Monday, July 21, 2008

A Non Sports Airline Open Thread

I am going off the sports beat for a moment.

How do you guys feel about flying by that I mean commercial and as we become closer and closer to becoming human Fed Ex packages where do you think air travel will be in 5 years 10 years 20 years.

I am old enough to remember a time before the evil that is Southwest Airlines. When flying was not all that bad. Stews were usually pretty good looking and under the age of 50. Hell you could actually smoke on the plane let alone the in the airport.

I have flown a number of airlines in my day cutting my teeth flying Eastern from Jacksonville to Milwaukee when I was in the Navy when I came home on leave. I have flown Northworst, KLM, Delta, Frontier, Air France, Swiss Air, Aeroflot, Pulkove(russian) and of course Midwest in my life time. I just remembered I flew ATA on a military charter to Sicily back in 88.

I would have to say that while the original version of Midwest is very nice Swiss Air would be my all time favorite they just kicked ass KLM was also very good loved the blond Stews ;)

Northworst is the worst airline on the planet even the two Russian airlines(Aeroflaut and Pulkovo I have flown on kick their ass shame Midwest got in bed with Northworst.

But there was a time flying did not suck now post 9-11 and $130 a barrel oil unless you can afford to fly business or first class it feels like you are in steerage. The stews are all old harpies who could give a fuck about you or your experience flying their airline(painting with a really broad brush here so forgive me) They want you to pay for food you would not give a homeless person and they have no problem pushing away from a gate and sitting on ground hold for 4 to 5 hours to say they left on time(looking at you Northworst)

So where do you think air travel is headed will it slowly become like ships used to be First Class and everyone else or will it rebound after the industry shakes out the weakest of the weak in this round of bankruptcies?

I was actually sad when Midwest became more and more like Southwest(an evil corporation in my view they started the slide to us all being human Fed Ex packages) I am flying Midwest on Friday to NYC and I am lucky enough to catch a route that still has the real Midwest experience two across leather seats etc not that bullshit signature service.

I would fly Frontier again they only really fly out West but they have 20 plus channels of DirecTV on board 5 bucks to be able to watch the History channel while you fly nice.

So here is an open thread to bitch and predict about the future of air travel

Can you tell this has been on my mind lately


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