Friday, June 20, 2008

Hurray for the Rays. aka sometimes baseball brings me so much happiness

As many long term readers of the blog know that while I am a Brewers fanatic I have been quietly following the Tampa Bay Rays since my first trip to Tropicana Field back in 2005. They are my American League team I wear a Rays hat around town when we vacation in Tampa my sons have D-Rays gear they still wear my 5 years old can tell you that number 13 is Carl Crawford. I have been in the Trop when there were 7000 people tops I have been in there last year when they had close to 18,000 so it made me really happy last night to realize that even though the usual Cubs Locus were in the crowd it was a Tampa Bay crowd last night they damn near blew the roof off the Trop when Carl Crawford hit that grand slam to give the Rays the lead and sweep.

It had to be a wonderful series for the Rays fans the Cubs fans were out in force like I said they are like Locus and we all know how polite and friendly Cubs fans can be when visiting the other teams park. So I took a ton of pleasure every time they showed the Cubs fans sitting there watching their best reliever gack up the lead. To know that if it was not for the Kansas City Royals the Best Team in Baseball as ESPN has anointed them would be in second place in the Division.

I really hope the Rays fans are enjoying their first taste of not being the division doormat this is a young franchise they are only 11 or 12 years old they are still raising the first generation of true Rays fans the ones who have never rooted for another team. They have put up with the Yankees and Boston and even some national league teams like the Cubs having "home" games in their park but I really believe those days are over. They have swept Boston at home they have swept the Cubs at home yes I think the Rays are coming of age.

I ask you is there anything more funny to look at than a glum pathetic sad sack Cubs fan when it all falls apart.

Yes baseball has broken my heart a number of times but there are times like this last 3 days where it has given me a lot of joy and just plain good times

Congrats to the Rays for helping the Brewers gain 3 games on the "Best Team in Baseball"

Hey Cubs fans did you think you were going to get to play the Pirates the whole season. I hope the White Soxs wipe their ass with your team this weekend and I hope you enjoy cowering from all the scary South Siders that will be invading your park bwahahahahahahahaha.

Man I love this game

Correction the best the Cards could have done over the last 3 days would have been to pull with in .5 games of the Best Team in Baseball. Oops when I looked last night at the standings the Cubs game was not officially over. My Bad

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