Friday, July 11, 2008

Bush steps up and makes a statement.

Baseball is a funny sport, with all the hoopla over CC and Ben this week it was David Bush who gave the best performance by a Brewers starting pitcher this week.

I was over at a friends house yesterday hanging out listening to the game while our kids played(yes I have a rough life) and I will admit the way the 1st inning started I was a bit discouraged. But Bush worked though it and then started mowing down Rockies like a wheat thresher going though winter wheat. 13 K's 3 hits(should have been 1) in 8 innings of work. And the Bats finally made tomato sauce out of an opposing Tomato Can Pitcher. It took them a couple inning but they thumped De La Rosa and thumped him good lol.

The best part we will not have to see the Evil Colorado Rockies again this season, Praise be to Odin.

Lets give the fans of Milwaukee a hand too for selling out the place on a Thursday Afternoon Attendance: 43,389 (102.3% full) second sellout of the week.

Quite the day Brewers wins Prince hits a triple Hart goes long then gets voted into the All-Star team and they regain the lead in the Wild Card Division. Not a bad day of work.

Now on to today's game info,

Parra vs. Fogg at Retro Miller Park

First Pitch 7:05pm CDT

TV: FSN-HD | RADIO: WTMJ 620/BRN Brian and Rock should be well rested since they had a rare day off.

It is the final series before the All-Star Break the Crew plays a bad Cincinnati Reds team so I look for them to finish the "first half" on a roll.

Parra has seemed to latch on to the role of the 3rd starter in the rotation and rightly so he has been a monster in the last 6 weeks. I am going to the game tonight and I am looking forward to seeing Manny pitch.

I am also looking forward to just soaking up the atmosphere at Miller Park which I do not think has been like this in a long long time. I just want to be a part of it. I love seeing Miller Park full, the roar you can physically feel bounce and echo off the closed roof when a Brewer goes yard when the roof is closed. All the hottie chicks who are at the stadium because Miller Park has become an destination a place to be seen. I just love the whole experience from top to bottom and I am looking forward to tonight's game.

So back to 10 games over lets make it 11

Hurray Beer

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