Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Series Of Righting Wrongs Continues

Well first the Giants felt the wrath of the Brewers and now The Cards are being crushed under Godzilla's feet.

News Flash: "That CC guys is pretty damn good." He just ate up the Cards line up and spit it out.

The Crew's bats actually were off last night only getting him 3 runs but that was more than enough, hell the game was over when Hardy's ball left the yard with the way CC was dealing.

I am sorry but none of us fore saw this kind of monster road trip, stop and think about it they are 6 and 0 with a chance to have a undefeated road trip with 4 of the games being in St Louis.

I guess it was too much ask of Arizona to sweep the Cubs but a tip of the hat to them for taking 2 of 3 now the Cubs have to head home to the Dump to play 4 with the Marlins before rolling into Miller Park.

I am not going to spend too much time talking about how good CC is, you all can see that for yourself. Dude is a horse even if he only plays in Milwaukee this year it is cool he wore Brewers Blue even for half a season. And you never know with this owner he might stay longer I rule nothing out with MR. A at the helm.

A seven game winning streak, a winning record on the road leading the WC and within one game of the hated Cubs for the Division lead. Yeah life is pretty good at the moment for you if you are down with the Crew.

On to today's game info
Sheets vs. Wellemeyer at beautiful Busch III

First pitch that goofy Cards starting time of 7:15pm CD


Ok lets see if Ben Sheets can get back to being the Ben Sheets of most of the season, his last two starts have been so so(by his standards). Can he finally follow up one of CC's gems with a gem of his own. So far we have been connecting with the left but missing with the right of our 1 2 combination.

It would be great for them to jump on the Cards pitcher early and give Ben a nice cakewalk. You have to wonder how much life the Cards will have after the last three games.

Who would have ever dreamed of having a chance to sweep the Cards in St Louis, Most of you would have been happy with 2 and 2, I was on the record for needing 3 and 1 but a sweep never dreamed of it.

these are good times people breath it in enjoy it. Lets hope they can keep it rolling

My guess is you see Branyan and Durham in the line up today

Now excuse me I have to look for my Broom

Hurray Beer

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