Sunday, July 20, 2008

Well you will not have to listen to me bitch........

About losing a series to a bad Giants team for the whole off season. What a difference a year makes. Hell they have a chance to sweep today. Yes much better than last year.

Too bad the Padres cannot play baseball to save their lives or we would have caught the Cards by now. But the Astros have remember how to play beating the Cubs and Big Zero last night to hand the Cubs their 3rd straight loss. Now the Cards are only 2 games back and the Brewers are 3 back of the Cubs and still one game behind the Cards.

But back to yesterdays game the only thing that has me a little worried is Ben Sheets has not looked like Ben Sheets the last two starts. I wonder if it is mental with all the Love CC is getting from the fan base? That 4 run inning the Giants put on Sheets was all Ben's fault, they just hit what he was throwing. Lets hope Ben finds himself since his next two starts will be against the Cards and the Cubs.

Very nice job of battling back and even putting Sheets into position to get a win until Stetter allowed the game to get tied. But then the Bats just came right back and recaptured the lead. Lets hope that is a trend the rest of the season where they keep battling back. It is also nice to see them tacking on runs late in the game when they have the lead.

A lot going on today they could not only sweep this series with the Giants they could sweep the season series with a win today. The Brewers are currently 5-0 against the Giants. But a win today puts them with in two wins of getting their road record back to .500. They could even go back to Milwaukee with a road record above .500 if they have a great run in St Louis.

On to today's game info

Parra vs. Lincecum at beautiful Pac Bell/SBC/AT&T Park by the bay

First pitch is at 3:05pm CDT

TV: FSN-HD | RADIO: WTMJ 620/BRN Yes TV coverage is back and in HD Pac Bell should look awesome in HD

Going for the season and series sweep behind Manny Parra and catching Lincecum coming off the flu, I live our chances It would be great to go into St. Louis riding a 4 game winning streak. But first lets TCB against the Giants today

Parra looked really good in his last start until the 6th inning when his pitches and the defense let the team down. But I look for the young gun to bounce back and rise to the challenge of facing Lincecum. The Brewers have smacked Lincecum around in the past if my memory serves me right so they have a chance today. How cool would that be get a sweep in San Francisco and not one of the games was started by Zito ;)

It will be interesting to see what kind of "Sunday" line up Ned will use is he going to try and get Rivera and his bat in the line up more?

Yes the Brewers have erased the foul memory of getting swept last year with this trip to the City by the Bay. Lets hope that is a sign of better things to come.

Hurray Beer

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