Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We Should Trade For Adam Dunn Right Now

Why is no one interested in Adam Dunn?

Well, one team that should be interested is the Milwaukee Brewers, as their single biggest offensive problem is OBP, and by acquiring Dunn you can replace this OBP:

Mike Cameron - .320

With this OBP:

Adam Dunn - .383

He also slugs more. Yes this would make our defense worse by necessitating a Corey Hart shift to center, but it's not like Cameron is really an All-Star out there anyway, Hart's speed can still make up for his lack of instincts, and his bat plays better in center.

You may also have to move Braun to right, but he's got the arm for it, and Dunn isn't the butcher in the field he is made out to be. He is slow, and unathletic, but he has good instincts and takes proper routes. He would be an upgrade over Braun in left.

Anyway, if they did acquire Adam Dunn my lineup (MY lineup, not Ned's) would look like this OBP wise:

1. JJ Hardy - .356
2. Adam Dunn - .383
3. Ryan Braun - .341
4. Prince Fielder - .371
5. Corey Hart - .326
6. Russell Branyan/Bill Hall - .370/.420
7. Rickie Weeks/Ray Durham - .366/.390
8. Jason Kendall - .332
9. Pitch

That's not half bad. I might even ding Corey a spot and move up the platoon.

Check out the Cubs, if you're wondering why they score so damn much:

1. Soriano - .331
2. Theriot - .390
3. Lee - .359
4. Ramirez - .374
5. Soto - .353
6. Derosa - .369
7. Johnson/Edmonds - .410/.345
8. Fukudome - .383
9. Pitcher

Right now, by my rough calculations (weighting the platoons and such), the Cubs enjoy roughly an 18 point lead in team OBP over the Brewers. Substituting Adam Dunn for Mike Cameron would cut that number to a mere 10 point lead.

They would win a lot more games, and have better lefty/righty balance if they did this, and since no one is apparently offering, it probably wouldn't cost them much.

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