Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Ghost of Cy Young Visits Miller Park Once Again...

and invades some mope pitcher's body while he faces the Brewers. What is it about this team that they make bad pitchers look so good sometimes? While he was in, Jimenez held the Brewers to 3 hits, and promptly picked two of those baserunners off at first. It was like he one-hit them for his 7 innings. Couple that with 7 strike outs and it's no wonder they were down 4-0 in the 8th. It sucks that they gave a .5 game back to both the Cubs and Cards. But it's only one game, and even the 1927 Yankees did not win every game.

It was nice to see Prince find his stroke though. Now if we could just get Russel Branyan hot again. He really has returned to Earth after his hot start(4 hits in his last 10 game). Our Third Base Platoon combined for 3 strikeouts and went 0 for 5--not so good.

But here is the bright shiny silver lining that is bursting out of the gloom cloud from last nights loss:

Tonight CC Sabathia is pitching, and then the next night Ben Sheets is going. I really like our chances at still winning the series and going to 5-1 on the home stand. What a great one-two punch we can now throw at teams.

Today's game info
Sabathia vs. Redman at most likely sold out Miller Park

First Pitch 7:05pm CDT

TV: FSN-HD RADIO: WTMJ 620/BRN so we can watch our new stud in glorious HD

It should be a great night at the ball park, huge crowd and most likely a playoff atmosphere at the start of the game. I hope CC can keep his emotions under control and can just groove on the power the crowd should be sending him.

Be nice if the Bats would do their job too. For some reason the Rockies seem to give the Brewers fights, but usually it's in Colorado, not at Miller Park.

I think the Brewers will bounce back tonight, score a ton of runs, and allow CC to cruise to his first victory as a Brewer.

Time to start a new winning steak and get the Wild Card lead back. We cannot lose focus on our goals: first lock up the WC, then run the Cubs down

It is like waiting for Xmas morning to come.

Hurray Beer,

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