 back in the division race.

So lets look at tonight's game info
Sheets vs. Wellemeyer down at Busch Stadium III

First pitch is at 7:15pm CDT


A simple plan tonight Sheets has to pitch like we know he can and the Bats have to score him at least 5 runs. And if they give Ben the lead he cannot give it right back.

It would be great for the Crew to actually go in there and pound the Cards in game one sending a message and hopefully taking some win out of the Cards sails

There you have the Crew knows what needs to be done lets do it and move on.

Hurray Beer

Monday, August 25, 2008

Big Ten Network now on Time Warner Cable

A deal has finally been reached, the Big Ten Network and Time Warner Cable tie the knot. They worked on it all weekend apparently. The BTN will be channel 63, so burn that number into your collective memories. Saturday's Badger game will be available to the masses. The angels sang and the church bells rang.

The catch 22 that is Brewers Success

I will admit I am enjoying my trips to Miller Park less and less as the team gets better and better.

I know that sounds insane but think of it like this you know when you find a bar or restaurant that is pretty cool but it is kind of a hidden gem not a lot of people know about it so you are one of the regulars or locals. You get to enjoy the place and it is kind of your special secret place.

Then the local food critic writes a 4.5 star review and all of a sudden there is a line stretching around the block waiting to get in. Or to use my favorite example Jimmy Buffet writes a couple of songs about Key West and lets the whole world in on the secret lol.

That is kind of how I feel with Miller Park while I am very grateful that the team is successful, it has become less enjoyable to actually go to a game at Miller Park.

First they built the place without enough parking which was not a problem when the team sucked but now is starting to be an issue you have to get to the park at least an hour early if you do not want to end up Parking closer to Pottawatomie Casino than Miller Park. Then you get into Miller Park and it is insane I have to admit I have never like being in crowds so this is not just a problem I have at Miller Park.

But I will also say Brewers have not done a good job of adapting to the huge crowds, the quality of the product they are selling at the concession stands is way down I had two brats yesterday and both were luke warm at best no excuse for that with the prices they are charging the least they can do is give you hot foods hot and cold stuff cold.

I feel like at Miller Park now like I did when I returned to Key West for the first time in 97 after an absence of 6 years, all I kept thinking was "Where did all these tourists come from"?

These are all minor bitches I still go to Key West and I still like going to Miller Park but now it is more for what is taking place on the field.

Is this just me or do the huge crowds make Miller Park any less enjoyable for anyone else?

Give me some elbow room

Hardy enough to get the job done.

Doing well on the day they give away your bobble head likeness has to be pretty cool for a player. And not everyone does what J.J. Hardy did yesterday, if I remember correctly the very beginning of Derrick Turnbow's long collapse started on D.Turnbow bobble head day I am pretty sure he blew the save that day and and he was never quite right after that game.

What did we learn yesterday that the Chris Curse is real and strong I sat the watching CC struggle(it qualified as struggling for him since he is no mere mortal) I watched the Brewers load the bases twice with less than 2 outs and score no runs.

When Braun came up with the bases loaded and no outs I turned to Mrs. Chris and said "You know I do not believe Braun has ever hit a Grand Slam in the Majors"

He than hit a ball that was just foul if he had been able to keep it straight it would have hit the glass on the old 300 club. You can tell Braun is struggling to get his timing back at the plate he has stated that he is all off kilter and we have no idea how good or bad that oblique muscle feels.

So after watching the Crew scratch out 2 runs and take CC off the hook and put him back in line for win number 9 I then watched David Riskie give me more reason to question his long term signing. First batter crushed one to left only a diving catch by Braun gets the out then Cameron made a diving attempt on a ball he should have never dove for turning a double into a single. Once the Pirates had tied it up I knew what I needed to do. I gathered up the family and headed for the parking lot since we have proven once I physically leave Miller Park the Curse is lifted I had just reached my van which was parked in the very last row of the general lot when Cameron hit his home run. My wife just shook her head in amazement and said you called it. But it would not be so easy today for the Crew as Torres blew a save a rare happening this year for him. But the rest of the team picked him up.

Then Mota of all people becomes a bigger hero then J.J. in my mind I was following the game on my phone as we had stopped at Target to get school supplies and I saw how Carlos Villanueva had loaded the bases with no out. And I will be honest I almost closed the window on my phone when Yost brought in Mota it seemed like a version of the human surrender flag. But damn if Mota did not pitch the team out of the jam. What a kick in the balls that had to be for Pirate fans.

The Pirates are a bad team they are young and scrappy but really really bad.

I have to say I was totally on board with Yost's decision to bull CC after 6 innings he was already at 100 pitches and I still believe he was feeling the effects of the 130 pitch game and all the work since he got here. Plus I wonder if the NL is finally starting to get a little bit of a book on CC now that he has 10 starts against NL teams as a Brewer. We will see his next start is also against Pittsburgh in the House of Horrors so we should be able to get a read on that.

So the win puts then 21 games over .500 and they kept pace with both the Cubs and Cards gaining no ground but giving no ground.

6 games to a winning season, they are also 3-0 on the drive to 100 wins.

no game tonight as you all know but the Cubs do play a game so there is a chance to gain a half of a game tonight and even up the number of games played by both teams.

I have no idea what I will do tonight no Brewers no Olympics damn what is a man to do. I guess I could suffer through MNF Preseason BS.

A nice 5-1 home stand and they have run their August record to 16-6 with 5 games left in the month. It has been a pretty good month so far lets hope they can close it out with 4 or 5 wins on the road.

Hurray Beer

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Open Thread Of CC'in a Sweep

First, there is no reason for Rickie Weeks to be in the lineup today. Ray Durham has had success in limited at bats but Rickie has been ATROCIOUS in 21 plate appearances. It makes no sense that he is playing today. Same goes for Jason Kendall. Yost has a chance to give Kendall two days off, and since Kendall is awful against Maholm it would make sense. Instead, Kendall is catching, Weeks is at second, and the Brewers are yet again not given the best opportunity to win.

Good news...Sabathia is on the mound so hopefully none of that will matter!

2B Rickie Weeks
SS J.J. Hardy
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
CF Mike Cameron
3B Bill Hall
C Jason Kendall
LHP CC Sabathia

What If You Hit A Home Run, Get Injured, And Can't Make It Around The Bases?

This happened in a softball game awhile ago and the injured woman's opponents carried her around the base path. As it turns out, this was unnecessary as she was entitled to a pinch runner to complete the home run. Such is also the case with MLB. Rule 5.10 (c) (1) reads:

(c) When an accident incapacitates a player or an umpire;
(1) If an accident to a runner is such as to prevent him from proceeding to a base to which he is entitled, as on a home run hit out of the playing field, or an award of one or more bases, a substitute runner shall be permitted to complete the play.

On Working CC To Death

I, like most of you, thought that Ned Yost was working CC Sabathia too hard, unnecessarily. I'm starting to change my mind on the subject (Note: I change my mind alot. So should you.) Here's an article from Joe Sheehan that you probably can't read because it's gated. (If you love baseball, you should pony up and get a subscription, by the way. My Baseball Prospectus subscription is well worth it, and I don't even play fantasy baseball. If you do play fantasy baseball, this should be the first thing you pay for at the beginning of each season. Plus it will stop you from making idiotic comments about Tony Gwynn, Jr. in the JSonline forum.)

Here's the important part:

It is, however, a very clear sign that we’ve gone too far. A good idea—protecting pitchers from injury due to overuse—has been warped, with ill effects for the industry. The marginal innings that veteran starters aren’t throwing—and we’re talking about maybe 10-20 a season for some large number of pitchers—are not just going to inferior pitchers, but they’re driving roster decisions that have changed the way the game is played. As much as La Russa-influenced tactics have helped redesign reliever usage, the lack of those extra pitches and extra innings has forced teams to carry 11, 12, and sometimes 13 pitchers as a workaround. That change has reduced the amount of platooning and shortened benches to the point that many teams have non-functioning reserve corps. All for the gain of low-leverage innings from low-impact pitchers.

The solution here is fairly simple: forget that anyone ever mentioned the number "100." That number isn’t meaningful in any sense. If you really want to use numbers to guide you, here are two: 25 and 120. Once a pitcher is 25 years old, you can generally consider him physically mature enough to handle a full workload. A full workload for a mature, healthy pitcher should include starts of up to 120 pitches without inviting injury risk. Usage beyond that mark—actually, 121 pitches in the PAP^3 framework—do raise the risk, but that risk can be measured against the context of the situation. Flags fly forever, and the pursuit of one does sometimes outweigh the risks involved.

Caleb Peiffer referenced this article (which is how I came to read it) in today's Brewers/Pirates preview. He also mentions that Pirates' starter Paul Maholm has been excellent lately:

Pittsburgh will throw its own left-hander at the formidable Milwaukee southpaw, one who has become the ace of the Pirates' staff. Maholm has been among the best starters in baseball over the last three months; after turning in just three quality starts in his first 10, he has now tossed 12 in his last 15, and hasn't gone less than six innings in any of those 15 turns. Over that stretch, Maholm has a 2.88 RA and 1.06 WHIP, with a K/BB ratio of over 3/1. His second-best start of the season by Game Score came in Miller Park back on July 5, when he gave up four hits and one run over eight innings in a game Pittsburgh lost 2-1.

On paper it looks like a CC start against the Pirates should be an easy "W", but don't be surprised if this one is closer than you think.

Brewers go for sweep today

Suppan and the Bats do their job setting up a chance for CC Sabathia to get his 9th win as a Brewer and lead the WC Division leading Brewers to a sweep

It will be a tall order since I will be in attendance the Brewers and the greatest midseason acquisition ever will have to over come a curse more powerful than the Retro Uniform one.

They will have to over come the Chris Curse as you all know they usually lose when I watch them at Miller Park(they win when I am on the road with them weird)

The last game they could not win for the 4 hours I was in the park I left the stadium and they won 9 minutes later before I could even make to my van.

So CC better bring the really good Ju Ju today

Today's game info
Sabathia vs. Malhom at Miller Park

First pitch is 1:05pm CDT

TV: FSN-HD | RADIO: WTMJ 620, ESPN Deportes 1510/BRN

They are now 2-0 on the drive to 100 they need 7 wins to a winning season and they are 20 games over .500 for the first time all year.

They increased their lead on the Cards yesterday and kept pace with the TBTIBBAPESPN(ESPN is all lovey dovey on the Cubs again)

A win today sends them off to St Louis and a huge two game series with the Cards with some Mo.

Hurray Beer

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Open Thread of Seeing Double

Sorry, I was watching some It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and lost track of time. God damn that is a funny show.

2B Rickie Weeks
SS JJ Hardy
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
CF Mike Cameron
3B Bill Hall
C Jason Kendall
P Jeff Suppan

New day, new time, but same lefty lineup as yesterday. Tom Gorzelanny sucks, so they damn well better beat him tonight.

Please someone explain to me how Synchronized swimming is an Olympic sport?

I just happened to walk by a TV in the house and the Olympics were on and they were showing the Russian Synchronized swimming team. I guess they are the class of the world very impressive yes, but not a sport.

An Art yes but if you are going to have Sync swimming why not ballet that is beautiful to watch the girls are incredibly strong and in great shape too.

I am sorry I hate when people call games or arts a sport. Poker is a game not a sport Sync Swimming is an artistic performance not a sport. I would hesitate to call Auto Racing a sport it is the racing of machines just because the machine operator is inside the machine does not make it a sport.

I do not mind things like BMX racing since they race bicycles in the Olympics already it is just a different form of bike.

Once again not saying the girls/ladies who do Sync swimming are not great swimmers and are not in great shape but as stated a lot of dancers are in good shape also but what The Rockettes do on dry land is no closer to a sport than Sync Swimming.

It is like Ice Dancing in the Winter Olympics pretty to watch but not a sport.

Now this post should be good for a argument or three lol


Draft Board Help

Anyone have any experience with fantasy football draft boards, the ones used for live, offline drafts? I've never bought one but have to this year and I don't know which ones are good and which are bad. Some seem cheap, some just look goofy. Any help with what you recommend would be greatly appreciated.

12 team, 20 rounds

Final thought on the Brewers Batting Helmets

(photo from the MJS)

Crainer a commenter had said in the comments of my post on the Brewers batting helmets that the Brewers actually used the vented helmets with the Retro Uniforms and he was right.

That makes it even weirder to me why they use the smooth version most of the time but the Retro Uniform helmets are vented.


My first thought was maybe the Retro helmets are newer and when they order their next batch of every day helmets they will be the vented style but I do not know they have had the Retro uniforms for at least 3 years now so that kind of kills my theory.

So once again I have no clue


The Packers look good in the only Preseason game that matters

Aaron Rogers and the Packers rebounded form a dismal showing in San Francisco with a very good performance in Denver.

I was bouncing back and forth between the Brewers and the Packers so I did not see every play but I was pretty happy with what I saw.

Once of the few things I have learned since I started doing this blog was to not pay too much attention to the Preseason but it was nice to see the offense look pretty crisp. I wish they were running the ball a little better but that will come.

I will let Eric or someone else who was paying better attention break the game down if they feel like it

But thanks to the 3rd string for pulling the game out score wise so we did not have to listen to the "Oh My God the Packers have not won a preseason game the world is ending" frenzy that would have come with that.

From what little I have seen this team is good enough to win the NFC North

Go Pack Go

Bush and Bats Overcome Retro Uniform Curse

The Milwaukee Brewers start off the run to 100 wins with a victory so they are 1-0.

Its funny Bush gave a couple of runs early but I was not too worried that is his MO lately give up a run or two early then he settles down and is pretty stingy. Plus it was the Pirates you kept thinking ok sooner or later the bats will break through against Duke.

And they did, scoring 10 runs to give Bush a 10-4 victory and gain a game on the Cubs who coughed up a 4 run lead against the Nats and ended up getting blown out of the Dump 13-5.

Only bad part of the evening is the Cards kept pace with the Brewers by blowing out the hapless Braves last night.

It was nice to see Braun on the field and I saw no signs he was in any pain but they said that can change day to day swing to swing so keep your fingers crossed on that one. My hope is that all these days off they have will help keep him right it sounds like he will not get back to 100% till the off season where he can rest it for an extended period of time.

Congrats to J.J.Hardy for becoming only the 3rd Brewers Short Stop to hit 20 or more home runs in two different seasons. The way he was scuffling in early part of the season you would not have though he would get 20 home runs this season.

On to tonight's game info
Suppan vs. Gorzelanny at Wonderful Miller Park

First pitch is at 6:05pm CDT


Crap a WMLW game I do not know if FSN-WI will carry the game out state. Man I hope this the last WMLW game of the season I do not know about cable but their picture quality on DirecTV is awful almost as bad as the Packer game looked on Channel 18 last night. I am talking 1973 rabbit ears bad lol.

This is a big start for both starting pitchers Suppan has to win this to give the Crew a chance to send it to CC Sunday with a chance for a sweep. For Gorzelanny this is his first start since July 4th where the Brewers knocked him out of the game and out of the league he was sent down to AAA by the Bucs after giving up 7 earned runs to the Crew in 4.2 innings.

Miller Park has become a house of horrors for the Pirates yesterday was their 10 loss in a row at Miller Park. Lets hope they can keep that trend going today.

The Crew is now 8 game from another winning season.

The Answer to my Quiz yesterday, what was the significance of the numbers 6 1 3 3 and the answer is the number of runs by inning the Cubs pen gave up in the final 4 innings of the game.

So far so good Crew TCB last night and moves one step closer to the playoffs.

Hurray Beer

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bring Dodgeball to the Olympics

Early on during these Olympic games, I had a couple of conversations with friends about events that we thought should be eliminated. Synchronized swimming and speed walking were high on everyone's lists. During each of these conversations, I asked my friends what sports they would add in the place of the eliminated events, and they were at a loss. So I recommended one-dodgeball. Faces lit up. So for the past week, I've been suggesting the addition of dodgeball to everyone with whom I've had an Olympic conversation. With out fail, the suggestion is met with excitement. So now I turn to you, the reader of the WSB, to join me in spreading the word and developing the groundswell that will bring dodgeball to the games by 2016.

Open Thread of Brauntosaurus Roams the Land Again! (Pack Too)

Ryan Braun is back! Ryan Braun is back!

2B Rickie Weeks
SS JJ Hardy
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
3B Bill Hall
CF Mike Cameron
C Jason Kendall
P Dave Bush

Like I said earlier, it was impossible to screw up this lineup. The Brewers can climb to within 4 with a win tonight, and if they are within 4 come September, I will get very very excited.

Conversely, Dave Bush has had a lot of success against the current Pirates squad. They've only scratched together a combined .647 OPS and not a single one of them has gone bridge. Hopefully that continues!

Green Bay also plays tonight. It's the third game, usually one where the starters get stretched a bit and we get to see some of what we may be in for. At least, that's how the line usually goes. Me, I will possibly watch a bit of this game but my focus will be on the Brewers...and beer. Pretty much the only two things I will be focusing on are Aaron Rodgers and Jarrett Bush.

Brewers game in 90 minutes, Packers start an hour later...Go Wisco!!

A better Badger Preview than I could have done

Mr Man over at Camp Lambeau has a very nice Badgers Football Preview

Worth a couple of minutes of your time

On Wisconsin

Quick Quiz

Can anyone tell me what the significance of the numbers 6 1 3 3 are?


Zach Duke is Milwaukee's Biotch

Total OPS amongst current Brewers against Duke: 1.120. In 137 at-bats. Not too shabby. Even better, Braun only accounts for 2 of those at-bats.

Bill Hall, JJ Hardy, Corey Hart and Mike Cameron all feast on Duke. Pretty much the only Brewers that haven't had a ton of success is Counsell and Rivera. Even Rickie Weeks has an .841 OPS in 23 at-bats against the lefty.

Kapler and Nix have not faced Zach Duke.

As long as Yost doesn't play Counsell, it's difficult to screw up this lineup.

Oh yeah there is a Packers Preseason game today #2

Packers vs. Broncos in Denver at 8pm CDT the game will be on Channel 18 in Milwaukee due to NBC's around the clock coverage of the Olympics.

Usually the 3rd preseason game is the closest to a regular season game so what we see today will most likely be what we get this regular season.

I will be honest I have been all Brewers all the time I know next to nothing about the Pack this camp just not been following it since Favreapalloza ended.

I have not been told what I should think about the Packers yet so I will not give an opinion on them since as I stated I know nothing about current team other than they play in Green Bay.

I will just say game tonight try and watch it and pray your opinions match ESK's tomorrow or Odin help you.

Go Pack Go

A weekend to TCB baby just TCB

The first of 3 series against the woeful Pirates, that is right 9 games with the Bucs and only 3 of them in the house of horrors that is PNC Park. Time to Take Care of Business.

The national media has pretty much written off the Brewers chances of running the Cubs down for the division. My guess is they are all basing that on the 4 games sweep the Cubs threw down in Miller Park. That may be a little short sided due to the fact they play the Cubs 6 times and the Cubs schedule in Sept is pretty brutal.

But to catch the Cubs or take a death grip on the Wild Card Division you have to beat teams like Pittsburgh, teams that have sold off their best players and are playing out the string.

You cannot look past them, as the Pirates just split a two game series with the Cards. I rarely look for sweeps but the Brewers are at home with Bush who is good in Miller Park going in game one and Sabathia going on Sunday. So they have a solid shot at taking 2 games and then you take your chances with the Suppan start Saturday night.

We have reached the point in the season where every game is important you cannot make a game you drop up later in the season because later in the season has arrived.

There are 34 games left in the season(where did the summer go) if they go .500 from here on out they will win 90 games. Amazing most years 90 wins takes the Central running away this season 90 wins might not get you the WC. I personally think the Crew could easily go 22 and 12 over the last 34, that would put you at 95 and 67 which I would think could win you the WC and put you in the hunt for the Division

It all comes down to TCB taking care of business I got to 22 wins by looking at the schedule and I only had them sweeping two of the series they have the rest of the year. So they just have to play good baseball to get to the 22 wins If they play great baseball they could easily break the century mark in wins. But that would be tough that would mean they can only drop 7 game out of the final 34 that might be a bit of a stretch but it could happen.

So 27 and 7 gets you a 100 wins just for fun I will start the countdown starting tonight and lets see how they do.

On to tonight's game info
Bush vs. Duke tonight at County Stadium(Friday Retro Night)

First pitch is at 7:05pm CDT should be another sellout.


Dave Bush vs. the Curse of the Retro uniforms, Bush has been very good at County Stadium can he over come the curse of the Retro Uniforms and get the Crew off on a good note.

Will Ryan Braun be in the line up or are they going to be extra careful(it is the Pirates I lean towards being careful wait till he feels "right" then wait another day or two since they have a ton of days off in the next week.

Strap in Ladies and Gentleman the Pennant/Playoff race starts today.

Hurray Beer

Why The Hell Is Bunting Allowed In Kickball?

I'm currently participating in a kickball tournament, and I was shocked and dismayed to learn that bunting is in fact permitted in the game. (See rule 9.03.)

Now, this offends me as both a SABRnerd and a kickball player as bunting is, in general, evil, but it's even more evil in kickball. Why?

Check out rules 8.02 and 8.03. No defender can be in front of the imaginary line from 1st base to third base. This means that only the catcher has a realistic chance of throwing out a bunter, and if the bunt is down the third base line it's almost impossible to throw that runner out. And in Kickball, bunting is not exactly hard. Until you have the bases loaded, you have a huge incentive to bunt every time.

Which is what we did after our silly-nanny opponents insisted on allowing the bunt rule to stand. While we did win, and eventually pounded our opponents into such submission that they decided they would now like to end the bunting, it was more of a "running to first base" game than it was a kickball game, as very little actual kicking occurred.

I don't know who decided the rules of kickball, but as far as stupid rules go this ranks right up there with the penalty-corner in field hockey and the Jack-of-Diamonds partner in Sheepshead.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Still in the dark over the XM Sirius merger.

As you know a lot of us here have been following the XM Sirius merger closely because it will effect our listening to sports options.

I have been waiting to do this story since I first say a ticker in Times Square announce the merger had finally been completed. But I still cannot find any reliable info even though the Merger was done almost a month ago.

Sirius have done a shitty job of putting out info on this which is a surprise they had a lot of time to prepare for this moment since the merger took forever to be approved.

I expected something on their website telling you what was coming and how you could get programing from the XM side if you were originally a Sirius subscriber or vise versa. As you all know I want to get MLB so I can listen to Brewers game when I am up North at deer camp or Badgers games for that matter since the Big Ten was on XM.

So I have been really trying to root around and find some answer and I have found a big sucking black void of silence on the subject from SiriusXM.

I called and first Customer Service Rep's English was worse than my Russian(which is almost nonexistent)then she finally gave me a web address that SiriusXM set up to put out info on the merger, guess what they had already pulled that website down so that was useless.

I really think they have no clue how they are going to do this I am hearing that you might have to buy a new radio that can get both systems but I would like to think that for something like MLB they would just broadcast it on both systems. But what do I know.

Really this is being handled almost as poorly as the Occupation of Iraq by the Bush Administration(yes I am breaking my no politics rule but I can do that once in a blue moon)

Here is a NYTimes article that sheds a tiny bit of light on this.

I am hearing about a plan where you pick either your normal XM or Sirius subscription and they let you pick 10 channels from the other system but that is pretty vague because they do not list the channels from the other system that would be eligible. I am sure some of this has to do with reworking agreements and contracts with some of the talent like MLB or Howard Stern but come on throw us a frigging bone

Stop keeping us in the Dark Sirius XM the longer you treat us like mushrooms(keep us in the dark and feed us bullshit) the more damage you do to yourself.

So if any of you hear anything on this front sing out and let us know so we can pass the info along.


Batting Helmet Questions

There are two styles or types batting helmets used in MLB this season

The Smooth style which is what the Brewers use.

And the Vented Style which this two tone Mets helmet shows really well.

My big question is why would a team pick the smooth over the vented one? My guess is the vented ones have to be a lot cooler in the hot summer months when most of baseball is played.

I also never realized they have different color batting helmets almost like home and away as this picture shows you the darker Brewers helmet

The color thing I get but I would love to hear the Brewers reasoning for sticking with the old school non vented helmet.

It also looks like MLB requires the whole team to wear the same style I have been watching the Brewers the last couple of games and I have not seen one person wear the Vented style.

Same with teams that use the vented you do not see anyone wearing the smooth style.

I am sure MLB has a reason for all of this but I found it interesting.


Akron, Marshall and Cal Poly WTF

The Rock is not pleased with Wisconsin's non-conference schedule and neither should you be if you are a Badger fan.

How does playing a Mac team and a CUSA team prepare you to go open the Big Ten season playing Michigan in the Big House? Fresno State is a legit non-con game but the other 3 are a joke.

I know I am very late getting to the Badgers party but there was this baseball team and oh you know where I have been. But since the Badgers kick off on August 30th it is time to think about Saturday Football.

As a Badger fan and alum I am embarrassed by this non-con schedule. It is a lose lose scenario, if the Badgers actually TCB against these teams they get no credit because well they are a MAC Team and a CUSA team but Odin help them if they pull a Michigan and lose one of these three games.

I have to go do some serious catching up on this years team but from what little I have read the team is a bit of a mystery to even the guys who cover them full time due to the team keeping most practices off limits.(Explain to me how a PUBLIC University can keep the representatives of the public away from practice)

I cannot believe College football is already here.

On Wisconsin

And yes Marquette fans do not fret the post on your football team is coming ;)

Bogut's Ankle not as bad as first thought.

Bucks center Andrew Bogut underwent a magnetic resonance imaging exam after turning his ankle Wednesday in Australia's quarterfinal loss to the U.S. in the Olympic Games.

"He had an MRI, and it looks pretty good," an Australian team spokesman told Australian media.(MJS)

Hopefully this is very good news for the Bucks and their fans.


Shame on Tampa Bay Rays Fans

What am I talking about you ask? This

Stadium: Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, FL
Attendance: 19,157 (46.4% full)

I was watching some of this game last nigh on ESPN2 and I was shocked at how empty the park was.

Come on you have a team with the best record in baseball playing the other top team in your league going for a sweep and you cannot even get your stadium half full.

I have to check the weather map and see where that tropical storm is but I do not think that was the excuse or reason for the low turn out.

It is stuff like this that makes me that much more proud of the attendance numbers we are putting up at Miller Park the whole state of Wisconsin should be proud.

I believe that was the 18th or 19th straight sellout yesterday every game they keep extending the record for sellouts 3 million here we come.

Tampa Fans need to get out to the park and support that team no excuses this season they are for real.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wisconsin Hockey Gets Commitment From 14-year-old

I found this on JSOnline's NewsWatch and since I know we have some college hockey fans out there I thought I'd bring it to your attention.
Madison - The University of Wisconsin-Madison has lined up a star hockey player.

But it will be a few years before he enrolls.

Fourteen-year-old defenseman Jordan Schmaltz gave Wisconsin coaches a nonbinding verbal commitment last week. He had been offered a full scholarship four years before he can use it.

Schmaltz's father, Mike, calls the offer surreal: His son hasn't even had his first class at Verona Area High School yet.

Schmaltz says he accepted Wisconsin's offer because he likes the campus and coaching staff.

NCAA rules don't allow college hockey coaches to contact recruits until the end of their sophomore year in high school. But there's nothing to keep an athlete from approaching them.
The Cap Times has an article with a little more info about the 14-year old Schmaltz.

The Brewers got lucky today

Very Lucky.

Bases loaded with no out in the 8th Gagne on the mound and a 3 run lead. A recipe for disaster if there ever was one.

But for once the other team were the guys trying to figure out how you can load the bases with less than two outs and not score a run.

Parra was not very sharp today but with the help of the pen and just enough from the bats he gets a win.

9 wins to a winning season.

Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good

Hurray Beer

Open Thread of Ridin' Riv'

Mike Rivera is in. But Bill Hall is as well, and Braun is out. This lineup does not fill me with optimism.

2B Rickie Weeks
SS J.J. Hardy
LF Gabe Kapler
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
3B Bill Hall
CF Mike Cameron
C Mike Rivera
LHP Manny Parra

Interestingly, Bill Hall has faced Wandy Rodriguez more than any other batter. In 29 plate appearances he has managed to amass a very Bill Hall-like .720 OPS. The Brewers are overall pretty average against Wandy. Hart has excelled (1.022 OPS) as have Hardy and the shelved Braun. Mike Cameron has been bad, Counsell and Durham have been worse. Weeks, however, has had success. .474 OPS and a .400 slugging. I like his chances today.

We'll need him! Go Brewers! Game in 90 minutes.

Little League World Series Down to Eight Teams

You can catch the four semi-final games of the Little League Baseball World Series live today and Thursday. All times listed are U.S. Eastern Time.

TODAY (AUGUST 20)4 p.m. (ESPN): Japan (Edogawa Minami Little LeagueTokyo) vs. Caribbean (Pabao Little LeagueWillemstad, Curacao)

8 p.m. (ESPN): U.S. Northwest (Mill Creek Little League, Mill Creek, Washington) vs. U.S. West (Waipio Little League, Waipahu, Hawaii)

THURSDAY (AUGUST 21)4 p.m. (ESPN): Latin America (Coquivacoa Little League, Maracaibo, Venezuela) vs. Mexico (Matamoros Little League, Matamoros, Tamaulipas)

8 p.m. (ESPN): U.S. Southeast (Citrus Park Little LeagueTampa, Florida) vs. U.S. Southwest (South Lake Charles Little League, Lake Charles, Louisiana) The World Series then moves on to the Championship Weekend:

SATURDAY (AUGUST 23)12:30 p.m. (ABC): International Championship

3:30 p.m. (ABC): United States Championship

SUNDAY (AUGUST 24)Noon, ESPN: Consolation Game

2 p.m., ESPN: Little League Webgems Show

2:30 p.m., ESPN: Little League Baseball World Series Preview Show

3:30 p.m., ABC: Little League Baseball World Series Championship

Brewers Prediction

As much as it pains me I have serious doubts the Crew will run the hated Cubs down for the Division and I am having doubts about the Brewers holding on to the Wild Card lead also.

First let it be noted I am down on Sports in General and I am still sporting some pretty negative feeling to the Brewers management at the moment over my ticket situation.

But those are not the reasons I am starting to worry about the Brewers ability to get into the playoffs for the first time in 26 years.

First the fact that for what every reason they are not winning the starts of their number 2 and 3 starters. What good is having Sabathia win every one of his starts if you lose the next two games almost every time out.

Second reason is how inconstant the offense is this offense have never lived up to the Bash Your Way To Glory billing. It is not that they cannot hit home runs in fact that is all they do they score 8 runs one night then 2 the next and the next. Last night showed how this feast or famine will kill you. They waste way to many chances with RISP to be a consistent scoring threat.

I am sorry but the Cards just will not go away and guess which two guys are making the starts when we play them down in St Louis for the final time Sheets and Parra ouch.

Here is my doomsday scenario the Brewers keep limping along never able to stretch their WC lead out beyond 3 games and the Cards just keep hanging on staying close. Then we play the Cubs 6 times in the last two weeks of the season. I believe the Cubs would love to do nothing more than knock the Brewers out of the playoffs

I hope I am wrong but right now setting the record aside I just cannot see this team holding on to the WC if they keep playing like they are. Now that I have said this in public they will most likely win 8 in a row which would be fine by me I can handle being wrong on this one.

Oh and do not for get we have to also play the Mets who will either be fighting us for the WC or in a fight for the NL East so they will be coming to Miller Park to play

"I got a bad feeling about this Mav"



Well Rubber match time. Letting Houston come in here and win 2 of 3 would almost be as bad as getting swept by them.

Today's game info
Parra vs. Rodriquez at Miller Park

First pitch is at 1:05pm CDT

there is some confusion about TV coverage the Brewers site says no TV but I just checked FSN-WI shows the game being broadcast today so best I can tell you is check where every you watch Brewers games and see if you get the game.

Or listen to it on the Radio RADIO: WTMJ 620, ESPN Deportes 1510(Spanish Language)

You know I have been so busy hating on Sheets that I did not notice how shitty Parra has been doing every since that game in AZ when he left with the 5-0 lead and Mota fucked it up. Parra has only won twice since June 28th and they have only won two of his starts vs 7 losses. Yeah this shit has to stop also you cannot have Sheets starts being followed with shat starts like this. Time for Parra to step it up and get back to his June ways. He has pitched well in a couple of those losses but has succumbed to the evil "big inning" and some bad luck remember the Cameron blunder in the Baltimore game most likely cost Manny and the Brewers the game.

Well lets see if the Brewers can get Parra back on the winning track this afternoon against what I am assuming will be a sold out Miller Park.

Hurray Beer

Ben Sheets is God Like

I know this because ESK and others never stop telling me that. Lets just say I do not agree with all of them when it comes to Ben Sheets. I am done caring what other people think of what I say here. I am going to say what I think and just ignore the attacks that come with speaking the truth as I see it.

So another night that gives us the oldest argument in baseball who lost the game last night the anemic offense of the starting pitcher?

That seems to be the defense of Sheets the Bats are not scoring him 5 runs when he pitches. Very true the last two starts the Offense only got him two runs. Both times giving him leads which he promptly pissed away through his own actions on the mound.

And in the San Diego game lets remember those runs were scratched out against the 2007 NL Cy Young winner so it was not like they were being shut down by a tomato can.

I am not saying you bench Sheets or put him in the bullpen or anything silly like that you keep throwing him out there hoping he recaptures the stuff he had against the Nats. Or maybe it was just the Nats suck but I digress. I just refuse to be part of the hero worship of Sheets he does not deserve it.

Now back to last night oh yeah the Offense had their collective heads up their asses. They had Moeller on the ropes a number of times and did not get a run in since clutch is a myth I will caulk it up to bad luck. But it was not bad luck when that idiot Dale Sveum sent Cameron home on a weak single that was beyond stupid.

Gabe Kapler had a couple of chance to be the Sheets Savior but he did not get it done. Sheets himself added to the futility at home plate with his two at bats both times not getting a bunt down when that is what was called for.

So I agree the Bats failed Sheets last night failed him miserably but if Sheets needs 6 to 7 runs a night to win games how does that make him any better than the other 3 guys in the rotation not named Sabathia?

One of the best things that will happen to this team next season will be if they are in the Post Ben Sheets era. Let him go be God like for some other team with more money than brains in the front office.

Final thought you better hope like hell that the last game of the season against the Cubs does not have playoff implications because guess who is scheduled to start that game you got it Ben Sheets. He has 7 starts left I would be content if they could win 3 of that 7.

Aces perform down the stretch and I do not see Sheets getting it done.


Jason Kendall Got Rich By Sucking at Baseball

Jason Kendall is so excellent at what he does that the Brewers will be giving him a 400% pay raise. Currently making $1 million, Kendall hit the auto-bump mark last week as he started his 100th game. That means he'll go from $1.25 (assuming he hits 130 starts) in 2008 to $4.6 million next year.

The Brewers will be paying Jason Kendall (.245/.328/.318, OPS+ 71, 1 HR, 1:1 k/BB, zero speed, zero power, zero contact, zero ability to do anything productive offensively) $4.6 million dollars.

Chad Moeller's career OPS+ is 61. Jason Kendall will be getting $4.6 million dollars.

Sal Fasano is a bit better than Jason Kendall offensively. He is making $425,000.

Mike Rivera has shown the ability to play baseball. He also has shown he can play baseball well. Pitchers respond identically to Mike Rivera and Jason Kendall. Mike Rivera has power, gets on base, and has power and gets on base.

Mike Rivera is making $395,000.

Angel Salome is having a break out season at AA (.367/.418/.564). Angel Salome is 22 years old. Angel Salome is dirt cheap.

The Brewers have two excellent, cheap options to man the plate next season. They also will need to sign a starter to fill the Sheets/Sabathia gap.

Instead, the Brewers will be paying Jason Kendall (.245/.328/.318, OPS+ 71, 1 HR, 1:1 k/BB, zero speed, zero power, zero
contact, zero ability to do anything productive offensively) $4.6 million dollars.

When the Brewers fail to sign Sabathia because they can't afford it, just remember they CAN apparently afford to pay Jason Kendall $4.6 million dollars.

The club option became guaranteed at 110 starts. I understand it's tough to fit a guy with a .400 OBP who slugs .481 into the lineup, but would it have been the end of the world to get that 130 OPS+ into the lineup 53 times this season?

Mike Rivera starting twice a week saves the Brewers $4.6 million dollars and provides production from the 8 hole. Instead, the Brewers are doomed to pay a worthless old man $4.6 million dollars, and likely lose Mike Rivera, next season.

Nice work Doug and Ned!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Please make it stop.

Quotes (paraphrasing actually) from the post-game call-in show:

-"Sheets should be moved to the bullpen"
-"The crowd doesn't know how to be a big game crowd"
-"Sheets isn't the pitcher we think he is"
-"They should've won for JJ because it's his birthday"
-"Ben Sheets is a head case, should be compared to Favre since he needs to feel he's #1"
-"Having Sheets slash-bunt was the worst decision I have ever seen"

Plus a lot of talk about BA and W-L's for pitchers. As Al would say, "oof".

I tell ya what, people sure complain enough about a team that is 17-over .500, up 2.5 games for the wild card and has the second best record in the national league. Did they play well tonight? No they didn't. Are they suddenly a bad team? No they're not. I can only imagine what happens the next time the Brewers have a losing season.

Update: When I say make it stop I don't mean basic debate and logical arguing like we see around here, well, most of the time. I'm talking about the people who call in to sports talk shows and have no clue whatsoever.

Open Thread of Just Win Sheets, Just Win

Braun sitting out hopefully just as a precaution.

2B Ray Durham
SS J.J. Hardy
LF Gabe Kapler
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
3B Craig Counsell
CF Mike Cameron
C Jason Kendall
RHP Ben Sheets

Lets see if the Bats can show Sheets some CC like love and score him 5 or 8 runs

Complete Game CC

Sabathia threw 130 pitches last night.

Sabathia threw a complete game last night.

The Milwaukee Brewers won 9-3 last night.

The first two statements clearly jive. Throwing the third in there kinda makes one stop and say huh? Add the fact that Sabathia faced 6 batters in the 9th (I think...correct me if I'm wrong) and it seems very odd indeed.

What do you think? I think Yost basically said "f' it...let the dude pitch, that's what we paid good money for"...and I honestly have no problem with that.

I hope they throw the arm off of Sabathia.

Well there will be no sweep this series

Maybe Cecile Cooper should have looked at the probable pitching match ups at before he made any predictions.

What can you say CC has to be a pitching robot sent from the future to save the franchise, he is just plain unhuman it has to look like this when he takes the mound.

It is a good thing he is pitching terminator and not human since Ned Yost left him in for 130 pitches in his complete game. But CC will get extra day of rest so it should be alright. He also seems to be programed to hit also since he blew up the Astros plan of walking Kendall so they could pitch to him. He hit a first pitch curve ball into left to plate 2 runs and make Randy Wolf look silly.

So the Crew wins the first of the home stand and stretch their lead in the WC to 2.5 games. and they stay close enough where they can at least see the Cubs.

I hope they shut Braun down for a couple of days and let him get completely right we should be able to beat Houston and Pittsburgh without Ryan.

10 more wins to back to back winning seasons.

On to Tonight's Game.
Sheets vs. Moehler at sold out Miller Park

First Pitch 7:05pm CDT


Just Win Sheets Just Win

Hurray Beer

Monday, August 18, 2008

Too Soon?


After striking out swinging to end the sixth inning, Braun lowered his head in obvious discomfort, walked to the dugout and back to the clubhouse. He was replaced in left field by Gabe Kapler.

After the game, Braun stopped only briefly and indicated he was OK, that it was "nothing." That's all he wanted to say.

Manager Ned Yost didn't seem interested in addressing the situation, either.

"It was getting tight after that last swing so I put (Gabe Kapler) in there," said Yost. "We'll see how he feels tomorrow."

So, we'll see what becomes of this. We knew an intercostal strain was something that might linger, and Braun might have come back before he was completely ready.

I italicized that last part because that was not all Braun's decision. It was in the team's best interest that he rest it a few more days, so he should have sat even if he wanted to play. While Braun played a big role Saturday and Sunday, an unhealthy Braun down the stretch can only hurt them.

Open Thread of Wolf Owns the Brewers

How does a terrible pitcher like Randy Wolf amass a OPS against of .635 against a team as offensively potent as the Crew? does that happen?

2B Ray Durham
SS J.J. Hardy
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
3B Bill Hall
CF Mike Cameron
C Jason Kendall
LHP CC Sabathia

Given the Brewers troubles against Wolf...CC is on the mound! I like Milwaukee's chances!

Game starts in 90 minutes...Go Crew!

Name That Brewer!

Can you match the stats to the name?

1. .333/.400/.481, OPS+ - 130
2. .252/.340/.588, OPS+ - 138
3. .301/.341/.592, OPS+ - 139
4. .245/.335/.513, OPS+ - 119
5. .286/.321/.495, OPS+ - 110
6. .000/.000/.000, OPS+ - -100

a. Ryan Braun
b. Corey Hart
c. Mike Cameron
d. Laynce Nix
e. Micke Rivera
f. Russell Branyan

Good luck!



Sunday, August 17, 2008

Open Thread of Braun Allmighty

I don't have the lineup yet but I got word that Braun will indeed be starting. After his at-bat last night, I'm not surprised. Also supposedly in the line up is Rivera. The fact that the tipster (who is at Dodger stadium) added him to the mix makes me believe the guy has to be full of it.

Clayton Kershaw is a guy I have had my eye on. I watched him toss a few games earlier in the year on and he is pretty impressive. He is a lefty, has not faced a single Brewer, and has even splits in 13 games he has pitched. In other words, this one is a toss up.

On the flip side, the Dodgers have had success against Suppan. combining for a .936 OPS and 8 bombs, the Dodgers are probably licking their chops going into this one.

As I pointed out last night, this game is big for the Brewers. A win today would set them up for a nice winning streak, as they get the top of the rotation against the Astros at home.

Come on Soup, shock the world. Go Brewers!!

edit, I was lied to.

2B Rickie Weeks
SS JJ Hardy
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
3B Bill Hall
CF Mike Cameron
C Jason Kendall
P Jeff Suppan.

while funny in a cringe inducing assured, I will retaliate. Thankfully, the Brewers will continue to trot out the offensively inept Jason Kendall.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Brewers Packers Jets Olympic Madden Open Thread

A lot going on tonight OMG OMG OMG Brett Favre makes his first start as a Jet going on now if you have NFL Network

Brewers are out in LA again trying to stop the two games skid Ben Sheets started ;P

First pitch is at 9:10pm CDT and is in HD tonight Bush vs. Lowe

The Aaron Rogers lead Packers have their 2nd pre season game tonight in the other City by a Bay San Francisco kick off is 8pmish and for some odd reason it is on channel 18 in Milwaukee. I am guessing it got bumped by Olympic coverage.

Then the Olympics are going on and I have Madden 09 to play(I just got it today)

So talk away OMG OMG OMG Brett Favre threw a TD the J E T S Jets Jets Jets are going to the Super Bowl ;)


The Brewers will be losing at least one 20 game season ticket holder next year.

I just got my post season ticket offer from the Brewers and let's just say Chris is not a happy man right now.

I have a 20 game package in the Club levels section 325 row 2 to be exact that I split with a good friend of mine we both get 9 games and split two other games. Guess where my fucking playoff tickets would be if I spent the money Section 410 Row Fucking 21. I am pretty sure from those seats I would be looking down at the top of the Right Field Foul Pole.

Sorry I am supposed to feel good about this. How the fuck do you go from Club seats to the nose bleeds in the fucking down the line terrace?

See this is the same shit the Bucks pulled when I was a 20 game ticket holder with them and they tried to say my playoff seats would be in the upper bowl even though I had lower bowl season tickets.

I dropped by season tickets that year and have never picked them back up.

See the Brewers are riding high right now but ask the Bucks what happens when you come back to earth and all the Season ticket holders you fucked do not come back.

Now I am not saying I will not go to Brewers games but I will just go back to buying seats for 4 games a year instead of 20.

I have a call in to my ticket rep I am trying to find out how their seniority plan works does some guy who have terrace tickets for longer than me having club seats get first shot at a loge playoff ticket over me I need to figure that out. If that is the case my not reupping my season tickets is a done deal.

Right now I am leaning heavily to saying fuck buying playoff tickets I can sit home and watch it in HD splendor on my 65" TV and not have to put up with all the Bullshit and drunk assholes that it will entail going down to Miller Park(I am sure Danny and ESK will call me a fair weather fan because I do not want to shell out $3000.00 to sit in very shitty top of the stadium seats that also happen to be down by the fucking foul pole, just to say I have been to a Brewer playoff game but I am prepared to live with their scorn)

But I have pretty much made the decision to not renew my package for next year this really has me pissed off. Hell I could have gotten a 20 game in the terrace and saved myself a shit load of money and most likely ended up in the same shitty post season seats.

I know it is a business and the Brewers just lost mine.

I will watch it at home with my ice cold bottles of Miller Light and my Nathans hots dogs and most likely enjoy the game more in my living room than I would at the park anyway.

Fucking Section 410 Row 21 What a fucking joke.

So, how's your hitting?

As you all know by now, batting average is a piece of shit. Not even human shit. We're talking the shit from that Bigfoot that those guys found. Smelly, useless, and produced in large quantities by simple but prolific sportswriters.

You also know about BABIP, but BABIP is only part of the batting average story. To get an even better picture of how a hitter is hitting, one of your best bets is the self explanatory "line drive percentage, and the best place to check out LD% is at the Hardball Times:

Line Drive Percentage. Baseball Info Solutions tracks the trajectory of each batted ball and categorizes it as a groundball, fly ball or line drive. LD% is the percent of batted balls that are line drives. Line drives are not necessarily the hardest hit balls, but they do fall for a hit around 75% of the time.

Line drive percentage is helpful, because it allows us to give context to a players BABIP. BABIP, remember, helps to tell us how lucky a player is, and in generally, the league average BABIP is around .290. Keep in mind, however, that not all hitters are the same. We would expect a better hitter to have a higher BABIP just because he is a better hitter. He will hit more hard balls into play.

So, some people who are smarter than me figured out that you could figure out "expected BABIP" by adding .12 to a players line drive rate, and then compare their actual BABIP to that, to get a more accurate luck reading.

Let's take a look at everyones' most disappointing Brewer, Rickie Weeks.

Rickie's been shit all year, but is he just unlucky, or does he actually suck? A quick look at his LD% tells us that the "sucking" explanation holds a lot more water.

In Weeks' first two seasons in the Majors, Weeks was consistently driving the ball 20% of the time. He suffered a minor decline in 2007 to 17% and a major decline this year all the way down to 13.9%. Rickie's expected BABIP is therefore about .260, which means that his actual BABIP of .273 is on the lucky side. Indeed, it could be worse for Weeks.

I suspect that the wrist injury, as well as other nagging injuries that seem to plague Weeks, have caused him to gain some bad habits as he fails to generate power from his previously quick wrist action, but that's just a guess.

Anyway, Weeks can't blame his poor play on luck. Something is definitely wrong with the guy, be it injury, lack of concentration, or one of any of the thousands of things that affects people, including baseball players on a daily basis.

For the sake of comparison, Braun's LD% is 17.9%, Fielder's is 16.9, Hart's is 19.5 (which helps him compensate for his poor OBP) and Hardy's is 14.4.

Weeks might be able to correct this problem. He's still young and should have his prime ahead of him, but if he does not show improvement soon, he will not be a major leaguer much longer.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Open Thread of Late Night Entertainment

You know how we all thought this Brewers team was so incredibly deep? Jesus is it being tested this week:

2B Rickie Weeks
SS JJ Hardy
LF Gabe Kapler
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
3B Craig Counsell
CF Mike Cameron
C Jason Kendall
P Manny Parra

That is some ugly shit. Kapler in the three hole, Counsell in the major leagues...u-g-l-y. The Dodgers have their best pitcher going (not Ace material) tonight, so it'll be interesting to see if the Brewers can scratch a few runs against him.

It's easy to see why Cameron would be in there tonight and not Nix. Cameron has a very solid .170 OPS against Billingsley in 18 plate appearances. Ray Durham, on the other hand, has had the most sustained success against Chad, (.969 OPS) so obviously he's riding pine tonight.

Other than those two, no one has even 5 at-bats.

Oh, and if you are keeping track, since August 10th, when he went 2-3, drove in 3 and was on base 5 times Mike Rivera has not sniffed the diamond.

One last Ben Sheets Comment and then I am done I swear

Can you name which US Aircraft Carrier Ben Sheets was playing the role of yesterday? This should be an easy one for all the history buffs.

Now I will shut up,

(I like this whole WW2 in the Pacific thing we have going by the way)

Sheets Is An Ace

Pitchers, either league, by VORP:

1. Cliff Lee - 55.4
2. Roy Halladay - 51.2
3. Tim Lincecum - 50.2
4. CC Sabathia - 49.8
5. Dan Haren - 47.5
6. Brandon Webb - 45.7
7. Jake Peavy - 44.3
8. Ben Sheets - 44.2
9. Johan Santana - 43.5
10. Ryan Demptser - 43.1

On to LA LA Land

I am not going to bother with yesterday's game. We all have our beliefs on what happened. Sheets happens. ;)

This next series will be a nice test for the Crew. First it is the 3, 4 and 5 spots in the rotation, so no CC to win you one of the 3 games in the series. Parra has been stuck on 9 wins for a while now but he could be pushing 12 or 13 wins with proper run support. We're playing at another stadium where it is "hard" to hit home runs, so you know what that means? The ball will be jumping out of Dodgers stadium. They really need to have a good series because they are going to catch a Houston team next that has been as hot as the Brewers have been. Also, I hope they don't rush Braun back.

On to tonight's game info:

Parra vs. Billingsly at Dodgers Stadium

First pitch is at 9:40pm CDT Ouch Babe that is fraking late.


Time to start another 8-game winning streak. By almost any way you measure it the Brewers are the better team here, so they need to play like it and TCB.

Hurray Beer,

RE: Sheets as an Ace

I started to do this as a comment decided to make it a post instead. First, before Danny Attacks me for being a bad fan, I am not saying that Sheets is a bad pitcher. He is a number 1 or 1a on almost every staff in MLB, but there is more to being an Ace than having talent. You have to have the mindset of an Ace and I don't think Sheets has it. I think that for the past couple of years Sheets has had his worth to the Brewers inflated by the so-so pitchers that were in the rotation. Sheets was always considered the Ace of the staff, and he probably was, but the arrival of Sabathia has shown us what a real Ace looks like. And sadly, Sheets is not in his league. I am positive that if Sabathia had been the one taking the hill after they scratched that run off of Peavy the Brewers would have won that game and would be riding a 9-game wining streak.

Save me the whining about run support yesterday. He caught the other team's best pitcher and his offense gave him a lead late and he coughed it up.

Since the arrival of CC, Sheets has been the weakest link in the starting rotation. He has had one great start, but he has had a number of good to so so starts. I believe most of the Brewers losses since the ASB have been his starts (not counting the Cubs series, but he did lose that start also).

I will be upset when Sabathia leaves. I may be a little bummed when Sheets moves on, but I will not shed a tear. I also stick by my belief that he is either running out of gas because he has not had his usual mid season break on the DL, or he is dinged up but will not go on the DL because of it being his contract year.

I have learned it can be painful to speak out against people like Favre or Sheets but that has never stopped me.

Ace is a mindset and Sheets does not have it. You can worship him all you want. It is your right. But from now till the end of the year, his start is the one I will worry about every time it comes up in the rotation.

Let the abuse begin,

To be an Ace or Not to be?

With the recent discussions regarding wether or not Ben Sheets is an ace made me curious to look up his stats since CC arrived as this seems to be the time in question.

Looking at baseball reference starting from July 9th or right after CC was acquired up until yesterday.

I can't place the stats all fancy here like I wanted to and maybe someone more computer savy could figure this out but he is 1-4 with an ERA of 3.60 since the trade. That's not bad and with that ERA on this team we should have better results. The Brewers have scored 24 runs in these eight starts for a run support of 3.00.

For comparison his average run support has been 4.52 on the season.

CC has gotten 42 runs in 8 games for a run support of 5.25 during that stretch.

Do I feel Ben Sheets is still an ace? Yes. He has become the unlucky pitcher once again who isn't getting enough runs from his teammates.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Open Thread of On to Midway

In the comments below Chris called the current streak the Battle of the Coral Sea. It's apt, in that despite a strategic victory for the Allies (securing territory) they also lost the Lexington. On this surge the Crew have won 8 straight...but are still 3.5 behind the Cubs and have lost a ton of offense in Branyan and Braun.

All of this nonsense filler is to hide the fact that I don't have the lineup yet.

Go check this out while you wait for the game to start. Counsell own Peavey in 39 plate appearances, compiling a .955 OPS! Stunning. At you would expect everyone else is mediocre to bad.

Winning on the West Coast.

Wow. CC shows he is actually human and not a pitching robot sent back to Milwaukee from the future. It's pretty good when 7 innings of 1 run ball can be considered having an off night. I use the phrase "off night" lightly here. CC was very good. He gave up 9 hits but he balanced that with 8 strikeouts. Also, the one run the Friars scratched out could have been avoided if Hardy and Weeks had turned that double play. Isn't it nice that we have a pitcher that is so good that even his off nights are outstanding. He even drove in a run.

Couple CC throwing from the bump with a Brewers offense that is scoring runs and you get a situation akin to Russia fighting Georgia. The Padres did not have a chance. Prince hit another line drive home run but Corey Hart gave the Padres the Death Blow. He showed Prince how you are supposed to drive in runs at PETCO. He drove in 3 runs with a triple down the left field line that just rattled around in the corner allowing even Prince to score from 1st.

Thanks to the pathetic Atlanta Braves performances yesterday, the Brewers' win was part of a "maintain day". The Brewers remained 3.5 behind the Cubs (Work with me here. If the Cubs win the night before instead of getting rained out it works.) they maintained their lead over the Cards, Mets and Houston in the WC and gained a game on Florida. They also maintained their momentum. They won a series in San Diego for the first time since 2004 I believe.

They are now 19 games over .500 and have run their road record 6 games over .500. That stat just amazes me since the Brewers have sucked on the road as long as I can remember. 12 more wins gives them back-to-back winning seasons. There is still a lot of baseball left to be played but the fact that Crew is having this type of August is really starting to get me hyped up. In the past, the Crew would have laid an egg with this soft part of the schedule but this year they are doing what good/great teams are supposed to do.

Cubs fans are still crowing about their sweep in Milwaukee but I wonder if that sweep turns outs to the be the event that woke the sleeping giant (Prince Fielder?). Remember, Pearl Harbor was a spectacular victory for the Japanese but that whole season did not end so well for them.

So on to today's game DAY BASEBALL ALERT

Sheets vs. Peavy at PETCO Park, aka Prince Fielder's batting cage.

First pitch is at 2:35pm CDT


The Can Can game today. Can they make it 9 in a row and earn a sweep in San Diego? Can Ben Sheets pitch as well as he did his last time out? Can the keep maintaining their drive to the playoffs?

All of these questions and many more I am too stupid to think of will be answered by the end of game time ;)

Hurray Beer

Addition By Subtraction Is Never Sexy

Tron hit it on the head in the comments that the market for Mo Williams was very weak. John Hammond said when he was hired that he would make some trades that would make people scratch their heads and I have to imagine that this is exactly what he was talking about, he knew then that the market for Mo wasn't a good one.

People may look at this trade and say we traded someone who scored 17ppg and in return got someone who doesn't shoot very well in Ridnour, a veteran back up whose best years may be behind him in Jones and a player who no one has heard of in Adrian Griffin. However, one has to look at the Jefferson trade. Jefferson now provides that offensive void left by Mo but without the headache of having those points come from a SG in a small PG's body to which the word defense is foreign.

Trading Mason seemed like a well gone conclusion. The Bucks had way too many SF's on the roster and Mason, with his attractive expiring contract, simply had no room on the Bucks anymore. It's a shame really because he's always been one of my favorite Milwaukee players and people, he truly did like it here and I wish him the best in Oklahoma.

In term of cap room the Bucks will only be saving around 4 mill in the next two seasons when comparing the differences in contracts from Williams to Ridnour. It's when Ridnour comes off the books after that that the Bucks will have more cap flexibility. Griffin's contract is also a team option for this year at 1.8 mill and the Bucks may just choose not to exercise that, though he is a favorite of Scott Skiles. I think like Doug Melvin did when he first arrived in Milwaukee, John Hammond wants to balance making good moves for the future but also attempt to place a competitive team on the court in the now.

When looking at the roster now the Bucks have a slew of PG's and C's with the recent signing of Francisco Elson. I imagine that Hammond is not done making moves but the only attractive contract left on the Bucks is Charlie Villianueva's but the market for him is also very weak and Hammond would need to acquire a PF back.

Hammond had two choices with Mo Williams. Stick with him at point because of the weak market and possibly have a similar team he had this year or take a lesser talent value but perhaps create more of a team in the process. He chose the second option and we'll see how it works.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Could C.C Sabathia Win the NL Cy Young?

The guy has been absolutely dominant since joining the Brewers. If he can win around 12 games with the Crew while maintaining a sub-2.50 ERA, can he legitimately be considered an NL Cy Young candidate?

Open Thread of C to Da Fourf

Get used to it. Craig Counsell is the man. For the forseeable future (and likely beyond if Braun is DL'd) Counsell is the lefty three bagger. Depressing, I know. What isn't depressing however, is that the Brewers are hot. Red hot. And they better stay that way because the Cubs are feasting on terrible teams and the Brewers get Peavy tomorrow.

This lineup may not look like much, but it's all we got and for once, it really isn't the managers fault:

2B Rickie Weeks
SS JJ Hardy
LF Gabe Kapler
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
3B Craig Counsell
CF Mike Cameron
C Jason Kendall
P CC Sabathia

Game in 90 minutes. It's a late one, but we're keeping the bar open for the really drunks.

Go Brewers!

Bucks trade Mo Williams and Desmond Mason

In a three team trade, the Bucks get guys I've never heard of named Damon Jones and Luke Ridnour, while Joe Smith and Desmond Mason go to Oklahoma City, and Mo Williams goes to Cleveland.

I have no opinion on this, but this looks like a fair assessment.

Today could be a big day for the Crew

Due to a rain-out yesterday, the Cubs have a double header in Atlanta. The noon game is Marquis (7-7, 4.73 ERA) vs. Charlie Morton (3-5, 5.70 ERA). Then at 6:15, the Cubs throw Harden(6-2, 2.27 ERA) against Jorge Campillo (7-4, 2.83 ERA). By the time our game begins, we may have made up a game on the Cubs, or fallen another game behind. By tomorrow, we could be just 1.5 back.

Since E has no monopoly on "other game" threads, consider this the GO BRAVES open thread.

Brewers do something they could not do last year

They win a game at PETCO Park and just to make me look really simple both teams go on a home run bing. Prince said "Place where home runs go to die my ass"

Soup wins his 3rd game in a row and pitched 8 strong innings. Man if our starting pitching can keep this roll up things are looking good.

The Brewers also won their 7th game in a row and are starting to pull away from the Cards in the Wild Card Division. How would you like to be Houston they have won 6 games in a row and have not gained one game on the Brewers who have won 7 in a row. That has to be maddening. As I have said before I am glad we only play Houston 3 more times, I am willing to bet they run down the Cards and end up third in the NL Central.

As Danny pointed out the Cubs get to "Play Two" today down in Hotlanta after being rained out last night. So if things break right we could pick up a game and a half on them.

You have to love this new road warrior thing the Brewers have going. You couple that with the fact they are TCBing against the teams they are supposed to be better than. Even Ned playing the Gritty Craig Counsell cannot stop them. You also have to give them credit they have not had Braun for the last 3 games and they have not missed a beat. I hope that shows the Crew they do not have to rush Braun back let him sit the whole damn road trip if needed to make sure he is healthy and available for the rest of the season. Prince seems to be ready to pick up any slack from Braun being in the shelf.

What is up with J.J. Hardy lately he is a one man rally killing machine Sunday he comes up base loaded one out in the 11th a fly ball brings in the winning run he strikes out he hit into 2 double plays last night one with base loaded and no outs. J.J. is the poster child for feast or famine when he is on he is scary good but when he goes cold he is just plain scary.

Well we need one more game to lock up our SIXTH road series in a row, that is some good stuff and lookie here we have CC going tonight and Sheets going tomorrow. I like our chances. Man when is the last time we won a series in San Diego?

I am slowly coming to grips with the idea that CC is gone when the season is over so I am trying to enjoy every start like it is the last case of Silver Oak(Napa Valley) in the wine cellar. If Sheets is back to his early season ways and we really do have our one two punch back on line it is going to be a great end of the season.

On to Tonight's game info
Sabathia vs. Banks at Great American Small Park oops I mean PETCO Park sorry with all the home runs last nigh you can see how I can get confused ;)

First Pitch is 9:05pm CDT


Pretty simple let CC do what he does score him a couple of runs and hand the baton to Sheets.

Happy CC day enjoy them while they still exists.

Hurray Beer

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