Saturday, July 19, 2008

State Softball Celebration

South Mlwaukee's Junior softball team won its first Appleton game in heroic fashion.

South Milwaukee was losing to Menomonee Falls 7-1 to start the the bottom of the seventh inning. My daughter came off the bench to lead off. I told her to wait for a good one as i thought her mates were too eager to hit and consequently golfed or chopped their way to quick outs. Well Sarah found the very first pitch tasty and drilled it to center for a single and the first hit of their inning.

I missed most of the rest of the half inning as my youngest required more potty training inside Appleton North high school

When i came back out my daughter was again up to bat with a runner on second. South Milwaukee had batted around the order and tied the game. Sarah quickly went 0-2 in the count before smacking a wicked grounder up the middle for a base hit and winning RBI.

My daughter might never be a starting all star but today's Game Ball will be hers forever.

South Milwaukee's next game is Monday. If they win they'll play for the State title on Tuesday.

Not all was roses however as South Milwaukee's Major softball team lost in preliminary rounds of the State tournament. Oh well, they'll get another chance in the Junior division next year.

District Tournaments continue on Monday with 10-11 softball and with 8-9 baseball. I have another daughter and a son on those respective teams. Hopefully they'll follow in their big sister's steps.

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