Friday, June 27, 2008

Gaining ground while going to the mall

The Brewers had the day off in Minneapolis so while they were cruising the Mall of American scene they were gaining ground on both the Cards and the Best Team in Baseball as per ESPN. Both teams lost yesterday so the Brewers were able to buy their kids legos from Legoland and gain a half of game.

They are now one game back of the Cards even in the loss column. But to take two out of three in the Humpty Dumpty Dome(everyone do the Humpty)

They will have to bring their A game Minnesota is riding a 9 game winnings streak and destroying National League teams.(playing San Diego can do that for you)

But the Brewers are throwing McClung at them in the first game so I like our chances plus the Twins are due for a meltdown or at the very least a loss or 3 and we are just the team to do it to them. Come on this is rivalry weekend MLB said so.

It could be a great weekend if the Brewers can stick to the 2 of 3 plan both the Cubs and Cards have to play real rivals in the rivals home ball park. The Best Team in Baseball as per ESPN has to go to the Southside to face a White Sox team that will be looking for pay back after being swept in The Dump. The Cards have to travel across state to Kansas to face the on fire against the NL Royals who swept the Cards last weekend in St Louis.

The Brewers know they can play with the Twins they were 3 to 4 inches from taking 2 of 3 in Miller Park so I like our chances. Plus this is the last stupid inter league series we have to put up with this year I believe. I like the pitching match ups we have McClung Parra and Sheets going this weekend I like our chances.

So on to tonight's game.
McClung vs. Blackburn at the Humpty Dumpty Dome

First pitch is 7:10pm CDT


The Brewers face a pitcher they have never seen before in Blackburn which makes me nervous but I have faith McClung has been lights out in his last couple of starts he has not allowed more than 2 runs in his last 4 starts. So if the Crew can give him some run support things should be fine and dandy.

The Crew should be tan rested and ready to take command of the Wild Card race this weekend.

Hurray Beer

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