Sunday, July 06, 2008

I should go to the wood more often

Nice I go to the woods for a weekend and the Brewers sweep their weekend series to go 10 games over .500, depending on how the TBTIBAPESPN vs. the Cards game ends the Brewers will either be tied for second place or 2.5 games behind the TBTIBAPESPN.

Wow is Jeff Suppan starting to look like crap I live in constant fear of him becoming a sort of mini-Zito to the Crew. They still have a ton of money tied up in him for the 2.5 years hopefully he will find his stuff again.

A very scary stat about Suppan, if you go look at his last 6 starts including today Suppan's earned runs per game go up by a run a game.

game one 1 earned run

game two 2 earned runs

game three 3 earned runs

game four 4 earned runs

game five 5 earned runs

and today game six 6 earned runs

That is some scary stuff there that is a small sample but you cannot like the trend I am guessing he will give up 7 earned runs in his next start. Some one asked who would C.C. Sabathia replace in the rotation if the Crew got him. If it was based purely on results of late I would say Suppan but we know that will not happen due to his contract no way he is going to the pen. Not even for a little while.

Very nice run by the Crew to come back after that terrible loss in Arizona to come home and beat a bad team like they need to. If they are going to win this division they have to beat the bad teams and sweeps are even better.

What a nice weekend

Hurray Beer

Thanks to AB for taking care of the open threads this weekend.

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