Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hmmm That Parra kid might have a future with the Brewers Organization

Nice game last night to pull the Crew with in 4.5 of The Best Team in Baseball As Per ESPN/ESK. Hell Baseball tonight even mentioned them last night lol.

Parra does his job holding the Twins to 0 runs on 2 hits over 7 innings and the Bats backed him up with 5 runs by the end of third inning. It has to be easier to pitch when you have the lead. They gave themselves a chance to take the series today and that is all you can ask for on the road.

I have to give Ned a little credit with his line up yesterday playing Hall against Hernandez based on past history. It worked with Hall coming through with a big 2 run double with the base loaded in the 3rd. It would be great for Hall to get hot again because that only makes the 3rd base platoon that much stronger and allows Ned to make moves like yesterday when he had Hall and Branyan in the same line up.

Man is Prince Snake bit what does he have to do to get a hit? Second night in a row he was robbed of a hit by a great infield play. Give Hernandez credit he is on the Maddux level when it comes to fielding his position. Prince kept battling and did work a walk off of Hernandez not an easy task and scored along with Hart on Hall's double. A great sign when Prince can have this kind of road trip and they are 3-2 with one series win in the bag already. He will heat up we know that and when he does it will be scary to be a Brewers opponent.

Cory Hart is starting to show up on the National radar as he should be if you went by what he is doing he should be in the AS game this year along with Braun. We are blessed with some very good young corner outfielders.

Hart has to be the next guy they lock up long term face it Prince and Sheets are not going to sign deals right now But I would love to see them lock Hart up through his first or second year of Free Agency.

It is starting to get crowded at the top of the NL Central(The best division in the NL) TBTIBAPESPN/ESK is not getting the "clutch" hits to drop and the Cards and your beloved Brewers are reeling them in like a worn out Marlin. I still think that TBTIBAPESPN/ESK will not be in first place by the All-Star Break they have a head to head with the Cards before the AS in St Louis but then the schedule makers gave them another break the end the first half playing the Reds and Giants at home.

But lets not look too far ahead right, today's game info

Sheets vs. Slowery at the place with the white roof



Well this is all you can ask for a rubber match game in a road series with Ben Sheets on the mound I like our chances it would be nice to get out of town with a 4-2 record going into 4 in AZ.

I will be interested to see what Ned's Sunday Get Away Day line up is like look for Counsell Rivera Kapler to be in the line up when it is announced.

Win this one while rooting for the Royals and White Soxs plus if we win today and the Sox pull off the sweep we will be with in 3.5 of TBTIBAPESPN/ESK.

Lets get the Series today

Hurray Beer

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