Friday, July 18, 2008

I am very nervous about this series

I do not know if it is because of what happen last year or the fact we catch both Lincecum and Cain. But I am nervous since this series is on the road. You look at both teams records and figure this should be a cake walk for the Crew. But we know for the Brewers on the road nothing comes easy.

What also worries me is Lincecum and Cain strike a lot of people out and you know how the free swinging Brewers love to strike out. I am really scared we are going to have another bad San Francisco trip. Usually I am so up beat but I have a really bad feeling about this.

But than again this is a Giants team the Crew swept early in the season at home most of the team should be very well rested and I am hoping last year taught them something about how they need to focus down the stretch. And the Stretch Run starts today.

The rest of July could be huge if the Crew could get hot they play the Giants St Louis Houston and Chicago all before August. Hell if you get hot you could be either leading the division or really close on the Cubs heels by August 1st.

They lost a half game to both the Cards and Mets last nights in the WC division, which actually shows you how bad the Mets were, when a 10 game winning streak cannot get you the Wild Card lead.

Well on to tonight's game info and I mean Tonight lol.

The only night game of the series is tonight
Sabathia vs. Cain at chilly but beautiful Pac Bell/SBC/AT&T Park

First pitch is at 9:15pm CDT


This should be a good pitchers match up Cain was outstanding in his last start he went 7 scoreless in Wrigley and had 9 strikeouts of course the Giants did not give him any run support scoring 0 runs and he got a ND and the Giants lost the game.

We all know how well CC pitched in his last outing and I am guessing he has to slowly be getting a comfort level with Kendal and the rest of the team and staff.

Hopefully he can be stellar and the Crew can get a couple off of Cain that might be enough.

So everyone take a nap this afternoon so you are well rested for this very late West Coast game.

I have to be honest every year when the Crew goes out to San Francisco I wish I had followed the team on that trip love that city.

Lets get the second half off to a good start

Hurray Beer

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