Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Well good bye Ben Sheets it has been nice to know you

So Ben Sheets has basically said this is his last season with the Milwaukee Brewers because they did not offer him a contract extension after last season.

Nice coming from a guy who has not pitched a full season in what 2 or 3 seasons, Yes Sheets is having the kind of year guys who are Free Agents dream about but you know what I will not shed a tear when he is pitching for the Yankees or sitting on the bench on the DL because he has some bizarro injury.

How much do you want to bet that if Sheets was not such a China Doll he would have been offered a deal last season. But how can you risk that kind of money on a player with Sheets DL track record?

So lets get what we can out of him this season lets get into the playoff and see what happens then we can make him a nice scrap book thank him for his time in Milwaukee and move on. Not being bitter just realizing that Sheets did the Crew a favor by coming out and saying this now it takes the pressure off of the club now.

They can say "See he intends to leave and we cannot stop him" Then go spend the money on other parts of the team. Hell Sheets tender with Brewers has proved having one kick ass pitcher will not win you anything if the team sucks ass. The Brewers will survive Sheets leaving.

So I hope Ben has a monster year wins the NL Cy Young and gets the Crew into the playoffs then goes off and makes himself a oil tanker full of money in the off season he will have earned it. Thanks for you time in Milwaukee and be ready to be booed when you come back

Mentally moving on

Hurray Beer

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