Monday, March 31, 2008

I bet it sucks, just like the Cubs

The Wisconsin-free Omelette, that is:

Say you’re from Milwaukee. Early this morning, you wound your way through a misty Chicago morning, en route to Wrigleyville. The Cubs opener against the Brewers is hours off and you’ve had tickets for weeks. So there’s time for breakfast. Alarmingly, you find a spot on Belmont Avenue and grab it. And there’s two hours left on your four-hour meter. Life is good. You swing into Ann Sather. You’ve been there before. A familiar, friendly oasis, with a fireplace. You take a seat and shake your wet head and watch commuters race by, bracing against the chilly mist slowly turning to drizzle. You order coffee. You glance down at the menu.

Before you -- a photocopied outline of the state of Wisconsin. Circled in red, with a big Ghostbusters slash through it. Special of the day: A Wisconsin-Free Omelette, for $9.25.

Ah, those lucky Cubs fans. Their omelettes and their team gave them gastronomical distress today.

I am going to avoid the Xmas rush, I am going to start hating Eric Gagne now.

Driving over to sign the oldest up for little league as Gagne gives up the 3 run sushi roll to Fukodome. Once again I was forced to give the boys the "that is language that only adults use and little boys cannot talk like that" speech.(Not that my boys need it they spent a lot of time at their Uncles salvage shop they know what swear words are they just know not to use them.)

I am sorry I had a sick sick feeling when Yost brought Gagne in worse than any foreboding I ever had with Turnbow and I have had a lot of foreboding with T-bow.

I was having flash backs of Cordero giving up the 3 run shot with two outs in the 9th last year.

But even the idiot Gagne was able to right the ship and get out of the inning without any further damage(other than he cost Mota and I a win I have him in FB lol)

Then the team picked up the 10 million dollar waste of oxygen. You have to like that they did not wilt under the pressure sure it is only one game but one to two games can matter. We all remember last year.

I love Billy Hall but what the fuck was he thinking getting picked off of second in a tied game where with the rain one run could have won it? I can imagine what ESK did when that play happened. Speaking of ESK who cannot post here till Friday because he is an idiot lol. Let me say this for him Die Santo Die ;)

The best part of this with them not playing tomorrow Cubs fans get an extra day to stew over this.

TGR looked great what if he has a really good 25 games do you sit him when Cameron comes back or do you ride the hot hand?

Man isn't wonderful to have baseball back I did not get to do much in the comments here or at BCB today I was busy but that will not happen too often.

We have a lot of day baseball in the next week so the bar will be open early for all you poor mopes stuck at work

As Ben said one down many many more to go.

Oh did anyone find it funny that today The Big Zero pulled a Sheets and let his team down due to injury. Nice to see that shoe on some other teams foot.

Sheets showed once again that I need to learn to ignore spring training results good or bad.

Other than Gagne the rest of the rebuilt bullpen did its job I am telling you the Brewers are going to laugh last with Mota the Mets will be kicking themselves for getting rid of him.

Counting the days till Sunday and my first game at Miller Park in my new Club Level seats :)

Hurray Beer

The Paul Would Suck As A Weatherman Opening Day Open Thread

While I am glad Paul looks to be wrong and they are going to play baseball today. I am nervous about Sheets aka the China Doll getting hurt pitching in this weather.

Opening Day 2008

Hurray Beer

this will stay on top till 8pm

Dear Cubs Fans

I would like to remind you that the last time that the Cubs won a World Series, it was legal to have a bat with a flat side (not quite - it was outlawed a few years before).

The ball in NY's Times Sq dropped for the first time on New Years Eve.

The Boy Scouts were started

Mother's Day was observed for the first time

Women were allow to compete in the Olympics for the first time

The FBI is founded

Henry Ford produced the first Model-T

William Howard Taft becomes President

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were still alive

Milton Berle was born

WWI was still 6 years away....

just saying.....


Pitcher v. Pitcher

The talking heads down here seem to think that the Cub roation is far superior to the Brewer rotation. Let's see what the PECOTA has to say about that:

Zambrano – 36.2
Lily – 26.6
Dempster – 8.6
Hill – 30.5
Marquis – 5.1
Total - 107

Sheets – 26.3
Suppan – 9.7
Gallardo – 28.8
Bush – 21.1
Carlos Villanueva – 9.8
Total – 95.7

Taking these numbers at face value, the Cubs rotation is worth about 1 win more than the Brewers. That's it. But there are a few things that lead me to believe that the Brewers rotation is acutally better.

The first is that PECOTA does not like either Manny Parra or Carlos Villanueva for some reason. (And it tends to like David Bush too much as he generally has good peripherals.) It's reasonable to think that Bush will end up as the odd man out eventually as he's been a reliever before, and Villanueva has generally out-pitched him. What do we get out of Parra? I don't know, but let's say he's as good as Bush, and that Carlos outperforms PECOTA by 4 runs or so, for a solid 14. Yes, I'm just making this up.

Note also that PECOTA tends to overproject Rich Hill (similar to Dave Bush).

OK, I'm all out of analysis at ths point, but the point is that the two staffs are actually pretty close, and there is enough noise here to call into question which one is actually superior. Note also that Ryan Dempster and Jason Marquis are both terrible options. While the Brewer rotation is more balanced, the Cub rotation is very top-heavy, which will make an injury to any of their top starters more difficult to overcome.

They're cocky down here, and frankly, I'm getting a bit sick of all of this Cub love. They did get better, but so did the Brewers, and no one should be acting like the Cubs will run away and hide with this thing.

Cub's Lineup (If They Play)

Just off the wire:

1. Ryan Theriot
2. Alphonso Soriano
3. Derrek Lee
4. Aramis Ramirez
5. Kosuke Fukudome
6. Mark DeRosa
7. Giovani Soto
8. Felix Pie
9. Carlos Zambrano

I Know! Let's Schedule A Game In Chicago In March!

First of all, they're not going to get this game in today. It's been raining here all morning, it still looks like nighttime outside, and there are no signs of any let up in the near future.

But let's take a moment to congratulate the MLB schedule-makers for scheduling all Brewer-Cub games in Wrigley Field for either the months of April or September. Mr. MLB Schedule-maker guy, I have a word of advice for you. In the future, if one team plays its games in a stadium with an awesome retractable roof, and another team plays its games in a 92-year-old open-air relic which only serves Budweiser and Old Style, you should schedule at least some of the April and September games in the stadium with the roof. You are all morons.

I'm especially pissed about this because I was really looking forward to listening to the game today. I have some particularly mindless work to do today and the stars were really aligning for me to have a nice afternoon of baseball-listening.

The inevitable rain-delay also ensures that parking spaces will not yet have opened up when I get home this evening.

Once again, kudos MLB, you've done a bang-up job.

Let the Smack Talking Begin - Cubs Suck!!


An Opening Day Tradition

This Field, This Game reminds of all that once was good. Amen brother amen.

Hurray Beer

Opening Day(We Hope) 2008

I cannot get all that fired up for today since I am really worried the Brewers game will get rained out down at the Dump in Chicago.

What was MLB thinking if you are going to have the Brewers play the Cubs in MARCH why do it at the old decrepit dump that does not have a roof instead of beautiful modern retractable roof Miller Park?

I cannot believe the Baseball Regular season is upon us wow time does march on doesn't it.

Well if they manage to get the game in today it will be

Sheets vs. The Big Zero sort of a marque match up of China Doll vs. Mental Case.

First pitch is scheduled for 1:20pm CT

At the Dump aka Wrigley Field.

TV ESPN2 and FSN-HD(and since crappy CBS 58 is not involved everyone gets HD hurray)

Radio the Flagship WTMJ and the rest of the Brewers Radio Network.

Hopefully today will be the start of a 90+ win season and our first NL Central title

Hurray Beer

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Stand by while I brag about my boy :)

This Sunday my son competed in the 2008 USAG Wisconsin State Meet and won the Level 4 All Around for 6 year olds. What a great pay off for a year of hard work by him.

7 trips to the podium
1st Place All Around(combined score of all 6 events)

1st Place High Bar
1st Place Rings
1st Place Pommel Horse
3rd Place P-Bars
3rd Place Floor
4th Place Vault.

He had his best meet of the year when it mattered most. I cannot believe the season is over since Level 4's do not go on to Regionals or Nationals.

His Mother and I could not be prouder of him. He busted his little butt to earn this.

I would also like to thank his Coaches who without their efforts this could not have happen. Thanks Alex and Andrei.

It was also a monster weekend for our club Swiss Turners Our Level 6 7 9 and 10 teams won their levels at the State meet. Our Level 5 Team took 2nd Place(I believe)

The level 4's did not even place as a team due to a weird system were you have 6 and 7 year old level 4's competing with teams that bring boys as old as 12 to compete on that level. Our club does not believe in level 4's over the age of 7 so they got skunked but I am sure if you just counted the scores of just the 6 and 7 year olds they would have placed in the top 3.

I also want to take a moment to congratulate Sam the boy who is in the 4th spot in the second picture. Sam also had his best meet of the season and is a power on the rings he actually tied my son for 1st on the Rings but got second due to the tie breaker they use of your AA score. Sam has to be the most improved member of the team since they started in May.

So ends the 2008 season in May the boys should all move up level 5 and we start all over.

What a great first year we had, we love our club and have really learned to enjoy the sport.

My boy rocks ;)

Update now with video

On the topic of the Fireman

I am very sympathetic towards a move away from the stopper and back to the fireman, and I think I established that here last season. I was doing a little reading at the bookstore this afternoon, though, and I wonder how many realize how differently you have to constitute your bullpen if you take that approach. In 1982, Rollie Fingers was a fireman. It was not unusual for the Brewers to send him out there for two or three innings, and everyone on the team acknowledges that the game was over once Fingers hit the mound in 1981-1982. His use in that way lead to fewer appearances than we expect from that 'end of game' role today, though. Fingers only pitched in 45 games in 1982. If you are going to go the fireman route with your bullpen, then the guys who used to be "set up" guys now have to be able to hold the moderate leads over several innings. Granted, there is a lot of uncertainty as to the bullpen right now, but can anyone say that there is one or two guys in that pen that they'd trust to hold those more moderate leads for three innings?

This isn't to say that I've changed my mind on the fireman role. I do think it is preferable to the a perfect world. However, after this afternoon's reading, I think the reason that the closer has become the dominate model in baseball today is because it is more difficult to constitute the rest of your bullpen in such a way as to not make 3, 4, and 5 run games into white knuckle adventures because of the decrease we've seen in over all pitching talent. Thoughts?

A thought on batting Kendall 9th

If the pitching staff doesn't do an excellent job of getting their sacrifice bunts down this year, then any strategic value it might have will be completely negated and we'll see many more Kendall double plays and fielder's choices to end innings than we'll care to see.

Could the Brewers leave WTMJ?

The Brewers are negotiating a new radio contract for the Milwaukee market and Bob Wolfley at JSOnline looks at the competition and the possibility that the Brewers could opt for another flagship station with their next contract. I think I've become a hardened realist on the business of baseball, so if they find a deal with Clear Channel or someone else that is better for the franchise, I'm okay with it.

As a fan, though, I view the possibility of the Brewers leaving WTMJ with some trepidation. I'm out in what could be considered everyman's land yet no man's land. I am part of both the Milwaukee and Madison markets, yet after dark it is not unusual for me to lose most AM radio stations from both cities. That's not the case with WTMJ. Yeah, my local AM station carries most games but their broadcast carries much less value for me because there is no pre-game or post-game coverage outside of what the Brewers Radio Network provides.

I know that my example is just one, but I think it is applicable for many of us who are out here beyond the reach of most Milwaukee stations but within the reach of WTMJ. The game will still have significance for us on our local stations, but the loss of the extra value that even a turd like Bill Michaels brings to the broadcast would hurt the overall value of radio deal out here in Milwaukee's hinterlands. If they do make a move, I really hope that the new deal is of significant strategic value to the club.

Re: Starting Pitching

Yeah, I'm a bit concerned. It is spring training, though, and Sheets in particular tends not to pitch well during the spring.

This leads into another pitching issue that's been on my mind. Did anyone read the article on David Riske? He's performed reasonably well this far in his career, but it makes me very nervous knowing he is a two pitch guy, both of which are fastballs. Hopefully that deception the article discusses works well for him this year in the NL, but God help the Crew if hitters figure out his 91 mph 'heater'.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Public Apology

The other day in my post about the Davidson vs. Wisconsin game I had a line at the end of the post that a number of people took offense too.

Now regular readers of this blog know how well I handle being criticized over things I write.

The line I wrote was a throw in at the end of the post which I gave about 5 seconds of thought and I was writing in the over the top style we tend to use here it becomes a habit. I was just trying to find a euphemism for one team kicking another teams ass and was not really thinking of the real world context of what I had wrote.

So that coupled with my usual bullheadedness was the reason I refused to remove the line and defended my actions. I really did not mean anything by the use of the line

Now that I have had a couple of days to think about this, I can completely understand why there were a number of people who were offended by the use of a rape analogy it was in very bad taste and it will not happen again here at least in any posts I write.

Some times when you write for the same group of people on a daily basis you fall into writing traps because "they know what I meant" and judging by the regulars here rising up to defend me "they did know what I was going for" But unfortunately new readers would not "know what I meant" and would think I was a pretty fucked up person for writing that.

Truth is somewhere in the middle I guess, I am not a bad person but I do have a fucked up sense of humor this is not the first time it has led me down paths I wish I had avoided.

So once again let me apologize for using the rape analogy it was not funny and should not have been used. The offending line has been removed from that post and it will not happen again. This will not change the over the top style we have developed here at the WSB but we will have to do it without the use of rape analogies.

That is all I have to say on that I wish it had not happen but it did so I have to live with that.

Just when you think you he could not be more stupid Chris proves you wrong once again


This will stay at the top of the blog all Saturday look for new posts below it.

Basketball Prospectus on Wisconsin - Davidson

From Ken Pomeroy:

I couldn't understand how the four-plus days each team had to prepare somehow benefited Bo Ryan more than his counterpart in this one. It's as if people thought Bob McKillop was just going to tour landmarks in southeast Michigan this week and not game plan. Davidson's run will likely end against Kansas on Sunday, but it's probably not going to end easily. Over and over, Davidson has caused problems for quality opponents this season, so if you're expecting a blowout, you'll probably be disappointed. The Wildcats were given no favors with their draw and yet they'll be playing for a Final Four appearance after averaging more than 1.2 points per possession in their first three games. If they should fail to make it to San Antonio, at least remember this about the '08 Davidson club: no team has shredded a Wisconsin defense over the past two seasons like Davidson did last night.

Davidson's Losses

If you are anything like me, you spent part of last night wondering how Davidson ever loses a game, since Stephen Curry can hit a three pointer whenever he feels like it. Sure Wisconsin played poorly, ignoring their huge advantage on the interior and settling for contested jumpers, and missing many free throws, but the Davidson offense was simply amazing.

So let's take a look at Davidson's 6 losses and see what we can figure out:

1. 72-68 "At" North Carolina

This is an easy one. They were playing the best team in America and only lost by 4 on a "neutral floor" (the Charlotte Bobcats arena, which I suspect was probably not very neutral). Tyler Hansbrough scored only 14 points and did not hit a field goal in the second half, giving us our first glimpse of Davidson's surprisingly quick and athletic defense. He did go to the line 10 times in typical Hansbrough fashion. What is perhaps more remarkable about this game is that the Tar Heels actually did sort of shut down Mr. Curry, who scored 24 points, but hit only 2/12 from outside the arc. Davidson easily could have taken this game.

2. 83-76 At Western Michigan

In Davidson's worst loss of the year WMU hit over 50% from 3-point range, and more importantly, managed to outscore Davidson by 10 at the charity stripe. This is an even bigger factor at second glance as Stephen Curry fouled out with 1:22 to play and with Davidson trailing by 6. Another thing that jumped out at me about this game is just how bad Curry's teamates were. Curry was his usual 5-11 from beyond the arc, but as a team Davidson was just 9/31, meaning that everyone besides Curry was 4/20. It appears that WMU played a very solid offensive game (like what the Badgers should have done last night) drew contact, and kept it out of Curry's hands. I can't find height stats, but I wonder how he does against taller guards.

3. 79-73 v. Duke

Once again, Davidson was outscored at the Charity Stripe by 9 points, although Duke had an atypically poor night at the line and probably should have won by more. If you look down the stat line, you'll see Davidson winning or very close in every category except 3-point shooting and free throw shooting. This is another game in which Curry was over 50% from behind the arc while the rest of the team was absolutely terrible (4/14). I wonder if Davidson's more recent success has been the result of fewer 3-point shtos by the non-Curry members of the team.

4. 75-68 At Charlotte

These two teams are cross-county rivals, and play this game for the Hornet's Nest Trophy every year. This game was also much close than the final score would indicate as Davdison trailed by only 2 points with just under a minute to play. It's actually pretty tough to tell that Davidson lost this game from raw stats alone. They dominated the glass (49 rebounds to 38) and the offensive glass (15-10), but ultimately it appears that tunrovers and three-pointers did in Davidson, as Curry's teamates once again put up brick after brick (3/20. Ugh.) As I go through the losses, I'm becoming more and more convinced that Davidson probably just reduced the number of 3s being taken by non-Curry members of the team.

5. 75-63 "At" UCLA

This is another "Neutral Site" game that definitely favored UCLA, as it took place in Anaheim. Davidson actually blew an 18-point lead in this game and suffered their third consecutive loss. Curry's game on this evening was very similar to his game against North Carolina, as he was held in check from outside (3/10), but unlike the NC game, Curry was not able to make up for it at the stripe, failing to go to the line. The only reason the game was this close is because the rest of the Davdison crew shot atypically well from outside, hitting 9/17 3s. The free throw disparity was ridiculous as UCLA hit 21 of 30 while Davidson hit 1 of 4. (Again why did the Badgers not pound away inside?) UCLA actually dominated this one after an early scare.

6. 66-65 At NC State

This is the last time that Davidson would lose before running off 25 straight wins. NC State hit a pair of free throws with 3.4 seconds left to eek out a 1 point win. Davidson was once again outrebounded, and couldn't get to the free throw line, but you do see a shift here to more Curry 3-pointers. he was 7/15 while the rest of the team was 4/13, and when you consider that NC State as a team matched the non-Curry Davidson players from outside (4/14) you can see how Davdison made up for their other statistical deficits.

After NC State Davidson went on a tear, destroying their conference in every game. A quick perusal of their NCAA tourney wins shows Curry has been seeing more and more of the teams 3-point tries compared to his teamates. In their early losses Curry was often getting about 1/3 of their total tries, while in their NCAA run he's been getting 50% or more. Against Gonzaga he was an insane 8/10 while the rest of the team was 3/11. Against Georgetown he was a rather pedestrian 5/15, but the rest of the team was a putrid 1/13. (In another reversal of early season trends, Davidson actually won this game at the line, getting there 13 more times than Georgetown and forcing Roy Hibbert to foul out.)

And of course, last night against Wisconsin Curry was 6/11 from behind the arc while everyone else went 6/13.

Basically, Davidson is really tough to beat if they can get Curry 50% or more of their total 3-point shots. The elite teams have managed to shut him down on occasion, but I would have told you that both Georgetown and Wisconsin were elite before the tournament started, especially on the defensive end, and they barely slowed him down. Early in the season Davidson featured a bunch of guys who liked shooting 3s, and all but one of them were terrible. Altering their game to get Curry more shots has probably also resulted in more FT attempts as the rest of the team takes it inside more.

Kansas is very good and will probably beat them, but Curry's shooting can cover up for so many deficits that any let-down at all by Kansas will keep Davidson in it.

Is anyone besides me a little worried about our starting pitching?

I saw that Jeff Suppan got lit up in his first two innings in yesterday exhibition game with the Royals.

Suppan and Sheets have both not looked all that great this spring but I am trying not to over react since it is only spring training and I understand they pitch differently in the spring compared to the regular season.

But it also makes me nervous when I read quotes like this from the idiot managing the team.

"Suppan's 8.34 earned run average for the spring might suggest otherwise but manager Ned Yost said you could take that number, along with Ben Sheets' 9.56 ERA, and chuck them out the window.

"Veteran guys that have been in this league for a while know the difference between spring training and the regular season," Yost said.

"It doesn't mean anything. They're healthy and throwing the ball good."

I am also nervous that Eric Gagne has been working on stuff all spring and has not looked all that good.

My prediction is by the end the season the Brewers will win the Central with Guillermo Mota as our closer, I am really really nervous about Gagne.

It is time for me too switch gears into baseball I was pretty caught up in the Badgers so spring flew by for me but I am ready for opening day on Monday.

Hurray Beer

Reflecting on a great season for Badger Basketball

So the season ended for Wisconsin with an ugly loss, but if you are a good team your season is most likely going to end with a loss. Only one team leaves the Big Dance with a win in their final game.

31-5 and they will be hanging 2 banners in the Kohl Center when next season starts. Not bad for a team the "experts" choose to finish in the middle of the pack in the Big Ten.

Not bad for a team who looked really bad in the loss to Duke but bounced back and recovered.

Not bad for a team that lost at home to Marquette but still went deeper in the tournament than any of the 3 teams that beat them during the regular season.

They beat MSU twice which is always just that much sweeter since Bo owns Izzo.

They beat Texas in Austin a team that is an Elite 8 school

They showed the world that non flashy basketball can win.

In the end I am beyond pleased with how this season went I really enjoyed following this team. It was a bummer how they went out but that is the Tournament you catch a hot team with a hot shooter riding a wave and shit just happens sometimes.

So in the 2 days we have until the Brewers start lets just sit back and enjoy what was truly a outstanding year for Wisconsin Basketball.

Lets take a moment to say good bye to the Senior players whose career as Wisconsin Basketball players are over.

So fair thy well to Brian Butch, Michael Flowers, Greg Stiemsma and Tanner Bronson it was a joy following all of your careers and I/we wish you the best of luck in your future basketball endeavors no matter where you end up playing.

Two back to back season with 30 or more wins how far this program has come.

On Wisconsin

Friday, March 28, 2008

Everything Sucked

Well, I fired up AB1, flew over with a fellow Badger diehard and watched my hours in aircraft increase. That was about the only good thing. Got scalped tickets and ended up in sheeeit seats behind The Mighty Badgers 2nd half basket.


I'm going drinking now.

That is all.

BTW....Davidson is good.

Time to hit Cinderella in the head with a lead pipe open thread.

As you can tell I am sick of listening to the National media gush over Davidson. I really hope and expect Wisconsin to put a 20 plus point ass whooping on them tonight.

I unfortunately will not be able to watch or listen to the game live(I already have the DVR set) I will be at the gymnastics club helping set up for the State meet which we are hosting starting tomorrow and Sunday. So my basketball watching chances will be slim and none till late Sunday night.

I really think this group learned from last years tourney games and will not take Davidson lightly that being said you saw what happen to Western Kentucky when UCLA decided to pull their heads out of their asses last night. If Wisconsin plays its game they will win Davidson will find out like K-State a great team will beat a great/hot player every time.

So On Wisconsin into the Elite 8


This stays on top till 9pm

Freethrows do not matter

At least that is what ESPN and the Memphis Tigers are trying to sell. I do not know if I agree with them after watching West Virgina brick their way out of the Dance last night.

Everyone knows what that mope Izzo is going to do to Memphis he will turn into a minor league hockey coach and send in his goons. MSU is a thuggish team and Memphis is the perfect victim for a squad of goons like this years MSU team. The Spartans will deploy the "Hack a Tiger" defense and Memphis will provide enough bricks to build a second Great Wall(which should go to surround that garden spot of the Midwest Detroit)

Our Spartan friend "shitforskills" not withstanding I will pull for MSU's merry band of thugs tonight for a couple of reasons. One. two Big Ten teams in the Elite 8 makes all those idiot talking heads have to eat their "down year for the Big Ten words"
Two. It would keep alive the chance of Wisconsin catching MSU in the finals and watching Bo stick it to Izzo for a national championship. Can you imagine the talking heads if you ended up with a All Big Ten final lol.

But back to my original point I think tonight Memphis will learn that the ability to shoot free throw matters. I know it is not flashy or exciting but not being able to hit free throws is like trying to play football with a place kicker who cannot hit from beyond the 15 yard line.

Go get them, you Suck Hole Spartans make the Big Ten Proud tonight. Lets have a victory of Goons over finesse on national TV.


Louisville Destroys Tennessee

Lousiville will play neck and neck with NC in the next round, as they are nearly equal to the Tarheels in terms of talent (and are probaably coached better). The thing to remember about Louisville is that a bunch of their early losses came while they were suffering from serious injuries. Had they been healthy all year, as they are now, they would have been a top 5 team.

Anyway, the important thing is that I won my bet with ESK, who should probably stop wagering, because if Joe Dillon gets enough PAs, PECOTA likes him to put up an .875 OPS.

I'm out for a week

But at least Bruce Pearl is out of the tournament. Can't stand that guy. Congratulations Paul, on calling Louisville in the Elite 8 lo so many weeks ago. I'm a fool, especially considering the stakes, as you often go a week without posting. I'll see you suckers next Friday (I may cheat and post in the open thread tonight, but if that happens I'll just extend my punishment a day).

Davidson sucks.

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Damn you, Bruce Pearl

Out went my first Final Four team last night. Meanwhile, the clock struck midnight for Western Kentucky and West Virginia, and we're down to just the pure Wisconsin connection as Washington State couldn't keep up with North Carolina.

Those of you who took North Carolina or UCLA to be the first #1 out over at my place, start praying that Kansas and Memphis don't choke. If you didn't vote, Kansas is scheduled to tip first tonight at 8:40 pm, followed by Memphis scheduled at 8:57 pm. Tomorrow, UCLA opens it up at 5:40 pm, followed by North Carolina at 8:05 pm.

Wrapping up the bracket, we're getting embarrassed by Jackie's 63 points, as she (at least I think Jackie's a her) extended her lead to 3 points over Gudo's Gay. Rounding out the top 5 are Dumf#@* with 58, and By the Numbers and No Cinderella For You each with 57. I'm mired in 25th with 49 points, and even if Bucky does fuck them all, I'm going to need help to win this thing. Of course, in another league filled with Morons, all I need is Bucky to do just that to bust their brackets.

I'm sure we'll have a live thread tonight as Bucky continues the Cindy-killing streak that is the third round.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dick Trickle

E – the wise one – correctly takes me to task for omitting Dick Trickle in my last post. Since there are transient Davidson fans stopping in the bar, it is proper to remind them that while North Carolina prides itself on NASCAR & TOBACCO, Wisconsin perfects the combination.
UNIVERSAL TRUTHS about Mr. D. Trickle.

Dick Trickle is so awesome, that searching for images named "Dick Trickle" doesn't even get you porn until the second page.

Dick Trickle is the winningest race car driver in American history. He's estimated to have anywhere from 2000-3000 career short track victories.

Dick Trickle was allowed by NASCAR to smoke in his car during yellow flags. He not only had a cigarette lighter and ashtray installed in all his race cars, but he actually drilled a hole in his helmet so he could smoke without taking it off.

I admit to stealing these items, but on the other hand, you can’t steal universals truths. Die Cinderella Die. Go Badgers.

You think your family has problems

In a visual display of team companionship the Bucks showed how they care for each other after Andrew Bogut made a free throw.

The Giants declare Bonds an Unperson

I have no problem with that, what I have a problem with is for the last 3 years the Giants had no issues with marketing Barry Bonds and using him to sell tickets. But now that he is no longer putting butts in the seats for them they notice he is a bad person.

I think the Giants should be required to keep up all the reminders of how they sold their collective baseball soul by riding the Barry Bonds train. If it was good enough last season why not this season.

Here is an example of what the Giants did to celebrate Bonds
(WSB Original Photo)

Now they will not even have a plaque marking that he even played for them hmmmmm.

I think the Giants should have to live with the shame of Barry Bonds for the next 25 years ;) They should have to wear his initials on the sleeve of their jerseys.

Hell they should be forced to change the name of Pac Bell/SBC/ATT Park to Barry Bonds Park just as a reminder of how low they sank just to sell tickets.

But that is just my opinion


If You Do Not Like Wisconsin Basketball, You Do Not Like Basketball

Some people find Wisconsin's brand of basketball tough on the eyes. These people are morons.

That's a bit harsh. Wisconsin basketball versus your typical basketball is like Shakespeare v. American Idol.

During a typical NBA game, fans and announcers alike will generally make the following complaints:

1. There is not enough passing.

2. Defense in the NBA is terrible. (Not true, incidentally.)

3. There is too much selfishess.

4. There are too many bad shots.

5. It's just a game of one-on-one.

Wisconsin's entire offense is based on getting the ball to players in space for easy passes. It's not unlike a typical soccer offense actually. The ball will almost always travel into the post at least once. Every player will generally touch the ball on every possession. The Badgers, as a rule, almost never take a bad shot. They tend to get wide-open threes, or points in the paint.

They are also one of, if not the best defensive team in college basketball. They also take care of the ball. Earlier this year the Badgers played an entire 40 minute game in which the committed one turnover.

They play basketball as well as you can. They are the Tim Duncan of college basketball.

Some people are looking for more "entertainment" with their game. They want dunks and cool moves. These are fine things, but they don't help you win basketball games. If you're more interested in seeing Kobe dunk, you may as well turn on some figure skating. Figure skating is all spinning and jumping to no end. It sounds more like what you're looking for.

Leave basketball to those of us who can appreciate it.

You know what you can do to your Cinderella team

One final day of having to listen to the National Media gush over Davidson. Great story that they made it to the Sweet 16 but guess what if my memory serves me right most of the Cinderella stories that come out of the first two rounds flounder on the rocks that are the 3rd round game.

Its funny this game Wisconsin is the big bad Goliath, even though most of these experts had them losing in the 2nd round to USC. But if Wisconsin and Kansas both hold serve Wisconsin will be right back to being the boring underdog.

I have spent the week trying to listen to the national sports talk radio scene(Ach mine eyes the goggles do nothing) to see how the Badgers were playing on the national stage.

Same old same old, they are boring but they win yada yada yada. I did learn one thing this week I am a basketball purist since I appreciate and actually enjoy the style of basketball Wisconsin plays.(you know there is a reason Vanilla is one of the favorite ice cream flavors) Could you imagine a game between Memphis and Wisconsin one team cannot shot free throws the other does nothing but shoot free throws in the second half of a game lol.

I can already tell you what the national media will be saying if Wisconsin makes it to the final 4. Squawk they had the easiest road to the final 4 since they kept catching "Cinderella" ie lower seed teams. If they get through Davidson and I believe they will going away they will handle Kansas if Kansas makes the Elite 8.

Everyone is talking up Davidson and I do not think the Badgers care, they will play them hard and clean but with the physicalness that we see in the Big Ten and I do not see Davidson surviving that. My guess is up by 10 at half time and the win by 20.

The Problem with being a Cinderella that makes the Sweet 16 is that you are not sneaking up on anyone at that point. They team that is playing you understands they have to take you seriously since you have already won 2 games against higher ranked teams so you get their A game in the 3rd round.

The national media is acting like this Curry kid is the first "Shooter" Wisconsin will be seeing this season. Odin what do they have to do they just shut down Micheal Beasley they chase Drew Nitzel around 2 to 3 games a season for the last 4 years.

What can you do Wisconsin is not going to get any respect from the national media since they are too boring they play big white guys at center they pass and they play defense, so they might as well keep winning and letting us enjoy the confused looks on the faces of the talking heads.

(the line that was here was removed it was in bad taste and was written without much thought)

On Wisconsin

Badger Men Squeak In...Go to the F'ing Game

The Wisconsin Badger men's hockey team snuck into the tournament thanks to the failings of Notre Dame, mostly. The Irish just had to win one game to bring justice to the world and keep out the mediocre, under performing and under-.500 Badgers. Thankfully, that did not happen and the Minnesota State Zacharias' (sorry, one man teams don't get to use the school name) got jacked by the stats.

The NCAA hockey selection committee uses a formula (much like the BCS) based on a number of factors and sticks to it with a fervor. They did the same this year. The Badgers did not make their conference (WCHA) tournament but neither did Minnesota State. The teams went into last weekend tied in the PairWise (hockey's BCS) but Minnesota State owned the head to head comparisons.

Through trickery and magic the correct teams (for Badger fans) lost and the Badgers took the ultimate back door. To compound the situation, the men had a losing record. They become the first team to make the NCAA tournament with a losing record.

To be fair, the Badgers play in the WCHA. If you took the top basketball teams from the ACC, Big East and SEC and combined them into one super conference, you would get a talent level approaching the WCHA. The Badgers may be a middling WCHA team, but it's likely that they compete for the top spot in any other conference around the country.

Anyway, summed up the resulting tournament well, in haikus. The relevant ones are below:

Minnesota State
Feels great to be here;

Had a great year, deserve it

Hang on, what the eff?

Not us, the system,

Badgers tell their detractors

Still, can't shine a turd
Yeah, sorry, there isn't much I can say to that. It's correct.

Now, to the best part. Wisconsin, thanks to the virtues of a niche sport, will be HOSTING a regional. That's right. Since they made it in, they automatically get to play at home. I love college hockey.

Wisconsin is the 3 seed and will be playing Saturday at around 8 pm (the North Dakota - Princeton game will be played prior). Single day tickets are currently on sale for $40.

The Badgers only played Denver twice this season, splitting at Denver. Denver is playing some excellent hockey and the Badgers are going to need all the help they can get, so go watch some great hockey Saturday.

UPDATE: Chris S. corrected the time of the game, and has updated it as well:

My Madison TV will broadcast Saturday’s contest featuring Wisconsin and Denver, live at 5:30 p.m. (CT). Brian Posick and Bill Howard will also call Saturday’s action live on the radio on 1310 WIBA. If the Badgers advance to Sunday’s game fans can hear the hockey game on either WIBA or 1070 WTSO, depending on if the men’s basketball team is playing during the same time frame on Sunday.

ESPNU and will also provide coverage from all the NCAA Hockey Regionals this weekend. Wisconsin’s game against Denver and the first game featuring Princeton and North Dakota will air on a tape-delay on ESPNU. The first game will air at 11:30 a.m. (CT) Sunday, March 30 and the second at 1:30 p.m. (CT) Sunday’s game featuring the winners from Saturday’s contest will air live on ESPNU at 6 p.m.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Congrats: Kelly Bires

When Mauston native Kelly Bires googles his name, I want him to know The Wisconsin Sports Bar takes notice of his very first Top Five Finish in the NASCAR Busch Nationwide Series at Nashville this last weekend. Working with Crew Chief Scott Zipadelli, younger brother of Tony Stewart Crew Chief Greg Zipadelli, the #47 car is looking good. Six races into his first full season, Bires is eighth in points in the Nationwide series. Kulwicki, Kenseth … some one is coming next.

PECOTA Hearts Joe Dillon, Part 2

I'm not just writing Joe Dillon posts to piss off ESK anymore. In fact, I would advise E to grab his copy of Baseball Prospectus 2008 and turn to page 589 where he will find the following chart:

Value Over Replacement Player, Third Base

1. David Wright NYM 69.3
2. Alex Rodriguez NYY 63.3
3. Ryan Braun MIL 60.6
4. Chipper Jones ATL 57.1
5. Miguel Cabrera DET 47.8
6. Ryan Zimmerman WAS 41.0
7. Aramis Ramirez CHC 40.7
8. Kevin Kouzmanoff SDN 32.7
9. Joe Dillon MIL 30.3
10. Edwin Encarnacion CIN 30.2

PECOTA didn't know about Braun's departure to the outfield, so according to the evil supercomputer, if Joe Dillon played 3rd all season he would be the 8th most valuable offensive 3rd baseman in all of baseball.

Oh that wacky PECOTA.

The 25-Man is Set

Today the Crew finalized their 25-man roster by sending Eric Munson down and keeping Mike Rivera as their back-up catcher. Munson doesn't have to go down though, he can become a free agent if he chooses according to Tom H. The defense Rivera brought outweighed the little bit of offense that Munson brought from the left side of the plate.

So there ya have it folks, the roster is set. Let's light this candle and get things going.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My favorite Claudio Vargas photo

(WSB Original Photo)

Its funny now that both of the players in the photo are gone.

It always looked like Claudio was hung over in this photo. I believe I captioned it

Vargas"dude I am so hung over I cannot remember how to pitch"

And that night he could not remember how to pitch. He was spotted a lead and then got shelled by the Mets that night.

Bye Bye Claudio


Happy Gorp

Red Soxs win first game of the season ESPN declares them World Series Champions

I clicked on ESPN today when we got back from the Twin Cities and it was like I had turned on NESN. My goodness ESPN has become the Red Soxs private network.

And Red Soxs Nation wonders why they are hated with the same fury that used to be reserved for the Yankees.

I really hope Toronto can pull off winning the division just to keep they Swaxs Manholes for celebrating winning the AL East.

Hurray Beer

I could not believe I could not find this at the MOA

I spent the last two days in Minneapolis with the Wife and kids and we of course went to the Mall of America.(what is more American than that going on vacation to go to a mall what a country) I checked in all the sports memorabilia stores in the mall and none had a nice framed and signed photo of Adrian Peterson aka Purple Jesus thrashing around the grass of Lambeau Field in terrible pain.

I mean it was one of the highlights of last season for Packers fans you would think they would try and tap into that market. ;)

But then again these are the people who will be building their new baseball stadium with out a roof, I wonder how many Twins opening games I will see at Miller Park in my life time?

Did you know they actually have a "Packers" store at the MOA I wonder what Queens fans think of that.

I was just happy that none of the bridges we drove over collapsed ;)

Go Pack Go

Call NOW Chris is going to tell you Who will in MLB. So CALL NOW OPERATORS ARE STANDING BY CALL NOW

Go clean out the bank accounts even the secret ones the IRS and the Wife do not know about, time to bet the farm and your children on my picks. I am feeling that good about these picks.


AL East Toronto Boston Tampa Bay New York Baltimore.

AL Central Cleveland Detroit Chicago Kansas City Minnesota

AL West LAA Seattle Oakland Texas

WC Boston

Cleveland beats Boston in the DLS

LAA beat Toronto in DLS

Cleveland beats LAA in ALCS


NL East Philadelphia New York Atlanta Washington Florida

NL Central Milwaukee Cincinnati St Louis Chicago Pittsburgh Houston

NL West San Diego Arizona Colorado Los Angles San Francisco

WC New York

Milwaukee beats New York in DLS

Philadelphia beats San Diego in DLS

Philadelphia beats Milwaukee in NLCS(Ned Yost does something stupid to cost us the World Series)

Cleveland beats Philadelphia in World Series


AL Cy Young C.C. Sabathia

NL MVP Prince Fielder

NL Cy Young Ben Sheets

AL Manager of the year Eric Wedge of Cleveland

NL Manager of the year Ned Yost(I am weeping as I type this)

So go bet the farm sell your daughters into white slavery down in Mexico these picks cannot lose. ;)

Hurray Beer

Claudio Vargas Has Been Released

Apparently you can have too much pitching depth.
In a somewhat surprising move and a definite commitment toward
youth, the Brewers just released veteran right-hander Claudio Vargas.
The move paves the way for two young pitchers, Manny Parra and
Carlos Villanueva, to make the starting rotation, along with Ben
Sheets, Jeff Suppan and Dave Bush.
"This will let us keep them both (Parra and Villanueva) for the time
being, unless something changes," said Manager Ned Yost. "You don't
back yourself into a corner.

I disagree Ned, I think backing yourself into a corner is exactly what has happened here. I understand Sheets is an iron man who never misses a start and once Gallardo comes back you're stick with the prospect of having to decide between Gallardo, Bush and Suppan...all infallible #1 pitchers who would never ever consider struggling, but perhaps it would have been prudent to have a little bit of depth? The Brewers have now taken a spot of incredible depth and thinned it considerably in the past two days, losing Capuano and Vargas.

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My Two Cents Worth

Well here are my predictions for the upcoming baseball season:


East: NYY...Boston...Toronto...Tampa...Baltimore
Central: Detroit...Cleveland...Minnesota...Kansas City...Chicago White Sox
West: LAA...Oakland...Seattle...Texas


East: Atlanta...NYM...Philly...Florida...Washington
Central: Milwaukee...Chicago...Cincinnati...St. Louis...Houston...Pittsburgh
West: San Diego...Arizona...LA...Colorado...San Francisco

AL Wildcard: Boston
NL Wildcard: NYM

ALCS: NYY over Boston
NLCS: Milwaukee over Atlanta

World Series: NYY over Milwaukee

Since these are my predictions they obviously won't happen. I'd probably do better if I threw darts blindfolded at a wall full of logos.

ESK Predictathon '08

Yeah, I'm a few hours late as Houston Street has already decided to gift the Red Sox a win in Japan, but I don't think they'll win the East anyway, so f-em.

National League:
East: New York - Atlanta - Philly - Washington - Florida
West: Colorado - LA - San Diego - Arizona - San Francisco
Central: Milwaukee - Cincinnati - Chicago - Houston - Pittsburgh - St. Louis

American League:
East: Yankees - Toronto - Boston - Tampa - Baltimore
West: LAACUSNAW - Seattle - Oakland - Texas
Central: Detroit - Cleveland - Minnesota - Kansas City - Chicago

Wild Cards: Atlanta, Cleveland

I'll make playoff predictions when we cross that bridge.

National League Awards (because I don't care about the AL)

Cy Young: Johan Santana will win 25 games
MVP: David Wright will beat out Ryan Braun...Chris will have an aneurysm
Rookie of the Year: Joe Dillon! Just kidding, I have no real clue so I'll guess Jay Bruce
Manager of the Year: Ned Yost...Chris will have a'll be a rough week for Chris
Comeback player of the Year: Ben Sheets will win 16 games and win the award going away (if he is considered eligible, who the hell knows anymore)

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Monday, March 24, 2008

How Worried Are You about Davidson?

I am worried for the following reasons:

1. Curry has turned into a story, which can sometimes influence how things are called. Wisconsin puts bodies on people. If Curry shoots 20 free throws, Davidson will probably win.

2. Wisconsin kills their opponent's FG%. The thing is, Davidson doesn't shoot a great percentage anyway, especially from 2-point land. They use Curry-for-3 and a bunch of FTs to make up for a lackluster Field Goal percentage. This may neutralize some of Wisconsin's defensive superiority.

3. Wisconsin reminds me of Georgetown. That's Georgetown with a tough interior D, good guard play, and a stifling defense. Curry just ran and ran and ran around screens until he wore out his guy and got open looks in the second half.

4. We will be viewed as the favorite. This doesn't really hurt us, but it will make it annoying to watch as announcers fawn over Davidson.

5. If Flowers gets in foul trouble, all hell could break loose.

Why I'm confident:

1. Michael Flowers is the best defender of 1s and 2s in college basketball. Curry will not have seen the likes of him before. As long as he is on the floor, life will be miserable for Davidson. If he does get in foul trouble, Bo MUST somehow manage to keep him around for the end.

2. We should still dominate the interior. We should get more possessions due to our rebounding, and we should keep them at the perimeter. Because of this, Wisconsin should be able to weather a tough shooting night, should one pop up, but...

3. Wisconsin should shoot the ball well over a smaller opponent. Look for Jason Bohannon to have a big game when Wisconsin goes small.

4. Slow-time. Limiting possessions usually plays to the underdog, but not for Wisconsin and not when you're playing a jumpshooting team. Had Georgetown shaved about 4-5 possession off of their game, they probably would have won. Keeping the Curry-defender fresh is important. Georgetown lost because that guy broke down. Wisconsin is deliberate, which magnifies poor jumpshooting nights (by limiting an opportunity for regression to the mean to kick in).

5. Marcus Landry. We've been focusing so much on guards, what about Marcus? Sometimes, bigger forwards can take Marcus out by denying him the ball, but if Marcus has a small-conference forward on him, look out. Marcus will live in the lane this game, and repeatedly jump over people for easy buckets.

I'm a bit worried, but ultimately I suspect that Michael Flowers will do his job. If he does, Davidson cannot win.

Simmons Still Wants the Bucks Job

Bill Simmons would be an outstanding choice for GM of the Bucks and he is still waiting for his phone to ring. This guy knows more about the NBA than most analysts. I know it's a longshot but if he would somehow, some way become the GM I would actually pay attention to the Bucks again.

Sirius subscribers closer to getting MLB games

The DOJ dropped any objections to the XM and Sirius radio merger.

I believe the only thing left is FCC approval.

This should mean MLB for Sirius and NFL for XM

I am really pulling for this to finally happen


Clint's useless predictions

Be warned, if you wager anything based on these predictions, you will lose.

AL East






Baltimore will have a hard time winning 60 games. Toronto will go on a run and stay healthy, while Boston will suffer injuries to Big Papi and Manny Mr. Humble Ramirez.

AL Central



White Sox



Detroit will win 100 games this year. Be afraid, very afraid. Cleveland wins the WC with 95 wins.

AL West


LA/Anaheim/Orange County/West Central California



I flipped a coin between the Seattle and the Angles.

NL East

NY Mets





The Mets beat Philly in a one game play off. Atlanta, Washington and Florida fight over who sucks less.

NL Central






St. Louis

Brewers over the Cubs by 3 games. I love reading the Cubs blogs talking about how the Brewers will collapse – ummm hello – Kettle meet Pot. Houston has no pitching besides Roy and Carlos Lee will prove that he isn’t the 6 figure guy we all know he isn’t. Pittsburgh will be better than St. Louis only because St Louis will have a wing in the local ER. I predict that they will have 50 different players on their 25 man roster this year. There will be a Single A and a handful of AA players making it to the show.

This will be Tony’s last year.

NL West



San Diego


San Francisco

San Fran will not win 55 games and will have last place locked up by mid-August. San Diego has Mark Prior on the squad this year… Come on. I really like AZ’s pitching and that will get them through to the playoffs. Colorado doesn’t collapse, but won’t get the help that they did last year to leap frog two teams in the last week.

Wild Cards

AL – Cleveland

NL – Cubs


Cleveland over NY in 5 – Joe Torre wasn’t the problem last year and won’t be the problem this year.

Detroit over Seattle in 5


Milwaukee over Arizona - The D-backs freeze in Milwaukee as baseball and winter hit Milwaukee in October

Mets over the Cubs – The Cubs score a run in the first inning of the first game and don’t score again to be swept in 3


Detroit and Cleveland have a slug fest going into extra innings in 3 of the 7 games and combine to score 15 runs in each game. Detroit in 7


Milwaukee and NY go to 7 games. Milwaukee wins their games by 5 runs each. Mets win their games by a run each. The 7th game will see the bases loaded with no outs in the top of the 9th for Milwaukee. Yost uses Counsel as a PH in the pitcher spot because he is a gritty cagey clutch veteran. Counsel pops out to shallow left field. Yost bats Kendall in his spot because he is a gritty cagey veteran who is due. Kendall grounds into a 6-4-3 DP leaving Cory Hart on the bench unused. NY wins 4-3. Mark Antanasio fires Ned Yost during Yost’s post game press conference.


Who cares Milwaukee is now out of it but Detroit wins in 6 over NY Mets.

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The Only Good Use For a Cubs Hat

With opening day just 7 days away, I bring you this via a co-worker who sent it to me.

The truly only good use for a Cub's Hat


Yost Picks His Team: Good News...really!

Haudricourt provides some insight into the final 25, and I think we'll all find something to like.

1. The rotation is apparently set:
Sheets - Suppan - Parra - Bush - Vargas

So, the fans get Parra but have to accept Bush and Vargas. I'd say it's a fair deal. Vargas has to make the team as he is out of options and Bush fills the Gallardo spot. I assume it is a competition between the two for who gets to keep their job until Yo is healthy.

2. some bullpen guessing: McClung in, Villanueva out. I like this since Villanueva should keep starting at AAA to stay fresh for when he is inevitably needed down the road in the rotation.

3. Munson can hit, can't catch. Rivera can catch, can't hit. Haudricourt thinks Yost will go with Munson because he is a lefty. I am not sure about his contract situation, but I know if the Brewers don't keep Rivera there is no way he clears waivers, however it doesn't much matter since Melvin has made the decision to start Rottino at catcher. That tells me a few things: Salome will never live up to his potential and the Brewers aren't high on Munson or Rivera. I assume the Brewers will go with the left-handed bat and hope. Lots of hoping there at the catchers spot.

4. Joe Dillon probably made the team...abandon all hope, ye who root here.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dear ESK,

I have not forgotten our Louisville bet.


Cappy done for season


From the JS Brewers Blog....

Phoenix - Left-hander Chris Capuano has a torn ulnar collateral ligament in his throwing elbow, the Brewers announced Sunday.

Capuano will seek a third opinion from Dr. James Andrews, before deciding on Tommy John surgery or an attempt at rehabilitation. But the fact that the ligament is torn pretty much rules out the rehab route and makes surgery about definite.

Capuano had Tommy John sugery in 2002, performed by Andrews, and it took him 11 months before he was back on the mound competitively. On Saturday, Capuano was told it could be a tear of the same ligament from 2002, and today it was comfirmed to Capuano and the team by team physician William Raasch.

"It's very daunting to think about going through that rehab again," Capuano said.

If it is determined Capuano needs a second Tommy John, which again is very likely, he would have it as soon as possible and probably before opening day.

This means that Ned won't have to make a decision, and as we all know, the fewer decisions Neddy makes the better for the Brewers.


Sweetening the brackets

Since there is no Badger game, go ahead and use/abuse this as your 2nd round, 2nd half open thread, especially for the Davidson-Georgetown matchup (otherwise known as the "Who will be the next team terminated by Bucky" game) at 1:50. I'll update with the results, if I'm conscious that is.

2nd round, 1st half recap - You all know that Bucky terminated K-State, the teams that did damage to Team Terminator's record (Duke, Marquette, and Purdue) are all out, and the Big Ten has two teams in the Sweet 16 (the other is Michigan State). Joining the Badgers, Michigan State, Stanford, West Virginia and Xavier in the continuation of basketball are Washington State, Kansas, and UCLA.

Up now is Villanova-Siena; Miami-Texas tip shortly, Butler-Tennessee tip at 1:30, the dueling Cindys (San Diego and Western Kentucky) tip at 1:40, Davidson-Georgetown tip at 1:50, Mississippi State-Memphis tip at 3:45, Oklahoma-Louisville tip at 4:00, and Arkansas-North Carolina tip at 4:20.

The Mozzarella got a bit moldier, going 5-3 (including a dead game) yesterday, and losing a second Elite Eight team. Unfortunately, the 31 points puts me in a tie for 23rd and closer to last (B-town Rob at 28) than the leaders (Jackie and Silverwolf at 37).

1:40 pm - Make that 2 teams from the (not-so-)Big East in the Sweet 16; Villanova mauled my first-round Cindy. Looks like Kansas is headed to an early exit.

4:12 pm - Maybe being a 3 seed instead of a 2 seed was a good thing. Davidson has slain Georgetown to win the "Who will be the next team terminated by Bucky" sweepstakes. Meanwhile, Butler put a huge overtime scare into Tennessee before finally succumbing, and Miami almost came all the way back against Texas. In my book, that's two #2s toasted and two #2s scared shitless in the second round, while all three #3s to play so far are Sweet. Joining them is Western Kentucky.

7:00 pm - Mississippi State almost became Goliath killer #2, giving Memphis all they could handle. Meanwhile, North Carolina and Louisville did unmentionable things to their opponents.

To review, we do have three Cinderellas (I'm not counting West Virginia; they're a upper-half team), two of whom faced fellow Cindys this weekend. That explains the relative lack of upsets, as only 3 lower-seeded teams won the weekend games, including a pair that knocked off #2s, but there were plenty of good scares.

Another 5-3 day (this time with two dead games) leaves me with 41 points. Jackie takes over sole possession of 1st with 47, and there is a logjam for 10th at 43. While my Sweet Sixteen turned into the Terrific Ten and Suck-Ass Dead Six, I'm pretty well situated for a late surge, with 6 Elite Eight teams and all my Final Four still bouncing.

K-State Post Mortum

Kansas City Star columnist Joe Posnanski has my favorite analysis of the Wisconsin victory. Badger fans should read the whole thing and agree. Badger haters should read the whole thing and learn.

Joe Posnanski: Jack Hartman had it right. People always used to marvel at how Hartman, the old Kansas State basketball coach, could win so many games with so much less talent than other teams. He never bought the premise. He liked his talent. He never accepted the notion that “talent” means players who can jump higher or move quicker or stretch higher.

“Talent,” he said, “is just being where you’re supposed to be and doing what you’re supposed to do.” Saturday, Wisconsin had a lot more talent than Kansas State. Few across the country will see it that way, of course. …

But these things go beyond numbers and into emotions. Here is what great defensive basketball teams do: They get you talking to yourself. They press you into pressing and believing that every jump shot is so important that you feel deflated and frustrated when it doesn’t go in. They leave you muttering about shots you should have made. The Wildcats fell into every trap.

“That’s not the team you want to play on a night you don’t make jump shots,” (K State Coach) Martin said. But the thing is, nobody makes jump shots against Wisconsin. That’s the whole point. The Badgers gave up 53.8 points per game this year. They have not given up even 73 points in a game since early December. This is like the old Tim McCarver line about how Bob Gibson was the luckiest pitcher ever because every time he pitched, the other team didn’t score any runs.

You play the game to win. You win by being better than your opponent. If that means resisting every move they make, great. If that means getting into their heads and screwing with their emotions, so be it. When Trevon Hughes says “every point our opponent scores there will always be some blood spilled”, it’s like the competitive spirit of the Wisconsin Boxing Championships has returned to find a home in the basketball program.

So do you think Wesley Matthews regrets his decision to go to MU now

If nature had followed its course Wesley Matthews would be playing for Wisconsin and he would be going to the Sweet 16 for the first time in his college career and who knows what Wisconsin could have done with him on last years team.

I am just saying lets say Wisconsin makes a deep run to the final 4 or hell even wins it all(not all that far fetched) Do you think Wesley will sit back and wonder what if he had followed both of his parents and went to Wisconsin.

Yes I am one of those Badger fans who will never forgive Matthews for turning his back on Wisconsin so you can color me bitter, but that does not change the fact he made the wrong choice when he picked MU over Wisconsin.

And if Wisconsin wins it all this year it will haunt him for the rest of his life.


He who laughs last must be a Badger Fan.

As Random 10 pointed out in a comment, all 3 of the teams that beat Wisconsin in the regular season are now out of the Tournament. Bye Duke Bye Purdue and Good Bye Marquette.

For the record I was correct ever since Marquette managed its improbable win over Wisconsin at the Kohl Center I have been saying Wisconsin would go deeper in the NCAA Tournament than Marquette.

Sweet 16 vs. Round of 32 yeah I would say I was right.

And now that Marquette's one trick pony is done till next November we can go back to ignoring them. :)

Speaking of bad days the Big East has a mixed day you have to give love to West Virginia for taking out Duke and doing the whole nation a favor. But right now they are the only Big East team to make it to the Sweet 16. Notre Dame Marquette and Pitt all lost yesterday. They only have two more teams left with Louisville and Georgetown playing today. So even though they started out with 7 teams in the tournament the most teams they could get in to the 3rd round is 3. The terrible worst league in the world Big Ten already has 2 teams in Sweet 16.

Yes he who laughs last must be a Badger Fan. Now excuse me while I go laugh ;)

On Wisconsin

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hey Alvarez..WTF????????????

Upon checking my mail when I got back from The Mighty Badger win in Omaha (see earlier post) I got my season ticket football crap from UW. The final game of the year is against Cal-Poly.

Barry....are you telling season ticket holders the last game of the year, at full price, is fucking
Cal Poly? And are are telling us we have to pay full price for that game? Not to mention the cupcakes of Akron and Marshall (well, Marshall might be OK).

What the fuck? What are you Alvarez, some kind of Jim Doyle acolyte? (Sorry for the political reference but this just suxxxxxxxx).

The UW Athletic Department should subsidize season ticket holders for any post-season action based on this weak non-Big 10 crap.

The Mighty Badgers

Was going to leave this in the comments section but Haloscan or whatever it is we use is FUBAR tonight.

Last night I scored two tix to tonight's game so I fired up AB1 with my current soon to be ex-Mrs. Asian Badger and went to Omaha to see The Mighty Badgers. We had fair seat...behind the Mighty Badgers bench about 20 rows up. Anyway.

I don't know how it looked on TV but the game wasn't that close. Beasley, after an intial run never really had the body language of a guy who wanted to take over the game.

In the second half, he looked like a 19-year old kid who wanted to play Halo or DoomIII instead of basketball. He is a specimen, though. I think he should spend another year in college to get some maturity. My humble opinion.

There was a moment in the first half which was interesting...again I'm not sure TV would have caught it....about 4-5 min game clock after the Double T. I was looking right at it.

Krabbenhoft and Beasley got into it in the paint a little and the look Krabbenhoft gave him was "I'll take 10 stitches to give you 5". I don't think Beasley was quite the same after that. (Actually, the look Krabbenhoft gave him was "I'll be HAPPY to take 10 to give you 5....I'm not worried about any effing future Gatorade commercials").

Krabbenhoft is just an animal...and I mean that in a good way. Just watching him play away from the ball is a learning experience. Plus, as the saying goes, "he don't take shit from NObody."

Kansas State just looked worn out with about 12 to go in the second half.

A great win for Bucky.

Marquette vs. Stanford open thread

Lest we be accused of favortism, the other half of the Cheesy basketball bracket is on now.

For those Warrior fans out there, I won't mention who I have making it out of this game.

On the Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

The Wisconsin Badgers celebrate as their long range barrage of 3 point baskets destroys a valiant Kansas State team and sends then on to the next round.

(Yes I know I am recycling this post and photo but so what lol)

Also we all might have witnessed Michael Beasley's last college game. Dude has game.

Oh and before I go watch more basketball how about Greg Fucking Stiemsma or as we should all address him Mr. Stiemsma. Dude was a monster today in the paint just a plain monster.

On Wisconsin

Kansas State you are Terminated. On to the Sweet 16

Skynet Newsflash: Today lead by Sophomore Guard Trevon Hughes the Wisconsin Badgers roared into the NCAA Sweet 16
(Trevon Hughes file photo)

Trevon one of the new T-1000 models was outstanding today dropping long range bomb after long range bomb on the defenseless K-State Humans.

What a great game for Bucky, on to the Sweet 16 and what makes it even more sweet is Duke went down today. Shows you how much wins in November mean.

Now we wait to see who we catch in the next round Davidson or Georgetown. Right now I am feeling very good about Wisconsin chances who ever they play next.

What did we learn once again today a Great Team will beat a Great Player almost every time. Wisconsin kind of reminded me of UNLV from last year the way they were draining the 3 point baskets.

So all you Badger haters are you going to tell me that was "ugly" basketball?

Great day to be a Badger

On Wisconsin

Badgers v Kansas State Open Thread

When you say Wisconsin ...

Not a bad way to kill time before the Badger Basketball game

If you get CBS College Sports(the old CSTV) on your system you can tune in and watch the Badger Womens Hockey team go for its 3rd NCAA Championship in 3 years.

The game starts at 12:30PM ct

On Wisconsin

Then there was three Big Ten Report

Well only IU failed to get out of the round of 64 but that team has been off the rails since they sacrificed their coach at the NCAA alter.

So today all 3 Big Ten schools that are left play so by tonight the terrible Big Ten could have 3 teams in the Sweet 16. All three have pretty tough rows to hoe.

MSU takes on Pitt today in Houston 5 vs. 4

Purdue takes on Xavier in Wash. DC a 6 vs. 3

and as we all know our beloved Badgers take on the dangerous KSU down in Omaha a 3 vs. 11

I am actually pulling for all three Big Ten schools to make it to the Sweet 16 it will just help shut up the critics who have tried to down play Wisconsin record because they played in a "down" Big Ten.

Weird time of the year when you end up rooting for teams you have despised most of the season ;)

Go Big Ten shove the "Down" right up their talking heads asses.


Well nothing stands between Wisconsin and the Sweet 16

Except a Kansas State team that has already knocked off a number 6 seed. Oh and they have a super frosh in Micheal Beasley
(file photo)

But Wisconsin has handled super freshmen before this group has played Eric Gordon this year and last year most of these guys went up against Greg Oden and Michael Conley. So it is not like they have not played against young freshman super stars.

I look for a tight game but Wisconsin will smother Beasley with team defense and I expect the typical Badgers result close at half time and then the Badgers will grind them down at the foul line in the second half pulling away late and getting a trip to the Sweet Sixteen.

Game time is 3;20pmish CT and unfortunately the game will be on Suck Ass CBS58 the Worst CBS Station in America. So no HD for all of you who get your TV from the Stars. I guess this is Karma for us having the BTN all season ;) Because of the Brewers the Badgers will be on WSSP that wonderful 3 watt station that TMJ uses as a overflow station. I am sure there are vacuum cleaners that put out a stronger signal than WSSP

But as always Uncle Chris finds a loop hole if you have Sirius Sat radio you can listen to the game through them I am guessing the signal will be stronger. I am not sure if you get Mike and Matt but any radio is better than none right.

Lets hope we can report that K-State has been Terminated this afternoon.

On Wisconsin

How you know it has been a long winter in Wisconsin

When one of the Russian's who coaches your son in Gymnastics tells you he is sick of the snow.

At that point it is time to raise up the white flag and surrender to Old Man Winter when the Russians thrown in the towel against the snow all hope is lost ;)

Hurray Snowblowers

Friday, March 21, 2008

Bracketology, round 1

Day 1 recap - I just can't pick anything right this year. 10-6 on Day One is not what I'm accustomed to, especially since I usually do 13-3 or better. At least I only lost one of my Sweet 16 teams yesterday.

I can only hope my luck for 2008 has changed, as I went under .500 for the NFL playoffs. If it hasn't, it's going to be a long three weekends; Day One has historically been my best day, with the rest of the first weekend killing my bracket.

I'll be updating this as the scores come in for Day 2. Hopefully you're doing better in your brackets (if you're in the WSB Tourney Pick'em, you ARE doing better than me, and Silverwolf has a fully-intact bracket - BASTICHES!).

2:55 pm - I told you to beware of Western Kentucky, suckahs. The first overtime game of the tourney goes to the barking dog and against the Bulldogs. Meanwhile on the positive end, Bruce Pearl took care of business, and Davidson rejected Gonzaga to give me at least a split on my 7-10 splits. Unfortunately, a Hurricane took out the opportunity to sweep it; guess which regional they're in (hint, I've called it my Regional of Doom before). At least I didn't take St. Mary's to make it past the weekend.

5:15 pm - What the overtime giveth, the overtime taketh. I've lost Sweet 16 #2 as San Diego beat UConn to make it a 12-13 spare on Sunday against Western Kentucky. The other three Egg-approved teams did win (Georgetown, Butler, Texas), so I'm out of the cellar. True, it's but by a point, and it's mighty crowded in the bottom, but I can say that somebody is doing worse than me (sorry Mr. Squirrel).

8:53 pm - Those 13-seeds are dangerous. Siena made them 2-2 this tourney. Meanwhile, it's another set of games, another 3-1 performance, as North Carolina, Mississippi State and Oklahoma (BOO!) also win. That gives me another point on last place, and brings me within 4 of the lead (which is about as close as I'll get).

Way too late - Fuck Villanova and the carriage it rode in on. They killed my first Elite Eight team. Now, do I blame Indiana or Arkansas for the other loss of the late night? At least the whiskey/bourbon combo (Louisville and Memphis) won.

21-11, 3 of the Sweet 16 gone, and 1 of the Elight Eight done extra-crispy. Between that and the snow, there is but one word left to say...FUCK!

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