Monday, July 14, 2008

Dear Brett

First, thank you for your years of entertainment. You have been
incredibly fun to watch, and brought a once proud organization back
into the national spotlight and made Green Bay football relevant
again. For this, I thank you.

However, the past few years you have proven yourself human. You've
made crucial mistakes that have cost ME the Super Bowl. I am a loyal
fan and no one deserves multiple championships more than me. As such,
I kindly ask you honor your earlier decision and stay retired. As I
said, I am a loyal fan, I've watched every Packers game since I've been
alive and I blog about the Packers and I have Packers sheets and I love
my cheese head. Because of this, it is entirely within my right to
tell you how to live your life.

I am a Packer fan. You are a Packer. DO WHAT I SAY!!! I don't care
if you love football, if you feel you acted quickly and on emotion or
if you think the organization treated you poorly. I am your fan and
with fandom come the unfettered right to tell you exactly what career
choices you can make. Your options are as follows:

1. Get on a tractor, shut your mouth

2. Charity spokesman

3. TV personality

That is it. I am a Packer fan by birth and my rights are undeniable.
You are embarrassing me and my friends and family with your cowardly
antics. Make a decision (your choices are above) and stick with it.
You love football? Tough, I don't want you to play anymore, so just
retire God damn promised!!!!

Totally Rational Packer Fan

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