Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Open Thread Of Enough Sissy Crap, Lets Play Baseball

You people sicken me.

2B Rickie Weeks
CF Mike Cameron
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
3B Bill Hall
SS J.J. Hardy
RHP Jeff Suppan
C Jason Kendall

That's a championship lineup right there (and this is the lineup for the rest of the season, barring injury, get used to it). Time to put the hurt to Dempster. Just so you guys know what you are missing, here is a random (well, not okay, cherry-picked) sample of the Urinal's live blog discussion:

I liked Bush coming out of Toronto, and for the last two years, he's been our most "productive" starting pitcher (24 wins).

- JaceKnowsAll

Jace, you're an idiot. Glad we have brilliant minds like Tracker who somehow manages to talk around his foot and Benjamin who is already pissed about the umpiring. You gentlemen inspire me.

Madden 09 Footage

Real football, well, at least in video game form:

Mmmmmmm, Madden

Badgers and Footy

Hat tip to Paul for finding this one

Footy Footy Footy England England lol ;)



BCS rejects common sense and instead clings to Football Mysticism.

Today the powers that be in the Bowl Championship Series decided to reject adding a 4 team playoff to the BCS.

The "Plus One" playoff would have seeded the top 4 teams in the BCS then the winners of the first two semi final games would play for the National Title.

I really do not see how this is any better than the current system since it relies on the very subjective polls to pick those top 4 teams.

So we as the a nation will continue select our national championship game participants by slaughtering a young oxen and reading the signs found in its entrails.

I have no idea how you create a fair playoff system but if Division 3 can do it I cannot see why Division one teams cannot do it. Other than the fact they are so married to the archaic Bowl Game system that they do not want to change.

I just wish they would get away from the stupid only 2 teams from any one BCS conference rule.

We must make a stand against football mysticism and stand up for enlightenment and reason being used to rank the teams.


Michelle Tafoya on Deadspin: "It Disgusts Me"

Just now on the Mike Tirico Show Michelle Tafoya said (paraphrasing from memory)

I just went to Deadspin, and I can see why it appeals to...a certain type of person. And it disgusts me.

When she said this the top story on Deadspin was the Ronaldo tranny story. Now, that's a salacious story, but it's not one that ESPN is ignoring.

Deadspin just isn't that bad. Some of it is very clever, and rarely do I hit on anything that I would consider NSFW. For most of the show Tirico has treated Deadspin as this dirty, almost pornographic website. That's just not an accurate description.

Her reaction was right up there with Joe Buck on the Moss Moon.

Ronaldo vs. Ronaldo

This is for the 3 lady readers we get here at the WSB and to just plain bug ESK.

This is the Ronaldo in the Transvestite story he is from Brazil and plays for AC Milan.

This is Christiano Ronaldo the Manchester United star who is from Portugal. The ladies who follow football really tend to dig this Ronaldo.

So there now there will not be any confusion over which Ronaldo we are talking about ;)


Buzz Bissinger: Unhinged Weirdo

In writing about Bob Costas' show last night, it is required that you first state Buzz Bissinger is an excellent writer. He is. Done.

What can you say about the show last night? It was irony upon irony. Without question, Will Leitch was the only member of the panel who had any idea what he was talking about. If only he had been permitted to speak.

Neither Costas nor Bissinger was internet savvy enough to distinguish between blog posts/articles and comments. Commenters, as we all know, are the scum of the blogosphere (Except for you guys. We love you!) and failing to make that distinction is simply inept journalism. Mispronouncing (intentionally, in my opinion) the pen name of Deadspin contributor "Big Daddy Drew" to the more inappropriate "Big Daddy Balls" is similarly inept. Questioning Will Leitch about his knowledge of dead-tree sports writing (and then basically ignoring the fact that he had in fact read W. C. Heinz work) was more akin to a witch trial than a constructive discussion. The fact that they attacked Will using other Deadspin writers while not citing a single example of his own writing was idiotic.

While uttering many a profanity and frothing at the mouth, Buzz Bissinger attacked the civility of blogs, all the while behaving as the worst example of troll or fanboy. Bob Costas was too unfamiliar with the medium to know the correct side to take.

Will Leitch, proprietor of the uncivil, profane, glib, and infantile Deadspin, sat there like a perfect gentleman, never raised his voice in anger, and attempted to make salient points when given the chance.

On TV, actions speak louder than words. The writer showed his true colors. So did the blogger.

Also, Braylon Edwards was there.

Here's Mr. Tremendous, who contributed to the set-up piece on the show.

Here's Will, once again taking the high road.

E already linked to our friend MDS, but his take is worth reading as well.

Why wasn't a Lefty used last night?

As I was watching the game, I had to ask (and scream at the TV) when Fontenot came up in the 7th with the bases loaded, why wasn't Shouse or Stetter brought in to face him? It was pretty obvious that a)Torres while he didn't pitch as bad as his line was, he wasn't dominate and b)Why mess with Fontenot?


I dont know where I am going to go, When the Volcano blows

How about to a victory over the Cubs land.

I would call 17 hits 10 runs and scoring in 6 of 9 innings an offensive eruption.

They needed most of those runs too since no lead is safe in a Brewers Cubs game.

What can you say Sheets was rusty very rusty after 10 days off but did enough to get the win. Another Karma game where the bats picked him up pays off another of those games he lost 1-0 in the past. Hopefully he will have his control back come his next start. He said in the MJS that he did not feel any pain so maybe this injury episode will be a short one.

Funny thing about the offensive explosion is that they could easily of had more runs they wasted a great chance in the 5th or 6th inning when they loaded up the bases with no outs and only got one run. Both Braun and Prince were too jacked up over the situation and swung at really bad pitches. Lucky for us that wasted opportunity did not come back to haunt them.

Big nights for the "H" crew last night 9 hits 4 runs and 4 runs between Hall Hardy and Hart. Hart flirted with the cycle last night only missing the home run part of it.

Michael Cameron announced his presence with authority getting a double in his first Brewers at bat and ending up the night with 3 hits and a walk scored 2 runs and drove in 2 talk about setting the bar high.

With the victory in the chilly Dump the Brewers move to with in one game of the Cubs and Cards who are tied for first in the NL Central A win tonight moves then into a tie with the at least the Cubs and would lock up a series win.

Tonights game info.

Suppan vs. Dempster at the Dump on the North Side aka Wrigley Field.

First pitch is at 7:05pm CDT

TV: FSN-HD, ESPN | RADIO: WTMJ 620 Back to Back HD games Whooo Hooo, you people outside of Wisconsin can watch the game on ESPN but you will miss hearing Brian and Rock making excuses for every bad Brewers at bat. ;)

One final amazing thing the Brewers scored 10 runs without one home run go figure.

I have an idea tonight lets score 10 runs but only give the Cubs say 2 so everyone can relax and the pen can rest they had to use 4 pitchers out of the pen last night after Sheets short start so a laugher would be nice especially since they have a day game on Wednesday.

So Cubs Lose Cubs Lose nice way to start off the road trip

Hurray Beer

WSB Watercooler: Tranny's AND soccer are disgusting

Third world famous soccer star Ronaldo tried to pick up a transvestite prostitute. It looks like this:

That's fucked up.

I agree with Buss Bissinger to a point. If all your sports news comes from deadspin and the like (us included), you're inevitably a moron.

Tim Lincecum finally lost last night. Just wanted to point something out quick. Lincecum's WHIP last year was 1.278. He had an ERA of 4.00. This year, his WHIP is 1.376 and his ERA is 1.73.

Mike Cameron currently has an OPS of 1.467. He will TOTALLY keep that shit up.

Sheeter was rusty, but not hurt. Thank God. A-Rod was not so lucky. He's been DL'd.

Jerry Crawford was also not so lucky. He was taken to the hospital last night after leaving the game in the third. No one seems to know what's going on though.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Mike Cameron Experience Open Thread

This has the making of an amazing game. At the Wrigley dump, Sheeter on the mound and Mike Cameron making his Brewer debut.

A lot has been placed on his shoulders, he is the presumptive savior of the Brewer offense. He certainly looks good in the 2 hole, but if his tune ups are anything to go by, he'll need some time to get up to speed. Don't look for him to impress tonight, as Cameron is a paltry 2-11 against Chicago starter Jason Marquis.

2B Rickie Weeks
CF Mike Cameron
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
3B Bill Hall
SS J.J. Hardy
RHP Ben Sheets
C Jason Kendall

<channeling Sutton> LET'S GET SOME RUNS!!

Paul Delves Into Fuzzy Baseball Analysis

One thing that we nerds sometimes loose track of is that numbers actually represent real people, situations, injuries, etc. When we project a guy like Corey Hart to slug .500, that projection encapsulates a ton of info, from the probability that General Mills will discontinue Corey's favorite cereal to the the probability that Corey will fix a hole in his swing to the probability that Corey will fall off of a roller coaster at Great America. Most of these positives and negatives cancel out in what I like to call the "They will try as hard as they can" theory. In short, if Corey tries as hard as he can, and a bunch of random, unpredictable shit happens, this is the likely outcome after the random crap all cancels out.

Sometimes we forget this and treat people like random number fluctuations. Often they look like random number fluctuation, but that's an oversimplification.

Here is what I'm wondering. Can Mike Cameron (or any player) singlehandedly bring back the offense? I think it's possible. Here's why.

As I've mentioned (and been mocked for) before, I play tennis. I know that when I watch tennis on TV before playing, that I tend to play better. This is because all people tend to mimic what they see to some extent. (Note: In Cass Sunstein and Richard Thaler's new book "Nudge" they discuss at length how people who live together start to look alike as they adopt similar posture and facial gestures. They also mention that people who look more alike tend to be happier when living together.)

This may be a reason that slumps can be contagious. Hell, it may explain slumping teams. Mike Cameron has not been exposed to 25 games of poor approaches at the plate. If he can get off to a hot start, perhaps he can spark a hot streak.

Hey, I'm allowed to have a crackpot theory every now and then.

Brewers v. Cubs: Reasons for Optimism

From Joe Sheehan:

Ryan Dempster. The last time Dempster was a starter, he walked 22 men in 33 2/3 innings and was pulled from the rotation with a 5.35 ERA in six starts. The time before that, he had an ERA of 6.54. Before that, 5.38. So when you look at Dempster and his 2.90 ERA and 3-0 record, remember that he hasn’t been successful as a starting pitcher since 2000.

While a good story, Dempster’s low ERA is more about a .190 BABIP than anything else. He has a 21/14 K/BB in 31 innings, which won’t get you very far. However, as with Kyle Lohse, a good defense and a new affinity for groundballs (2.17 G/F, by far his highest as a starter) are keeping the hits and extra-base hits (four) off the board. Dempster is due for a correction shortly, and one could come as early as Wednesday night against the power-laden Brewers.

I am going to make this Cubs vs. Brewers series really matter

Time to sweeten the pot.

If the Brewers can take two out of three from the Cubs this week, The Friday Sweet Dreams Girl feature will return to grace the pages of the WSB every Friday.

So start praying to what ever deity you believe in for a Brewers series win.

Why do you I picture Fred doing a rosary before the game tonight(I have no idea if Fred is Catholic but I know he liked the Friday Girl feature lol)

Hurray Beer

Update after being informed that by not having the Friday Girl allows people to see this at work I will have to forgo this little wager.

Sorry guys Brewers will have to just play for pride and their position in the standings Chris

Road Trip Number 2 begins tonight

I really cannot count the first 3 games as a road trip road series yes but not a real honest to goodness road trip.

What difference a day could make the Crew is coming off a day off and they get two major players back in the line up today. Mike Cameron returns and Ben(China Doll)Sheets also takes the mount tonight. So finally after 25 games the Brewers are at full strength.

This will be a tough road trip first 3 in the Dump against the Cubs then down to the Juice box to play three against a Houston team that has seemed to right its ship, then they finish with the same Marlins team they lost 2 of 3 too at home.

So no walk in the park but I am actually hoping the change of scenery will jog the Brewers Bats memory and they will remember how to hit with runners on base. Hell I just hope they can remember how to hit at all. ;)

They start off the road trip with their second series at the Dump on the North Side of the Third City(face it LA is Bigger Than Chicago so lose the second city thing) The Cubs are coming off losing a series to the Nats. The way the Brewers have been pitching the last series they can beat anyone if the Bats wake up.

Wouldn't it be nice for the Brewers bats to wake up against the hated Cubs, I understand it is only a matter of time before they heat up I just hate waiting for anything I am like Rosie O'Donald in front of a microwave yelling "Hurry"

But the day off has done wonders for my baseball mindset I am going to accentuate the positive no matter what happens they will get to the end of April with a winning record and could even be tied for first if they take the first two games.

Paul said it best the other day with this line up we know it will hit we just have to wait for it. It is like sitting next to a active volcano that is rumbling you know it is going to blow you just are not sure when it will happen. I have a feeling that when the Bats finally blow it will be on the scale of a Krakatau eruption. Hopefully the Cubs will be the first team buried under the Brewers lava flow.

Big night for the Brewers and Sheets if he comes out and goes his usual 7-8 innings life is good and the Sheets express is back on track. If he pitches 1-2 innings and removes himself from the game the Brewers will be screwed having just sent Bush down and burned his last option to do it. Plus the fact the Brewers carried 14 pitchers for that whole week while they waited for Ben's glue to dry.

This should be a fun next couple of days I cannot wait to see how they play when they get to the warm weather of Houston and Miami hopefully my cold weather theory will get tested.

Tonights Game info.

Sheets vs. Marquis at the Old Dump on the North Side

First pitch 7:05pm CDT


First of 3 against a hated rival and the team leading the division what more needs to be said.

Hurray Beer

WSB Watercooler: Parra Will Get Better

Some folks are lamenting the loss of Bush for Parra based almost solely on innings pitched. Parra has been anything but an innings eater so these chuckleheads wanted to keep Bush to save the pen (doesn't help that Parra has been unimpressive most of the month). However, that could be about to change.

Fake Teams has a chart of pitchers with statistically high BABIP. Parra makes the list. Parra has a BABPI of .368. Not radically high but high nonetheless. Fake Teams puts the mean at .300, so Parra has a considerable amount of regressin' to do.

I am flat out stealing this image from The Cub Reporter. For spite, and because it is really nicely done. If our massive user base hammers your servers due to the hot link, I apologize. A sacrifice of Ron Santo will get me to host it.

That doesn't look good for the Crew.

Zito got moved to the bullpen. That makes me laugh, hysterically. Barely one month after inking a 7 year deal, Zito is worthless. He doesn't even have the decency of Higuera to at least get hurt...he just sucks.

Yesterday afternoon lots of people in Boston were wearing Celtics gear. Today, I guaranty a 90% decline in sightings. Best sports fans? Hardly. Most fair weather...without a doubt.

Take some time and read this interview about the Yankee's first dynasty. It's awesome stuff.

Click this hockey story. You won't be disappointed...unless you like dudes.

I'm already sick of this Prince Fielder is a vegetarian crap. Very, very sick of it. It's nice that a New York Times reporter made a stop in flyover country to spend some time with the proles.

But not as sick as I am of the pop shots of Obama playing hoops. Look! He's a real brotha! Check it out!

Wayne Krivsky was hilariously inept. He Red's fans, hows that Cordero signing looking?

If you have a Wii, Mario Kart is a blast, especially with a group of people heavily drinking.

Finals coming up, so I may be a ghost this week.

Monday, April 28, 2008


....are we (the Brewer's) going to start bashing our way to victory???


Those are the runs per games the Crew has scored since the 15th.

47 runs over the last 13 games which equals 3.61 runs per game. If you take out the one 9 run game that makes it 3.1 runs/game.

For a team that was supposed to be winning games bashing their way to victory, we ain't doing it. We are currently 12th out of the 16 NL teams in runs scored and OBP and 11th in slugging. 15th in hits, 6th in SO.

The reality is, that if it were not for some very strong performances by the pitching staff (except for "Walk 'em Turnblow") this team could very easily be 5-6 games under right now.

Speaking of "What's a Strike Zone Turnblow", now that Dave Bush is in Nashville, did Turnblow inherit the smoothie blender from Bush? I know that Maddox can't say bad things to the press about him, but listening to Maddox in his interview defending "Just a bit Outside Turnblow" made me gag. If it weren't for Stetter coming in and stranding "No Control Turnblow's" bases loaded jam, the game would never have gone into extra innings.

Finally - memo to Bill Schroeder - if Craig Counsel were as 'clutch' as you make him sound, he wouldn't have struck out yesterday looking like a 4 yr girl.


This Brewers team will win nothing

If they keep hitting or to be more correct if they keep not hitting like this. I attended yesterdays game and it was one of the most boring baseball games I can remember seeing in person. First Yost goes with the full JV line up even though they have today off. Then they just cannot get a timely hit to save their lives.

How many times on this home stand did we see them either load the bases or have runners on 2nd and 3rd and they were not able to get the big break though hit.

Yes they are above .500 and only 2 games out of first in the NL Central but does anyone actually feel good about the way this team is playing. I am pleased with the starting pitching for the most part and the bull pen has held up pretty good under heavy work load.

But the bats have been putrid they only scored 7 runs in the last 4 games, hell any game they actually score more than 3 runs I am amazed. It was amazing how the Brewers bats sucked the life out of a sell out crowd yesterday. You have guys like Braun and Hart coming up with RISP and you keep telling yourself this is it they will finally break out of this and get the "big" hit and they don't. I think it is official Braun is having a Sophomore slump he looks nothing like he did at the plate last season. I am sure part of that is the pitchers have adjusted to him and found his "hole" but he also seems a lot less disciplined at the plate than he was last season. Hardy Weeks and Hall are all flirting with the Mendoza line. Hopefully having Cameron in the lineup will shake things up. I am hoping as the weather warms up they might start to hit better. Every game at home has been with the roof and the panels closed who knows if that is adding to the slump but we know the ball acts differently when the roof is open and the air is warmer. They play in Houston and Miami on this road trip so hopefully the warm weather will wake up the bats.

The other bitch I had was the Brewers always make Tomato can pitchers look like they are going to the Hall of Fame. They only mustered 4 hits through 9 innings against a Marlins pitching staff that is not that good.

Oh for those of you who want to platoon Craig Counsell at third with Hall he looked like shit out in the field yesterday. While Billy's bat is cold his defense at 3rd is far superior to Counsell I really do think the platoon will gain us nothing.

This is the part where I have to remind myself and everyone else it is early they will end April with a winning record no matter what happens in Chicago. A winning record that has come while they have been playing like shat. Sooner or later this line up will start producing runs in the amounts we have become a custom to. But that does not mean as a fan that I am not frustrated and for the record I blame Ned Yost and Derrick Turnbow for everything wrong in the Brewers world.

They have to trade or release Turnbow the kid cannot pitch for this city anymore the fans hate him. Yesterday as soon as the put the first runner on base the Boos started(me included) and it only got worse as the loaded up the bases. The kid is a head case and if there was anyone who could be helped by a change of scenery it has to be Derrick Turnbow. Yes he did catch the old lighting in a bottle the other night for the save but most nights he just flat out stinks. Thank Odin this is the last year of his contract so at worst the problem will solve itself at years end. I would have put Bush in the pen and sent Turnbow down options be damned if someone wants to claim him so be it. I still think Bush could be a great middle to long reliever out of the pen once he got comfortable in the role.

I know better days are ahead of us but I just hope that in September we are not looking back at this stretch of limited offense as the period that cost us the playoffs.

Day off/Travel day today we all get to take a deep breath and steel ourselves for the second trip into the Dump that is Wrigley Field. Who knows maybe the change of venue will help the bats fire back up Sheets is going to take the mound tomorrow lets hope he can go the distance.

Lets score some fucking runs


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Important Things To Know About Brian Brohm

One bit of interesting research from Football Outsiders shows that for QBs taken in the 1st or second rounds, the best predictors of NFL success are games started in college and completion percentage. (This is known as the Lewin Projection System.)On these fronts Brian Brohm did pretty well.

It appears from his numbers that he started for 3 and 1/3 years, and never completed fewer than 63.6% of his passes. Often he was much better. Let's have some fun and compare him to Aaron Rodgers, shall we?

A-Rod Only started for 2 years at Cal (according to Ye Olde Wikipedia) and his career completion percentage is right around Brohm's lowest. If they had come out at the same time, you would have to put Brohm as the better prospect (at least based on the system).

One of the reasons that the system only works on high picks is that it relies on scouts to weed out those who are not physically gifted enough to play. Moreover, the "games started" metric plays into this. The more scouts get to see a guy, the more scrutiny they can bring. If the scouts still believe in a 4-year starter after 4 years, he has to be very impressive.

However, the system is not destiny, and A-Rod's few years of experience do count for something. Rodgers has looked good in limited action, and he is likely more ready to start now. No one should read what I wrote above as an endorsement of Brohm over Rodgers. What the Packers likely have now are two above-average QBs. Should Rodgers get injured or become too expensive later when he hits free agency, they'll have Brian Brohm with a few years under his belt. This is definitely a good thing.

And QBs are highly tradeable.

This is a good situation. Perhaps most importantly, our QBs are still better than all Bear QBs since, I don't know, Eric Kramer?

(Note: Is Erik Kramer the best QB of the last 20 years for both the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears?)

Packers Draft 2008

A quick look at the final Packers 2008 Draft and one thing stands out. Ted Thompson manages to get 5 players out of the top 102 prospects selected. Given there are 32 teams, each franchise should average about 3 players from this upper echelon of collegiate talent. I am beginning to appreciate the pattern. Get good players, don’t overpay for unproven talent, and work them into a team system.

The picks are 36, 56, 60, 91 and 102. None these players may be probable superstars based on pure athletic gifts, but they bring competitive depth to essential offensive (WR, QB, TE) and defensive (CB, DE) parts of the team. Packers Nation has thoughts on the other late round draftees but I suspect the team captured the class of 2008 they wanted in the first 5 selections.

Bush Being Sent Down

During the post game presser it was announced that Dave Bush was being sent down to AAA Nashville to make room for Cameron. It looks like Sheets is definitely going to make his start on Tuesday against the Cubs.

Let's Beat A Righty Open Thread

Ricky Nolasco is crap. He may be right handed but he is still crap. I expect the Brewers to really break out today. Time for the Crew to put another series in the books. Some changes in the lineup today as Rivera gets the start to catch Parra (why Parra needs a personal catcher is beyond me). Also, Hall is taking a seat...the start of a platoon situation? Come on Counsell, earn it!


20 minutes til game time, I just picked up Mario Kart Wii and I have a conference call at 5 so while I'll be watching on my, I may not be active in the discussion.

Go Brewers!!

Scouts Inc. on the Packers Day 1

Jordy Nelson (6'2 5/8", 217, 4.5 - 40) WR
What he brings: Nelson isn't a very sexy pick; he doesn't have great speed and isn't elusive. However, this kid knows how to play the game. He is a very good route-runner, has a wide-frame that allows him to shield defenders from the ball and catches the ball very well. He is a high-character player who is going to have a positive influence in the locker room once he establishes himself.
How he fits: He is a big receiver who gives the Packers size and is a solid fit in their West Coast offense. This position wasn't a major need, but he was a highly-productive player in college. They have Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, Koren Robinson and James Jones, but Nelson gives QB Aaron Rodgers another threat in the passing game. He also has added value as a punt returner.

Personally I like the pick, but after seeing him play a few times, I would have preferred Indiana's James Hardy. He is taller, faster and a much bigger "big play" threat. I don't hate this pick, though. We'll see what they do today with that extra 4th they got.

Brian Brohm (6'3'', 230, 4.83 - 40) QB
What he brings: Brohm, like a lot of other young quarterbacks, can have a hard time beating pressure, doesn't have great mobility and takes some big hits. He also needs to improve his decision-making. On the flipside, he has excellent mechanics, put great touch on his throws and is good at hitting his receivers in stride. In addition, he has good football smarts and reads defenses well.
How he fits: This is a good value pick by the Packers. Brohm clearly fell because there was a strong possibility of him being a first-rounder. Brohm has already played in a pro-style offense at Louisville, which has some similarities to Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers is still a question mark as a starting quarterback. and this pick puts pressure on him.

I love this pick for the value. Had he gone last year, he was a potential number 1 (either SI or TSN projected him there) and was a first round lock. He played well, but I think he suffered without an established coach there to lead the team. Had he played exactly as he did and Louisville goes 9-3, I think this kid is the second QB taken. Plus, dude scored a 32 on the Wonderlic. Well done!

Patrick Lee (6'0", 200, 4.41 - 40)
What he brings: The argument can be made that Lee best fits in a Cover 2 scheme as he doesn't open his hips as well as some of the other corners in this class. However he has enough athletic ability and speed to develop into an effective No. 2 for a team that plays man coverage most of the time. In addition, there's a lot to like about his toughness, willingness to step up in run support and ability to contribute on special teams.
How he fits: With the aging Al Harris and Charles Woodson in Green Bay, this pick makes a lot of sense. He can also fill a role in the Packers' nickel and dime packages as a No. 3 or No. 4 corner. He will also have a role on special teams. This is a good pick for a defense that is getting younger and keeps getting better.

I've really got zero arguments with this pick. I'm much happier they took the taller and faster Lee than reaching for Brandon Flowers. I think if Cason had made it to 30 the Packers pick him, but he seems like a similar player to Patrick Lee, so again the value was good here.

Overall, I'm happy with the selections the Packers made. Instead of reaching for a TE in a shitty TE draft (man I wish they had taken Olsen last year) they took the best players on their board.

Doing just enough to win.

The Brewers Offense is pretty offensive right now, they managed to do just enough to get the team a win last night. Prince 400' plus bomb got our keystone cops of a line up off the hook. He also got Carlos Villanueva a Probable Win for last nights game.

There was a inning last night the 7th I believe where the Brewers had runners on 2nd and 3rd with no out and were not able to push one run across that is pathetic on a cosmic scale.

But they managed to win and did not waste the good performance by CV alls well that ends well.

Tuesday is a huge day Mike Cameron comes back from his time in the banned substance penalty box and we will find out if the China doll is broke enough to go on the DL. So today should be the last game with 14 pitchers and 3 bench players.

This is a big day for Manny Parra I think CV's last two starts have ensured he is not going into the pen or to Nashville(unless Ned is even dumber than we all think he is) so Parra really needs a kick ass start or Ned will stick with his new Cabana Boy Dave (I love to give up the Home run)Bush for the 5th spot in the rotation.

Manny needs to go at least 7 and not have a 80 pitch count after 4 innings, for himself and for the pen which is slowly getting its legs back after a stretch of over use brought on by short starts.

I am going to todays game hoping to run my streak to 2-0 in games I attended this season. I will hope to do some photo journalism while at the park between my polish sausages ;)

The Brewers need this game to take the series and have a winning home stand.

Todays game info
Parra vs. Nolasco today at wonderful Miller Park

First pitch at 1:05PM CDT

TV: FSN-HD | RADIO: WTMJ 620/BRN this is an HD game

What can you say the Bats really needs to wake up and Manny Parra has to start pitching like we know he can. It is Get Er Done time.

They are talking about their being a huge crowed today it was really nice to see the massive 40k plus crowd last night the city and state are reallying feeling some love for the Crew right now lets hope we can keep this up to 3 million people this season.

Hurray Beer

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Crap, I'm Late Open Thread

Just got back from dinner, loving Ted Thompson's decision to trade down there. The Purdue TE was a reach in that spot I think, and the Pack should be able to pick up on of the other two top tier TE's later in the 2nd.

Anyway, Paul laid out why the Crew should win, here are the guys that are gonna do it:

2B Rickie Weeks
CF Gabe Kapler
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
3B Bill Hall
SS J.J. Hardy
RHP Carlos Villanueva
C Jason Kendall

Same ol' same ol'

Let's Go Crew...pick up CV here.

Reasons To Be Optimistic About Tonight

From Caleb Peiffer, who, after mentioning our terrible offensive slump goes on...

Last night's game is a good indication that the Milwaukee offense just isn't right yet, because the Brewers entered Friday's game against Olsen with a team 885 OPS versus lefties, the third-best mark in baseball, and last year the Brewers led the majors with an 860 OPS and 73 homers against southpaws. So, even after Olsen's success last night, finesse lefty Mark Hendrickson has a difficult job facing him tonight. That job is made even more tough by the fact that Hendrickson has a more severe platoon split than most left-handed pitchers do. PECOTA projects Hendrickson this season to give up a .452 slugging percentage to righties versus .375 to lefties, a differential 23 points greater than what the average lefty allows. That means that the struggling Milwaukee right-handed bats--Rickie Weeks, Ryan Braun, Corey Hart, Bill Hall, and J.J. Hardy--could be in for a breakout.

Packers Draft Prediction

Ted Thompson will draft someone in the first round, that none of us has heard about and we will all sit here and scratch our heads and wonder what the hell he was thinking.

That is if he does not trade down and out of the first round, you know the man will not trade up so for me the first day of the Draft will be a waste of time for Packers fans.

The real excitement will not come to Sunday when TT will work his second day magic

I learned my lesson I am not going to even try to judge a draft right after it is over there is really no way of knowing what we will be getting till we see them on the field.

Go Pack Go

Hell I might as well make this the Draft Open Thread till the Brewers game starts

This should be the Brewers Theme Song right now.

That about sums up my feelings about the Crew right now.


Plus I know how much ESK loves Red Heads ;p

Burn those fraking Retro Jerseys.

Then they can use the fire to burn the Brewers bats since they don't seem to need them. Yes, the Curse of the Retro Jerseys continues as the Brewers wasted a combined 9 inning shut out. I have to admit I was wrong about something, I have been bitching that you cannot score one run and expect to win. Well, if they had managed to score one run in the first 9 innings they would have won.

One fucking run scored in the last two starts by Gallardo that is just criminal he is getting the Ben Sheets treatment by the Bats since they refuse to score runs for him.

Speaking of the China doll don't you love how he is holding the whole team hostage with another one of his vague injuries not so bad that they can for sure say he won't make his next start. But not so bad that he needs to go on the DL even though he has missed a start again. Being up in the air over Ben Sheets status is a big reason the Brewers are carrying 14 pitchers and handcuffing themselves with only 3 bench players. Something that hurt them last night.

I know it is still early and that they will hit eventually but I have to admit I am get sick and tired of watching this so called high power line up waste good start after good start. They have gotten lucky the Cards and Cubs have both lost the last two night so no ground was lost, but then again no ground was made up either.

They came close last night a couple times Braun just missed a home run and Prince just missed playing the role of late inning hero as the ball was just foul. But they are not doing the little things right at the moment. You get runners on and cannot move them over, they are making stupid mistake after stupid mistake on the base paths.

There is no way this team should be losing games when you're starting pitcher goes 7 inning and does not give up a run. The real sad part is the last two nights of futility were against left handed starters this team is supposed to eat left hand pitching like Rosie O'Donald at a free buffet.

As you can tell Chris is down on the Crew right now(cool I just went third person outstanding lol) they are a very frustrating baseball team to watch right now they cannot hit they cannot do the little thing right when they are on offense and then you have to deal with the Managerial Genius that is Ned Yost. Yes, I know it is still April and they are still in a good place standings wise but it drives me nuts to see them giving away games like they are right now.

I will be honest I am becoming less and less enthralled with J.J. Hardy, he is slow really slow for a skinny guy right now he has reverted to his no stick form of past years, he just looks like he is sleep walking out there.

Well, enough looking back time to look forward, the Crew have to win today to avoid their second 3 game losing streak of the season.

Villanueva vs. Hendrickson to day at warm and dry and wonderful Miller Park.

First pitch is at 6:05pm CDT

The Brewers website is showing the game on craptacular WMLW Channel 41 the weak sister station of CBS 58 the worst CBS Station in America. Since the Suck Ass Does are done playing I am assuming that out state will see the game on FSN. I hope you guys get the game at least.

Radio WTMJ AM620 and the BRN

What can you say we are looking for Carlos to have two good outings in a row and for the Bats to wake up and punish someone(other that Brewers fans)

We are all just sitting here waiting for the Bash Your Way To Glory offense we expected and were promised, this team is not playing Earl Weaver Ball, Praise be un to him but they cannot play Small Ball either so we are kind of screwed at the moment

It is funny now many games did they blow last year after getting big leads now this year they are the polar opposite they keep wasting great pitching performances.

Be interesting to see how they respond tonight to back to back crappy performances.

Hurray Beer

Friday, April 25, 2008

Open Thread of YoGa, Part Deux

I feel like the Brewers gotta take two out of three this weekend, just to temper the inevitable "Sheets to the DL" news that they seem to be easing us into. They face some lefties down in Florida, but they will have to overcome a hostile crowd of hundreds to take the series. These gentlemen are tasked with starting it out:

2B Rickie Weeks
CF Gabe Kapler
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
3B Bill Hall
SS JJ Hardy
P Yovani Gallardo
C Jason Kendall

The Marlins are trotting Scott Olsen to the mound, a 24 year old kid who has been excellent this early season, posting a .976 WHIP and giving up 8 earned in 27.7 innings of work. Impressive stuff from a guy who just may finally be figuring it out in his third season.

I'm going to be researching successful implementations of solar power in developing countries (any tips, hit me up) so I may be a little less active than normal. Feel free to post away however. In about 90 minutes, the floor is yours.

A life got in the way of blogging late post.

Hey sorry I had do help a friend do some repairs on my home by help I mean stand there and hold the flashlight or hand him tools and then clean up after he was done. Man needs to know his limitations and I know mine when it comes to home repair.

Only thing I am going to say about yesterdays game is you cannot win when you only score one run, they wasted a very nice performance by Suppan who is pitching very well so far. I would say he has only one bad start and the team picked him up. They should since they keep blowing games the should be getting wins in.

I will dub this weekends series the Rob Y. series since it would be a miserable weekend of baseball in cold wet weather if we did not have Wonderful Miller Park and its roof.

I have tickets Sunday and they are predicting a high of 47 and snow Odin bless that roof.

Tonights game info
Gallardo vs. Olsen at wonderful Miller Park.

First pitch 7:05pm CDT


Yo's second start of the season against a Marlins pitcher who is 3-0 lets hope they can get Yo some runs and he can go eat up some innings a nice 7 or 8 inning would be great I would still like to get the pen some more rest.

April is almost over and I guess we all need to be greatful as bad as the Brewers have hit and as bad as the 4 and 5 spots in pitching rotation have been they are still above 500 and right in the thick of it in the NL Central.

You cannot win the Division in April but you can lose it and the Brewers made sure they did not lose the division this month. You see flashes of what this line up can do when they all start to hit I think May will be a much better month for the Bats.

They need to just keep grinding winning the 2 out of every three games and avoid the long losing streaks and things will be fine come August and Sept.

Time to go Deep Sea fishing this weekend

Hurray Beer

Haven't you heard the Jeter is awesome?

Uhm, if you are a professional sports writer for, let's say, Newsday, and you are going to call out a player (let's say Jose Reyes) for a slow start, and you're going to rip Reyes by comparing him to the fantastical, magical, supercallafragical Derek Jeter, you may want to take a quick look at Jeter's numbers first.

Day Before The Draft: Who ya want?

There are no tight ends worthy of being picked in the first round this year. Plus, there is a good chance the Packers can get one of the top three tight ends with their #56 pick.

I've seen Brandon Flowers (VT - CB) name thrown around a bit, and thinks the Packers will also go CB (Antoine Cason, a guy I really like).

Neither really excites me, and neither is going to help them win now. I'd like to see them trade down and get some more picks in round two, and use one of those picks to trade for Jason Taylor.

What would you like to see Ted Thompson and the Pack do?

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That's Right: Favre Got the Cover

I'll be buying two (one to play, one to keep sealed).

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Earl Weaver

"You are here for one God Damn reason - to Fuck Us" - Earl Weaver

"You do it again and I'll knock you on your ass" - Earl Weaver

"You going to be in the Hall of Fame - for what - Fucking up World Series?" - Ump

Earl on Manager's Corner

"Team Speed - Get them big cock suckers that can hit the ball" - EW


Open Thread of Geriatric Abuse

Time to put the hurt on Jamie Moyer, who is incidentally left handed, so the Crew has a solid shot of doing just so.

Brewers trot out last nights lineup once again.

2B Rickie Weeks
CF Gabe Kapler
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
3B Bill Hall
SS J.J. Hardy
RHP Jeff Suppan
C Jason Kendall

Game starts in 45 minutes.

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It's What Plants Crave

MLB has banned water. Yes, that's right. Water. Why?

Because Gatorade gave the order:

Gatorade is Major League Baseball's "official sports drink." So instructions were sent that no player could be seen drinking anything but Gatorade in the dugout. Not even Aquafina, which is the "official water" of MLB. Not even bottles of water with the labels removed.

White Sox clubhouse personnel said if players take bottled water onto the bench, all the bottled water will be removed from the clubhouse as punishment.

Sometimes Mike Judge is scary smart.

Baseball Mogul 2009

I have been a pretty big fan of the Baseball Mogul series of games for a long time. It allows you to control the minutae of running a ball club. I have no yet played 2009, but have played some of the previous and it has been consistently excellent.
Baseball Mogul 2009 is the 11th edition of the award-winning game that puts you in complete of any professional baseball team -- the baseball game for fans who want their success on the field determined by their strategy, not their reflexes. Begin in any year you choose, from 1901 to 2008, with the full roster of your favorite team -- or an entirely fictional team of your own creation. Negotiate trades and sign free agents to build a dynasty. Baseball Mogul 2009 also gives you complete control on the field: the most realistic baseball simulation you can buy, combined with an easy-to-learn interface and thousands of stats at your fingertips. With customized ratings and head-to-head stats for every player, you have everything you need to win the battle of wits between batter and pitcher. Whether you are 8 or 80, Baseball Mogul is the addictive baseball experience you have been looking for.

The game is basically video game via spread sheet, so the older crowd can give it a go.

I mention it here because Sports Mogul has a free demo available for download, so you can check it out here.

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Cubs win 10,000 games

That is 5000 wins per championship. As long as the Brewers win a championship before they win 2068 more games, the Crew is ahead of that pace. I figure they have 25 years to accomplish that.

10,000 wins later and the Cubs are still best known for being losers.

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Behold the Hammer of the Gods

(WSB Original Photo)

Shame they cannot always play left handed pitchers. I know they sucked against Hamels the 2nd inning 7th but man oh man they owned him in the first and the 8th ;)

The game was a flash back to 2006 Prince hitting 2 home runs Weeks throwing the ball all over the diamond and Turnbow getting the save. Deja Vu.

It was funny the Philly radio guys were dogging on Prince for being a large man and his new vegetarian diet right up to the moment the ball went over the fence in the first inning.

I do not know what you can say about Dave Bush they gave him a 3 run lead and he gives up 4 runs via the long ball, the one play his teammates cannot help him with on defense. I mean it is not like I want him to fail but damn other than eating up 6 innings he did not do much to prove he should be a starter last night.

I think it was Tracker or Eric who pointed out in the comments that last night showed why Bush would be a great 3 inning or less middle reliever and I tend to agree with that thought. Not that Parra has been much better. Of course all of this is meaningless if Sheets cannot go in his next start.

But at least most of the pen got a night off last night, I do think young Mr. Stetter has earned a extended stay with the Big Club he gave them another strong 2 innings last night when Bush finally ran out of gas. Other than the first two batter he has faced when he got called up he has been lights out.

You have to feel good for Turnbow since he has had a rough start to the year. While I am not ready to say Turnbow has found his first half of 2006 stuff it was an outing that showed what could be.

If they can work Turnbow back into pen rotation as a set up man that would be gravy.

Suppan is going today if he can go 7 plus I think you could start to relax about the pen again most of the guys out there would have had at least 2 days off. It would be great if they bats could pound on Phillies fossil Jamie Moyer and really take the pressure off the pen.

Nice loud crowd last night Attendance: 30,548 (72% full) very nice crowd for a Wednesday night in April they did the right thing giving Jenkins a standing Oh when first came up to bat.

As a Brewers fan you want guys like Bush and Turnbow to succeed because it would be great for the team none of us want either of them to fail. It is just past history has shown us not to put too much of eggs in their baskets.

All and all a good night anytime you can beat a pitcher like Hamels I am not going to complain.

The Crew is back in 2nd place having moved ahead of the Red Birds they remain 2 games behind the Cubs who seem to be playing every crappy team in the NL but that will balance out.

77 wins to a 90 win season.

Todays Game info

Suppan vs. Moyer at Wonderful Miller Park

First pitch 12:05pm CDT

No TV in Wisconsin it is on CSN in Philly so you MLB.TV people will be able to watch the game if you live outside of SE Wisconsin.


What can you say lets get the 2 game sweep and then we can see if the Marlins are for real.

Hurray Beer

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Prince Fielder is a Bad Mutha...

And so was Kennesaw Mountain Landis

I think Prince must've also killed and ate some babies recently.

The Geoff Jenkins home coming Open Thread.

Geoff's first game back in Milwaukee since being thrown over the side.

I hope they do not boo him the first time he is up.

Bush vs. Hamels normally I would predict doom and gloom but I feel Bushy is due

Either way he is going 7 + inning the pen needs a night off

Lets get a win


Well he did hire Dusty Baker that should get you fired.

The Cincinnati Reds fired their GM today

Got to be happy when other teams in the division are having problems.

The fact they did not give the Managers job to Pete Mackanin after he turned the team around last year showed how messed up the Reds are as an organization, but to compound that mistake by hiring Dusty Baker

So the first GM/Manager firing of the year


Scary Cub Fact Of The Day

Every one of Chicago's offensive starters so far has an on-base percentage above .400...

From Caleb Peiffer's Wednesday Games To Watch.

The NFL Draft is this weekend

Yawn, I cannot believe how little I care about the draft this season.

Part of it is the Pack is picking so late in the first round and second TT's track record on first round picks does not fire one up.

Second I have learned you really cannot tell how the team did on draft day until about 2 years after a draft is completed.

Anyone else suffering from Packers draft malaise like me?

Go Pack Go

And There Was Much Rejoicing

Brewers win in 12 and promptly trade Gabe Gross to Tampa in the AL, the only way my day could have gotten any better is if Bush and Yost would have been sent packing also.

Speaking of Dave Bush I wonder if Gross gave him a deal on his fruity drink blender or lessons on how to make the drinks Yost likes. With Gross now gone Bush becomes Ned's new Cabana boy.

Not that Manny Parra does not keep trying to give Bush the number 5 slot. I don't care which one pitches in the 5 hole as long as one of them steps up and starts pitching better.

Parra did ok yesterday he actually got a Probable Win yesterday thanks to Weeks spiking the throw to first base. But the starters have to go longer than 5 innings just to give the pen a rest.

That is why the China Doll missing a start really hurts here. Usually Sheets would come in and eat up 7 or 8 innings and right now the pen really needs the time off.

They have 5 more games until they get a day off coupled with a short trip to Chicago so they need Bush and Suppan to go 7 plus over the next two nights and it would not hurt if the Bats woke up bashed out a lead where the starter could relax and cruise. I know what happen yesterday but I am guessing most 5 run leads will be held if the pen can get a little rest.

The Phillies and Geoff Jenkins come to town for their only trip of the season a short 2 game one at that. They bring with them glorious left hand pitchers Earl Weaver be praised, we know what this team can do to left handed pitchers.

Tonights game info
Bush vs. Hamels at Wonderful Miller Park

7:05pm CDT first pitch


You know what I am going to predict a great outing for Bush I think he knows he needs to do well to save his job and I am sure his promotion to the maker of fruity drinks will have him pumped up.

I see Bush going to 7 or 8 innings and the Bats bash Hamels to give him run support. There you have it David Bush plays the role of bull pen savior tonight just you watch.

Only 78 Wins to a 90 Win season. Only 5 more games until Mike Cameron is out of the penalty box and we can go with our full time line up.

Both Prince and Ryan Braun seem to be finding their stroke at the Plate I think this team is poised to begin an offensive onslaught on the NL.

Hurray Beer

He is a both a lucky SOB and a good luck charm

I have a very good friend who has just gotten into baseball hard core in the last 3-4 years(former Canadian) The SOB called me from Miller Park yesterday to taunt me that he was at the game. The Brewers ended up winning the game in 12 innings. What does that have to do with my friend you ask.

Last April when he and I went down to Wrigley to catch the Brewers vs. Cubs game(his first trip to Wrigley) we also saw a 12 inning Brewers win. We also got to meet up with Paul and have a "taste" together all in all a great day.

So almost a year to the date my lucky friend catches a second 12 inning Brewers win

I wonder if he realized how lucky he is lol

Hurray Beer

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gabe Gross TRADED

In a move that will make Chris happy for days on end Gabe Gross was traded to the Tampa Bay Rays for pitching prospect Josh Butler. Butler was a second round pick by the Rays.

Official Story Here

Butler's Stats Here

Tampa Bay Blog description of Butler, pitches he throws, and how he seems to struggle as the season wears on. Suggesting he should be moved to the bullpen.

Gabe Kapler, Hero For The Day

On the season Gabe is .367/.394/.833, which is ridiculous and unsustainable, but man, he's picked a good time to put up ridiculous unsustainable numbers.

Anyway, in case the Conchords were not your style:

It's Business Time

In celebration, I give you, Flight of the Conchords.

(Who have a new album out today, incidentally.)

Brewer BABIPs

Entering today's game:

Weeks - .189
Hardy - .246
Braun - .259
Fielder - .265
Hart - .340
Hall - .196
Gross - .226
Kapler - .350
Kendall - .385

Open Thread of Right Handed Woe

Counsell is in, Hardy is out. Will it be enough to crack through against righties? It's gonna be an uphill battle, as Lohse is lights out against righties (.453 OPS against) so it's nice to see Bill Hall still in there for this one.

CF Skip Schumaker
LF Brian Barton
1B Albert Pujols
RF Ryan Ludwick
3B Troy Glaus
C Jason LaRue
2B Aaron Miles
RHP Kyle Lohse
SS Cesar Izturis

2B Rickie Weeks
SS Craig Counsell
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
3B Bill Hall
CF Gabe Gross
LHP Manny Parra
C Jason Kendall

I'm predicting a long and slow death in this one, sadly.

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Bill Hall Needs to Be Platooned

Continuing the righties are killing the Crew talk, lets check out Bill Hall.

2008 Splits:
RHP: .186/.213/.441 19 K's OPS: .654 in 59 at-bats

LHP: .250/.250/.625 4 K's OPS: .875 in 16 at-bats

The Brewers have a left handed third basemen who is currently hitting the ball acceptably in Counsell.

RHP: .409/.435/.545 2 K's OPS: .980 in 22 at-bats

Obviously, these are miniscule sample sizes, but Hall is consistently a considerably better hitter against lefties than righties, and he isn't a defensive improvement over Counsell. Hall doesn't have enough speed to make a difference and his inability to get the ball in play against right handed pitching is a rally killer in the middle of the line up.

Counsell can't hit for power, but he can handle the bat. He is one of those guys you could call a "professional" hitter. Since Ned has shown a penchant for small ball here in the early goings, Counsell is a much better fit in that 7 spot. He has excellent bat control thus is exponentially more valuable than Hall when it comes to hit-and-run's and making the "productive" outs that Yost seems so fond of. (Yeah, those "productive out" points were just bones thrown at Yost-think)

It is far too early to make rash decisions or sell the farm to plug a hole, but this is a relatively small change than can be easily enacted and just as easily undone. I'd like to see this become a set-in-stone platoon.

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How did we get this weird platoon split?

The Brewers really did lose a bunch of lefties from last year:

1. Geoff Jenkins replaced by Mike Cameron (and the Gross/Gwynn/Kapler combo for the time being).

2. Johnny Estrada replaced by Jason Kendall.

3. Prince's slump.

Presumably #3 will go away at some point, but this was foreseeable to some extent.

When To use Turnbow

There are a few schools of thought on the subject.

1. Never

You are carrying 14 pitchers, and therefore you should really never use your 14th pitcher, which is clearly Turnbow. Especially given Stetter's stellar outing the other day. Why use your worst pitcher when other, better pitchers are available?

2. Blowouts

If you're down 10 runs, why waste Mitch Stetter's arm when Turnbow can work his magic on the mound?

3. High-risk/High-reward situations

Turnbow basically has no control anymore, but he still can miss bats. So let's say it's the bottom of the 9th in a tie game and the other team has a man on 3rd with no one out.

You may not think so, but this is Turnbow time. In this situation, your pitcher has to get 3 strikeouts or weak contact before he gives up 3 walks/hard contact. Most pitchers - even good ones - will lose in this situation. That said, this situation fits Turnbow's skill set. His walks will not matter, and he might strike out the side before he walks in a run.

That's pretty much it. At no point should he be pitching in a tie game. But even Turnbow shouldn't be getting blasted too much for last night's performance. It's still the offense that is costing this team games. All pitchers give up runs, and had the Brewers simply managed to put up more than 3 for once, they still would have escaped.

Fortunately, this string of right-handed pitching is almost at an end, as tomorrow they will face the Phillies' Cole Hamels. For most teams this would be bad news, but for the Brewers it will come as a huge relief. And I can hardly wait for Jamie Moyer on Thursday.

What is up with the porn 'staches???

Last night was the first time that I have been able to watch a game in a few days. The first thing that struck me was that all of the Brewer's seemed to be growing some porn mustaches with a bit of a soul patch.

Villy, Hardy, Weeks, etc all seemed like they were in the beginning stages of this phenomenon. Everyone except Prince. He was growing out the pork chops. Did anyone happen to hear why?? Are they taking the "Retro Friday's" to the next level.

Seriously - all they needed were some mirrored sunglasses. Will we see Ron Jeremy sitting next to Yost soon??


Bad Brewers Baseball edition

I am trying to put my finger on what finally cost the Brewers last nights game. Was it Cory Hart having a terrible game in right missing two catches which lead to 3 Red Bird runs? Was it base running mistakes by Gross and Hart? Had Ned Yost not tried to play with fire either of those two choice would be a correct answer.

But last night we fans were Yosted for the second night in a row. Neddy baseball had to bring in Turnbow with the game tied in the 9th, even though he had Riske and McClung in the pen both who had not pitched the day before. So both of them should have had enough rest to be able to pitch the 9th. Instead Ned brings in Turnblow and he promptly gives up the lead run as he is prone to do.

The scariest camera shot of the night was when Hart was on third with one out. They showed the bull pen and both GAGne and Turnblow were loosing up. Sort of the poster shot for damned if you do damned if you don't.

I am pretty busy this morning so I will not dwell to long on the wasted opportunity that was last night game.

They need to get the split today, they cannot afford to keep giving away division games.

AFTERNOON baseball today AFTERNOON baseball today

Parra vs. Loshe at Wonderful Miller Park

First pitch at 12:05pm CDT


Hurry Beer

Update: I forgot to mention they once again wasted a outstanding pitching performance but Villanueva and Mota. I think CV might have righted his ship lets hope Parra can do that this afternoon.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Homecoming Open Thread of Villanueva Needs a Good One

Gabe Gross remains in the line up, but TGJ is rehabbing in AAA, so he better enjoy it while he can (that means start producing brotha!) Wainwright is due for a stinker, going at least 7 in his last three starts...what better time than the present?


RF Skip Schumaker
LF Chris Duncan
1B Albert Pujols
CF Rick Ankiel
3B Troy Glaus
2B Adam Kennedy
C Yadier Molina
RHP Adam Wainwright
SS Cesar Izturis

2B Rickie Weeks
SS J.J. Hardy
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
3B Bill Hall
CF Gabe Gross
RHP Carlos Villanueva
C Jason Kendall

Stays on top till 10pm look below for new stuff

Let the Ben Sheets missed start count down begin

ONE, ONE MISSED START ah ah ah I love to count.

Tom H. is reporting over at the MJS Brewers blog that the team has decided to play it safe and have Ben Sheets miss his next start Wednesday against Philly.

The news gets even better guess which human gas can is going to start in his place.

If you guessed Suck Ass Dave Bush you were correct, Bush and his 7.02 ERA and his 0-3 record in 3 starts will take the mound for the Crew in game one against the Phillys

So one of our best pitchers but most fragile pitchers is going to be replaced by one of our worst but most durable pitchers. A nice Ying and Yang there isn't it.

I really am going to enjoy next season when Sheets has left to go to one of the NYC teams or Boston and they pay him an oil tanker full of money and he misses starts like this for them. I am going to laugh and laugh and laugh till I cannot breath.

But right now I am going to cry since he is a pretty damn good pitcher when he is not on the shelf.


Stupid Fan Day in Boston

Once again Boston fans show just how stupid they can be on Stupid Fan Day aka Patriot Day.

May we not forget what happened last year.

Like the PxP guy says, it's a waste of pizza, but its also a waste of beer by the guy who got hit. Always protect the beer at all costs.

Better late than never

Sorry Grandma watched the boys today I was off goofing off.

Damn nice weather you have to love it when Milwaukee and Key West are the same temp.

The Crew finished a long road trip 5-4 with two series wins in spite of the fact our Idiot Closer Eric GAGne gave away a win tomorrow and cost Mitch Stetter his first big league win. The Debate over should GAGne been pitching for his forth straight day has raged all over the Brewers baseball blogosphere.

But that is the past and we are only looking forward, the Brewers have a chance over the next two game to remind the Red Birds they are not one of the top two teams in the NL Central.

While the road trip had a nice result we are all still waiting for the sleeping giant that is the Brewers line up to wake up and stomp a mud hole in someone besides the Giants asses.

Big Start for Carlos Villanueva you know that if Sheets aka the China Doll is healthy Yost will have to find an excuse to keep his boy Dave Bush in the starting line up.

Carlos needs to pitch like he did last September or he will find himself in the Pen or in Nashville and I for one believe this team needs CV to win the Division.

Todays match up
Villanueva vs. Wainwright at Wonderful Miller Park might we see the first game of the season with the roof open.

First pitch will be 7:05pm CDT


CV must pitch better and the Bats need to wake up I am amazed that Weeks is not getting a night off he has looked mystified at the plate right now. I thought Counsell would get a start tonight shows you what I know.

Here is an idea lets bash a 7 run lead so GAGne can get his beauty rest and not be used tonight.

Hurray Beer

Skiles close to being the guy

So I stated a little while ago that I would have preferred Rick Carlisle over Scott Skiles. I still wouldn't mind either coach but I started to prefer Skiles.

First, the New York Post reports that the Skiles deal to Milwaukee is very close.

I've been doing tons of reading on the RealGM Milwaukee board recently and have seen a range on opinions on Skiles and thought I'd share some of these concerns/opinions.

Like this long article Just scroll down a bit the page. I didn't have the patients to read the whole thing, but nonetheless very interesting.

There are also concerns that Skiles will clash too much with players and is a waiting ticking time bomb. But what's wrong with clashing with players? Why do the players have to run the asylum? My opinion is that with Hammond supporting Skiles and vice-versa they both will get the players in who want to be there. The clash issue is a non-one. I think this is a sign of the Bucks culture changing, sort of like the Lombardi Packers (wouldn't that be nice), if a player doesn't fit in then they'll be gotten rid of. It's a change from the normal NBA style of if the players don't like a coach, the coach leaves. I think that is what's upsetting people the most here, they still believe the players control all. I say with Hammond/Skiles they won't.

Perhaps Skiles won't last here for more than three years and will wear out his welcome but if he can change the culture of the Bucks (IE: get them to play defense) then that's a huge step in the right direction. Maybe even Hammond wants to do what he and Dumars did in Detroit and let Skiles run the show for a few years and if he feels the team can't be taken to the next level with Skiles, he'll bring in Larry Brown (Obviously wide speculation on my part).

This would still be a good hire for the Bucks and I look forward in seeing the decisions ahead to be made by Hammond/Skiles and I say bring on the player/coach clashing. It'll be a huge change from where we've been since George Karl left.

Blown Save Leaders

As the Eric Gagne discussions explode over the Brewer interwebs, I figured some blown save context was in order. This is from Wikipedia:

Career (as of August 9, 2006)

  1. Goose Gossage - 112
  2. Rollie Fingers - 109
  3. Jeff Reardon - 106
  4. Lee Smith - 103
  5. Bruce Sutter - 101
  6. John Franco* - 100
  7. Sparky Lyle* - 86
  8. Gene Garber - 82
  9. Kent Tekulve - 81
  10. Gary Lavelle* - 80

Single season

  1. Rollie Fingers, Oakland Athletics (1976) - 14
  2. Bruce Sutter, Chicago Cubs (1978) - 14
  3. Bob Stanley, Boston Red Sox (1983) - 14
  4. Ron Davis, Minnesota Twins (1984) - 14
  5. John Hiller*, Detroit Tigers (1976) - 13
  6. Rich Gossage, New York Yankees (1983) - 13
  7. Jeff Reardon, Montréal Expos (1986) - 13
  8. Dan Plesac*, Milwaukee Brewers (1987) - 13
  9. Dave Righetti*, New York Yankees (1987) - 13

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mid season trade for a replacement closer

Even thought I am becoming more and more convinced by Paul that the concept of a closer is stupid I know the powers that be who run the Brewers do not see it our way.

So I started wondering lets say by Mid season the Brewers are in first place in the Central by 5-6 games but GAGne has 10-15 blown saves(not saying the Crew losses every blown save) He already has 3 and April is far from over so 10 - 15 is not that outlandish by mid season.

Lets say the Brewers brain trust finally acknowledges they have made a 10 million dollar mistake on GAGne and decided to replace him. If they do not promote from with in where might they go looking for a mid season replacement for our French Canadian Human Torch?

Any ideas who might be out there come July if the Crew needs to go closer shopping. I mean taking on the contract would not be that big of a deal between GAGne and Turnblow they will be freeing up 13 plus million dollars in 09 if they get someone with a long term deal?

I am just kind of blamestorming here since I figure GAGne is going to be a failure of Edsel proportions here and looking for ways the Crew can rectify the problem come mid season.

Anyone got someone they think the Brewers should trade for if possible?

Die GAGne Die

Closers Kill

Mitch Stetter threw two shut-out innings. If he were a starter, we would have said he was "cruising."

But he's not a starter. He's a reliever.

If a starter was "cruising" going into the ninth, and didn't have much of a pitch count, he would finish the game. But Mitch Stetter isn't a starter.

Unfortunately, when relievers are pitching well and it gets to be the last inning of a game in which the team is ahead by 3 or less, the closer will be summoned.

In this instance, the extremely effective Stetter, who struck out 2 in 2 innings and didn't walk anyone, was removed for a guy who had pitched the previous 3 days, and who has been remarkably inconsistent. If you were just picking between pitcher A and pitcher B given their stats and previous workload, surely Stetter (or some other pitcher who had not worked 3 consecutive days already) would have won.

But Eric Gagne isn't just a pitcher. Eric Gagne is the magical "closer" who must pitch in the last inning of close games with a lead, regardless of the circumstances.

God I hate the closer.


There is no way this team can go the whole season with this fucking powder keg as their closer.

And they cannot uses the excuse "Well we still won the games"

He cost us the the Game and the Sweep, fuck they gave him a two fucking run lead too.


Fuck Eric Gagne


Open Thread of The New Pitcher is Here, The New Pitchers is Here!!

Yovanni is in, Joe Dillon is out, and sadly Tracker will no longer be sending me booze. I expected the bet to go dead, but not this soon. The Brewers now have FOURTEEN pitchers on the roster, a pretty staggering number that will be modified in some way soon. Maybe Melvin has something up his sleeve for one of the non-option guys that he doesn't want to risk getting through waivers?

Anyway, here is your line-up for what should be an excellent duel between fantastic starters.
2B Rickie Weeks
SS JJ Hardy
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
3B Bill Hall
CF Gabe Gross
P Yovani Gallardo
C Jason Kendall

Game starts in just under an hour folks.

The Return of Gallardo

Well talk about perfect timing as the Brewers ponder what is wrong with Ben Sheets Yovani Gallardo returns today from the DL to make his first start of the season. Either Sheets goes on the DL or they have to send someone down or away. Plus how much longer are they going to carry 13 pitchers.

Well I am sure we will have our answers soon enough.

The Crew goes for a sweep and tries to add to their winning road record. They 7-4 on the road with a chance to go 4 games over 500 on the road. Lets hope they can keep it up.

Todays match up

Gallardo vs. Harang at Great American Small Park.

First pitch at 12:15pm CDT


These are the games you love, the end of a road trip and the end of a series winning records already locked up. They are playing with house money today.

But a sweep would be sweet.

Hurray Beer

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lets play 10!

Ten innings that is, the Brewers are now 4-0 in Extra Innings winning all 4 games in the 10 inning.

I do feel bad for Suppan though this is the second time he has gotten screwed out of a win when he left with a lead. Both times against the Red and the Pen gave up a game tying home run. The team won both games but Soup lost his Win both times. Back in World War 2 they had a statistic for fighter pilots called "Probable" which was awarded when a pilot was seen on his gun camera hammering a enemy fighter but no other pilot saw the plane crash or blow up.(which sometimes happen after the gun camera stopped they only worked when the trigger for the fighters gun was being pulled.)

I want to invent a stat. Called a "Probable Win" or PW for short. By my count Sheets has one PW this season and Suppan already has 2 PW's. To qualify for a PW you would have to leave the game with a lead and not be responsible for the tying run but then your team came back to win the game. Example today Soup was responsible for the base runner who scored the second of the Reds 3 runs but Shouse was responsible for the 3rd run the guy who hit the home run. Now if both runs had been pined on Soup no PW. It would be a way of showing some sort of result for starting pitchers who lose a lot wins due to a shaky bullpen. I know the Win stat is way over rated but there should be some way of showing good pitching performances like Soups today even though he got a no decision. What is the world coming to when Cavemen like myself are trying to invent stats.

Enough of that back to the game. I am pretty sure when Reds fans tell scary stories to their children Billy Hall is always the Bogyman in those stories. When it is the Reds the dude is like Jason from the Halloween movies no matter how fucked up he seems he finds a way to kill the hopes and dreams of the Reds. Thom Brennaman even quipped what ever the scouting report is they have been using for Hall for the past 3 years tear the damn thing up and start over.

It was funny I went back and watched the 10 inning over on MLB.TV to hear how the Reds announcers called the winning hit. The thing I noticed was the sense of impending doom they all had just when Billy came to the plate to start the at bat. It is amazing how no matter how bad Hall is struggling he sees the Reds and gets it done most of the time. He also made some very nice plays at 3rd moving him back to 3rd was a brilliant move no matter how he hits just his glove at third is going to save them 2-3 games this season.

Brennaman also echoed what a lot of Brewers fans have been saying. You have to be very happy at where the Brewers are in the standings ecstatic really when you look at the batting averages of a lot of their star players. They are 11-6 with FIVE starter batting under .250 hell Weeks is batting below 200. In his defense he smoked the ball today but always right at someone.

Braun is in a bad place when he does try and lay off the outside pitch the fraking Umps are calling it a strike. We have seen some terrible strike zones in the last week. I can understand why Ryan does not want to lay off the outside pitch when he keeps getting rung up on that pitch.

Back to my original point can you imagine what this team will be like when they actually start to him? They are going to do bad things to opposing pitchers Hell just wait till they get Gabe Cabana Boy Gross out of the every day line up lol.

How about my guy Guillermo Mota two strong innings in relief go get the win and then another nice inning by Eric Gagne I have to be honest at the moment my urge to hate Gagne is fading. He seems to be finding a groove and he is starting to look like the LA Dodgers version of Gagne. You know the guy who when he came into the game the score board at Dodgers Stadium would flash "GAME OVER" I really hope he can keep it up.

So the Crew takes another series that is 2 of 3 on this road trip they also are guaranteed a winning road trip wow. They go into tomorrows game playing with house money. Yes they are catching Harang but trust me as someone who has Harang on his fantasy team other than that one night against Milwaukee he is not been unbeatable.

I think we are going to see the Return of Yo to the starting line up tomorrow at least that is what Brian and Rock were saying. Speaking of Rock is it just me or is he actually saying what he thinks now not what the PC answer would be. There have been a couple of times I have actually said "Damn preach brother Rock preach"

Quick congrats to Cory Hart for his first "Big Fly" of the year. Cory always strikes me as the 5th Beatle after Prince Braun Weeks and Hardy but unlike Peter Best Hart is going to stick around and get paid lol.

St Louis lost today so the Brewers and the Cubs are both tied with them in the loss column and both teams are with in .5 in the standing since the Cards have played one more game than the both the Brewers and Cubs. The Brewers will have a chance to settle a few scores with the Cards starting Monday at Miller Park.

So 11 and 6, 5 games over .500 nice 79 wins to a 90 win season. And a chance to sweep the Reds tomorrow.

Hurray Beer

The lets lock up a winning road trip today open thread

ESK is out and about so I will take care of this for him.

We all know how winning on the road is very important to winning the division especially to a team like the Brewers which had such a tough time on the road the last couple of season.

A win today locks up a winning road trip and a series win and would make it 2 out of 3 series on this trip not bad.

Suppan vs. Cueto should be interesting both are coming off of bad outings in their last start. Lets see who bounces back better the Gritty Vet or the Young flame thrower.

R. Weeks 2b
J.J. Hardy ss
R. Braun lf
P. Fielder 1b
C. Hart rf
B. Hall 3b
G. Gross cf
J. Suppan p
J. Kendall c

Other that the Cabana boy I cannot complain about the line up.

Lets get it done today. We better since Bush might be pitching tomorrow, though the Brewers are still listing TBA for tomorrow.

Hurray Beer

Ok who had April 18th in the Ben Sheets Pool?

Well it would not be Brewers baseball without Ben Sheets removing himself from a game because something doesn't feel right. Hopefully it is something minor and he wont miss a start. But this is typical Ben Sheets just when you start to groove on him and how well he is pitching he suddenly cannot pitch. If he makes his next start no big deal since they won the game, it is just a little frustrating.

On to the game Billy Hall might be sucking ass at the plate but damn he sees that big red C and he hits home runs. What a monster shot into the upper deck at Small Park a real no doubter. The Reds TV guys had been going on on Bronson Arroyo had owned Billy up to that point they even said if every pitcher in the league was like Arroyo Hall would be flipping burgers Billy promptly hit the monster shot to shut them up.

What about Brandon Phillips last night a one man highlight show he stoled a number of hits and runs from the Crew last night with is goalie act at 2nd. To borrow the hockey phrase Phillips was standing on his head last night.

Nice to see the Offense show signs of life, but they still under preformed in the first couple of innings they should have ran Arroyo from that game and let him keep grinding along.

Whats up with Braun he made another questionable decision trying to go home on Harts straight steal of 2nd. He topped it off by going baby soft into home where Prince would have steam rolled the catcher Braun just basically gave up and did not even slide. Braun looked a little better at the plate he got rung up on a bullshit third strike call and Prince played peace maker to distract the ump so Braun did not get rung up.

The game was sailing along until Mitch Stetter thought he was Mitch Williams and loaded up the bases, but to the kids credit he struck out the next two guys and with help from Riske the Brewers got out of the 8th still up by 5 runs.

Then on to the scary ass 9th inning yes I was very nervous. A couple of people showed me something in that inning.

First Ken Griffy Jr. took the bunt the Brewers were giving him with their shift knowing that down 5 his team needed base runners that bunt seemed to spark the Reds. Barry Bonds would never have taken the bunt. Just another reason to like Jr. even thought he is not a Brewer.

Then Eric Gagne showed me something he was rushed into the game without full warm up time he did not panic when the Reds used a dying quail base hit to drive in a run he stayed calm and got the next two outs and the save. I agree with ESK I am starting to be less nervous when Gagne comes in. That was a huge effort last night by him also another tip of the hat to Solomon Torres who keeps going out there and giving the Crew 2 innings at a pop and he keeps putting zeros on the scoreboard.

Nice start in a place that was not to friendly to the Crew last season a win today or tomorrow gives them a winning road trip and a series win over a division rival.

Todays game info

Suppan vs. Cueto at Great American Small Park

First pitch is at 12:10pm CDT

TV: FSN | RADIO: WTMJ 620/BRN I think this will be blacked out on MLB TV due to the Fox monopoly on Saturdays while the Sun is still shining. So you outstate fans are SOL. At least for TV you can listen to Uke and Jim on the radio broadcast though.

Cueto is the Red super rookie we all saw how good he can be, but he did get lit up by Cubs in his last start at the Dump. I am guessing he will not be off two games in a row but Suppan beat him once already this season. So we know it can be done.

80 wins to a 90 win season

Hurray Beer

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