Wednesday, July 02, 2008

How come no one is talking about Zach Greinke?

Screw CC Sabathia.

I'm sick of all the talk already.

While it would be great to have him, it isn't happening. In the remote possibility it does occur I want to get one thing straight to everyone who calls into the sports talk radio shows:

The Brewers will not sign Sheets AND Sabathia long term. In fact, it is more likely than not that they do not sign either of them. So stop calling in about it. You callers are ruining perrfectly good discussion that could lead to topics like the point of this post.

What about Zach Greinke?

The Royals are always sellers and Greinke is a future #1-#2 guy the Brewers could realistically lock up long term and still help with the stretch run.

I'm not a stat expert, nor do I have a BP subscription, like some of the guys on the blog, but because Greinke is relatively young and has hit some mental injuries his sample size is pretty low, and his stats are probably not indicitive of his future.

Maybe someone on this blog can help with the statistical analysis, but I think Greinke would be a great fit to help fill the void of Sheets next year. He has an above average K/BB ratio, A dynamic fastball he can control (95 mph) and change speeds on dramaticlly, an 80mph change, and flurry of average to above average breaking stuff. His speed changes make hitters look as silly as Sheeter's curve ball.

We will still have to give up a premier prospect for him but the Royals would be more apt to take Bill Hall (minus some contrac), Dave Bush, and/or Gwynn than the Indians would.

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