Saturday, June 21, 2008

No Soup For You

Wow that is the worst I have seen Jeff Suppan pitch in a while he just did not have his a stuff last night hell he did not have his c stuff last night. He dug a pretty big hole and the Brewers bats could not quite dig their way out of it. You know why those damn retro uniforms they are cursed.

Soup was awful Paul and I kept looking at each other in shock as Soup got belted around he is usually so good at Miller Park

Yes yesterday was boys night out at Miller Park Paul came up from Chicago and Mike from Spring City was there and my buddy Neil that is why Paul and I were not in the OT last night I did not get to talk to Mike all that much since he was on the other end of our little group which was a bummer but all and all it was a very good time.

Before we rip Billy Hall to shreds Braun and Fielder and Branyan and Kappler also all had chances during the game to get the comeback over the top. Oh and do not forget Cory Hart getting picked off of first in the first inning when they had a chance for a big come back inning against Liz who was not all that good either. I really thought they would get it done in the 9th inning but what can you say Hall was the right call since they had brought in a lefty and Kappler was up with the bases loaded and only one out so he still could have gotten it done.

All in all a long hot weird game where we kept saying "they can come back from this and for a little while it looked like we were right then the bats just started to sputter. Shame is a lot night with Soup on the mound 2 home runs and 5 runs would have been enough.

So they lose a game to both the Cards and Cubs but since I was only looking for one game a week I can live with that we are still up 2 game for this week. The key is to now buckle down and win the next two and take the series any chance at a 7-2 home stand is over but 6-3 is still very doable.

Tonight's game info
McClung vs. Caberea at hot and sticky Miller Park

First pitch is at 6:05pm CDT

The TV broadcast is on WMLW so you know what that means I am going to listen to it on the radio screw watching the terrible 1960esk picture of WMLW sister station to the worst CBS station in America Channel 58

So tonight turn off your TV listen to the game on WTMJ AM620 or your local BRN station do not give WMLW the rating show the Brewers that having games on that joke of a channel is a huge mistake.

One last thought about last nights game a couple of Brewers drives were caught just in front of the picnic area fence in right both times all I could think of was the abuse I was going to get here if a Brewers game winning home run was hit into the picnic area lol.

Ok lets win the next two and close out a good home stand

There really is no such thing as a bad trip to the ball park is there?


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