Friday, June 20, 2008

Objects in Mirror are closer than they appear

That is what the Cubs and Cards are seeing in their rear view mirror. The Brewers have gained 3 games in the last 3 days on both of those clubs.

But before we talk about the future we have to talk about the past. What a bizarro day at the ball park. Going into the 8th inning the game was a laugher and we were thinking possible no hitter. By the middle of the 9th inning the 8 run lead was down to one run and I know a lot of you were reaching for your rosaries. To once again quote Anchorman "That got out of hand in a hurry, yeah it really jumped up a notch"

Way for the bullpen to be a huge giant buzz kill I am going to chalk Riskie's bad outing to rust. Lets never speak of that game again.

So it has been a pretty decent home stand so far, they are now 4-2(they should be 5-1 looking at you Mota) Right now they have a very good chance to have a 6-3 or a 7-2 home stand. Baltimore comes in riding a 3 game winning streak but they were playing Houston. They are like most MLB teams this year terrible on the road so the Brewers could continue to make noise at home.

The Brewers get another break from the schedule maker the Cards are playing Boston and the Cubs have to play the crosstown White Soxs. If things go well the Crew could be leading the Wild Card by Sunday. That is if the Crew Takes Care of Business.

If you want to have fun go over to Bizarro BCB and watch the fans of the Best Team in Baseball(based on record)lose their minds after being swept by the Might Tampa Bay Rays. They are already getting a bit nervous and it is not July. Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

I am attending the game tonight with Paul and two former posters here Mike from the Spring City Chronicles blog and my buddy Neil(dude who owns the comic book store in Oconomowoc still open during the downtown construction) So it should be a fun time at the Ball Park. It is going to be weird I am going to see Baltimore play twice this season since that is the team the Yankees are playing when I am going to Yankee Stadium in July.

So on to tonight's game info.

Suppan vs. Liz at always something exciting happening Miller Park

First pitch 7:05pm CDT


Talk about a Retro Friday the Brewers wearing those ugly throw back uniforms with the stupid old logo playing an American league team, you cannot get much more old school than that can you.

Well I am looking forward to the game tonight now I have to go do my bills so I can see how much money I have bring to the park(Paul can drink beer like a fish lol)

So lets start the road to another series win tonight

Hurray Beer

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