Sunday, July 20, 2008

Some Bullpen Thoughts

First when did Shouse become a whole inning guy. That was Ned's first mistake today he should have just let CV finish the game. He only threw one pitch in the 8th, screw getting Shouse work look what it cost us getting our closer up and into the game.

Shouse is not getting it done lately or at least it sure seems that way. Yost keeps trying to use him against both left handed and right handed batters. When Shouse was lights out was when Ned would only pitch him against lefties.

I am tired of hearing "Well pitcher X needed work" let them throw in the pen. You have CV throw the 9th my guess is Torres never takes off his jacket.

I am ok with the Durham trade but I hope they are not done the Pen still needs work.

Either go get another guy or bring up the kid who closes for Nashville. I do not feel comfortable going the stretch with Mota and Gagne both still in the pen.

Think how many games just sending Turnbow to Nashville has saved the Crew now if you can get rid of Mota who knows how many more we might save. I have no hope they will give up on Gagne but why not DFA Mota when Suppan comes back and just be done with it.

Mota's money is a sunk cost it is already spent no matter if he is with the team or not so why not just tip your hat to the Met for fucking us on that trade and move on.

It will be interesting to see who goes where when Suppan comes back.

But back to my original point Ned stop using Shouse against right handers OK.

You figure which the pen is going to get stronger with Bush and McClung pitching out of it when they are not in the rotation and Riskie looks like he has found his stuff again. So get one more guy for the pen and lets go win us the Central.

Hurray Beer

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