Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who are you and what have you done with Dave Bush?

Two Starts ago Dave Bush got beat like a drum by the Twins now he is channeling Cy Young. Bush has been damn near unhittable over his last 15 innings of work having gave up 2 earned runs and winning both games.

Of course both times he has left the game with a comfortable lead and had to sweat out bull pen implosions to see if he would hold on to his victories.

Man getting this kind of pitching out of the number 5 spot is such a treat.

Well how about this start to the road trip they have already won the first series of the trip with a nice 4-3 win last night. They go for the sweep this afternoon.

They ran their record to 9 game over .500 and picked up another game on the so called "Best Team In Baseball" as per ESPN They also have gotten their road record up to where they are only 3 games under .500 on the road. This year that is pretty damn good. If they go 6-2 the rest of the trip they will actually have a winning road record.

I am starting to get the feeling this could be a special road trip for the Crew we might look back at this point of the season and say this road trip was the launching pad for the Crew.

You have to remember historically the Brewers have sucked ass in Atlanta so jumping out and winning the first two games is a big deal well at least to me.

So on to today's game.

Suppan vs. Campillo at Crazy Ass Rich Guy Field aka Turner Field.

First Pitch 12:00pm CDT


Ok time for Jeff Suppan to have a Dave Bush like turn around, Suppan was terrible in his last start I know I saw it in person it was his worst start as a Brewer(lucky me I got to see a little history lol) So I am looking for him to bounce back and give us a much better effort. Soup strikes me as the type of guy who has been bouncing off the walls waiting for his chance to get back out there and erase the memory of that last bad game.

How nice would it be to head into the off day and the trip to Minneapolis with a sweep.

So go Brewers Tigers and Orioles today

Hurray Beer

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