Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wisconsin 62 - Indiana 49

Beating Indiana at basketball is always special. Cruising to a twenty point lead, letting the bench play the game close then putting the throttle down for the win is so very sweet. What is the word the media is using – decisive – yeah, that’s it.

Hoopsworld: Trevon Hughes had 16 points and Marcus Landry added 14 and 10 rebounds as No. 13 Wisconsin posted a decisive 62-49 victory over Indiana in Big Ten Conference action.

Landry has the great numbers but Joe Krabbenhoft hustle at the end of the game is the reason the highest scoring offense in the Big Ten didn’t reach the half century mark.

Remembering the Good Times

I got this from a friend of my wife's who was at the Seattle game.


Rickie Weeks: Breakin' Out in 08?

Yes, according to Daniel Rathman over at The MLB Source:

Reasonably recovered from surgery to repair a wrist tendon in August, Weeks returned to the field at the start of the 2007 season looking to realize his All-Star potential. He shook-off much of the rust by posting an .859 OPS in April, collecting 12 extra-base hits in 93 at-bats and drawing an impressive 11 walks. But Weeks would soon become mired in a deep slump after spending 17 days on the disabled list with soreness in his wrist. His numbers plummeted all the way down to .125/.279/.143 in an abhorrent July, the only bright spot of that month being 11 more walks. A ten day demotion to Nashville seemed to get Weeks back on track, as he rolled to a phenomenal .327/.500/.519 line in August, emerging as an immensely valuable player to a struggling Brewers team down the stretch.

Weeks’ overall numbers for the 2007 season included a .235/.374/.433 line with 21 doubles and 16 homers in 409 at-bats. An .807 OPS is very solid from a middle-infielder, but keep in mind that it was also suppressed by a lowly batting average. Though he struck-out a whopping 116 times last season, Weeks demonstrated a maturer plate approach by drawing 78 walks. His .422 post-All-Star Break OBP ranked eighth in the National League, and second among middle-infielders (only Chase Utley’s .428 was superior).

Based on his extra-base totals from last season, a healthy Weeks could potentially smack 30 doubles and 20 homers, given a full-year’s helping of at-bats. . He is also almost a lock to be among the most lethal stolen-base threats in the National League, after succeeding on 25 of his 27 pilfering attempts in 2007. And though Weeks’ defense at the keystone still leaves much to be desired, he is improving, and could make up for any shortcomings with the glove by excelling with the bat.

If Rickie Weeks can avoid the disabled list next season, a .280/.400/.500 performance is not out of the question. Add in the potential for 60 extra-base hits and over 30 stolen bases, and you’ve got a potential All-Star. Now, granted, those gaudy numbers likely represent his ceiling, but the ceiling is not an unreachable one. Weeks is entering his age-25 season, the age at which many young hitters — especially those with a few years of big league experience under their belts — begin to hit their prime. If he does break-out, Weeks could very well reach the aforementioned lofty benchmarks.

The plate discipline comment is especially interesting. Looking at the splits, it reveals Weeks drew 26 of those walks (a full third!) in September. This was also his best overall month offensively, racking up a .981 OPS in 98 at-bats (August was overall better but had roughly half the at-bats). If Weeks really did learn something from this, it's be fantastic.

My biggest worry is where Weeks will land in the lineup. As the lead off hitter, Weeks struck out 89 times in 410 plate appearances. About 20% of the time. However, in the #8 spot, he was even worse. He struck out 27 times in 86 AB's, or 31.4% of the time. With Mike Cameron on board, Weeks is likely to drop.

The 8 spot is a terrible spot for Weeks. It requires an intelligent bat. The ideal bat right now would probably be Jason Kendall (shudder), however Yost has shown the propensity to hit Weeks there (23 games last season). If Weeks hits 8 and is forced to open his strike zone with runners on, his numbers will suffer considerably. He was already atrocious with RISP (.661 OPS) and with 2 outs (.665 OPS) when he was hitting leadoff for the majority and should have been patient to get guys on and let the wood come to the plate. If he is forced to hit 8th, there will be a plethora of stranded runners and pitchers leading off innings.

If, however, Weeks can find a spot in the middle of the lineup (6th or 7th ideally...wasting his speed a bit but if he can slug it'll be a boon) he could be in for a massive breakout year. This is one guy whose 2008 performance really does depend on how he is managed.

Since Ned Yost is the manager, look for Weeks to be a miserable failure.

Chicago Tribune Advice

The Chicago Tribune has some advice for those who will be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday:

Don't stop taking heart medication on game day.

Yes, you know that medicine that you take so that you don't die? You can't stop taking it just because there will be a football game on TV.

You also still need to wear a seatbelt, use condoms, and breathe.

Big Test tonight for the Badgers.

Can Bucky bounce back from a hard fought road loss and get back to their winning ways?

We will find out tonight when the Badgers take on fellow Big Ten power IU, it bodes well for the Badgers that this game is at home on the court of the Pit of Despair. But as the Packers showed us having the game at home does not ensure you a win.

Both teams are coming off of losses so somebody will have a losing streak to worry about after tonights game.

IU is still undefeated in the Big Ten so right now Wisconsin is looking up at them in the standings but a win tonight will vault Bucky over them in the standings and the national rankings.

This should be a fun time at the ESK house hold tonight since it is a Civil War game ie a house divided one Wisconsin fan one hard core IU fan. My guess some one is going to sleep on the couch ;) lol

8pm tip off at the Kohl Center

TV ESPN so everyone can see this game.

Radio thanks to the suck ass Does having the night off the Badgers will be on the flag ship WTMJ.

at this moment this is the most important game of the season for both teams the Winner will a step ahead for control of the Big Ten.

It should be a rocking evening in Madison tonight.

On Wisconsin

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


That's about all I can muster up saying as the Bucks were thrashed by the sixers tonight 112-69.

Frankly, I'm running out of things to say here. If they play this bad now just imagine them during the second half of the season when there's a week left in the season.

That's all I got.

Own a Super Bowl XXXI Ring

Yep, some Packer sold his ring and it is now being sold on eBay. The seller is not releasing the name of the player, but says he was a "starter". All yours for $49,999.

I'm guessing Andre Rison fished around that river he threw his in.

Moss Had Misgivings About Green Bay

I know that very few of us missed him once the Packers' receiving corp got going this year, but around draft time there were some that were upset that the Packers didn't get Randy Moss. It looks like it may have been for the best that they didn't:

Moss recounted a conversation that he says he had with someone from the Packers about possibly playing in Green Bay.

"They were telling me that they were going to somewhat take a chance on me, but if you do come here, these are the things that you have to watch out (for) and be on your best behavior," said Moss.

"Donald Driver's the top receiver here, so don't try to come here and step on his toes. Things like that. I didn't think that was right."

I'm not sure Moss' ego could have fit in the Packer locker room. If the Packers had pulled the trigger on him, I think it is very possible that he may have proven disruptive enough that the receivers never would have gelled.

Valid Points by Bill Michaels

I don't want to rehash a conversation that already went insanely out of control, so I'm just going to point you to this post by Bill Michaels at 620 WTMJ. As much as I hate myself for saying it, I think he does make a couple of valid points. I say valid because even though I think they are accurate, I think they are still a little contestable. Additionally, the photo is telling but also deceiving-a lot can change in the moment before a ball is thrown to when the ball is in the air, which is when the shot was snapped.

Why the Patriots will destroy the Giants

Despite all of the pain it has caused me, I have managed to pay attention to football for the past week, and I've noticed a disturbing trend among analysts. In short, many analysts, commentators, and ESPN personalities are starting to talk themselves into taking the Giants. Most of these arguments involve the Giants being "hot" and refer to the Giants' near victory over the Patriots in week 17.

I must administer some cold water to these people, post-haste.

This is a great example of small sample size thinking. What does it mean that the Giants have been hot? It probably means that they have been lucky, and the funny thing about luck is that it doesn't follow any patterns. How about some numbers?

Let's start with this one:

One tidbit here that people probably have not heard: Out of the 10 teams that required three wins in order to make the Super Bowl, the Giants have the LOWEST average margin of victory in the playoffs.

They were not even that hot. They ran into a Bucs team without their best offensive player. They barely eeked out a win over both Dallas and Green Bay, the latter aided strongly by the weather. Here are some more numbers:

24, 21, 23.

These are the point totals that the Giants put up in their playoff games. Only once all year did the Patriots score fewer than 24 points in a game. The Patriots also have the 8th best defense in football by DVOA. The only team that the Giants played in the playoffs with a better defense was Tampa Bay, but their offense was so inept that the Giants kept getting possessions. It's easy to score points when the other team goes 3-and-out every time.

The weather was also a factor for the Giants, as it eliminated the Packer passing game. There will be no such luck in University of Phoenix Stadium. The Patriots offense will not be thrown off by wind or rain, and should be at its high-octane best.

But even if massive indoor winds somehow did make passing impossible it still wouldn't hurt the Patriots, because the Patriots were the best rushing team in football. Do not confuse running alot with running efficiently. Willie Parker was leading the league in rushing yards until he was injured, but he was far from an effective runner. Laurence Maroney was one of the NFL's most effective runners when it came to either picking up first downs, or creating 2nd or 3rd and short situations.

The vaunted Giant rushing attack was only 7th.

The fact of the matter is that the Patriots are better at everything. They're better at passing, they're better than running. They have a better kicker. They have a better defense. They have a better coach. They score more points and give up fewer points. The Giants were -9 in turnover differential. The Patriots were +16. They will be playing in ideal conditions. They have the league's best QB. (Apologies to Peyton. I think they're about equal.) They have the league's best receiver. They have the league's best offensive line. They even have a better punter.

This is probably the greatest team in NFL history. They are certainly one of the top five. And they are playing against one of the worst teams ever to make a Super Bowl.

This will be a slaughter.

Almost there

I have managed to totally avoid any of the week and a half of Super Bowl hype.

Now some sacrifices need to be made to pull this off, you have to pretty much not turn on ESPN or listen to any sports talk radio.

But it has been a nice vacation as I recharge my batteries in the run up to baseball and March Madness.

I made the decision to totally blow off the Super Bowl when Favre threw that final interception.

I have not decided what I will do Sunday night play Xbox with my British clan(they could care less about American Football) or watch movies. Anything but the Giants and Pats I just do not care who wins.

Funniest thing is they moved my sons gymnastics meet this weekend to Saturday so if the Pack had not choked I would not have had to worry about the meet and the game being at the same time.(For the record I would have chosen going to my sons meet)

So anyone else going to ignore the Big Game?


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Brewers road just got a bit tougher

AKA The Rich get Richer

Hmmmm, the player everyone wanted ended up going to a NYC team who would have thunk it.

I really hope he is a flop since the Mets mortgaged their future to get him.

hat tip to The Big Lead.

Let me be the first to welcome Mr. Santana to the National League we play real baseball in this league, There will be no shaved ape who cannot play in the field but can hit to take your turn at the plate. I hope you pull a ham string running out a sac bunt. ;P


Monday, January 28, 2008

The Brady Limp

Is it just me or is this the most overwrought story in NFL history?

According to a pool report filed by the Chicago Tribune's Dan Pompei, the only reporter allowed to watch practice, the star quarterback appeared to have a slight limp. But he participated in all phases of practice, including jogging the length of the field twice at the end of drills.

I'm a firm believer that the Patriots are over selling this injury as some sort of deception. In fact, I doubt that his ankle is all that gimpy. I think the Pats are intentionally over selling this injury in order to try to coax a heavy pressure strategy out of the Giants that the Patriots' staff already has a game plan to take advantage of.

Andrew Brandt Leaves Packers

It's true, the Packers' Capologist, Andrew Brandt, is leaving after nine seasons with the organization. Tom Silverstein over at JSOnline's Packers Blog has been all over the story today. Apparently Brandt wants to go a different direction with his life. Since he lost out on Bob Harlan's old job their really wasn't any upward position he could take with the team. Brandt just sounds like a guy that wants a change and couldn't get it where he was. He has already received some calls, I imagine some from inside the NFL and some from other fields. He will be a huge asset to whoever can get him just as he was a huge asset to us. Hopefully we can replace him with someone with the same style and philosophy.

In a joint statement with the Packers, Brandt had this to say:
"After nine years of having the privilege of working for the Green Bay Packers and its incredible fan base, I have decided it is time to move on to pursue other opportunities, goals and challenges. I have hopefully contributed in a small way to the success of this franchise over the years and am certain there is much more success ahead. I will cherish my time working for this unique organization and will forever have fond memories of the people, the players and the fans of Packer nation."
While Thompson had this to say:
"We want to thank Andrew for his contributions the last nine years. We appreciate his fine work in the area of contract negotiations and salary cap management. He will be missed. The Green Bay Packers wish him the very best in his future endeavors.

"With regard to contract negotiations and salary cap management, we currently have people in place internally to effectively operate in this area until we have a new person to fill this role."
Thank you Mr. Brandt for your nine seasons of service, you will be missed. Good luck in the future, unless you go to work for a NFC North team, then I wish you years of Rex Grossmans, Scott Mitchells and Sex Boat Parties.


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Wisconsin only falls 2 spots after loss.

This weeks polls are out and the pollsters were forgiving as the Badgers lost their first Big Ten game and only their 3rd game over all.

They are 13th in both polls going into the huge show down with number 11th ranked IU.

Both teams are coming off of losses but I would say IU's loss is worse losing to a undermanned UCONN team.

Shame we have to wait till Thursday for the game.

This weeks polls

On Wisconsin

What is Rickie Weeks contract status

I am confused(my natural state) I was looking at Cots Baseball Contracts for the Brewers and it states that Rickie Weeks contract ran out after last season. I know Weeks signed a big league contract right after being drafted unlike Prince or Braun for example

I know he is not a free agent but he is not elgible for arbitration either.

This is what is confusing me I have not heard anyone mention that they need to sign Weeks so what is his contract status?

Thanks for any help on this.


Update I believe Jay over at BCB has giving us the answer I did my first every post over there to widen the field looking for the answer ;)

Bucks Specialization

I do not know much about the NBA, but occasionally I have a flash of insight. It's no secret that the Bucks have too many shooting guards and too many big guys who play like small guys. Complicating matters is their insistence on playing a bunch of wussy shooters and scorers at the expense of designated point guards and rebounders.

Which is why I'd like to point out that the Bucks have, in general, performed quite well without the services of Michael Redd, and that the reason for this has little to do with Redd.

First, Mo Williams is not a PG and when forced to play shooting guard with one real point guards playing point guard, the offense runs more smoothly. (Despite the fact that we have shitty point guards). We've covered this before, so I will move on. And BTW, none of this should be construed as a rip on Redd. If Williams were hurt instead of Redd I suspect they would play even better

The second big change though, comes from the increased playing time (due to other injuries and a cold snap from Yi) of Michael Ruffin. I've never seen Michael Ruffin play, I don't know what he looks like, and I don't know if he has any offensive skill. What I do know is that every time I turn on the radio the guy has like 6 boards in 10 minutes.

A rebounding specialist is just what this team needs. One of the big problems with the Anthony Mason signing all those years ago is that that Mason loved to shoot, which took shots away from Allen, Robinson, and Cassell. This is a bad idea.

The Bucks are loaded with shooters, and having five shooters on the floor with no rebounders is much worse than having four shooters and one rebounder. Bogut is actually a fine rebounder in his own right, but the addition of a guy like Ruffin helps to take some pressure off of Andrew, and also allows him to serve as a rebounder when Bogut is in foul trouble.

This is a small sample size analysis, and Ruffin may fall off the face of the earth tomorrow, but this is the kind of guy that the Bucks need. A player who isn't even interested in getting shots. The Bucks are not specialized enough. This is how talented teams struggle. Make no mistake, the Bucks are talented, they just have too many quarterbacks and not enough left tackles.

Business is booming at the WSB

We broke the 20,000 hits in a month barrier yesterday.

All I can say is Wow and Thank you.

We better order more beer. ;)

Traffic Glorious Traffic

Men Get 3 Points...I Help Make History

I was in town this weekend for some fantastic Badger hockey. I was able to score tickets to the mens games both Friday and Saturday night and I saw some great hockey.

Nobody needed to tell the Wisconsin men’s hockey team how big their
rivalry with Minnesota is. And after winning 3-1 Friday and tying 2-2
Saturday, nobody needed to tell them how crucial a three-point weekend
was either.

With the win and tie, the No. 16 Badgers are now unbeaten in their
last five contests and moved into a tie for fourth with No. 19
Minnesota-Duluth in the WCHA standings.

“I think in the big picture, getting three out of four points —
that’s been our task this second half is to get points, as many as we
can every weekend,” UW head coach Mike Eaves said.

Earning a point Saturday night did not come easy for the Badgers, as they had to come back from two goals down.

The Kohl Center was absolutely insane Saturday night. Something about a couple hundred (at most) filthy fucking gophers invading your arena brings out the best in fans. Well, except for the student section. Their cheers are adding tons of cursing and insults, thus precipitously dropping in cleverness. "na na na na na na, hey! The Gophers Suck!" has been replaces by "you suck, you suck, you suck you suck you suck you suck" Seriously, that is as clever as Minnesota spelling Minnesota (yes folks, that is the "gopher rouser" or whatever the fuck the inbred morons call it).

I also got to see this amazing Kyle Turris goal on Friday night...which made xxxxxxxxxxxx's Top Ten.

On Friday and Saturday afternoon I went to watch the women smoke St. Cloud State. The Badger women completely dominated the Huskies, and hopefully have completely righted the ship. The sweep avenges the loss in St. Cloud (which ended the incredible no-loss streak the women had going, thanks to a terrible call negating a goal with seconds remaining).

On Saturday, the women accomplished their goal and set the all-time attendance record:

In Saturday’s game, which set a new NCAA record for attendance with
5,377 fans filling the lower bowl of the Kohl Center, the Badgers
played brilliantly in front of the large crowd, downing St. Cloud 4-0.
As was the case last year when UW and Harvard played in front of the
then-record-sized crowd at the Kohl Center, senior Jinelle Zaugg
stepped up, scoring two goals in the decisive win. Against Harvard last
year, it was Zaugg’s overtime goal that sealed the win for the Badgers.
Hillary Knight and Mallory Deluce also netted goals for Wisconsin.

With the shutout, junior goaltender Jesse Vetter now has nine
shutouts on the season, on pace to break her own mark of 15 from last
season. She stopped all 18 shots she faced Saturday and made 22 saves

It was a great weekend for Wisconsin hockey, and sets up both teams to make a run here in the final stretch.

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Badgers Hockey seems to be finding itsself at the right time

I do not follow Badger Hockey as closely as ESK and Chris S. but even I have noticed they seem to be turning around what could have been a so so season.

They are undefeated in their last 5 games and battled back from 2-0 to steal a tie from the Gophers in the second game of the weekend after beating the ground hogs 3-1 on Friday night.

More good news the WSJ is reporting that 17 year old Defenseman Patrick Wiercioch has committed to play for Wisconsin.

according to the article after 48 hours in Madison he canceled the rest of this trip to look at other schools. Behold the power or cheese and a beautiful campus ;)

I have very little understanding how youth hockey works it says if there is not room for him next season on the Badgers he will just play for his club team again. Can anyone shed light on that system for me?

I actually watched the replay of the Overtime period from Saturday on CSTV last night the Badgers had a number of chances to actually win that game. But I can live the tie.

Who knows maybe they can get hot and surprise some people in the playoffs.

On Wisconsin

Inside 20 days

Did you all notice the countdown timer till Pitchers and Catchers report for the Brewers is now inside of 20 days.

Spring is almost year boys

Hurray Beer

The WSB Family just keep growing

Asok and his lovely wife had a baby girl this morning Mother and Daughter are doing well. Hopefully his daughter will get her looks from her mother ;)

Been a pretty damn good weekend for the WSB even with the Badger loss.

Congratulations from the whole WSB Family to our newest addition.

Babies are cool

Now Asok can measure his life in BC "Before Children" or AC "After Children" lol

Your Swiss Cup 2008 All Around Champion

Well at least for Level 4 six year olds. ;)

Our club hosted its yearly meet this weekend(that is where your humble head bartender was all weekend working the concession stand)

The Tsar broke threw and won his first Tournament All Around

1st Place Floor

1st Place Vault

1st Place P-Bars

2nd Place Pommel Horse

2nd Place Rings

4th High Bar

Very cool to win it in his home gym. I am starting to believe the boy may have a future in this ;)

It was a great meet one the other boys on the team had his best tournament of his young career you could see it all coming together as he preformed. His name is Sam and he edged out the Tsar for 1st place on the rings which was cool it was Sam's first time on the podium and it was for a first place medal.

Go Swiss Go

Sunday, January 27, 2008


For anyone who cares the Bucks won tonight and they did it without the services of Michael Redd and Charlie V.

Not that I'm all excited since this came off a 32 pt thrashing by the Raptors on the previous night. The Bucks play more like a bi-polar team with greater lows than they do highs.

The recap of the game can be accessed here

Bucks 105
Wizards 102

NHL All Star Game

It appears to be a very quiet Sunday in the Wisconsin sports world, so for lack of anything better the NHL is playing their All Star Game tonight. Apparently the professional league still exists and they keep tweaking their 232 Pages of Rules attempting to make the game appealing beyond their core group of loyal fans. 5 PM game time on Versus.
Iginla and Lecavalier are Captains: Jarome Iginla of the Calgary Flames will handle the captain's duties for the Western Conference at Sunday's NHL all-star game while Vincent Lecavalier of the Tampa Bay Lightning will wear the C for the East.
Iginla is a native Albertan playing Right Wing for the Flames. His play takes Calgary to the 2004 Stanley Cup Finals where he makes one of the best plays I’ve ever seen. Stealing the puck he breaks cleanly towards the Tampa Bay goal tender and fires a dead on shot that Nikolai Khabibulin barely manages to block. Having skated past the net he stops hard, looks back, and sees the puck just resting on the ice. His steal is so clean and deadly quick that no other players have yet caught up with the play, so he simply backtracks and flips his own rebound past Khabibulin for the goal.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Look Hot Chicks on TV

Miss America is on tonight so I thought I'd watch and send a report in. Well first things first, Miss Wisconsin is hot! Finally a good one for us. She survived the first cut to make it to the final 15 ladies. Then they had the swimsuit competition and guess what, Miss Wisconsin was still hot! She has just survived another cut to get into the final 9, how they pick 9 as a cutoff is beyond me. Updates to follow.


Update: It actually went from 16 to 10, not 15 to 9 as I had previously stated, then one got eliminated after the talent portion of the show. I missed Miss Wisconsin's performance since I went to the store, but she is still standing.

Update: Miss Wisconsin's name is Christina Thompson, for those of you wondering, and I didn't miss her performance. She played the violin and played well, I think anyway. Miss Georgia went home taking us down to 8.

Update: Question time, it's questions from people on the street and after the question is asked one of the final 8 raise their hand if they want to answer. Miss Wisconsin answered the question, and I'm paraphrasing, "What can Miss America do to spread a good image of America around the world?" She basically said that she would spread the message of our education system and all the charitable work people here do. Eh, ok answer.

Update: Freakin' Miss Michigan won, what a joke. Miss Wisconsin was totally hotter (pic below from the Miss Wisconsin site). Always next year I guess.

Badger Basketball tonight

The Badgers take their 10 game winning streak and undefeated record to the wasteland that is West Lafayette Indiana to take on Purdue.

This is a big test for Bucky Purdue does not qualify in any manner as a cup cake.

Tough place to play against a tough team with IU looming in the distance. Lets hope they are not looking ahead and just Take Care of Business down on the plains of Indiana.

The game is on ESPN so everyone can see it and since the suck ass Does have the night off they are on the flag ship station in SE Wisconsin.

Tip off is at 3pm this afternoon.


On Wisconsin

Martini Bars are cool

I went to my first Martini Bar last night outstanding time. They had a Sinatra impersonator who was outstanding a little smoky but the price you pay for good Martini's and good music

Twist and Olive in Delafield.

They are right the good stuff does not give you a hang over.



Maria Sharapova wins Aussie Open

That is her third Grand Slam title and she is only 20, Not just a pretty face the girl has game.

Did I mention she swears like a sailor ;)


Movie Review Time

I know this is a sports blog but I just had to post this review.

I went and saw There Will Be Blood tonight and it is nothing short of amazing.

The cinematography is breathtaking and Daniel Day Lewis's performance is mesmorizing. The music also is fantastic. I cannot endorce this movie enough.

I was glued to the screen for the 158 minutes and never bored.

So yeah, go out and see it it's fantastic.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Miller Leaning Towards Retirement

Tom Haudricourt talked to former Brewers catcher Damian Miller today and it sounds likely that Miller is going to retire.
I talked on the telephone today with catcher Damian Miller, the La Crosse native who played the past three seasons for the Brewers. Miller has not signed with another team and said he is leaning toward retirement at this point.

Miller, 38, wants to stay close to home to be with his family more and turned down offers from teams far away. He hoped the Brewers would invite him back for 2008 but the club signed free agent Jason Kendall to be the No. 1 catcher and will let Eric Munson, Mike Rivera and Vinny Rottino battle for the backup job.

"I would have loved to come back but I understand it's a business," said Miller, who has played 11 seasons in the majors and 18 overall.
Damian was a good player for most of his career and he was a great guy. We thank you Mr. Miller.


Panthers "doing less with more" tour keeps rolling

Could you please pass me the salt and Tabasco, you see back after Wisconsin destroyed UW-Milwaukee and they lost 4 player for various reason I was one of the crowd that wrote UWM off. I figured they would just collapse and have a terrible season.

Well as usual I was wrong. They beat Youngstown State last night at the Cell to win their 8 game out of their last 9th. They have moved up to third in the Horizon league standings.

So excuse me while I eat my Crow ;)

They take on league leading Cleveland State tomorrow night at the Cell

Panthers Basketball Doing Less With More


This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Leticia Cline

This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Leticia Cline.

Happy Friday

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Uecker and Carry

So, thanks to Jib I ordered the Uecker and Carry CD's from Pat Hughe's collection of baseball voices.

I got them both today in the mail and with a pleasant suprise.

Inside was a signed autograph from Pat Hughes thanking me for the order. This was no fake replica signature either, it was hand written. It was something that showed me what kind of person Pat Hughes is.

As far as the CD's themselves they really are a joy to listen to. I hate to say it, but I enjoy the Carry one right now more than Ueck as it's less talking and more of his calls. But they're both great.

I am declaring Friday WSB Rodny King day.

The Tone has gotten a big vicious over the last couple of days here, as I told my wife if this was a real bar bottles would have been broken and pool cues would have been grabbed.

Lets everyone take a deep breath and then try to move on I never intended my Brett Favre post to start such a fire storm(but it was cool it did)

So everyone relax and try to get along except when dealing with that bastard ESK he deserves everything he gets. ;)

Don't make me get the Taser out

Drew Rosenhaus, pure evil, strikes again

Today's athlete screwed by Drew - Jack Ikegwuonu, who blew out his knee and ended his 2008 season trying to get ready for the NFL draft after being talked into coming out a year early by Rosenhaus. JSOnline's DayWatch did not say which knee (not that it's important), but he tore both the ACL and MCL on that knee and damaged a kneecap while pulling a sled designed to improve his speed.

Because Ikegwuonu both signed with Rosenhaus and missed the January 19 deadline to pull back out of the NFL draft, he also won't be able to come back to Wisconsin. I hope Rosenhaus signed a percentage-only contract.

Revisons/extensions (5:07 pm 1/24/2008) - By popular request, the quote of the day from an unnamed NFL exec asked about this situation - "He's screwed now. He wasn't going to be that high of a pick, anyway. Fourth round. I blame the agent for talking the kid into coming out. Stupid. Because he wasn't a first-day player"

Re Cubs Ad

Since we actually try to do a good job here at the WSB I decided to put in a little effort on a story.

ESK had brought up the use of the Rising Sun symbol in an Cubs ad touting their new import from Japan Kosuke Fukudome. So I actually got off my fat ass and called the Cubs and asked to speak to one of their public relations or marketing people and to the Cubs credit they put me right through to a nice young man named Jason.

I brought up how readers here had thought the use of the Rising Sun was pretty offensive on par with using a Swastika.

He said they were aware of issue and that they never intended to offend or insult anyone. The ad ran last week as part of a ad campaign that will rotate to a different player each week. So this ad's run is already done and they will not run it again.

I chalk this up to the fact we no longer teach real history in American High Schools and Universities my guess is the people putting this ad together really did not understand the history behind the Rising Sun flag. To them it was probably something rock stars wore. Hell even the Swastika was stoled and co-oped by the Nazi's

I am pretty sure this is the last time you will see the Rising Sun in any official Cubs material. Though it would be kind of cool if they the Banzi chant as he walked up to the plate down at the Dump ;)

Nice Pull ESK on this


A Brilliant Game Plan

Tom Silverstein reports on how the Packers secondary was defeated by Gilbride's great game plan.

Yeah, Harris had a bad game, but he should have been given help. In jujitsu like fashion the strength of our secondary was used against us. This gentlemen is why the games are played.

Know this, if Packer coaches can't learn to be flexible then opponents will watch this tape and defeat the Packers in like manner. 2008 could be a long year.

As for the defense, Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride came up with a brilliant game plan for combating the Packers' stubborn man-to-man defense. He had Manning come to the line of scrimmage, read the coverage and then signal to his receivers whether he was going to throw the back-shoulder route.
The idea was that the Packers' two starting cornerbacks, Al Harris and Charles Woodson, would have their backs to the play while playing man-to-man coverage and the receiver would be able to react first to the underthrown pass. Knowing that the Packers played tight man-to-man on almost every play, the Giants had little fear their plan would fail.
The Packers' cornerbacks adjusted with different technique, but they never backed off their bump coverage to completely take away those passes.
"We made some adjustments at different times," cornerbacks coach Lionel Washington said Monday. "I guess when we made those adjustments they weren't able to throw those passes.
"It's not like they just beat us terribly bad; those guys just made some plays."
Receiver Plaxico Burress, at 6 feet 5 inches and 232 pounds, proved to be a master of the route. He continually beat Harris with fades, comebacks and back-shoulder routes, piling up 154 yards in 11 catches. Receiver Amani Toomer contributed with four catches for 42 yards, mostly against Woodson.
Defensive coordinator Bob Sanders could have ordered his cornerbacks to play off the receivers in a soft zone, but that never was a consideration.
"You play basically one way all year, it's like you don't get to the ninth inning and change," Woodson said. "You're going to do what you do. Hopefully, you make the plays.
"We haven't changed up one time this year. I don't even think it was in anybody's mind that we would change."

Prince Vs. Ryan Howard

From the four letter network....

There's nothing we love more, here in modern American life, than a young slugger. But in the totally unfair universe of Hot Stove Heater-dom, we have a problem. We only get to build our team around one young slugger -- Prince Fielder or Ryan Howard. Good thing there's no wrong answer, because this debate has been giving me a migraine for a week now.

The case for Fielder

The best argument for Prince Fielder can be summed up in two numerals -- 23. That, friends, happens to be his age.

Last year, he became the first 23-year-old in history to hit 50 homers. And he won't turn 24 until May. So he's four years younger than Howard, and feel free to do that math. If Fielder keeps bopping 40 to 50 bombs a year, he'll be at 250-280 home runs before he even gets to the age that Howard is now.

Unlike Howard, whose fly balls tend to be either homers or outs, Fielder is also a 35-double-a-year kind of guy. So he cranked an amazing 87 extra-base hits last year. Want to know the distinguished group with that many extra-base hits, over the last 60 years, at age 23 or younger? How about Willie Mays, Albert Pujols, A-Rod, Grady Sizemore and Joe DiMaggio? Heard of any of those guys?

Finally, you may have noticed that Fielder puts the ball in play way more than Howard. (Then again, who doesn't?) However you assess the difference between 121 strikeouts (Fielder?s total last year) and 199 (Howard's record-setting whiff total), it tells us Fielder makes many more productive outs than Howard does.

The case for Howard

Go ahead. Try to find anybody who has kicked off a career with a home-run output anywhere near Ryan Howard?s. Good luck. Can't be done.

in history has hit 47 homers or more in each of his first two full seasons. Nobody. Or here's another way to look at it: After 410 games in the big leagues, Howard is already up to 129 homers. Want to know how insane that is? Here's how insane:

That's 72 more than Junior Griffey, 62 more than Barry Bonds, 54 more than Mike Schmidt, 44 more than A-Rod and 31 more than Albert Pujols at the same stage. The only player in the last half-century who was even within 25 homers of Howard, after this many games, is Bob Horner (who was exactly 25 back, at 104).

In fact, you want to know the player in history who is most comparable? It's that George H. Bambino Ruth. He dabbled in the pitching profession for a few years before finally getting his shot as a full-time hitter at age 25. Whereupon he mashed 54 and 59 homers respectively in 1920-21. Ruth, too, got kind of a late start in his career. But building around him worked out OK for the Yankees, wouldn't you say?

There is a debate going on at their site. Obviously I stand with Prince.

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Chicago Cubs Hate America

This is the new Cubs advertising campaign:

Really? Have the Cubs never heard of World War II? Is Pearl Harbor considered a myth to north siders? I mean shit, true Cubs fans are old enough to have served in WWII, this can't please em.

The Rising Sun isn't just the Japanese flag. It is the Japanese BATTLE flag and the flag flown by the Imperial Army until we decimated their asses.

According to Wikipedia:
This flag is often considered offensive in countries which were victims of Japanese hostility, particularly China, Australia, Southeast Asia, United States and the Koreas, where it is seen as alarming, nationalistic and hostile.

Nice job Chicago...go fuck yourselves.

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Sharapova into Aussie Finals

Another win means more pictures who needs Super Bowl run up hype when you have Maria?

Maria Sharapova and the Aussie Open helping the WSB bridge the gap between football ending and baseball starting ;)


McCarthy Gets It

And here's "it":

"It goes back to our first conversation that I've ever had at this podium, talking about offensive football and what the team needs to look like," McCarthy said. "I think the game against the Giants is a perfect illustration. You need to run the football in January to win in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

"The identity of our football team will always be built around our offensive and defensive lines, and we need to improve the run-blocking. That will be a primary focus of ours in the off-season."

It will be interesting to see what, if anything, Ted Thompson does to facilitate that. They probably aren't all that far away, but the solution is dependent on upgrading the offensive line, and that's not a place Ted Thompson is naturally inclined to spend money.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


So, Chris has come up with the Favre Catch-22, going so far as to claim the Packers can never win the Super Bowl with him at quarterback. I posted some in the comments (specifically Chris hanging the Cowboy losses on Favre...laughable) but felt I needed to expound a bit.

Chris seems to infer (and Al outright says it in the comments) that Brett Favre chokes when it matters. In my mind, each playoff game is equally important. When you lose you are done. The Super Bowl is no more important that the wild card round, because you must win them all for it to matter. As such, all playoff games are considered equal for this quick and dirty comparison of "clutch."

I am comparing him to Brady because he has become known in the ESPN minded sports fan as a "clutch" guy who wins the big games and plays great when it matters.

Brett Favre QB Rating:
Regular Season: 85.7
Playoffs: 85.2

Tom Brady QB Rating:
Regular Season: 92.9
Playoffs: 88.5

Strange. How odd that Favre's numbers in the playoffs are incredibly similar to how he plays in the regular season? Maybe it's intelligent to look at other factors for Packer losses in the playoffs. Poor defense, inability to adjust, inability to run the football, playing excellent teams...

There are a plethora of reasons the Packers lost on Sunday. To say Favre can't play in the playoffs just isn't factual, no matter what your memory is telling you.

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Badgers almost choke on "Cupcake"

Random was right there are no Cupcakes in Big Ten play or any conference play for that matter(go ask the Care Bears they will agree)

I guess the fact they played pretty poorly and still managed to win is the sign of a good team.(I missed the game last night swim lesson etc damn kids lol)

Marcus Landry hits a huge 3 point basket to seal he victory he may not be a senior but he is a leader.

In then end they did not choke and moved to 10 straight win they also remained undefeated in Big Ten play.

One game closer to the huge tilt with IU.

The Badgers are about to enter a little tougher stretch of their schedule and little tougher is me being polite. The next 10 games for the Badgers will be a brutal test to see if they deserve their high ranking.

They start off with a road game at Purdue and finish this 10 game death march Feb 28 with MSU at home. In between those two games they play IU twice Purdue again Minnesota twice and at Ill and at OSU. Oh and for good measure at Iowa. Damn tough row to hoe.

I would be happy if the Badgers could go 7-3 on this run ecstatic if they could pull off 8-2 or 9-1

The salad and soup courses are over time for the Red Meat of the schedule.

I cannot wait

On Wisconsin

The Brett Favre Catch-22

"We cannot get into the playoffs without him, but we cannot seem to win the big game with him" That is the Brett Favre Catch-22

I know that saying this will make me public enemy number one with a lot of Packers fans but after his performance in the second half of the NFC Championship I started thinking.

Yes Brett had an outstanding year were it not for Tom Brady he wins MVP number 4 hands down. And I will state the Packers never would have gotten to the Giants game without him at the helm this season.

But how many big playoff games have went this way since the Super Bowl win.

Admit it when he started throwing into triple coverage late in the game you knew it was over.

Stop and think of all the playoff games where the "Bad" Brett killed us

Philly game that terrible pass that was picked off in overtime.
All the Playoff losses in Dallas
The 6 int game in St Louis(that was a play off game I believe)

And now an NFC Championship game in Lambeau he spent the whole second half looking like he did not want to be there. Eli Fucking Manning was able to throw the ball in that weather but we could not.

It is hard to say this I do not think the Pack will ever win another Super Bowl with Brett at the helm. They might get close but an interception at a critical time will most likely kill the dream again.

Brett had three chances in the Giants game with the score tied to get the job done and all they needed was field goal range and he could not get it done. 8 plays over three series and not one first down. He looked cold and resigned the whole second half.

Could the Pack make a run next season with Brett back maybe but there are no sure things in this era of NFL Parody.

The Brett Favre Catch-22 it will drive us all to madness.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Would You Play for the Bucks?

That's the topic USA Today asked.

Link Here

I have to give a shout out to Al from Al's Ramblings though, it's where I found the story.

But, I'm not quite sure of the importance of this story. When in recent memories did the Bucks want to sign a "big" free agent? And weren't the Bucks cutting back their spending because Herb Kohl was going to sell the team?

Perhaps the problem is that Milwaukee is too easy on its players and that's why Michael Redd is content being a leading scorer for a losing team. Or, perhaps I'm just venting my anger on the ineptitude of the Bucks staff.

And, as the article sort of mentioned it's not hard to get people to come if you establish a winning atttiude. The Brewers can be looked at in that regard. So, it can be done. The question is when?

It starts with the firing of Larry Harris and Kohl's crunes.

No Cupcakes in League Play

Michigan was soundly thrashed 70-54 by Wisconsin just three weeks ago and the Wolverines have been stumbling ever since. Even their fans are honest about the quality of this year’s basketball team.

Maize n Brew's Big Ten Basketball Power Rankings: Maybe Ritalin would help. Every game it's always a tale of two halves. One half they play well, the other they get their doors blown off. This team is clearly easily distracted by shiny objects and simple things, like people in the stands. Every week we hear how hard they work in practice and how good they're getting, and every week they take a nap for a randomly picked 20 minutes during their games. They're good kids. They'll get better. But right now they're one of the worst teams in college basketball.

Well the Badgers may have been indulging in a wee bit of the old overconfidence and are very lucky they weren’t handed a Kohl Center loss by those same Maize and Blue kids. The recap shows the Badgers are out rebounded 36-24 and only manage to eek out a three point victory. Cupcakes are those teams that agree to get beaten for money at the beginning of the season. No matter what the overall win-loss record, however, there are no cupcakes in Big Ten play.

Some moves in the Milwaukee Sports Talk Radio market

According to Tim Cuprisin in the MJS

The owners of WAUK aka ESPN 1510am are buying a Christian station down at the other end of the dial and will finally be able to go to 24 hours a day sports on one frequency.

My only question is can 540am be picked up our here on the edge of the verse or am I going to have to continue to listen to them online.

I remember when the Score AM820 down in Chicago had this same problem them moved to 1160AM then finally after they were bought took 670am from WBBM

first they knock Screaming A Smith to a rebroadcast later at night now this the management over there is having a pretty good month


Najeh, is that you?

MADISON, Wis. - Repeated discoveries of human feces in clothing and other items left in an apartment building's basement laundry room led to charges Thursday against a 19-year-old man.

Authorities said Ronnie A. Ballard was arrested after a woman whose laundry had been soiled chased him back to his apartment in an adjoining building.

Residents also reported finding feces in shoes and boots in an apartment hallway and in washing machines where it soiled a comforter, baby clothes and other items that had to be thrown out.

Yes, this post was nothing more than a cheap and easy joke at Najeh Davenport's expense. Hey, I'm a football/baseball/NASCAR guy-I'm a little short on material at the moment.

Packers Bikini Girls Found Journal Communication corporate sports blog)has a post introducing you to the now famous Packers Bikini Girls.

Meet Liz, Jen and Ashley

they are from Up Nort two are sisters from Wausau and the other is a cousin from Mauston

Lets hear it for Northen Wisconsin Girls

I am so happy they are actually pretty and good looking usually the National Media likes to find the Woman who would make me seem thin ;)

After reading this I doubt they will be gracing the pages of Maxim magazine any time soon and our one commenter was not bull shitting us that his buddy from Mauston knew them.

Go Packers Bikini Girls Go

Once side note they say they have been doing this for 6 years which means they started when they were 14 15 and 16 so does that make the photos guys took back in 2002-2006 soft core child porn ;)

Maria Sharapova into the Semi's at Aussi Open

She is playing some of the best tennis of her young life and looking fabulous as she does it.

So to celebrate some more pictures of the lovely Ms. Sharapova.

Mike over at Spring City a fellow worshiper of young Ms. Sharapova has a great post on what we were taught during the Cold War and what we learned the truth really was.

From Russia With Love ;)


Badgers go for double digit wins in a row.

Tonight with a victory over the visiting Michigan Wolverines the Badgers will run their winning streak to 10 straight games.

They will also remain undefeated in Big Ten play.

Great news for those of you who are tethered to cable TV the next three games are on ESPN so everyone, well almost everyone can see the games(if you do not have Sat or Cable you have problems bigger than I can help you solve lol) Radio will be WSSP thanks to the Suck Ass Does

Right now things are going very well for the Badgers they have climbed to number 11 in both polls and are back on the national scene. The ass whooping they recieved at the hands of number 3 Duke is a fading memory. They are playing great "team" basketball and have a really solid shot to win the Big Ten this season.

All this is nice but the only title that really matters is the National Title and who knows a team like Wisconsin can be a very dangerous draw in the Big Dance.

The Badgers will be the life ring I cling to until the Brewers go to camp.

Still a lot of hope in my little corner of Wisconsin hope for the Badgers and hope for the Brewers.

Things are not as bleak as they seemed Sunday night.

Remember the motto of the great state of Wisconsin "Forward"

That is what I intend to do I am going to look forward and not wallow in the Packer past.

On Wisconsin

Monday, January 21, 2008

Weather Is A Big Deal

This will be brief. The Giants were a better team given the conditions. They're not much of a passing team and Eli actually completed only 52% of his passes (Favre completed 54% of his), but the fact that it was so cold and a bit windy played right into their hands.

I believe that if this game is played in nice weather, or in a dome, the Packers probably win.

That's why one-and-done playoffs are unfair. Exciting as hell, but unfair.

Have you seen those crazy chicks?

Well, at least we're better than Dallas

I haven't read other people's comments yet. My impression was this was a total team loss. Inexperience finally caught up. Play calling in particular seem oddly desparate when it didn't need to be. The Packers did not play Packers football and despite that nearly won. But they didn't deserve to win and the result is as it should be.

I will root for Eli because whatever else he, his family, or his older brother are they are not cheaters. Honestly, isn't the whole Patriot dynasty thing forever in question now?

Thoughts on Next year; stream of conscious warning. Corey Williams, gone. Jarret Bush, gone. Atari Bigby at Linebacker? Swap positions betwixt Nick Barnett and AJ Hawk?

Needs for Next year... The Packer players are extremely good. Experience will make them even better. I don't envision any major changes but i am interested in draft choices for depth and potentially to challange a starter.

In no order... Offensive Guard. Run game was very poor though pass protection was mostly excellent. Clifton has had better games but i'm unconvinced we'll find anyone better, least of all in a rookie. They don't come around often and we got both of them.

Linebacker. I heard Poppinga's name called twice and Hawk's once. Barnett was mentioned after he had been dragged eight yards. i'd like to seem more of Abdul Hodge.

Secondary. Harris needed help yesterday and didn't get it. Woodson got crushed on a running play. Both played hard but at some point one has to recognize that man up won't work and try something else. I'd like another corner drafted and i'd like to see more of Aaron Rouse.

D Line. We have a solid front but obviously not the studs the Giants have. Competition and experience should help.

While making the rounds i'm amazed at how many co-workers are personally accepting blame for the loss. Common refrains: didn't believe hard enough, God punished hubris, didn't pray hard enough, didn't purchase enough Packer wear ( i'm in this camp ), talked too much about the SuperBowl and not enough about the Giants. These people are Fans. They may not have their muscle in a game like the players but their souls are every bit as committed. And yes, they feel they let their team down.

It was a good season. We beat the NFC North and we better than Dallas. It's not good enough for the SuperBowl. But i guarantee there are 28 other teams wishing they had lost a championship game. Because then at least they made it that far.

Go, you Packers, Go

Some good news Wisconsin vaults to number 11 in Coaches Poll

Wisconsin jumped from 17th to 11th in the ESPN/USAToday Coaches poll. This has been a nice run for the Badgers and for those Big East apologist take a look at the poll.

The Big Ten has 3 teams in the top 11 I believe if I read this right the Big East only has one.

What is also sweet is watching the Care Bears plummet like a Led Zepplin from 13th to 20th

My day does keep getting better.

On Wisconsin

UPDATE: Make that number 11 in both polls now that the AP is also out MU dropped to 21 in that poll

We're All Giants Fans Now

I don't have a lot to say about last nights game. Once the game ended I went on a bit of a bender and killed half a bottle of 151. I woke up this morning on the couch with a PS3 controller in my hand. I was a touch dejected last night.

It was a well played, well officiated game and the Giants were simply the better team. Plaxico Burress was absolutely incredible, and Eli was finding him. I don't honestly think anyone could have covered him man up, but I don't get why they didn't roll someone over on him, no one else was hurting them. Favre played exceptionally poor in the 4th quarter/OT. Aside from the interception he was overthrowing guys and missing everything. It was rough.

The thing is, it's over. We can and should join the rest of the country and root against the Patriots*. In my mind, no matter what happens the Giants are the Super Bowl Champions already, since the Patriots are about as legitimate as a Hugo Chavez election. However, it would be great to see these smug ass holes here in the Northeast suck down the biggest choke in the history of sport.

I hereby proclaim the WSB a New York Giants fan site for the next two weeks.

Our hopes lie with Eli.

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Current Mood: Bitter Troll

consider yourself warned.


Well the day was not a total loss

Connecticut 89 Care Bears 73

Oh yeah I am one bitter little troll right now.

On Wisconsin

As rare as a photo of a Yeti

Ryan Grant carrying the ball against the Giants in a game where it was below zero.

I am just saying.....


They really deserved to lose.

In some ways it would have been a crime if the Packers would have found a way to win that game. They played like shit the whole second half and once again an important game pretty much ends on a Brett Favre interception.

Let me first say I really hope Al Harris enjoys his pro bowl and maybe he can use the long flight over to Hawaii to think about what he could have done better in the NFC Championship game. Since Plaxico Burris made Al his bitch. Al picked a hell of a game to have his worst performance of the year.

And we cannot forget to give Nick(No Brakes)Collins a little love for his brilliant late hit that kept a Giants drive alive and lead to a touchdown.

But as bad as the D played they held the Giants to a number of field goal tries and kept giving the ball back to the Offense.

But we all know what happened, our offense which was built to play in a dome not Lambeau field in January gave it right back.

With the game tied the Packers Offense took over the ball at the 6:49 mark only needing a field goal to win it. They went three and out gaining a total of 7 yard on three plays and held the ball for 56 seconds. Then they got it back again on their own 17 yard line with 2:48 left still only needing a field goal to win. They did even worse they got 0 yards on three plays and only too 18 seconds off the clock.

But the inept Offense was not done they won the toss in Overtime and managed to hand the ball right back to the Giants in field goal range when once again Brett threw an interception in huge playoff game moment.

I no longer want to hear about "Packers Weather" and how Lambeau in the Playoffs is such a home field advantage. The way this squad is built that is all bullshit the Giants looked like the was ready to play in the cold not the Packers. To be honest we would have been better off if we would have had to play in Dallas.

Its funny Eli did not seem to have a problem throwing the ball, he took what was there and did not force anything(thanks to Harris he always had an open option)

I was very disappointed in the play calling McCarthy never even tried to establish the run and he seemed obsessed with those screen passes even though the Giants kept blowing them up.

Where do we go from here I guess hoping that we play more playoff games on the road in warm places since this version of the Packers cannot play in the cold or the wind.

Right now a lot of you are thinking "we will get them next year" but there is no guarantee they will even get the chance, if Favre comes back he will be one year older and it will still be the same basic offense group so we are screwed if we have to play a cold weather game(I am thinking the Seattle game was a fluke)

It was a very good season and I enjoyed it immensely, but this loss has left a very bad taste in my mouth I still cannot believe they were out played at Lambeau like that.

This will most likely be the last time I talk about that game here. I intend to move on and look forward the Badgers are playing great basketball and as Clint said we are less than 30 days away from spring training starting. So I am not going to wallow in the past I am going to look forward to another Brewers season and March Madness.

One final note I want to thank the Packers for allowing me to stop worrying about what I would do if my sons Gymnastics meet was at the same time as the Super Bowl. Thanks to Al Harris and our soft Offense it is no longer a concern.

So does anyone think this may be Brett's last game?

What a shitty way to go out.

On the happier side -

There is less than a month till Pitchers and Catchers report....



That is the total rushing attempts by GB yesterday.

As much credit as MM deserved for many of the wins this season in his game plan - he deserves much of the blame for yesterdays loss.

The previous two games his rushing attack was greater than 200 yards a game. And the biggest game of the year - the pack only rushes the ball 14 times - oppps make that 13 because one of them was a Brett Farve kneel down.

That is all that I got to say on that....


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Here is to giving it to the Giants hard and dry, All Day and Game Open Thread

Usually Jib is the Eloquent one ;)

As Jib said in his post today is an Epic day in Wisconsin and for Packers fans across the Globe.

Lets just enjoy the day as we kill time to 5:30pm Central Time.

This will stay on top till after the game look for new stuff below.

Go Pack Go

The Rockies better hope he does not turn out to be the next Pat Listach

The Rockies are reported to be close to giving ROY runner up Troy Tulowitzki a huge contract extension.

Yes he had a great year(not as good as Braun) but it was only one year what if he flames out like Listasch did? 30 million is a shat load of money. Now if he plays like he did last season getting him for 5 mil a year will be a bargain.

I would like to see the Crew do something like this with Prince or Braun but with the Prince of Darkness Scott Boras involved I doubt it will happen or if it does it will not be easy.

Beware the one year wonders.


NFL Championship Weekend

That'll learn me to do my usual procrastination on this. We're at the penultimate Sunday in the NFL season, and we need a sweep to end either half of the formula above .500 after a 2-2 week ATS (and straight-up) and an extra-chunky 1-3 on the over/unders. Oh well; let's hit Bodog one more time...

NY Giants @ Green Bay (-8/over-41.5) - The forecast is in; cold and not windy. The Game That Cannot Be Named, here we come! Bonus prediction; your final will be Green Bay 31, New York 13.

San Diego @ New England (-14/over-47.5) - Injuries are going to catch up to the Bolts this weekend as the Cheating Pats set a record for most consecutive wins in a season.

"Christ that is fing cold.!"

Quoting one of the English guys I play Xbox live with when he converted our local -5F into Celsius.

What the Giants will most likely be saying today when they take the field.

I am actually glad I am watching this from my living room on the big screen

You can go here to get current Green Bay Weather conditions through out the day up until kick off

They are calling for Temps around 0 at kick off with light winds so the Pack should be fine. The wind was what had me worried not the cold.

Go Pack Go

Landry leads Wisconsin to 9th straight victory

The Wisconsin Badgers over came the Tar Baby tactics of Northwestern last night and achieved their 9th straight victory and remained undefeated in the Big Ten.

They won the game 62-50 over coming the Wildcats slow down take the air out of the ball offense.

Northwestern seems to give Wisconsin fits so I am just glad the boys took care of business. They will move up in the polls on Monday and right now that is all that matters.

UW-Milwaukee also bounced back last night beating UW-GB 65 - 61 up in Green Bay last night.

On Wisconsin


That's what today is, Packers' fans. This game is epic. Here we are, our Packers on the legendary frozen tundra, in a game that very few of us saw coming in August, even the optimists amongst us. It is a historic match up of the legendary Giants against the legendary Packers-a match up the Packers have gotten the better of over the history of the NFL. It will probably be the second or third coldest game ever at Lambeau Field. In years past, we fans would have been ultimately confident, much as we were when the Packers defeated the Panthers in 1996 when the game time temp was 6 degrees. But this team is different and the loss in the cold against the Bears in December is enough to cause pause. Ryan Grant notwithstanding, this is a passing team with a hard throwing QB, a team that extreme cold weather challenges. Yet this seems to be a team of destiny, a team whose destiny has been building all season long. Yeah, the Giants seem to be destiny's team, too, but their destiny has only been building over the course of the last month. Prior to that, prior to playing rusty Buccaneer and Cowboy teams, the Giants seemed anything but invincible. But today they present a formidable opponent to a Packer team that could very well present the most difficult match up to a Patriot team that has been unstoppable. Today, a legendary team may be in the making, or a feel good story may end. Either way, appreciate what we've been able to enjoy this year, but all things considered, here's to giving it to the Giants hard and dry. Go, Pack, go!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Blood is running deep in College basketball today

I hope the Badgers do not become part of this blood letting tonight.

Number 1 UNC lost to Maryland

Number 4 UCLA lost to USC

Number 9 Texas A&M lost to Kansas State

Number 16 Pittsburgh lost to Cincinnati

That is not counting the MU loss the other night all of this helps Wisconsin

Lets hope they can TCB

On Wisconsin

A couple of things to do in Wisconsin while waiting for the Packers game

Tonight you could either listen to or watch the Badgers game against Northwestern if you are lucky enough to have the BTN or if you are actually up in Green Bay for the game already UWM is playing UWGB tonight.

The Panthers vs. Phoenix tilt will be at the Resch Center about one block east from Lambeau Field tipoff is at 7pm. Seriously if you are in Green Bay for the game you could kill a couple of hours indoors watching what should be a pretty good basketball game.

Here is the Resch Center page over at the UWGB site with directions to the Arena.

UW-Milwaukee is looking to get back to its winning ways after their first loss in 7 games to Top 25 ranked Butler. UWM's last two losses have been to Wisconsin and Butler no shame in that.

The Badgers game is at 8pm CT at the Pit of Despair aka the Kohl Center as I said it is a Big Ten Network game so spend some time at the local sports bar if you don't get it. The suck ass Does must have a game tonight since the Badger game is on WSSP which no one west of Brookfield can pick up at night.

Wisconsin is looking to TCB against a weak Northwestern team but a dangerous one Northwestern can give the Badgers fits at least this game is at home. Wisconsin is going for its 9th win in a row and 5 straight win in the Big Ten. Currently they are the cream of the Big Ten as they get stronger MSU and IU are starting to show flaws, beware Tubby Smith and the Gophers though.

So there are a couple of options that will keep you indoors for a stretch tonight as we all sit here killing time until kick off.

On Wisconsin and Go Panthers

Try and stay warm damn it is cold


Friday, January 18, 2008

Uecker finally on CD

I want it. I'll let former Brewers announcer Pat Hughes explain the CD.

Bob Uecker is many things. He is a former big league ballplayer, and now a Hall of Fame Broadcaster. Bob is also a professional comedian and one of the funniest men who has ever lived. He is an actor and a commercial spokesman.

Bob Uecker is also my friend.

He and I were the radio announcing team of the Milwaukee Brewers for 12 years, ending in 1995. He taught me more about baseball than anyone, and we shared many great laughs together.

If you are a Bob Uecker fan, I can promise you 2 things: you will enjoy this CD, and you will laugh out loud while listening to it!

In producing this tribute, I tried to mix in plenty of Bob’s Brewers radio highlights along with some hilarious moments of his entertainment career.

His 2003 Hall of Fame speech was a classic, and the highlights of it are on the CD.

If you are a longtime fan of the Milwaukee Brewers, there are entire tracks devoted to both 1982 and 1987, guaranteed to bring back happy memories. You will hear Bob making calls of big moments provided by players like Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, Cecil Cooper, Ben Oglivie and Gorman Thomas. Robin’s 3000th hit is the focus of Track #14.

Track #16 I called “Canadian Diplomacy” and it is one of the funniest things I have heard in a long time. It’s Bob (or is it?) pretending to be a French-Canadian journalist by the name of Jean Jacque Smythe.

It’s doubtful that a former big league player will ever achieve the level of entertainment success that Bob Uecker has. Sure, he’s been compensated for all those gigs, but he has always done that stuff “for laughs.”

It’s baseball that he loves and he keeps coming back year after year to his hometown to announce baseball on the radio for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Please enjoy the CD!

Uecker has had a long, great career in radio and I hope they put out multiple volumes of his work. (HT Tom McMahon)

No Wayne and Larry for much of the Packers Radio Network

The NFL's contract with Westwood One will prevent many Packer fans from listening to Wayne Larrivee and Larry McCarren call this Sunday's NFC Championship game.

If the Green Bay Packers deliver "the dagger" against the New York Giants on Sunday to seal a Super Bowl berth, Madison-area fans of the Green and Gold may not be able to hear it on the radio.

Don't worry, Packer backers -- the NFC championship game at Lambeau Field will be broadcast on both your AM and FM dials. But it won't be familiar voices coming out of the speakers.

Play-by-play announcer Wayne Larrivee -- fond of identifying a game-clinching play as "the dagger" -- and analyst Larry McCarren will be on the mic, but their call will be blocked from reaching local radio listeners due to the NFL's exclusive contract with nationwide network Westwood One.

If you can hear 620 WTMJ out of Milwaukee or WTAQ 1360 out of Green Bay after dark, then you can listen to Wayne and Larry call the NFC Championship Game. If you are in, say, Lacrosse, Eau Claire, Hudson, or Superior, you get the Westwood One broadcast.

Unless, of course, you have Sirius.

I gave the Giants too much credit

I said they had almost 90 yards of offense in the second half of their game with Dallas. I was wrong I just rechecked the numbers they had 59 total yards of offense.

59 fucking yards in a half.

First how the hell did Dallas lose that game(not that I am complaining)

but they lost to a team that got 59 yards in a half. Hell I just looked again I messed it up again they ended the game with a drive of -1 so they had 58 yards.

Someone please tell me how a team that got 58 yards of offense in a half is going to keep up with a Packers offense that is scoring at will?

58 fucking yards.




Go Pack Go

Crappy Cappy.

I wish I could have an absolutely crappy year and get a $500,000 raise.

If Cappy was right handed he would no longer be on the Brewer roster.

A new wonder drug discovered.


Thanks to my wife for finding this


Favre: Best football player ever?

That's the headline from Jay Mariotti's column in today's Chicago Sun-Times. He asserts that if the Packers win the Super Bowl, Brett Favre should be known as the greatest player ever.
And now, a quarterback ranked AMONG the best of all time has a chance to do down as THE GREATEST of all. If Favre and the Packers were to beat Tom Brady and the 18-0 New England Patriots -- no need to play the AFC championship game -- wouldn't he pass Joe Montana atop the all-time pantheon? Think about it: Two championships in the smallest market in pro sports, all the meaningful individual records, three MVP trophies, a consecutive start streak dating to 1992, boundless popularity. Didn't Montana benefit from Bill Walsh's system, the incredible talent of teammates such as Jerry Rice? Doesn't Favre have the ring that Dan Marino never won? Doesn't his durability, resilience and ad-libbing creativity put him over the top as the ultimate man's man at the most important and celebrated position in sports? With a victory over the New York Giants in the NFC title game and another win in Super Bowl XLII, face it: Favre becomes the most memorable football player of our lives.
I agree with him. With the records, championships, durability, awards and flat out great story on Brett's side it would be hard to argue against him.


A quick Badger Basketball thought

If they take care of business tomorrow versus Northwestern at the Pit of Despair the Wisconsin Badger will most likely move past Marquette in the polls. The only thing about this that I care about, besides pure anti MU spite, is the fact it will help the Badgers seed in March.

That is the second nasty loss for MU and the third bad performance out of their last 4 games.

Wisconsin and MU are teams heading in opposite directions

And you know which one is riding the up escalator.

It makes my Badger Heart very happy.

I think my prediction that the Badgers will go deeper in the tourney than MU is looking better and better

On Wisconsin

NFC Prediction time

Well we have finally reached the Friday before the NFC Championship game. Time for everyone to put their predictions down for the historical record(at least until aliens pull the plug on the server when they invade in 2020, right Jib) ;)

I know some of you have already said what you think will happen but please do it again one more time here so we have them all together.

My Prediction:

In my gut I do not believe it will be close, I think the Pack will turn it into a Track meet on a very cold Lambeau Field. The winds are suppose to be under 10 knots so I do not believe they will have the issues they had in Chicago. I do not think they Giants can keep up in a track meet with the Pack. People are forgetting to mention they had less than 90 yards of offense in the second half against Dallas. They had not one but two chances to ice the game in the 4th quarter and went 3 and out.

While I respect what the Giants have done in their playoff run I just do not see them winning Sunday there are just too many things stacked against them. Brett is playing out of this world football Ryan Grant is peaking and our receiver corp will destroy their secondary.

Also our Defense is better than theirs

I am sorry Giant fans, I see this being a rout.

Packers 38 - Giants 17

Go Pack Go

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