Monday, July 21, 2008

I am calling this the Jobu series

Pedro Cerrano: "I stuck up for you Jobu. You no help me now...I say fuck you Jobu. I do it myself."

By Jobu I mean the San Diego Padres who blew not one not two not three leads over the weekend against the Cards they Blew leads in all four games as they got swept by the Cards. So all the Brewers sweep of the Giants did was keep pace thanks to the inept Padres. So just like Pedro Cerrano who learned you cannot rely on others to get the job done so have the Brewers. But they now have a chance to do it themselves playing 4 in St Louis.

So far this has been the road trip of righting wrongs from last year, the Crew goes to San Francisco and avenges last years sweep with a sweep of their own. Now they have a chance to exercise the demons of last years collapse in St Louis. You remember that collapse they went in to St Louis with a chance to deal the Cards a death blow and they won the first game then blew a 6 run lead in game 2 and went on to lose the next 3 games. They cannot let that happen this year. Sooner or later the Cards magic show is going to end they cannot go the whole year on smoke and mirrors alone. I will accept nothing less than a 3 and 1 result from this series anything less is a failure.

It is important to finally put the Cards in our rear view mirror and to keep up with the Cubs who of course are playing a shit team(Arizona) and they do not catch Webb or Haran in any of the three game. But if the Brewers keep doing what they are doing they should have a chance to once again, "Do it themselves" when the Cubs come to town at the end of the month.

A very nice start out of the second half chute, they beat a couple of good pitchers this weekend and you have to be impressed that they were able to wait out Lincecum yesterday. All of a sudden they realize you can take a pitch. To give credit as "bad" as Lincecum was pitching up till Braun's home run it was still a close game dude is something special any time you beat him it is a good day. You have to feel for the Giants fans they highlight of their week is the day Lincecum pitches they call it "Timmy Day" as in Happy Timmy Day remember when we were that bad.

Ok on to today's game info.

McClung vs Pineiro at New Busch Stadium

First pitch is at 6:05pm CDT(ESPN game start time)

TV: FSN, ESPN | RADIO: WTMJ 620/BRN So you lucky bastards who do not live in state will be able to watch the game in HD on ESPN while we in state mopes will have to listen to Rock prattle on in SD sucks to be us lol.

So it is simple they have CC and Sheets going in the last two games so they need one of these next two games it would be kick ass if they could take them both and go into the Aces stretch already up 2-0. It is time to prove the Brewers are the better team.

This is also the first attempted use of the McClung on the road Bush at home platoon.

Oh and before I forget welcome to Milwaukee Ray Durham

Now lets take what is ours

Hurray Beer

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