Thursday, July 10, 2008

Buzz Kill

Yes, the Brewers managed to harsh everyone's mellow by allowing another piece of shat starting pitcher own them, or as the young kids say "pwned them." How do you lose on a night when Ben Sheets is on the mound and the other team, which is a MASH unit is sending Glendon Fucking Rusch to the hill?

It is mind boggling how this team eats up Aces but loses to tomato cans who throw junk. Is it mental? Are they relaxing after reading the guys era on the stats sheet?

But to only get 5 hits and 1 run off of Glendon Fucking Rusch is an abomination, and when they do make a run at it Mota is there to snuff out any hope the team had. I wonder if you looked up his stats how many times he gets the first two outs then implodes. It really seems to me that lately all of his troubles have come after the first two outs. Usually without a lot of trouble too. Then BOOM.

When this team is hitting well they are a joy to watch but when they go bad it is usually the whole line up. Mike Cameron gets a lead off double, so man on 2nd, no outs, and they never got him to third base let, alone home. That is inexcusable. I am serious: have Kendal bunt him over since he has not had a meaningful hit in recent memory.

The Mota thing has been covered at length here in the last 12 hours so I will just say I really hope Tom H. is right and Mota is DFAed. He is killing us. Why not bring up the kid from Nashville and give him a shot to be one of the set up men? We may need a new closer next season anyway (both Gagne and Torres are free agents).

I really hope that we do not look back at this series against the Rockies in Sept like we were looking back at the Giants series in San Francisco last year.

You have to beat bad teams, especially when you get them at home. Right now that is the difference in the division. We joke about the Cubs playing the Rockies and Pirates every other day but guess what? They also TCB when they play crap teams like the Rockies. And yes, the Rockies are a crap team. The Brewers should be pounding them and their weak-ass pitching into Pate. It is infuriating.

Some bright signs are that Bill Hall is starting to hit again, making the platoon look like the right option, and Rickie Weeks seems to be flirting with getting his Avg. moving north, but he has teased us all season so I will withhold judgment on that.

In the end as maddening as game like yesterday are, you have to put them behind you. As Paul points out, they lost no ground on the first goal of the wild card since St Louis lost last night. Get a solid grip on the WC then worry about the Cubs. We play the Cubs enough head-to-head that we can decide that outcome without worrying about what other teams are doing. Right now we need to put the Cards in our rearview mirror

Last night was a classic Ben Sheets game. He was very good. One long ball and no run support. I thought I was having a flashback for a moment last night watching the offense grind to a halt with Ben on the mound.

A win today and they are back on track and will have a 5 and 2 home stand so far. Not that bad. Hell, you take Mota out of the mix and we would be a game and a half up in the WC, but like they say, "if pigs had wings..." Right now we have to deal with reality and hopefully the reality will change today.

On to today's game info
Bush vs. De La Rosa at Wonderful Miller Park

First pitch 1:05pm CDT

NO TV in Wisconsin or Colorado for that matter you MLB.TV guys who live out of state should be able to watch the stadium feed. So for the rest of us it is UKE and WTMJ/BRN

They need this to salvage a split and give them a little momentum heading into the weekend series with the Reds. Both the Cubs and Cards play this afternoon so by dinner tonight we will know how the day went.

Time to get back on track.

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