Thursday, June 19, 2008

WSB Watercooler: Download Edition

Usually I do these link dumps when I have one thing I really like but no real reason to do a full blown post...this is no different.

Download this link, listen to the piece, and enjoy it. Description:
Baseball may be the United States' national sport - but this year,
2008, almost half of all its professional players come from overseas -
and some 40 per cent of them from the Dominican Republic, which shares
the Caribbean island of Hispaniola with Haiti. For Assignment David
Goldblatt visits Haiti to report on what has become a significant
export industry for this country of nine million people.

If you have a 360/PS3, free NCAA09 demo is out today. If you download it let me know, I assume there is at least some multiplayer on the demo. I'll have both versions. I will option you to death.

Packers going after Jason Taylor?

Last night's Brewers post-game audio

Is this a case of working relationship being more important than integrity? I don't think so, but his between the lines begging for Brewer forgiveness is unbecoming.

Celtics, classless as the Patriots?

Mark Rogers, official bust.

I swear to God, I was going to write this exact article last week when I watched Volquez shut down the Red Sox.

Brewers 3 back of the wild card and pitching's a good day.

. Thanks Paul. Consider this the open thread.

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