Saturday, July 12, 2008

You play crappy defense you lose it is that simple

And the Brewers played crappy defense last night, after getting home and seeing the Mike Cameron play on TV it looked even worse than it did at Miller Park. No excuse for that and it is not the first time he had done that. You couple that with the Bats allowed Josh Fogg to one hit them through the first 5 innings and you can understand why it can be so frustrating to watch this team play some nights.

When they finally knocked Fogg out and had taken a 3 run lead I though it was the ball game but then Parra could not get anyone out in the top of the 7th I think Ned stuck with him about 2 hitters too long. Then the Defense kills them but as bad as it was they got out of that inning with the lead. All they needed was 6 more outs and you hold on to second place in the Central.

But it was not to be I am sorry Shouse seems to have lost his magic though Jib and I liked how Ned used Torres in the 8th it did not work out but you could see his thought process.

Now they have to bounce back and win the next two to win the series. That will be tough since the Reds have one of their young guns going tonight Volquez but that is ok the Brewers beat good pitchers and lose to tomato cans.

Tonight's game info
McClung vs. Volquez at wonderful Miller Park.

First pitch will be 6:05pm CDT

TV: WMLW 41 | RADIO: WTMJ 620 Ugh a WMLW game time to listen to it on the radio if you own DirecTV Yes the picture quality is that bad.

The Brewers have to start finding some consistancy against bad teams this blow out win one day then struggle the next will not cut it. They have to stop losing to Cy Young's in a Tomato Can pitchers like Rusch and Fogg

They can still go 7 and 3 on this home stand but they really need to start playing like a team that is going to make a run.

I think there are a number of guys on this team who need the break badly Prince being first on that list. 2 on last night with no outs and both Braun and Prince strike out and do not even move the runners Hart picked them up with that dying quail into right. Also in the off season they really have to address the whole Rickie Weeks and the lead off position you cannot have a sub .220 hitter as your lead off guy Braun hits a home run in the first of course there was no one on base in front of him. It is little stuff like that they have to improve on.

And they have to play better defense or they will never have a chance they pissed away last nights game plain and simple.

Lets get the young ace tonight and get back to 10 over.

It is a simple game hit the ball throw the ball catch the ball how hard could it be.


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