Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Enough Diva talk, there is a baseball game tonight

I am already sick and tired of talking about the Diva so I am going to talk about something that actually matters at this very moment.


The All-Star Game is tonight and there are not one but two Brewers in the starting lineup. We have come a long way from the days they had to let one Brewer play as part of Major League Baseball's "everyone gets a trophy oops I mean every team gets a player in the game" policy.

Ben Sheets gets to court potential free agent suitors tonight as he takes the mound as the National League starter. And Ryan Braun will be patrolling left field in the house that Ruth built.

Honestly I just hope neither of them gets hurt or has a bad game. Get through tonight and then fly out to San Francisco and get read to run down the Cubs and Cards in the second half.

I hope Corey Hart at least gets an at bat so he can say he has played in old Yankee Stadium once in his life.

I will be honest I just want the break to be over I am already ready for the second half to start; I am actually having that much fun with this Brewers team. I love the position they are in.

The starting pitching is better than any of us thought it would be when Yo went down. Even Bill Hall is starting to swing a better bat, and even against right handers.

Face it, the Brewers never got it going for a long stretch on all 8 cylinders and they have the third best record in the NL, and are only half a game out of the Wild Card Lead. If they can get any kind of consistency out of the bullpen it could be a great second half.

The bats have to start hitting when they get a bad pitcher on the mound they have to stop this "Cy Young in a Tomato Can" syndrome they seem to have. They have to pound the Glendon Rusch's and Josh Fogg's of the world when they get them on the hill.

They also have to rethink Rickie Weeks in the leadoff spot. Moving Hardy to the 2-hole lit a fire under him; maybe moving Weeks will help. The problem is I have no clue who you bat lead off. I like Hart where he is, so I am stuck. If anyone has any ideas on that feel free to jump in.

So on to tonight's game info

MLB All Star Game at The House that Ruth Built, aka Yankee Stadium.(A place that has forgotten more history than Wrigley Field will ever know)

First Pitch is at 7pm (well, that's when the broadcast starts. Who knows when it actually start?)

TV is on Big Fox and I have no clue where to find the radio.

The only good result is if none of the Brewers get hurt, and then if the National league can win it would be a cherry on top.

Hurray Baseball to rescue us from the Diva Madness.


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