Saturday, June 28, 2008

A wasted days and wasted nights

Damn that one hurt how can you hit 4 home runs in a game and lose but right now this Twinkie team is riding a wave of good luck and timely hitting. Normally 6 runs for McClung is a sure win but he finally had a bad start.

The Bats went dead after they pulled their starter too. Also hard to win when one of your big guns is still 0 for the road trip though he was robbed of a single and a rbi last night by a great play. And then their is the Mota Effect now there seem to be no good innings in between his bad innings.

So now the road trip record is at .500 time to wake up and start winning again this Twins team is not this good the Crew could still easily take this series with Parra and Sheets going the next two nights.

Only good new from yesterday both the Cubs and Cards lost so while we missed our chance to gain ground we did not lose any ground.

While this loss sucked it is over and already in the past on to today's game.

Parra vs. Hernandez at that abomination of a ball park in Minneapolis.

First pitch 6:10pm CDT


Crew has to put a stop to this Twinkie winning streak and do it now want some more good news Eric Gagne is going to throw a bullpen session and if he looks like he has a pulse they will activate him from the DL great just fucking great and guess when Ned said he plans on using him.

"I'm going to keep Torres as the stopper," Yost said. "[Gagne will] pitch in the seventh, eighth innings. [If] Torres needs a break, he'll get a chance to close."

But if Gagne or Mota pitch the 8th there will be no need for Torres to pitch the 9th we will not have the lead again.

Well the bats will just have to get a lead big enough that it is Mota/Gagne proof.

Two Steps Forward One Step back Brewers Baseball in a nutshell.


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