Monday, June 23, 2008

Holding the line while on the road.

A home stand that started out 0-2 ends at 6-3 you have to be happy with that and it should have been even better, The Brewers used this great home stand to pull into second in the WC race and are now only 2 games back of the Cards. They have also kept the Cubs with in sight but they are not the goal at the moment the Cards are.

The Brewers are having a great June having gone 12-6 so far while pushing their record to a season high 7 games over .500. Now they just have to keep building on that.

If they just keep winning 2 game out of every 3 game they will finish the year with 99 wins I think 99 will take the WC and most likely the Division. They are starting to hit the long ball consistently and the pitching has been good enough.

Now the hard part they head out to Atlanta to start another fraking 3 city road trip. And as bad as Atlanta is on the road they as good at home with a 27-12 record at home. So the Crew will have to work to get this done. Then on to Minneapolis to try and get their revenge at what should sound like Miller Park West. Then finally 4 games at Arizona. So a 10 game road trip before the final home stand leading into the All- Star Break, if this was home stand I would be calling for 7-3 at the least but I will take 6-4 or even 5-5. Normally I would not accept 5-5 but look at the teams they get on the last home stand Pittsburgh Colorado and Cincinnati so if they return to Milwaukee still 7 game over .500 they can build on that on the home stand.

The key on this road trip in the year of everyone losing on the road is to not lose ground maintain at minimum being 7 game over .500.

So on to tonight's game

Sheets vs. Reyes at the former Olympic Stadium now known as Crazy Ass Rich Guy Field(Turner Field)



A chance to get the road trip off to a good start with Sheets on the mound and a chance to beat on of the teams we are fighting for the WC.

Lets hope they can exercise the demons from last years trip to Hotlanta where Neddy Baseball went nuts and pissed off the whole umpiring crew and most likely cost us the series as Umps took their revenge on the team the whole series. But we are not going to dwell on the past "FORWARD" is the motto of the great state of Wisconsin and we are only going to look forward.

So lets look forward to a Brewers win tonight.

Hurray Beer

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