Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I must have missed all of the Super Bowls......

...hat the Packers have played in the last 10 years, all while Brett Favre was the starting QB. See, that is what I do not understand--this blind faith that if we bring Brett back the Pack will be in the Super bowl. I am not saying that Aaron Rodgers will lead us to the Super Bowl either but I am not just looking at next season, I am looking at the next 4. There is no way Brett Favre is playing that long. So instead of trying to retool for a multi-year run we should bring Brett back for one more year. Even though we have a 10-year track record of the team not making it to the Super Bowl. Hell, I believe they only made it to one NFC Championship game in that stretch if my memory serves me correctly.

I could understand this blind devotion to Brett, aka "the Deity" if we were coming off a run of 2 or 3 straight Super Bowl appearances. Not wins, just appearances. But other than last season we have not gotten all that close to the Super Bowl and when we have, Brett has been a major reason that we lost that playoff game.

Would all of you Favre Jihadists be this sure if he had retired after the 4-12 season and then pulled this "oops, I am not ready to stop" stunt? Do any of you guys remember that Holmgren was this close to benching his ass back before any Super Bowls were won.

That is my problem with this whole episode, the blind faith that Brett will win us anything just because he is Brett. Last years run was great but they also got lucky. Very lucky, in a number of those wins. They were terrible in the Eagles game. They should have lost the Washington game. And Denver could have gone either way. Also if they don't win that challenge in the KC game they most likely lose that game.

So if Brett went 9-7 instead of 13-3 would you be so hot to bring him back for one more season?

As I have stated, I a Packer fan not a Brett Favre fan. I am glad he played for the Packers, and I do not regret one game he started, but I feel strongly it is time to move on.

And just to make sure there was not a Super Bowl that I am forgetting about. The Pack has not been back there since XXXXII, Right?


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