Thursday, July 31, 2008

My one and only trip to Yankee Stadium

On Monday I was lucky enough to attend a Yankee's game at Yankee Stadium, I was so glad that the weather worked out and I got the game in.

So late Monday afternoon after spending the day hanging out in midtown playing tourist we hopped the B train at Rockefeller Center and head North to the Bronx. We got there pretty early because we wanted to walk around and just soak the experience in.

While going to Shea is more like going to Miller Park with the parking lot and people tailgating, Yankee Stadium is more like going to Wrigley you do not tailgate(I do not remember seeing a parking lot to be honest) you go to bars along River Ave or 161st St. We stopped at "Billys" and had a beer before going into the Park. There are also stores along River Street underneath the train tracks which hawk Yankee's memorabilia.

So after having a drink and looking around outside we headed into the stadium, first thing that hits you is how small the concourses are compared to Miller Park or even County Stadium it was crowded trying to get around. We first tried to get over to the Monuments but they had already closed off the line by the time we got there so I did miss that part of the experience. We then spent almost 40 minutes trying to find a "Last Season at Yankee Stadium T-Shirt" in a size bigger than medium seriously the Yankees are completely sold out of any of those shirts in L XL or XXL with at the time 25 home games left. I think that is a major fuck up on their part but a minor one over all(I got a really nice one after the game from a store on River Ave.

We then headed in and checked out our seats which were outstanding on the lower level 5 rows back in the second section of seats very nice.

Let me take a moment to send a little love to Ticket King who helped me out of a tough jam I had gotten into with my Yankee Tickets. Short version I bought tickets on Stub Hub but goofed up the date I would have been 5 rows from the field, but Stub Hub would not cancel the sale even though nothing had been shipped so I was stuck with tickets for a game that I could not see, Ticket King sold those tickets for me at a very reduced cut for them and got me my replacement tickets I will tell you one thing I will never ever use another broker if I can help it. Once again Thank You to Ticket King.

The seats were great and as most of you know my background is history so I was actually just overwhelmed sitting there thinking that I was looking at a field that so many Great Baseball Players had played on from the 27 Yankees to Ruth to DiMaggio to Mantle and Maris through Jeter and A-rod. To look out at Centerfield at Yankee Stadium and to remember Joe DiMaggio used to patrol that grass or Ruth and Gehrig had ran around that base path. Or to think of all the home runs the true single season home run king Roger Maris had hit in that stadium that magic year.

Yes you can say I was a bit overwhelmed by the experience.

Then the game started and my luck held, the Yankees got hammered I am the winged angel of death when it comes to going to baseball games in person lol. Baltimore Ghetto Stomped the Yankee's that game but I still had a great time. The one thing that impressed me at the 7th inning stretch with the score 11-0 the stands were still 90% full hardly anyone had left. You can say what you want about Yankee fans but they are loyal to a fault.

Like I said I am so glad I went on this trip and actually did visit both stadiums, If you can still get to NYC and see a game at Yankee Stadium do it(looking at you ESK hop the shuttle and see a game you will regret it for your entire life if you don't)

Like I did with Shea I will do a picture post of the Yankee Stadium trip

Thanks again to my wonderful wife for taking me on this great trip


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