Friday, July 25, 2008

Maybe it really is our year

Good Morning Gentlemen a quick post before I pack up the puter to go to Gotham, what a road trip isn't it nice to see our young stars coming through again. Corey Hart should have been carrying Ryan Braun's bags last night for pulling his nuts out of the fire.

I am a firm believer that shit bad luck or what ever you want to call it floats around and randomly lands on people and last night was Corey's night to have it land on him.

He tried to single handily give the game to the Cards he could not get a "clutch" hit with RISP 3 different times he made a bad error to allow the Cards their 3rd run.(Is there ever a good error) But all of that stopped mattering when Ryan hit that ball and stood there and admired his handiwork.

That had to be a soul crushing loss for Cardinal Nation, I hope my Mets friends enjoy the emotionally scared team we sent them to NYC to play them. I intend to go into Shea early on Saturday and catch visitors bp so I can give shit to the Cards I am going to wear my Brewers hat and make sure my shirt is untucked, because that is how we roll ;).

Man do the Cards fans hate that whole untucked shirt thing almost as much if not more than the Brewers showboating their home runs lol.

The Cards fans are usually pretty cool but they went around the bend in their post game thread at Viva El Birdos and even invaded the post game thread at BCB to whine about untucked shirts. They should be lamenting the state of their bullpen not our untucked shirts. Man if the Padres had any sort of a pen the Cards would be out of the Wild Card race already.

So now they have to keep it going keep building on the Wild Card lead and then see if we can surpass the Cubs.

They have to hit better with RISP they left way too many runners on base last night(looking at you Hart)

They need to remained focused and TCB against Houston and try not to look ahead to the huge Cubs series.

So gents enjoy the day when I next talk to you all I will be hanging in Gotham. Reports from Shea on Saturday Night and Yankee's Stadium

Tonight's game info
Parra vs. Rodriguez at Home Sweet Home Miller Park

First pitch is at 7:05pm CDT


Keep it rolling

Later Gents see you from the City next

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