Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Remember Mutaman?

Well, does anyone? I bet E remembers him. After I read his "Calling All Reds Fans" I remembered there was a crazy Reds fan that was leaving comments after the Cordero deal went down in the off-season. So I decided to go back and see if I could find something Mutaman left us and boy did I find it. He left a comment to this post, at the time it was crazy and now it's even more crazy. Here it is in all its glory:
With all due respect, ESK, you're using different criteria for seperate issues. With regard to Cordaro, you're saying the investment wasn't worth it. With regard to Lohse, you're saying having him will improve the Reds. But thats different than saying that Lohse is worth the insvestment. You have to use the same criteria in judging both.

My thoughts:

1. The Red's biggest problem was their bullpen. They went out and got the best relief pitcher on the market.They changed a weakeness into a strength ( Cordero as a closer with Weathers and Burton as setup men is very solid).

2. Krivsky comes from the Twins and knows Lohse well. After all he traded for him. If he didn't think Lose was worth signing to a new contract, why would he want to pursue him as free agent, particularly in a weak market where Lohse's worth is really inflated.

3. Who says the Reds have no money left after signing Cordero? They are now out from under the Milton contract and will soon be out from Junior's contract. And who knows how much Castellini is willing to spend.

4. Like most Reds fans, i love the Cordero move and I'm glad Lohse is gone. And that's the bottom line.

4. If you think Lohse is a better pitcher than Bronson arroyo, there is no point in continuing this discussion.
Um, I don't think that guy is coming back.

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