Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ok moving forward from here

Well as I said I go away and all hell breaks loose, I am actually happy I was on vacation, while I followed the games on my phone I was busy doing other things while on vacation so I did not have to suffer as much as most of you.

So we threw our best one two punch and whiffed both times. Not a good time for that to happen but you should not be all that surprised that Sheets looked so bad last night he has not looked all that good in his last couple of starts. Starting with that huge strikeout game against the Rockies Ben has not been well "Ben Sheets like" I have no clue what is wrong his velocity seems to be there it and his curve is there but the other team is hitting it. Not that it would have mattered last night since he only got one run of support and that came late in the 9th inning after Ben was long gone.

Face it Ben has not been right since they got CC maybe it is mental?

I am totally guessing since I have not seen a stitch of Brewers video since last Thursday.

So where are we at, even if the Crew wins the last two games to get a split they will be one game behind the Cubs when they leave town. But based on the way the first two games went I will take that. I did not see what Braun pulled last night but I hope it is a one time "aw fuck it" moment as ESK pointed out he has always been 100% professional so I am not going to dwell on it.

Ok, time to see if this team can get off the mat and show some life. Baseball is a sport of ebbs and flows in the beginning of the season the Crew owned the Cubs now it is their turn to be hot but lots of baseball left to be played. I know I keep dwelling on it but the Brewers play one team in August with a above .500 record and that is two games in St Louis with the Cards every other team they play is below .500 remember until the last two weeks of September this is a distance run not a sprint. Give the Cubs credit and let their asshole fans crow we will see who is laughing in September.

On to tonight's game

Parra vs. Dempster at wonderful Miller Park

First pitch is at 7:05pm CDT


I believe Manny Parra will stand in the breech tonight and rally the team to hold the line. With luck the Brewers bats will come back to life and we can get a victory

I am sending my secret weapon to the Stadium tonight my wife is attending the game in a sky box for work, The Brewers are undefeated in games she has been at this year without me(3-0) so I am doing my part by staying at home and watching on tv seems like very team I watch in person loses lately ;)

So no running for the lifeboats yet it is not even August yet.


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