Sunday, July 13, 2008

Random Thoughts on Favre

My synapses have been firing all weekend on this Favre thing. Here are a few of my thoughts, minus the all important background information.
*If you believe in personal responsibility, then you cannot place the bulk of the responsibility for this on anyone but Brett himself. If he announces in early March that he's returning, then he is the starting quarterback right now and we are all excitedly talking about whether he can have another marvelous season at age 38/39.

*I was open to the possibility that he was forced out by a Ted Thompson that wanted to move on. As more has come out about how John Kerry-esque Brett has been, I am very resistant to that possibility.

*This is a long term mess of Brett's own making. Face it, he's been a diva. The position of starting quarterback has belonged to Brett Favre with no questions, but every year for the past several years Brett has made it a topic of discussion by allowing the 'will he or won't he' discussion flourish.

*He wants to be wanted? Give me a damn break. Ted Thompson should not have to slobber on Brett's rhetorical knob to get him to come back to the team. I want a QB who comes back because he has the passion to get the job done, not because the team has the passion for him.

*What team with management worth a damn wants a guy who says that he isn't sure if he has 100% commitment to the job? In the NFL, an exceptional talent who is 27 years old might get the job done if he only wants to give 90%. From a 38/39 year old, you can have nothing less than 100%.

*This discussion that Brett automatically makes the Packers a Super Bowl contender is ridiculous. He had an exceptional season for his age last year. Odds are he will revert to the stats (or worse) of the previous two seasons next year.

*The side you come down on this mess is dependent entirely on one thing: Do you believe the Packers have a one year window or a three year window? If one, you are praying Brett can hold it together with spit and duct tape one more year. If three, then you want Aaron Rodgers to get that first year out of his system as soon as possible.

*The most telling thing to me? Mike McCarthy is attached at the hip with Ted Thompson on this. A head coach in the NFL is judged on what his team did lately. McCarthy clearly is dubious about how much Favre is really willing to give to this season.

I still have a sneaking suspicion that Brett has wanted out of Green Bay for a few years now. We all think of him as a good old country boy who is a simple guy that just wants to play the game. Don't underestimate his ability to play the public relations game to get what he wants, though. This is one of the few players in NFL history to get himself into a drug use scandal and come out smelling like a rose. I suspect that Brett knows how to play the media and us better than most of us think.

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