Monday, June 30, 2008

Even Ben Sheets has an off day

I was actually glad he picked one of the days when the Offense was already on the Charter plane waiting to go to Arizona. It would have been a shame to waste a good Sheets performance on a day when the Bats were silent. Face it the Twins did to the Brewers what Manny Parra did to them on Saturday. That is why the loss on Friday still pisses me off. But we are free of the evil and very lucky Twinkies(Brewers should have taken 4 of 6 this season)

But they are still .500 for the road trip going into a 4 game trip with the slumping Diamondbacks. Plus look at the bright side they went 1-2 over the weekend and still gained a game on the soon to no longer be The Best Team in Baseball As Per ESPN and ESK. Now that is a feat isn't it. Right now I would be very content to split the 4 games in the desert and come home with a .500 road trip.

Ok inter league play is over good back to playing real baseball. I am really looking forward to this trip to the desert, the Brewers have played AZ very well over the last couple of years. The Snakes are scuffling right now they have been for the whole month of June. If there was ever a 4 game series on the road where the Crew could go in and win 3 of 4 this is it. You have to kick teams when they are down.

Tonight's game info
Bush vs. Davis down at the park formerly known as the Bob.

First pitch in the desert is at 8:40pm CDT


Lets hope the Dry Heat of the Southwest and spicy vegan food can fire up Prince's swing. It is amazing they are at .500(for the road trip) with the funk the Big Mans Bat is in.

I am looking for the Crew to have a really good series a bunch of the guys live out there they get to sleep in their own beds and see their families.

Lets get it done.

Hurray Beer

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