Tuesday, July 29, 2008


When you fuck up a double play you generally do not get an error (as long as the 1st baseman catches the ball) because stat-keeping only requires you to account for one out per play. I wonder if this little esoteric bit of stat-keeping makes the defensively challenged Rickie Weeks look better than he actually is, because in all of my days as a baseball fan, I don't think there has ever been anyone worse at turning a DP than Rickie Weeks.

Last night Rickie fucked up at least two DPs. On the first, he made a diving stop, but he let the ball get away from him. It's tough to blame a guy for not making a diving play, except that it wasn't that tough of a dive, and the ball hit him right in the glove. Had he been able to flip to JJ, they would have easily turned two.

The second fuck-up was much more excrutiating, as it would have gotten them out of a big inning. I don't know how you miss Prince by as much as he did. Granted, some Cub was bearing down on him, but his sidearm toss was nonchalant and he wasn't even close. If you're going to make a throw like that, just put it in your pocket.

Other Observations

1. When Corey Hart was gunned down at third on his RBI double, he cost Rickie Weeks (or perhaps Ray Durham) an at-bat in the 9th. When Bill Hall was caught stealing (again) he cost JJ Hardy an at-bat in the 9th.

2. Whoever cut off that throw and gunned down Hart for the Cubs (I believe it was Lee) not only created an out that wasn't there, he also probably saved Geovany Soto's life, as there was going to be a play on Prince.

3. I thought the umpire calling balls and strikes was terrible, especially in the 8th with Gaudin pitching. No pitcher had been getting a low strike until that point. If I were a major league player I would get ejected every game. I hate subjective views of objective things. The strike zone is objective.

4. Carlos Marmol is still bad. He's been bad for awhile now, and nothing changed last night. He had the good fortune to face the most undisciplined part of the the Brewers lineup. Bill Hall bailed him out by swinging at a shitty 3-2 slider, and Cameron swung at everything. Jason Kendall just decided to watch and ended up on first. Gabe Kapler got a hanger and I thought he'd hit it out when it left his bat.

5. Bill Hall against righties: .171/.231/.327, OPS+ - 54.
Over the last two weeks: .200/.300/.371.

Russell Branyan against righties: .290/.374/.701, OPS+ - 173
Over the last 2 weeks: .333/.375/.733

Russ also kills the ball at Miller Park.

Russ was a pinch hitter in the 7th inning, after Lily had exited. Why did he not stay in the game? I suppose it's due to Bill hall's recent "hot streak."

6. We learned this morning that it took Mike Greenberg one hour and 15 minutes to drive from Evanston to Milwaukee. Evanston is a northern suburb. If you leave from Evanston, you miss all of Chicago's traffic. We can therefore conclude that Mike Greenberg drives like an old lady. (Note that this was in his college days and all of I-94 was not under construction at the time, as it is now.)

7. Corey Hart was actually safe. I know this because WGN showed only one replay and they shut it off half way through.

8. Solomon Torres should not escape blame. You cannot walk guys in front of Lee, Ramirez, and Soto.

9. Sabathia is not some Uber-pitcher. Besides being at a higher risk of injury, almost all pitchers lose effectiveness after 100 pitches as well. CC should have been removed earlier.

10. There's a Woot-Off today.

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