Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No We Mean It, Stay Down

I would like to believe we took the Cards best shot last night. Loshe is their best pitcher right now and the Crew found a way to win. I would think this loss has to hurt the Cards mentally. They know what they have to face the next two days in CC and Sheets. I think the Cards are realizing they are not playing the Padres anymore.

Right now the Brewers are on a hell of a roll. You just can see they are feeling it. They were forced to grind and grind against Loshe until they finally started to break through, getting runs in the 7th, 8th, and the dramatic home run in the 9th to take the second game of the series.

AS Danny said in his post below, the Crew has pulled their road record to .500 and are now in second place all by themselves. And thanks to the Snakes, they are now only one game behind the division leading Cubs. The Cubs are looking to avoid a sweep in Arizona, even though they missed Webb and Haren pitching.

The Crew has already locked up a winning road trip, and at worst can only split this series. My hope of taking 3 from the Cards is looking pretty good. This has been the road trip of righting wrongs from last year.

If Hall plays tonight, I expect him to get beaned. The Cards TV team was openly calling for that after he admired his 9th inning home run. Bob Gibson was referenced. I am sure if it happens, CC will be happy to retaliate. I do love the whole Cards organization. They are old school to a fault. While I do not want Billy to get hit, I would understand it. He was show boating after both home runs.

On to tonight's game info
Sabathia vs. Looper at Busch III(I learned that last night at Viva El Birdos)

First pitch is at 7:15pm CDT


Can CC go to 4 and 0 since his arrival in Milwaukee? Can the Brewers lock up the series and set themselves up for a sweep? Could the Crew move into a Division tie if the Snakes can throw down a sweep on the visiting Cubs?

We are almost to August and are within a game of having the best record in the National League. There's a lot of baseball left to be played, but I am going to enjoy every moment of this.

Hurray Beer,

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