Thursday, July 17, 2008

The BEST Brewers Game of the 1st Half is:

The Tuesday weeknight June 3rd Miller Park 7-1 dismantling of the Arizona Diamondbacks. The relatively diminutive Seth McClung dueling the towering Randy Johnson. He witnesses the HOFish Ace stride off the mound with the honor of being second ALL TIME in Major League Baseball strikeouts after posting K’s against Cameron, Fielder, Hall, Hardy, Cameron again, Braun, Hall again and Weeks. Make no mistake, The Big Unit is on his game this night.

McClung, however, slaps down his first two major league hits against Johnson while keeping the Crew in the game only one run down. In the sixth, Ryan Braun steps to the plate and with one swing of the bat gives the home team the lead with a two run dinger to deep left. McClung watches as the veteran walks off the field to the classy applause of the knowledgeable Milwaukee fans. There is no glory in stepping on a bug. There is something worthwhile in victory over worthy opposition.

In the seventh, the Brewer bats break the game open as Hardy and Dillon are batted home and in the eighth, Prince and J.J. each send pitches over the outfield wall for the commanding win. Seven runs, nine hits, no errors. One earned run allowed. Pitching, offense and defense each come through at the exact moments of the contest when they are needed. Best game before the All Star Break. Period.

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