Thursday, July 10, 2008

Giving Haudricourt Props

Asian Badger pointed this out in the comments, but if you haven't read it, you need to:

I'm guessing we'll be hearing tomorrow that Guillermo Mota has been designated for assignment.

Yes, the move is long overdue, but enough is enough. After giving up
four runs tonight in one inning, he has allowed eight runs in three
innings in four July appearances. And that's after a 6.48 ERA in nine
July outings.

When manager Ned Yost was asked about Mota's status after the game, he said, "I don't make decisions like that after a game."

Those are the same words Yost has used in the past before Derrick
Turnbow was sent out, Dave Bush was sent to the minors and Eric Gagne
was removed as closer. It's basically Yost's way of saying "I'm not
going to address it tonight but I will in the morning."

You can't have the general manager say on Monday "We're going for
it" and have the manager continue to allow Mota to blow up games.
entrance has become tantamount to a forfeit. Now we know why the Mets
couldn't wait to jettison him last winter, to the point of taking
Johnny Estrada in trade and then releasing Estrada...

Enough is enough.

Some of us give Tom a hard time for seemingly going easy on Yost and the Crew (I only get mad when he chastises Yost detractors) but holy hell he let loose here. He not only calls out Mota for being completely worthless, he calls out Yost for trotting him out there.

Fantastic post Tom, absolutely excellent.

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