Thursday, July 31, 2008

I think ESK may be right, I do hate Brett Farve

First fuck Brett Favre and his goddamn Diva ways, not only has be played games all off season trying to fuck the Packers he decides that he only wants to go to teams in the fucking NFC North.

Fuck him and the fucking lawn tractor he road in on fucking bastard.

Yes I think it was stupid to offer him 20 million to go away he fucking retired he made that decision, not the Packers.

Fuck him if he wants to play for the mother fucking Vikings let him I cannot wait to see Packer's DB's picking him off on opening night. I really do hope they fucking break his spine.

The cock sucker waits to the last minute then says oh yeah I want to play again even though I have done nothing to get ready for the whole off season and oh if you do not want me I only want to play for your two most hated division rivals.

Fuck you Brett Favre I hope they never retire your fucking number you bitch I hope they do trade your ass to the Queens so they Viking fans can watch you lose 8 games a year in the Dome instead of your usual one a year there.

I hate you for all the discord you have brought down on the Packers and how you are trying to just totally blow up any chance of them moving on this season you fucking self serving bastard.

So Go put on the purple you fucking fuck you talking out of both sides of your mouth bastard

Yes ESK was right I do hate Brett Favre The Atlanta Braves of Quarterbacks

He is dead to me

I am a Packers fan I always have been and I will always be

Fuck Brett Favre Diva Bitch


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