Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My trip to Shea Stadium

Well now that I am back from my trip, time for you guys to suffer my modern version of the "slide show" bwahahahahahahahahaha.

As you all know I attended a Mets vs. the Cards game at Shea Stadium in NYC last Saturday.

The first thing I have to do is take a moment to thank my friend Bill the Mets Fan and his wife and family for showing us a kick ass time at Shea. They included us in their "Take Bill to the Mets game for his Birthday complete with tailgating extravaganza" Which was beyond a good time. And I am very greatful for them including us. It is a lot more fun to attend a game at a stadium when you are part of a group of home team fans. I look forward to returning the hospitality to Bill and his wife Christie if they ever make it to Miller Park.

They were driving in from Jersey so we said we would meet them at the Stadium. My wife and I hopped the 7 train at Times Square and road it out to Flushing Meadows, then played phone tag while hunting them down in the parking lot. Shea is different than Miller Park. They let you in and you can go park anywhere in the entire lot all helter skelter. We found them and hung out in the parking lot drinking and eating for the next 2 hours (yes we used plastic cups and did not get a ticket like the mopes 3 cars over from us who did get a drinking ticket because someone left a beer can in plain sight).

We then headed in to the park. It was Ladies' Night, so my wife got a nice Mets tote bag. We were in the top of the upper deck which was like being in the top of the Old Busch stadium; I sat down and looked around and it hit me Shea is really the last of the "Concrete Doughnut" Stadiums, they just never finished the circle when they built Shea. Here, look at this picture.

So, when Shea goes under the wrecking ball this off season, it. and not RFK will have been the last of the CD stadiums.

Shea was not as bad as I thought it would be. It was clean, and prices were not much more than at Miller Park. Even though we were very high up, there are great site lines and we could see everything. Great energy from the crowd; something the Brewers fans will have to learn to do. The Mets fans did not wait for the organ or the sound system to tell them when or what to chant. They do it on their own. I loved the thing they do when Jose Reyes hits a home run, they sing "Jose, Jose Jose Jose" to the ole song. Very cool when 50k are doing it together. I have to say the buzz in the stadium was impressive. There were a lot of Cards fans there, and it turned out a lot were doing the same thing that I was; seeing that game then going to Yankee stadium before they went home. We saw a lot of them Monday night too.

We saw 9 innings of a high scoring, 14 inning game and really enjoyed every minute of the trip to Shea (even though I left a credit card at the souvenir stand when I got a "last year at Shea" T-shirt but figured it out the minute I got back to the hotel and was able to cancel it before anyone could make any mischief with it.)

Once again I want to thank Bill and his family for showing us such a great time.

I have a bunch of pictures of Shea and the new park Citi Field I will put in a photo post.

Ok Check Shea off the need to see list ;)


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