Tuesday, July 01, 2008

10 games over save it for 10 games over

A while back Eric and I had a conversation on where the Brewers had to get before I really started to invest myself in them at a higher level than I currently am. We agreed that they had to get to 10 games over and they made a run at it but they have now slipped back to 6 games over .500.

What ever hypnosis that Dave Bush was under has worn off the Bats are back to being lethargic. Yup same old Brewers on the road they teased us with the series in Atlanta but now are back to being themselves.

I bailed to go read a book when it go to be 5-2 you can tell with this team when they have a chance to come back or when their night is done and I knew they were done after the first inning.

They are giving up all the ground they had gained on the Cards and the Cubs I swear if I see Braun hit one more infield ground ball I am going to cry or watch Prince strike out with RISP yes Prince did finally come through yesterday in the first inning but then in the third he struck out with Weeks on third.

What pisses me off is the Diamondbacks are a bad team playing poorly and Doug Davis is a crappy pitcher this line up should have shredded him. You have to take advantage of down teams and the Brewers rarely do they tend to be the team that the down teams turn it around against.

Sorry staying up late and no Xbox is making me grumpy

Tonight's game info

Suppan vs. Johnson aka the ugliest man in baseball

First pitch 8:40pm CDT


I will check in for a couple of innings but I have to start packing guns for my trip up North for the weekend.


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