Sunday, July 13, 2008

.00001818 of 1% of the population of Wisconsin rally for Brett Favre

This is already starting to get absurd. 100 people out of a population of 5,500,000 showed up at Lambeau field to rally to allow Brett Favre to unretire and come back to throw a terrible interception at a key moment in the playoffs. Of course since the four letter network is in a feeding frenzy over this they got national attention.

I am sure I could find 100 people in Wisconsin who still believe the Earth is flat and that we never went to the Moon. That does not make them the spoke persons for the state. But if 100 people believe they know more about football than Ted Thompson they make the front page. In case you missed it 100 people is .00001818 of 1% of the population of the state of Wisconsin. My guess is more people vomited in the Miller Park parking lot Sunday than were at this rally.

The Favre Jihadists keep saying Favre is our best chance to win a Super bowl or get to a Super Bowl. Well lets stop and look at that statement.

First, Brett Favre is the Atlanta Braves of Football: He has a ton of Division titles a couple of NFC Championships and One World Championship. But he has not won anything higher than a divisional title since the 1997. Yes he may help the Pack get to the playoffs but there is no proof that they will make it beyond the NFC championship game if they even make it there. There is a very strong chance that in the 4th quarter or overtime period he will step back and just heave the ball down the field for an easy interception that kills any chances of winning the game.

Wisconsin lives in the past. If Robin Yount said he wanted to come out of retirement and start patrolling Centerfield for the Crew people would rally and say he should be given the job.

But come just because a couple of mopes buy a web domain and declare themselves spokesmen for Packer Nation does not make it so. They are already selling T-shirts (I really believe that there will be someone at the end of the World selling T-shirts.

I know there will be a lot of people running hot on emotion over the next couple of weeks, some of them write here, but I intend to try and be a voice of reason.

Those of you who think like me should join me. Today we stand on the brink, help me rescue Wisconsin and Packer Nation from slipping back into an era of Brett Favre fueled mysticism. Speak up. You are not alone. Stand up to the Favre Fanatics strike a verbal blow for forward thinking and living in the here and now.

A proud Favre Denier,


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