Thursday, July 10, 2008

Traditions should stay with the towns that started them.

Something I have been thinking about is when local traditions go national and how they lose something when everyone is doing it. This is an off shoot of that stupid ESPN contest to try and steal the term "Titletown" from Green Bay. But I will leave that Jihad for another day today I will concentrate on stolen traditions.

My whole thought process on this is only the original city that thinks something up should do it.

Example(I have a few)
Only Milwaukee should have the sausage race any other knock off is faux product.

Only people in Pittsburgh should be allowed to wave any type of towel.

Lambeau leaps should only be done in Lambeau field.

Take me out to the ball game should only be played on the North Side of Chicago for the 7 inning stretch.

Also throwing opponents home run balls back should stay a Cubs thing

The Bulls should own the whole turn out the lights and the music thing for the start of an NBA game.

Only FSU fans should be allowed to do the Tomahawk Chop(sorry Atlanta Braves they did it first)

Only White Sox fans should be able to sing the Na na na song to a pitcher as they leave.

I am sure I am missing a ton of these so if you can think of any more local traditions that should have or should stay local drop us a comment and if we get enough I will update the post with them.

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