Saturday, July 19, 2008

Well this years trip to San Francisco is already better than last years.

They have already won a game this year, so it is much much better than last season's trip.

What a nice way to come out of the second half chute, CC once again showed why he is a great pick up, throwing a questionable one hitter until the 8th inning and going the whole 9 inning for the win.

And the Bats showed some plate discipline last night making Cain throw a lot of pitches, hell Mike Cameron drew two walks that right there shows you they were taking pitches last night. They actually left a ton of runners on base the Brewers could have easily scored double digit runs last night. But getting back to my original point the fact they kept taking pitchers they drove up Cain's pitch count where you knew he was not going to go past the 7th and the team could get into the Giants pen. That will have to be the blueprint for the next two games also. Be patient get these good Giants starters to throw a lot of pitchers and drive up their pitch counts.

Good news bad news last night on the score board the Cubs did lose so the Brewers gained a game on them, they are now within 4 games of the division lead but the Cards who are playing the woeful Padres also won so they remain one game ahead of the Crew in the WC division. But that is ok we can TCB against the Cards after the Giants. But lets not get to far ahead of ourselves.

As I said a very nice start to the second half of the season. On to this afternoons game.

Sheets vs. Sanchez at Beauty by the Bay Pac Bell/SBC/AT&T Park

First pitch is at 3:05pm CDT

NO TV(except the Stadium feed)RADIO: WTMJ 620/BRN We are very lucky we must almost every game on TV this is back to back games that were not on TV in San Francisco.

Now having landed the thundering left with CC can the Brewers now land a vicious right with Ben Sheets. Man I still cannot get used to this one two punch the Crew can now throw at people.

Lets win today and get the series win locked up and then we can take our chances with Lincecum on Sunday. We saw the blue print last night lets hope they follow it again.

But for the rest of the morning I am going to sit back and just enjoy winning a road game in San Francisco.

Hurray Beer

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