Monday, July 28, 2008

Wherein I Stir Up a Packer Shit Storm after a Brewer Loss

We've all tried our best to ignore the Favre saga, but it just won't go away. In that spirit, I present to you the words of Favre sympathizer Peter King:

His words to me Saturday: "I never didn't want to play. My problem was, was I committed to do the offseason program, was I going to be up to the task of doing everything that comes with it -- studying, working out, preparing? Playing was never going to be the problem. What I live for is playing the games.

"I know the perception is that I've waffled," he added. "But any veteran who's played in the league this long is going to have some doubts about playing in a 16th or 17th year. And [the Packers] wanted an answer from me early in the offseason. Ted and I talked about it. We talked about a lot of things. I reiterated to him, 'Ted, I was honest with you guys and gave you an answer March 3.' I could have faked it and came back, and no one would have ever known. I knew I could not have been committed at that time.

"Could I have forced them to wait 'til July before I gave a commitment? Sure. Like I said to Ted, 'You're right, you didn't hold a gun to my head wanting an answer.' But they wanted an answer. I felt like, from a team standpoint, the best thing was to give them an honest answer at that time. If I retired three days before camp, that would have been pretty low-class. This scenario, going back after I retired, might be low-class too, but I was honest and forthright with them.''

Really? Do that many of you think that a soon-to-be 39 year old quarterback is the best chance to get to a Super Bowl when even he admits he doesn't want to do the off season work to get there anymore? If he doesn't want to put in the off season work, do you really think he'll want to put in the in-season work? I love Brett, and I don't deny that he wants to play on Sundays, but this isn't sandlot football. Sundays are the result of a lot of of hard work during the week and the off season. Weighed against the natural deterioration of skills in an athlete's late 30's, I'm not sold on the fact that he is the Packers' best chance to win this year. At this age, the previous season is not necessarily a good indicator of future performance when the dedication level is reduced.

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