Thursday, June 19, 2008

So Far So Good

The Brewers played a game of tit for tat last night with the Toronto Blue Jays, it sure seemed that once the Crew got a lead that they scored every time to answer a Jays score.

I am sure Sheets was nervous that the pen was going to blow another game that he had left with a lead but Shouse and Torres picked up Villanueva and Mota who both did not have their best nights last night.

The win gave the Brewers the series win and a chance to go for the sweep this afternoon. They need the sweep if they want to be able to reach the goal of an 6-3 home stand. The rest of the division lost so the Crew made up ground on both the Cubs and the Cards they are now only 6.5 games back of the Cubs for the division and more importantly they have pulled with in 3 games of the Cards for the Wild Card slot. The Cubs also got more bad news with Carlos(Big Zero)Zambrano left yesterdays game in Tampa with shoulder soreness and will be getting an MRI today.

You had to like the way the Crew mixed it up yesterday while they made a couple offering at the Earl Weaver alter one of them another one that Branyan hit with his driver 440+ feet off the center field score board but they also small balled out a couple of runs taking what they were given.

Seriously the thing that impressed me the most was how they answered every run Toronto scored with a run of their own. They never took their foot off the gas look at the line score in the box score every time you see a run for the Jays the next inning you see a run for the Crew. The final Toronto run was the only exception to that last night. The really cool thing is they won a 5-4 game with Braun and Fielder combining to go 0-8 with 4 K's but I am willing to forgive them both Prince has bigger issues on his mind than baseball and Braun's beloved Miami Hurricanes were knocked out of the College World Series so I am sure he was blue ;) but back to my original point the rest of the line up picked up the big guns when they were having an off night.

Now for the hard part winning the final game with Dave Bush on the mound.

Todays Game Info

Bush vs. Burnett at baseball played under blue skies Miller Park

First pitch is at 1:05pm CDT


Its simple if they are going to go 6-3 or better on this home stand they will have to win a game that Dave Bush pitches and that game is this afternoon.

That will be coupled with what every weird wacky day game after a night game line up Neddy Baseball throws out there. Right now they have the Jays down last night might have been their best shot so if they can come out and jump on Toronto early they might pack it in early. The only question is can Bush get back on track after a couple of rocky starts?

We will find out in a few hours.

Lets get a sweep

Hurray Beer

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