Monday, December 31, 2007

Pistons Prison Rape the Does

114-69 Wow is it possible they have quit on Coach Larry?

What a sorry excuse for an NBA team

Does Basketball, Yes It can get much worse.


Just curious

Does anyone actually pay the MJS for their "Packer Insider" coverage?

I have ESPN insider but it is because you need it for some features my wife uses during Fantasy Football(Championship game in her league last three years won it all this season) I think a year of ESPN insider is even cheaper that PI.

Just wondering if they get any fish to bite on that one.

Now days the Wis State Journal and the Green Bay papers are a mouse click away why would you pay for Packer coverage out of Milwaukee?


Javon Walker wants out of Denver

Surprise, surprise.
Javon Walker stopped short of demanding a trade like he did two years ago in Green Bay, but he suggested Monday that it might be best for everyone if the Denver Broncos sent him packing.

"It's not that they don't want me here, but I just don't think it's the best fit for me," Walker said as he prepared to meet with coach Mike Shanahan for his exit interview.

A little older and wiser, though?

"Green Bay made me who I was for a team like this to want to bring me here," Walker said. "So, maybe it takes a team like that to go back."

It would have been nice to have actually gotten something for him, but I don't miss Javon Walker one bit. If Denver does try to move him, it'll be interesting to see if they get anything in return.

Classic Badger Ball

Seattle, Tampa Bay or New York Giants

Those are the three games the Packers can host in in the their 2nd round play off game.

Which one of those teams would you like to play and why?

I want Tampa Bay because they are historically terrible in cold weather and have not been playing all that well lately.

My guess is we get Seattle and they have not really done much to impress me this season.

So of the three who is your choice?


The Texas win propels the Badgers back into the top 25

The Wisconsin Badgers Basketball team jumped back into both major polls barely but they are back in.

Number 25 in the AP and tied for 24th Coaches poll.
Now we all know the only poll that matters is the final one. But it is good for the program to be ranked helps with recruiting and such. Thank Odin the Texas game was on a channel so more people nation wide saw it.

Speaking of the Texas game Brian Butch was named Big Ten player of the week after his monster 21 points 11 rebound performance down in the Lone Star state. He showed Senior leadership and I think he will carry this team in the Big Ten season.

It is amazing how one game can fire you back up for a team.

On Wisconsin Goooooooooooooooooooooooo Red

Top 20 Milwaukee Brewer Prospects

John Sickels has pretty much had it lately with the commenters over at and has given the task of posting his Top 20 lists to his wife. This seems to have led to less insight at the end, but the lists haven't changed. He's still doing em, just not following up in the comments and what not because as we all know, people on the internet are morons.

Anyway, the Brewers list is much less impressive that it has been in previous years, but I am glad to see my boy LaPorta topping the list at B+. Given that he has yet to solidify himself as an outfielder, this is very impressive. I'd say it gives him an A/A+ bat tempered by his B/B- defense...but that is just me reading into the grading. Other notable:

Manny Parra B+ ("needs more attention")
Jeremy Jeffress B ("assumes he stops smoking dope")
Jonathan Lucroy-catcher B-

Brent Brewer C ("yes I know all about his tools. He is too damn raw...")
Zack Jackson C

I was impressed that Lucroy got a nice grade there. I expected Salome to have the highest catching grade in the organization, and am I little surprised a 21 year old in rookie ball grades higher. I don't know if that is good or bad?

I am real disappointed in Brewer and Jackson. Sickels has a great track record on these rankings, and I was expecting big things from Brewer. I don't mind raw, and he is only 19, but he struggled last year in A ball and I was hoping it was due to boredom or something, not being "too damn raw." Of course 48 errors last season is a pretty good indicator or "raw."

Check out the whole list
, and try not to freak out when yet another person tell you that Vinny Rottino is nothing special...or when Mark Rogers makes you cry.

To sum it up here is Sickels:

This system has been thinned out by promotions and trades, but I suspect they will recharge quickly.

It's great to see that the baseball intelligentsia realize the incredible strength of the Brewers scouts and minor league operations.

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Looking back on 2007

Quite the Year in Wisconsin Sports.

The Badger football team wins its bowl game on Jan 1st beating to Arkansas bring their bowl record against the mighty SEC to 2-1.

The Badgers Basketball team is national power all season and is even ranked number one in the nation for a very short while. They faltered in March but still a magical year for the program.

The Brewers have their first winning season in over a decade and lose the division by 2 games. With a rebuilt back of the bullpen look for the Crew to be in the hunt for their first trip to the playoffs in damn near forever.

Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder explode on the national baseball scene. Prince hits 50 home runs and a Braun wins Rookie of the Year. This season has moved the bar playoffs or nothing in 08

The Packers kick some serious ass in 07 going 13-3 in the regular season and finishing tied for the best record in the NFC with Dallas. Their 2007 story has chapters to be written yet. But what a great year for the team if Tom Brady had not has the insane year he had Brett would be a shoe in for his 4th MVP(he will get more votes than you think)

The UW Womans hockey team wins back to back NCAA championships as the Ladies defend their trophy.

The Does sucked then and they suck now so not much has changed there.

UW-Whitewater finally figures out the Gideon's knot that was Mount Union to win the Division III national football title.

American League Baseball returned to Milwaukee at least for a three game series. With Cleveland having to play its opening series with LA at Miller Park.

Over all it was a fun year lots of ups a couple of big downs in Wisconsin Sports, I am really looking forward to 08 to see how the Packers finish this run to see if the Brewers can build on last season to see what this Wisconsin Basketball team can become.

Feel free to add on to this in the comments or with a Re post if you are a bartender here.

I know I will throw some more stuff up as I think of it

Have a great and safe end of 2007

Chris and the whole WSB family.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Packers 13-3

This is wonderful. The Green Bay Packers finish the 2007 Season 13-3 with a win over the Detroit Lions. It is everything Coach McCarthy can want in a season ending game. Brett Favre leads the team on three touchdown drives on the first three possessions. He then comes out for good two plays into the 2nd quarter, after successive completions to newly returned veteran TE Bubba Franks. Backup QB Craig Nall then takes the reserves to a final 34-13. The GB Game 16 Stats make the case this is a disciplined team with a depth of talent.

RB Ryan Grant and CB Will Blackmon are knocked out of the game with injuries, but afterwards both insist they are not serious and expect to be ready for the first playoff game January 12, 2008. The Packers rest several key starters and with the extra bye week, the team will be at optimal readiness to contend for the Super Bowl. In his post-game conference, Brett Favre says “At times we played pretty good football but once the playoffs start, at times doesn’t count”.

Coach McCarthy: (Did the Chicago loss shake your team's confidence?) I'd like to say that it didn't affect our confidence. I think it punched us right in the mouth. It was a good wake-up call. The most important thing about a wake-up call is how you respond to it. I really liked the way our football team responded today. That's what you're looking for, a decisive win at home, great crowd, perfect day at Lambeau Field. It's an excellent way to finish a 13-3 season.

"Perfect Day at Lambeau Field" -- I have to agree. This has been a special season, and no matter what happens going forward it has been a remarkable story that none of us can honestly say we saw coming.

ONE Yard?

I am incapable of explaining how a NFL team finishes a regular season game with one yard rushing. Perhaps some of the Dallas Cowboy fans who drop by the bar can explain this Boxscore.

It says Washington 27 and Dallas 6. I can get my head around those numbers, but then goes on to say of the 7 first downs “The Boys” manage the entire game, not a single one is achieved on the ground. I can also get my head around less than two first downs per quarter, but that ONE NET YARD RUSHING just freaks me out.

I expect one of the Blue Star faithful will be able to provide a coherent explanation of what happened and why it won’t matter in the playoffs.

Cheaters Prosper - 16-0

I turned off the game at half time last night, pretty sure of what was to come. To be honest, I was completely disinterested because I am utterly convinced the Patriots will not make it to the Super Bowl. I also thoroughly wanted them to win so that a playoff loss is that much more painful.

I also have a little bet going from the beginning of the year. If the Packers finished 4 games or fewer behind the Patriots, I won. As of two weeks ago, I could no longer lose this bet. It would make the victory SO much sweeter if I still won this rather large bet even with the Patriots going undefeated, so I definitely wanted them to win. I don't honestly think the Packers will pull it out today (they'll have to have one hell of a first half) but it would make the whole thing incredibly sweet.

If, as I suspect, the Patriots lose to the Jags or Colts (whoever comes first) it will make this entire season of insufferable coastie Assholes worth it. What comes after dynasty, annoying fuckface in the NFL commercial? How bout "biggest choke in sports history."

Please Odin dont let anyone get hurt

That is all I care about today with the Packers game, yes it would nice if they won to wash away the bad taste from last weeks game.

I would like to see them not look like a dome team in cold weather.

But in the end all I care about is everyone staying healthy for the playoffs

I hope to get 2 to 3 quarters of Aaron Rogers today

It is kind of nice to be playing a "good" meaningless game at the end of the season instead of a true meaningless game lol.

Go Pack Go

On to the Big Ten part of the schedule

The Badgers finished the non conference part of the schedule with a 10-2 record and a 4 game winning streak.

while this team has not looked any where near as good as last years team they are improving. Yesterdays dramatic win at Texas proves that.

One thing last year taught me was it is important to be playing your best basketball in February and March. No one remembers or cares that you were one of the best teams in December or January. I really see the Badgers peaking at the end of the season and making some noise in the Big Dance.

I am back on my not liking Jason Bohannon kick he is not reliable enough to the "sniper" on this team. He went 3-9 from behind the 3 point arc yesterday, not good enough. He showed last season that he could find his stoke well he better find it soon.

Looking ahead you people with cable are not going to like it but I only see three game that are on ESPN2 the rest of the games are on the BTN or TBA so go get a Sat so you can watch some games.(quick aside Ah La Cart pricing would solve a lot of this let you pick the channels you want and pay for those I know a lot of you would love to trade Lifetime Network(the men suck channel)for the BTN and you should be able to)

Back to Basketball I have to say I am very pleased with Brian Butch's play this year he was a big reason they won yesterday I hate to look backward but I still wonder how they season would have ended if Butch does not go down.

The Badges start off the B-10 season by traveling to Michigan then host Iowa and Illinois so we should have a feel for how they are going to do right away.

Yesterdays win really did help charge my Badger Basketball battery I am ready for the conference season to start.

On Wisconsin

Saturday, December 29, 2007

NFL Week 17

We're at the end of the regular season, the 2nd-hardest week to pick as so many teams have nothing of significance to play for. Not good, considering I went an extra-chunky 4-11-1 last week to bring me right back where I started. As always, the lines are from Bodog, so they may or may not bear any semblance to what your stateside Man is offering you.

Detroit @ Green Bay (-5) - Yeah, the Packers are one of those teams that, on paper, have nothing to play for. However, they need a bounce-back before the playoffs.
New Orleans (-1.5) @ Chicago - I'll let 3 wood from JammieWearingFool handle this one - "The Bears have the 25th rated offense and the 28th rated defense. The Saints have the 5th rated offense and the 29th defense. So both defenses are equally bad, but New Orleans has a much better offense than the Bears. The weather Sunday in Chicago is supposed to be 35 degrees and cloudy, not so bad. The Bears have absolutely nothing to play for and have IR'd a lot of their players to protect them. Therefore, I take the Saints in a close one."
Minnesota @ Denver (+3) - All in all it was all just bricks in the rookie wall.
New England (-14) @ NY Giants - Jimmy Hoffa says take the over-47.
Buffalo (+8) @ Philadelphia - You may want/like/get the points, but you're not gonna need them. Stat of the week - Buffalo is 7-2 against teams that have not locked into the playoffs (including a win over the Redskins, which have the inside track on the last NFC wild-card spot).
Carolina (-3) @ Tampa Bay - Normally, I would say this line was whacked. However, Chuckie has already proven he will rest players, the Bucs have nothing to play for because of that, and the Bucs have not swept the Panthers since 2002.
Cincinnati (-3) @ Miami - Game of the Weak material here. Go under-45.
Jacksonville (+6.5 - game currently crossed out at Bodog) @ Houston - The AFC South is the toughest division in the NFL this year; last-place Houston is 7-8.
Seattle (pick'em) @ Atlanta - I don't care if the Seahags have nothing to play for; the Dirty Birds have no business not giving boku points here.
San Francisco @ Cleveland (-10 - game currently crossed out at Bodog) - Neo is home one last time.
Dallas (+9) @ Washington - This is your mistake line of the week. It matters not that Dallas has home field wrapped up or that Terrell Owens will be out; they have a chance to screw the 'Skins.
Pittsburgh (-3.5) @ Baltimore - The Steelers still have a chance at the #3 spot in the AFC. They desperately want it.
San Diego (-9) @ Oakland - Unfortunately for the Steelers, the Chargers have the inside track and the weaker opponent.
St. Louis @ Arizona (-6) - And the award for Most Disappointing Team goes to Duh Lambs.
Kansas City (+6) @ NY Jets - My man Hoffa is wondering what is going through the minds of the bookies; the Jets have no offense, and Kansas City has a defense.
Tennessee (-4.5) @ Indianapolis - The Colts have already announced they're rolling over, as Jim Sorgi will be playing at least a half.

Somewhere Jib is weeping

AOL pulls plug on Netscape Web browser

There was a time when Jib seemed damned and determined to be the last man on the Web using Netscape

Hang Tough Bro ;)



My poor children were playing upstairs in the room above my TV room and I think when I roared YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS at the top of my lungs when Michale Flowers hit that shot sacred the crap out of them.

What a game to go on the road on national TV and take down the number 9 team in the nation.


I think the Badgers just announced they are ready for the Big Ten Season

All of this with Trevon Hughes on the bench

Wow Fucking Wow I really needed that.

On Wisconsin Goooooooooooooooooooooooo Red


So do you give a Rats Ass if the Pats go 16-0?

I for one am in a quandary I really hate that Dolphins team and their stupid bottles of Champaign. Normally I would be ecstatic that someone was going to match their achievement.

But(there is always a but)

Not this Pats team now way in hell I can pull for them so I am stuck between the proverbial "rock and a hard place"

Now if the Giants could knock Brady out for the playoffs it would be great game. Other than that I do not know if I am even going to bother watching.

thought with 3 different channels carrying the game it will be hard to avoid lol

So do you gentle reader care enough about this to watch this game tonight or are you going to find a better way to spend your Saturday?


So far Mass Effect is like watching paint dry

I finally took a break from COD4 last night and popped in a new game Mass Effect

And I have to be honest so far I think it sucks ass. You spend a lot of time running around asking people questions and trying to not get lost in buildings.

I don't know maybe 3 straight months of playing first person shooters might have warped my view on this type of role playing video game.

But if it doesn't pick up soon it will be cast on back on the shelf till I can trade it in.

Now this is my first impression after only a couple of hours of playing but usually my first impressions of a game are spot on.

Has anyone out there played Assassin's Creed yet? Hell maybe its time to finally play Gears of War

Any suggestions for a new game? I have $75 in Best Buy Gift Cards burning a hole in my pocket lol.


Hey A Badgers game you can all watch

Today the Badgers take on Texas down in Austin and the game in on ESPN2 so no BTN black out.

It is an early tip off 11am CST so you will have to hustle to watch the game.

I will have to miss the first half(at gymnastics and forgot to set the DVR)

Texas is ranked number 9 in both polls and you know how well this version of Wisconsin Basketball has fared playing ranked opponents.

I am not looking for a win today but who knows they might surprise me.

Then on to Big Ten play maybe that will rekindle my Badger Basketball fire I have to admit I am not living and dying with the basketball team like I did last year.

So enjoy the game today before you watch the NFL game tonight I am guessing you will not be watching any bowl games today all three games suck ass.

On Wisconsin

The Knicks then the Hawks now the Bulls

Face it the Milwaukee Does just plain suck, they stink on ice.

(AP Photo)

Coach Larry is going to have a heart attack or kill someone before the season is over.

From the article in the paper is sounds like the Refs had some money riding on this game.

But here is the thing when you play bad teams like the Bulls you should be far enough ahead that the Refs cannot do anything to effect the outcome.

And before fans of the Knicks Hawks and Bulls call me out I understand the Does are a bad team too, lucky for us they do not have to play themselves they would probably lose. ;)

Actually I owe the Atlanta Hawks an apology I just looked at the standing they actually have a winning record I guess they are not a bad team. Remember reading is a skill and even I need to practice it once in a while lol.

The sad part is the NBA season will not be over till April 16th which happens to be my birthday what a present I will not have to read about our crappy basketball team anymore after that date. Well at least for the summer.

Do you think Larry Harris will be fired by then?

"Milwaukee Does basketball, Yes it can get worse"


Friday, December 28, 2007

The Last Thing ESK Will See

If I can ever get the SOB into a Multi Player game ;) Now I am not going to fuck with Tron7 dude has a 55 Prestige rank he is one bad man when it comes to that game lol. For the Record I have a 22 Prestige rank which means both Tron7 and I have maxed out on the multi player game and have chose to give up all our perks and start over Tron has went through Multi Player twice to have that 55 rank in Prestige. Like I said he is a Bad Man lol

Here is the long awaited COD4 post

Call of Duty 4 should be known as the game that killed Halo 3 almost everyone I know on xbox live has moved on from Halo3 to COD4

I love the game the graphics make you feel like you are playing in a movie not a video game. The campaign game is very cool and unlike Halo you cannot just bash your way to glory, sometimes the decision not to shoot is as important as blowing stuff up

The Campaign game is brutally hard on Veteran the hardest setting I can think of one spot in a level that took me over 50 tries to get through(TV Production room on Charlie Dosen't surf)

The one bad thing about COD4 is you cannot do the Campaign in "Co-op" like you can in Halo3(do the Campaign with your buddies)

But where COD4 finds a new level is in the online Multi Player. You start with minimum weapons choices and perks(things that make you tougher to kill or make you shoot straighter) As you rank up you get more and better weapons and add ons to your guns like better sights and scopes or silencers.

You can play in Team Death matches or in Free For All or as I like to think of them shoot everyone you see games.

The have other more tactical multi player games also one where you do not respawn you die in the game you sit on the sidelines till the next round.

I keep going back to the graphics there are a number of maps you play on and each map plays to a different set up strength ie sniper on the map called over grown vs. sub machine guns and night vision on the map called wet work(set on a cargo ship in a storm at night lots of close quarter action)

You spend a lot of time learning the maps that is the major advantage higher ranked players have over the newbees they don't know where all the hiding places or ambush points are or how to flank a area on the map. Plus the Newbees tend to do dumb stuff like standing in the middle of a street instead of hugging the walls or outlining themselves in doorways or windows. One of the guys I play with is an expert at figuring out how to get into new and unique ambush positions.

Here is a video of played on the map called Crash to give you an example of the graphics

Yes if you jump off a building from too high a height it will kill you.

One thing that is cool is when you shoot a car they actually start on fire and eventually blow up a nice tactic if someone is taking refuge behind it. lol

Some of the best games I have played in were what I called "Enemy at the Gates" games Sniper vs. Sniper where you are on one end of the map dueling with the other teams sniper who is a dot across the map, while the rest our team battles the rest of his team. I actually have buddy who gets his kills covering my back when I snipe he just waits and picks off the guys when they try and take out my sniper position. Sort of a symbiotic relation ship I can snipe without worrying about getting stabbed or shot in the back and he racks up kills.

Right now I have other games I want to play but I cannot stop playing COD4 so Mass Effect and Gears of War will have to wait.

Right now there is a flood of newbees playing who got the game for Xmas talk about wolves in the hen house bwahahahahahaha they do the dumbest shit lol

So if you have a system that supports COD4 I highly recommend it.

If you are a Xbox Live my tag is A Mad Badger

Hope to see you in a death match soon

come on E when you going to come out and play lol


Trying to cheer up ESK today he seems grumpy

If the 300 were a Monty Python Movie


She has Huge Tracts o Land

For anyone who does not get the Huge Tracts o Land joke we use here I thought I would help you out.

From Monty Python Quest for the Holy Grail one of the greatest movies ever made

Swamp Castle

"What the Curtains"

Sports Welfare

Just because you were foolish once, doesn't mean you have to be foolish forever, Chris.

Go read about the publicly funded stadium scams, grow that brain.

What more can Herb Kohl do to help the Does

To be honest I do not put the blame for the Does woes on the Owner. Most of you know I am not a big fan of the Senator. But he has spent money on this team in the past and the current payroll is over 40 million.

Granted I do not pay as much attention to the Does as I do the Brewers or Packers but it seems to me the GM position has been the problem for a while now.

I had tickets during the George Karl era when the BC was packed and rocked most nights.

Milwaukee is a great Basketball town when the team is decent to good. But they will not go out in the snow to see the crap wearing the Does uniforms.

I watched some of the Denver game starting with the third quarter, Michael Redd had given up he would go down into one of the corners on offense and just stand there. The only people I saw giving any real effort were Mo Williams and Yi. I agree Redd is better suited for the role of Scottie Pippen not the MJ role. What can you expect from a OSU guy ;)

But back to the original question what can Herb do and does he really care to he is an old man with no children(wink wink)so this isnt like Chicago and the Blackhawks where the old man died and the son is turning the team around as the owner.

Herb is going to make a fortune when he sells the Does and I cannot see anyone in state with the money or the interest to keep them Milwaukee.

I think the Does will be sold right after the Senator decides he is done with politics once he knows he will not run for reelection he will put them up for sale.

I have already made my position clear I will not shed a tear if the Does leave but I know there is a group here at the Bar that will not take it as well.


This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Denise Milani

Once again another woman with huge, huge "tracts of land" WOW

So this Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Denise Milani

Happy Friday Boys

Bucks on my Mind

So, I was doing some thinking on the Milwaukee Bucks. Mainly, because I was tired of talking about their individual games (I mean come on, that can get depressing.)

Something jumped into my mind: What direction are the Bucks heading in?

The team has been "on sale/not on sale" for a few years...their GM is in the last year of his deal...and they have a young inexperienced coach. Compile those with a young team and I think that's a recipe for disaster.

While all the focus is on the New York Knicks and how their franchise is run, I think it's time to look at the Bucks. I realize people have been questioning Herb Kohl for a bit now, but I just had to get these ramblings out.

Not sure what else to add here, but I just wanted to throw out some questions for everyone.

What direction do you see the Bucks going in? I don't mean like last place, but rather, what's the current state and forseeable future of the Milwaukee Bucks?

What's the biggest thing this franchise lacks?

What are the bright spots?

Do you have a better plan?

A Great Column on Green Bay Fans

My favorite sports talk guy is JT the Brick, on Fox Sports Radio. Locally (MKE) you can hear him on WSSP 1250 from 9pm-1:00am. Pick a night when the Bucks aren't playing (local yokels on after every game) or an Admirals broadcast.

Anyway, the Brick was in GB for the Raiders game and wrote a column about it.

It's worth your time and I have to admit, I agree with every one of his points.

For those of you here in the cozy confines of the WSB, if you haven't ever been to a game in Lambeau, go. Just go. There is no venue in Pro Sports like it.

Happy New Year to all "youse guys and gals".

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Packers or Cowboys?

That question isn't what you think, so let me explain. The stats say that teams with a first round bye are overwhelmingly favored to advance to the championship games of their respective conference. We also know that teams that are playing their best football going into the playoffs tend to keep their momentum going. So, given that the Cowboys have been playing less than stellar football and are banged up, and the Packers have been showing some weaknesses that culminated in a miserable game against the Bears, I think we are going to see an upset in the divisional round of the NFC playoffs. My question to you is, not knowing any pairings yet, which team is more likely to be upset, the Packers or the Cowboys?

Are the Packers built for the wrong city?

As I was watching Sunday's massacre by the Bears, I started to think about this team. I don't think Ted Thompson can be criticized too much for the team he has built, but that's not to say he cannot be criticized at all. Sunday was the first real bad weather game this team has had to play, and it was abundantly clear that they couldn't handle it. Bad weather can be an adverse opponent for any team, but some teams have to expect it. If you play in Buffalo, Cleveland, Denver, Chicago, or Green Bay, your team had better be able to handle it.

This passing attack on this Packer squad has been excellent and it has become the team's hallmark. Unfortunately, we saw on Sunday why a running game can still win in the NFL. You don't have to be a monster running team-far from it. The running game has been taking on less and less importance over the years in the NFL, and great passing teams do win Super Bowls. But I can't help but think back on the theme of the Ron Wolf built Packer teams. He built those teams with an eye on winning at Lambeau in January. Dorsey Levens, Edgar Bennett...they weren't "great" backs. They were good, but when the weather turned sour, they excelled, as did their offensive lines. I think the jury is still out on whether Ryan Grant is in that class of back, but I think we can agree that this offensive line still isn't quite there on the run blocking.

This team is built to win, so give Ted Thompson his credit for that. I'm not so sure that it is built to win at Lambeau in January, though, and that is concerning. Winning 12 or 13 games is meaningless if the weather conditions at your home field are going to be a big barrier for you in the playoffs. I, for one, am hoping for a nice, sunny, 40 degree day at Lambeau for that first playoff game, and if they win that, I do hope they play at Dallas, because I'm not sure if they can win a bad weather game at Lambeau Field.

Belichick deserves Coach of the Year

Patriots coach Bill Belichick is the most deserving candidate for the Coach of the Year award.

Until Sunday, I wouldn't have made that statement. I was fully on the Mike McCarthy bandwagon. Don't get me wrong, I think that McCarthy has done a masterful job with this team this year. Nobody, especially me, thought the Packers would be where they are right now. In almost any other year, he'd have to be the runaway candidate. And he was the leading candidate this year because nobody has done more with a less experienced group of guys. But in my mind, he lost the award on Sunday to Belichick.

I think the first Bears loss can be mostly pinned on the players. Their poor execution was largely to blame for that game. The Cowboy loss, that I think goes to McCarthy a little more. Yes, the players failed to execute in that game, but McCarthy got away from the base offense early. The base offense for this team softens up defenses nicely with the short passing game, which in turn opens up the big plays we've gotten used to. McCarthy admitted that in the Cowboy game, they tried to take advantage of some things deep right off the bat. With the pressure Dallas was able to get, that put the offense in the position to turn the ball over and give the Cowboys a chance to jump to the big lead. Once they went back to the their typical play calling with Rogers, they started moving the ball again. But that loss didn't lose him the award in my book.

Sunday against the Bears. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a Packer team play worse. Nobody, and I mean nobody, looked like they showed up to play. Ultimately, that's on the players, but it says something about the coaching staff as well. This team was in no way prepared to play. Mentally, they were out of it. The mental and physical mistakes rolled up like an avalanche. The coaching staff did not have those guys ready to go. Contrast that with the 15-0 Patriots. Even when they haven't played their best this year, they've still been ready to go on game day. When a team is running away with a division like the Patriots, a slight let down is expected, and it just hasn't been there for them. Belichick is the best in football right now at getting his team ready to go, and that is the difference maker for me. Mike McCarthy had him bested until his team left that steaming turd on the turf at Soldier Field. I just can't justify it for him any longer. A great season of coaching, yes. It just wasn't good enough for the award.

So anyone besides me bored to death with bowl games

I have to be honest other than the Wisconsin game early New Years Day I might not watch one bowl game this year.

I don't know maybe the fact I expected Wisconsin to be playing in a BCS bowl game or the fact I am old school I do not want to be watching bowl games one week after New Years Day.

Or maybe it is I am not in the mood to watch OSU choke in another Championship game.

Or maybe games like Purdue playing and almost losing to Central Michigan are causing my bowl game malaise. I think it is a joke that a Big Ten team was playing in something called the "Motor City Bowl" sad day for the conference. How does a team that went 3-5 in the Big Ten end up in any bowl game?

If a playoff system ended up destroying the bowl game system I for one would not shed a tear.

Yawn I do not think I am going to make it to spring training without going on a rampage ;)


Bucks to change name for good

They chose Does because the Milwaukee Pussies or Milwaukee Marshmallows would not fit on a jersey.

Right now I think they could not win in the WNBA

Random is right it is embarrassing my guess is they will be playing in front of Wave sized crowds by the end of the season if they keep this up.

Their performance last night was French Army like actually I believe that is an insult to the French Army.

The Bucks Flat Out Suck

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

An Embarrassment to Wisconsin

This is an artist’s conception of a black hole. If you look carefully you may be able to see the Milwaukee Bucks falling in. How pitiful do you have to be to trail by 30 points at the half, because of 29% shooting from the field? The Marquette Care Bears could have kicked “professional athlete” ass tonight. This isn’t a matter a talent. This is a corporate culture content to play paycheck basketball on the road. The Boxscore is really ugly.

Entire country to feel Dolphins' pain

The NFL will be simulcasting the Pats-Giants Saturday night game on both CBS and NBC. The bad news is Bryant Gumbel will be doing the play-by-play.

Beer Prices

I understand politics are verboten in the WSB...

However, when stupid environmental policies regarding ethanol production result in a shortage of hops and barley causing an increase in beer prices then we had damned well better talk about it.

What a slow period in Wisconsin Sports

Not a lot going on right now the Badgers do not play till next year ;) and the Packer game this Sunday is now meaningless. Who knows or cares when the Does play next. The Badgers do not play till Saturday.

And the Brewers did not give us a Xmas present this season like last year to chat about.

Man is it quite.

So how was your Xmas? mine was great best one in years broke pipe and Packers lost not withstanding.

I am sure we will find something to talk about till the sports start heating up again.

So what did you get for Xmas? I got an external hard drive for my photos and music and slippers :) Kick ass


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Day The Bar is Closed till tomorrow

The Management and Staff of the WSB :)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Xmas from the WSB

Hey life has a way of always reminding me that sports are not the most important thing in my life.(Burst pipe last night and a beautiful indoor waterfall in my foyer quite the site to see at 2am but the plumber is already here and Xmas is saved.)

I want to thank everyone well almost everyone for spending 07 with us it has been a fun year with the Badgers and the Brewers now the Packers.

I hope you all have a great Holiday enjoy the great period from Xmas to New Years Day with all the bowl games and the last week of the NFL.

We have a lot to look forward to Big Ten Basketball the Badger Bowl game and Packers Playoff football

So lets have a great last week of the year


Sunday, December 23, 2007


This game is one of those that you just toss in the trash bin without looking. It's a statistical outlier, and a meaningless data point.

You will basically never have punting problems like that again, and everything else that went wrong was a result of the punting. It forced them into throwing on a shitty day for throwing, and it gave the Bears great field position and prevented them from having to punt.

It sucks to lose out on the one seed, but consider this to be the regression to the mean from the Eagles game, where their punting melted down, giving us an ill-gotten win.

Now we can rest up too.

Packers lose Christmas is canceled

I know there are a lot of Packers fans who will feel that way.

I am a little upset but not to the point of letting ruin the holiday. It is a shame they really seemed to be peaking going into the end of season and on into the playoffs, you start to tell yourself they could give the Pats a game, then they go an lay an egg against a bad team playing their third string quarterback. Today in the role of Jason Garret your Bears Starting Qb Kyle Orton.

Was it the hurricane like winds? Was it a team that knew they had secured the bye week and took their foot off the gas. Was it just one of those games where you get a dump truck of Murphy's law dumped on you? Or a combination of all of the above?

I don't know to me it really seemed like the Bears players wanted it more that first drive set a tone and not a very good one.

All season long we have worried what would this team do if the weather took away their passing attack. Well now we know they look as inept as the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers(who in case you do not know went 0-14)

Also the special teams play killed them today. Based on how bad they played in the bad weather today it might be a blessing that they will only get one playoff game in Lambeau field.

The sad part is next week the Bears will probably get destroyed by a so so Saints team.

I am going to write this one off to not being prepared for the weather and subconsciously letting up because they know they have the bye week in their pocket.

Better to play your worst game of the season now than in 3 weeks when it will really matter.

Remember that Bears fans we will still be playing football in 3 weeks while you will be pondering who you should draft with the high 1st round pick you have. :)

You know who I feel sorry for the Detroit Lions I have a feeling the Pack might take out some frustrations on them for at least a half before they sit the starters.

So this game is already in the past lets enjoy the holiday and get read for the Playoffs.

12-3 ain't so bad

Go Pack Go

Packers vs. Bears take 2 Open Thread

My first thought is I hope ESK's flight made it home with all this nasty ass weather.

My second thought is I hope he brought his thermals and a flask for the game today he is going to need it. ;)

The Pack has a lot to play for today and they know it, so I look for it to get ugly early if you are a Bears fan and I think this time the Pack will remember how to give the death blow.

I see late season blow out 34 to 9 as the Pack cleans the Bears clock while they make the Bears girlfriend hold their jacket.

The Packer boulder seems to be rolling down hill gaining steam each week

Just win and Just stay healthy hopefully the China Doll will get to play most of the second half. Check that I see Rogers is listed at Doubtful he is kind of Ben Sheets like isn't he?

Last road game of the regular season. Enjoy it.

Game info
TV Fox

Radio the Packer Radio Network and Srirus Sat Radio

kick off 12 noon down at the Space Ship on the Lake.

Go Pack Go

What the Chicago Trib is saying befoe the game

Bears-Packers a great rivalry? That's a laugh

Favre haunts Bears fans--even in Italy

Sweep dreams drive Bears in rematch with Packers

The Italy story is pretty cool

Go Pack Go

Weather Report

It's Fucking Windy.

I have to work today, and since I work about 35 miles NW of Chicago, and the wind was blowing directly against me the entire way, I can tell you exactly what it will be like today.

It's cold, made colder by a blistering wind (35-40 MPH easy). There are flurries, but no serious snow, but since the wind is so strong, there will probably be intermittent moments of "white out" conditions. I drove through a big patch of almost 0 visibility flurries that completely disappered on the other side of the tollbooth.

Wind will be blowing from West to East, and field goal kicking will be almost impossible from any distance.

With Orton out there, the Bear offense should be completely inept. As long as the Pack hangs onto the rock and keep it away from Devin Hester, they should win easily. But it might be a weird one.

Even in a loss Carolina might have opened the door for the Pack to get HFA

(I could never write head lines for the paper I am too long winded lol)

Tail of two halves last night for the Cowgirls they scored a total of 3 points count them 3 after TO went down with a high ankle sprain.

Dallas becomes a pretty average team without TO. I really hope Washington wins today so they are playing for something next week.

I really think they can beat Dallas at home if Dallas has to sit TO and high ankle sprains can be a bitch. But giving credit where it is due if anyone can come out and play on it next week it would be TO remember how he managed to play in the Super bowl after breaking his ankle. He may be a peacock but he is a tough one.

Now all of this looking ahead is predicated on the Packers taking care of business the next two weeks.

Sounds like it might be sloppy and cold down in the Space Ship today.

Goals for today Win and stay healthy I do not need a blow out just win by a point with no injuries and I will be doing my happy dance.

That being said you have to look at this Bears team and shake your head, this team won the NFC last season WTF how did that happen.

I look for the Pack to be focused and remember how they gacked up the game in Lambeau early in the season. I look for the Defense to make Kyle Orton look like Randy Wright when he drops back(Eyes wide open in fright shat running down his leg lol)

I for see a couple of short passes turning into long Packer touchdown runs with Bears defenders slipping and falling and watching our wideouts run after the catch.

If you get a chance there is a good article in the latest ESPN the Mag showing how as a receiver you have to earn your spurs before Brett will even give you the time of day.

My wife thinks it is too early in the morning to be listening to Godsmack I disagree lol.

What a great football season this has been so far I hope it does not end for quite awhile.


Well at least they did not have to go to overtime to win.

For a large part of last night it looked like Valpo might hand the Badgers another Kohl Center loss. It took a late charge by a Badger team that played like they were stoned most of the night.

I have already seen more sloppy basketball this season from the Badgers than we say all of last year.

Once again Jon Leuer our super frosh was impressive in limited action I cannot wait to see how he is playing by his senior year when they have had some time to bulk him up and polish his game.

It was also nice to see Trevon Hughes start to find his stroke from the 3pt arc hitting 4 of 8 from the artillery line.

In the end Trevon is going to be the focal point, how he goes will determine how the Badgers go. I honestly do not think he looks ready but I am hoping that will improve.

I have not watched as much Badgers Basketball this year(I am playing way too much Xbox) But from what I see I see a team that is sloppy and does not protect the ball they cannot hit the 3 point shot with any consistency. I look for them to be middle of the Pack in the Big Ten this season but you can see flashes of what they might be next season with another year under their belt.

You are not going to go too deep into March when you shoot .472 17 of 36 from the charity stripe. Turnovers and free throws usually are a strength of this team.

Final thought after suffering through having to watch the games on Channel 41 last season I really like the BTN and the fact the games are usually in HD

Well a win is a win is a win next up is a Texas team that will be more than a handful for the Badgers last non-conference game of the season next Saturday December 29th down in the heart of Texas ;)

Then Bring on the Big Ten

On Wisconsin

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Yi May Save The Season Yet

Hey. The Bucks win a game. Yep, the Bucks beat Charlotte in the Bradley Center for their 11th win of the season. Note this line from the Boxscore: 29 points on 14/17 shooting plus 10 rebounds. Yi Jianlian has his best game as an NBA player starting 12 for 12 from the field, including a court length steal and break away dunk. Yi got speed.

MKE Bucks Diary latches onto a recent number crunching formula called Win Score, and grades out the players based on their season stats. Michael Redd gets an A-, Mo Williams: C+, Andrew Bogut: C and Charlie Bell: F-. In this system it’s not just what you do, but does what you do produce wins.
Bucks Trimester Grades: At the end of the first "trimester" of this NBA season, the Bucks look like an improving team. This is mostly due to the improved play over the last week and a half of Yi Jianlian and Desmond Mason. Now, if the Bucks could only get better play out of some of their more prominent reserves, they could make a serious playoff push.
Keep Yi on the floor and Charlie Villanueva on the bench and Milwaukee still has a chance at a decent season, especially if Bogut decides to bring his "A" game to every game.

Badgers v. Valparaiso

The Wisconsin Badgers have two more games before the Big Ten season begins in January. So for they have beaten the teams they should beat but have struggled against top tier competition, losing a blow out at Duke and a home game to Marquette. Tonight they take on 10-1 Valparaiso before they get a week to prepare for the final non-conference test against AP #4 ranked Texas at their place. Like all Bo Ryan teams, the Badgers are playing sound defense.
Game Notes: Wisconsin leads the Big Ten in both scoring defense (52.5) and field goal percentage defense (.364). Both those figures rank among the top 15 nationally, with UW ranking third in scoring defense and 11th in field goal percentage defense.
The big question this year continues to be which players emerge as scoring leaders for this team. Sophomore Guard Trevon Hughes (15.2) and Senior Big Man Brian Butch (13.3) are providing dependable points from the perimeter and paint. What is still needed is for someone with a strong intermediate game to fill in between those two players. The bar talk all season is that Junior Marcus Landry should be filling this role and Coach Bo says he is beginning to see Landry mature into this role.
Small steps forward for Landry: "First of all, I really like his progress,'' Ryan said.”I'm looking at him at (small forward) and (power forward), and he can always play (center) because he's been comfortable in the post in the past. He's pretty versatile, his outside shot has improved. ... I just think he's physically and mentally better. And I think he'll get better from now until the start of Big Ten (season) too. ... His upside between November and January, I think, is probably the highest on the team, because he's got to get comfortable with the (small forward) position. That's where we have to help him."

Hoping for good weather tomorrow in Chicago

As I was driving through the Pea Soup Fog to go to gymnastics this dreary Saturday Morning I had a thought.

"I hope it is not like this down at the Space Ship next to the lake tomorrow for the Packers game"

I have a text into Paul(my guess is he is still sleeping since he has no children lol)to see what the weather forecast is down there.

When you play Chicago late in the season you are always fearful of another Fog Bowl game.

Since HFA is still on the line I would like the best weather conditions we can get.

So you all start "Thinking Sunny" or pray for good weather if you do that kind of thing.

Fog Sucks

Update just heard from Paul while there is heavy fog in Chicago the only place clear is along the lake as long as th wind does not change it should be clear for the game tomorrow.

Wisconsin will be playing a school with more guts than Marquette tonight.

Valparaiso aka Valpo to the locals still calls their teams the Crusaders unlike the PC Care Bears of MU.

This should be a fun game to watch tonight if you have the BTN. Valpo is a team I follow just because I lived their for 3 years while my wife was in law school down there and I actually almost went to school there(I was accepted there but we could not afford to have both of us in school at the same time I am glad I waited it allowed me to go to Wisconsin)but I digress.

I lived down there when the Valpo coach Homer Drew's son Brice was leading Valpo High to the Indiana State Basketball final(you learn to appreciate high school basketball when you live in Indiana you cannot help it you just go native lol.) Then most of you will remember that 3 point basket Brice hit in the NCAA tournament to I believe send Valpo to the sweep 16. As you can see it is one of the few schools outside of the Badgers I have some attachment to

Valpo gave MU a scare last year and that team is a year older and wiser

What scares me is Bo has compared them to Winthrop a team that pushed that very good Badger team last season to overtime. Bucky better bring their A game tonight.

The game is at the Kohl Center

Tip off is at 7:30pm tonight

TV: The Big Ten Network

Radio the Badger Radio Network

If you are hanging out tonight game might be worth a peek I am going to turn the Xbox off for a couple of hours to watch this game tonight.

This is also the second to last non conference game the finish the Pre Big Ten schedule with Texas on the 29th so all the more reason to make sure they win tonight.

On Wisconsin

Have A Merry Christmas

I am heading back home, to the greatest state in this damn country. I'll be back in Wisconsin around 3 this afternoon and I absolutely cannot wait. I'll be spending time with the family, hitting some old watering holes, and going to watch the Packers destroy the Bears tomorrow!!

So I will be MIA for the next few days most likely and I just wanted to say thanks for spending some time here this year. The place has grown nicely and Chris has done a great job getting a good group of posters which has in turn brought in a lively group of commenter's. The whole reason I like doing this is to discuss (all right, angrily discuss) the topics near and dear to all of us, Wisconsin sports (and sexy bitches). This past year especially this joint has formed into a nice little community, which is what I think all of us involved were hoping for from the beginning. We've sat through some pretty shitty years of sports here, and I have a feeling it'll all pay off in 08, starting with the Pack!

Anyway, just wanted to wish you all* a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and enjoy Festivus.

*even Tracker

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Davenport Will Not Hamper The Steeler Offense

Since Willy Parker broke his fibula last night, we get to hear a bunch of Najeh Davenport poop jokes today. Najeh, by the way, is far more productive than Parker on a play by play basis. Still he's always stuck at #2 for some reason. Health has always been an issue for Davenport, but don't be surprised if he actually improves the Steeler offense.

Here is my favorite Najeh closet joke so far today.

Here's another.

This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Sarah Michelle Gellar

This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of everyones favorite "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Sarah Michelle Gellar.

I loved her girl/girl kiss in Cruel Intentions

Happy Friday Boys

Do What You Want

I heard about this on the local news. So, for those of you who missed it, here's a link to make your own Jessica Simpson mask, as they are going to do in Charlotte, NC this weekend.

It's supposed to distract Romo. Meh, if I had any Photoshop skills, I'd make a mask of Romo's thumb pointing directly at his right pinky with his thumb being about 12x normal size and in four or five pieces.

Here's a direct link to the mask.

For fun, let's caption the pic. Here's mine.

"NO, Tony, I won't give you a blow job! I dropped 50 large on the Eagles game you prick!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Brewers Sign Gabe Kapler

Over @ the JS blog by Tom Haudricourt, he has a post up about the signing of retired OF'r Gabe Kapler.

Yes all of the sweat hog jokes have been made. However the biggest joke out there is the possibility of this being Ned's Sunday/Double Header line up card....

1. Gabe Gross RF

2. Craig Counsell SS

3. Joe Dillon 3B

4. Drew Anderson CF

5. Gabe Kapler LF

6. Eric Muson C

7. Vinny Rottino 2B

8. Mike Rivera 1B

That lineup card came courtesy of a commenter in the thread.

HT to Tracker from a previous comment thread...


NFL Week 16

Bank on these, as the drive to profitability continues:

Green Bay (-9) @ Chicago - Yeah, I know, they won round one. Favre kicks ass in Chi-Town, however, and this game means something for the Pack.
Kansas City (+5) @ Detroit - 6-2 to a losing record; priceless.
Washington @ Minnesota (-6.5) - The Vikes are only starting to run out of steam. The Skins are already there.
Pittsburgh @ St. Louis (+8) - Everything says to take the Steelers except their record against suck-ass teams.
Dallas (-11) @ Carolina - Now that TO has banished Romo's worse half, the 'Boys late-season fade will take a 1-week hiatus
Cleveland (-3) @ Cincinnati - The battle for Ohio is over.
Houston @ Indianapolis (-7) - Stat of the week; Indy has won all five home meetings by at least 9 points. Take the over-45.
NY Giants @ Buffalo (+3) - PaulNoonan nailed it
Oakland @ Jacksonville (-14) - Math lesson: Win-and-in + Pro Bowl snub + weak opponent coming off their Super Bowl = blow-out
Philadelphia @ New Orleans (-3.5) - Rule of thumb; go with teams that have something to play for.
Atlanta @ Arizona (-10.5) - How bad does Arizona suck? They lost out to a 1-win team. Take the under-44.
Tampa Bay (-6) @ San Francisco - Viva Garcia!
Miami @ New England (-22) - Lightning will not strike twice.
Baltimore @ Seattle (-10 - line from MGM Mirage) - Rookie QBs and knockout defenses do not mix well.
NY Jets @ Tennessee (-8.5) - Standard rules regarding the Jets apply.
Denver @ San Diego (-9) - It will be a Bolt Christmas.

Who are you pulling for in the National Championship game?

When OSU plays LSU will you be backing the Big Ten school(assuming most of our readers are Wisconsin fans) or like me does your hatred of OSU prevent you from rooting for them no matter how good it would make the conference look.

Does anyone think OSU will not lay another egg like they did last year against Florida

I think LSU will blow them out like a candle.

is it just me or does all the bowl games this year just make you say "Meh"?

I am not even looking forward to the Badger bowl game, maybe the Packers doing so well and the fact the Badgers have not lived up to their preseason expectations are helping fuel my apathy towards the Outback bowl.

This is kind of a down year for the Badgers the football team did not do as well as hoped the basketball team is not near as good as last years team Once the Packers win the Super Bowl I will have to grind till spring training starts lol.

Well I am rambling here so I will stop

OSU Sucks lol

Craig Counsell: Ballerina

And you thought his batting stance was funny. Here is the article, on point:

The Klements racing sausages will also suit up for the Dec. 29 performance. Counsell, who lives in nearby Whitefish Bay, Wis., will go through a dress rehearsal on Friday at the Milwaukee Ballet Studios.

According to the official billing, "audience members will be delighted as these 'rookie' and professional dancers join little Clara in her dream world filled with pirouetting fairies, marching toy soldiers and dancing teddy bears. Comedy will abound, and the laughs won't end until the final curtain falls."

The comedy is already abounding.

Since We Are Off Topic: No Country For Old Men

Read the book, go see the movie. Both are insanely fantastic, and the movie is probably a ton better if you've already read the book. I've been pushing that book on people since I read it two Christmases ago and it's fantastic to see the Cohen brothers do it supreme justice in the film adaptation.

If it loses best picture to that fucking limp wristed period piece I will actually be pissed off at an awards show for the first time in my life (although the UW Women's hockey team totally deserved that ESPY last year, fuck you ESPN).

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Now we just have to decided whose theme song it is

Me or ESK tough call on that one.

Hat tip to one of our regular bar flies Tracker.

Here is the link

(sorry I cannot embed it the good people at Universal want to force you to watch it on their Youtube page. But since it is free Ice Cream we will play by their rules.

Hi I am Chris and I am an Asshole ;)

Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas to my fellow Tenders and Patrons

Found this on You Tube and had to share with the bar...

Merry Christmas to all.

While I am off topic What are you listening too

I have fallen in love with the Met Opera Radio channel 085 on Sirius that and 080 Symphony Hall in the mornings then Margaritaville Radio 031 and 1st Wave 022 in the afternoons. The Springsteen and Sinatra channels are pretty kick ass also.

I have to say the Sat radio was one of the best toys I bought this year along with my Iphone of course.

My wife just got me the Nirvana unplugged in New York CD and DVD which are pretty cool

Quick aside I think unplugged was the best music show the old MTV ever had. Some very good/great albums came out of those sets I would love to see unplugged make a come back.

Does MTV play any music now I have not turned on a TV Music Channel in years now that I think of it. I could not even tell you what channel they are on my Sat.

So what you listening to these days?

Life without Music would not be worth living

MSNBC's Mark J. Miller Is A Fucking Idiot

From his "Scuttlebutt" column that runs on
So far Gagne has been mum on the subject but the Brewers are expecting
some answers and some public comment from Gagne before it’s all over.
An added bummer for the Brewers, whose chairman of the board is
Commissioner Bud Selig’s daughter
, is that
Gagne is probably the highest-profile player to be named who is in the
group of players who supposedly took drugs post-2004

I like the fact that he touts his little section of the webs as "The latest hot sports rumors, more" and is 3 fucking years behind the times.

I like the lame attempt to tar the Brewers organization though, you fail fuck wad.

Sadly, MSBNC is lame and have no link to contact Mark J. Miller. But Mark J. Miller, when you decide to google "Mark J. Miller" make sure to stop by, because I would love to tell you what a fucking idiot Mark J.Miller is.

As Peter noted in the comments, Mark J. Miller pulled his moronic and completely false statement. Mark J. Miller is a fucking coward for stealth editing that post. Fuck you even harder Mark J. Miller.

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So what you reading?

Yes Chris is going off topic(I just went third person isn't that cool)but it is my bar and I will go off topic if I want to.

My "To read" pile of books has exploded in the last 2 weeks to the point I might have to cut back on Xbox360 playing to make a dent in it.(I am still fighting the urge to do a Call of Duty 4 post I finally got the Barrett .50cal sniper rifle which kicks ass)

I am currently working my way through Philip Pullman's Dark Materials trilogy(the Golden Compass is book one) As soon as a buddy of mine told me his Pastor said they could not read the book, it became a must read for me lol.(remember kids banning books is the first step to burning them) Like Harry Potter it is a considered a young adult book but it is pretty dark so far I am enjoying it. Plus Harry Potter made it ok for Adults to read teenager books ;)

I also have my H.G. Wells collection waiting along with Former Packers President Bog Harlen's book in the pile. Then last night my wife picked me up "I am Legend" so onto the pile it went. I also picked up a book called Ivans War which is an oral history about WW2 from the Russian soldiers point of view. Finally I have "the Godfather" I love the first two movies I want to see how the books stand up.

So that is what will keep me busy into Spring Training when I am not watching sports or playing with my 360.

So Jib did you ever read those books on Dien Bien Puh?

So what is on top of your reading pile on this fine day?

Print is far from being dead

This just in .........

Grass is still green, water is still wet, Marquette has no football team and the Bucks Suck on an epic level.

They lost again last night to Sacramento no great surprise there and Coach K is talking about shaking up the starting line up. You think!

What is becoming more and more amazing was that this Bucks team could pull off that 5 game winning streak against good teams earlier in the season.

Lately they are not just losing they are getting whooped. A lot of their games are ending with them losing by double digits.

Maybe we should start calling them the Milwaukee Does(does anyone remember our womans league franchise way back in the day that was called the Does?) until they start to play better.

Go Does Go

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lock of the Week

I don't do the gambling thing these days, since the government decided that online gambling is more evil than gambling on Indian reservations, and Vegas/Atlantic, and at horse tracks, and in state sponsored lotteries which exploit poor people, however, when I glanced at the opening lines this week, the NY Giants were installed as 3 point favorites at Buffalo.

This is asinine.

Buffalo is a pretty good team with a really good defense which has the misfortune of playing in the Patriots' division, and in the generally more competitive AFC.

The Giants are a frickin' mess. Shockey is out for the year. Plaxico Burress is really being affected by his bum ankle. Amani Toomer, last week, had maybe the most embarrassing dropped pass ever. Their best RB, Derrick Ward, is out for the year. Eli Manning does not play well against good defenses.

The Giants have a nice front 4, but that's about it. Buffalo should definitely be favored in this game. They still suck on offense, but so do the Giants.

The Giants will probably not even make the playoffs when it is all said and done. The Saints can still catch them and if the Giants lose this week, they face the Pats next week.

Buh-bye .500 glass ceiling

I usually don't do the recaps here, but I'm feeling pretty good after an 11-5 week (but a mere 1-1 on the over/unders). Who would've thought after my month of doom (Weeks 2-5, 21-35-4), I'd be above .500?

Green Bay 33 (-9) @ St. Louis 14 - Is there a record Brett Favre doesn't hold?
Detroit @ San Diego 51 (-11) - Let Duh Lions hit the floor.
Chicago 13 @ Minnesota 20 (-10-LOSS) - Fragging turnovers. Guess the man the head barkeep calls Purple Jesus hit the rookie wall.
Denver 13 @ Houston 31 (+2) - It's a road of horrors for the wild ponies.
Cincinnati 13 @ San Francisco 20 (+9) - The BenGALS are toastified.
Arizona 24 @ New Orleans 31 (-4) - Just pass, baby.
Atlanta 3 @ Tampa Bay 37 (-14) - New coach, same result.
Baltimore 16 (-4) @ Miami 22 - And then there were none, part 1
Buffalo 0 @ Cleveland 8 (-6) - Just run, baby.
Jacksonville 29 (+3.5) @ Pittsburgh 22 - Fred Taylor still has it
NY Jets 10 @ New England 20 (-23-LOSS) - Damn snow.
Seattle 10 @ Carolina 13 (+8) - Upset special of the day gets Sister Toldjah healthy.
Tennessee 26 (-4) @ Kansas City 17 - Just the right amount from Vince Young.
Indianapolis 21 @ Oakland 14 (+11-WIN) - At least it's a moral victory, Eric (and because of the long 11 I took, a win for me).
Philadelphia 10 @ Dallas 6 (-11) - Westbrook is very smart; instead of scoring with just over 2 minutes left to make it a 2-score game and give the Cowboys a chance to score again and again, he sat down at the Dallas' 1 because the Boys were out of timeouts.
Washington 22 @ NY Giants 10 (-5) - Jeremy Shockey perfectly illustrated the G-men's season. Unfortunately, I was counting on him to salvage the Yahoo half of my fantasy football year.

That pushes the year-to-date record to 110-103-11 ATS and 18-11-1 O/U. Hopefully, you've been taking the over/unders, and your Man is only charging a 10% vig; then you're only a pair of 12-6 weeks away from making money. Without the over/unders and the 10% vig, it's a pair of 12-4 weeks. At 15% vig, you'd need the over-unders and a pair of 15-3 weeks (or without them, you'd need a pair of 15-1 weeks). At 20%, you'd be screwed, blued and tattoed.

Come to think of it, I'm screwed, at least without a good post-season.

Cart Before the Horse: 2008 Packers?

Jib made a comment below pretty much saying the Packers have to win this year, because it's the best chance they will have for years. It got me thinking...this is the first time in a few years that I wasn't looking forward to "next season" by this time, and I have no honest clue what the 2008 Packers will lose from this season.

As far as I know, their entire defense is locked up (I do not know the contract status of KGB) and unless Donald Driver's contract is up, I can't figure who the offense will lose. The line is so young I can't imagine anyone being a free agent? All the receivers will be back (I expect Koren Robinson to re-sign for a discount...if he is a FA, which I think he is) the running back spot seems to be solidified with Grant (expect him and Jackson to be the backs next season) and they just signed Donald Lee to an extension. That leaves a second TE, which the Packers have not used as often this season with their 3-4 wide out sets, so it's not a giant hole to fill (I'm hoping they go that route in the draft).

The big question is and will always be, Favre. without Favre this team is obviously worse off, obviously. However, I fully expect Favre to return if the Packers do no win the Super Bowl this season. If they do, I sort of think he'll hang em up.

So, in this post full of assumptions that can easily be torched by someone with the time to look up the Packers contract situations...where did I fuck up? Am I missing a significant off-season loss?

I, for one, welcome the 2007 Packer Pro Bowl snubs

The Pro Bowl selections came out today and the Packers only had 4 players who were named to the NFC team. Charles Woodson and Nick Barnett have the biggest legitimate gripes, followed by guys like Greg Jennings and Chad Clifton.

Personally, I'm kind of glad to see the snubs.

Don't get me wrong. As a fan, I think the Packers deserved 7 spots on the NFC team. As a fan, I want to see a maximum number of Packers recognized, especially given the team's record. At the same time, I want to see Lombardi Trophy number four placed in the trophy case at the Packer Hall of Fame. After spending the first 21 years of my life waiting for one, I want the next one to come soon, and this year might be their best shot for a year or two. And what better source of motivation is there heading into the playoffs than a collective chip on a team's shoulder?

This isn't the best season in the world to be chasing a world championship. The Cowboys will present a tough barrier to the Packers in the NFC playoffs, if it comes to that. Beyond that, the Patriots may present the toughest task any NFC team has had to face in a Super Bowl-again, if it comes to that. So this chip on the Packers' shoulders comes at just the right time. I guarantee that the players in that locker room are taking the snub as an affront against their talent. This team has continued to get better throughout the year, and this might be just enough to kick them to that next level, a level they need to play at if they hope to come home with a Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season.

I don't want to hear from another player named in the Mitchell Report

In this country, particularly when it comes to sports, we are obsessed with the apology. It has reached a certain level of absurdity. Well, when it comes to the Mitchell Report, I'd prefer the players named just keep their damned mouths shut because we are only going to get a limited amount of truth about it, anyway.

Think about it. You are a Major League ball player. You make millions of dollars, but your career is short compared to those in the general populace, so you want to make those millions as long as you can. If you admit that you used HGH in 2006, after the substance was banned, you will get a suspension and you will damage your future earning potential. So what do you do instead? You admit that you did it prior to the ban, during a time when the Mitchell Report has your ass pinned against a wall. And that's just the guys with bad lawyers are doing. The ones with good lawyers know that even if you admit to using prior to the MLB ban, you open yourself to possible federal charges. Those players are just going to deny using. They are going to deny because their lawyers know that despite copies of checks and shipping records, all they need to do is show that club house personnel often were paid to do services for the players and suddenly the evidence has credible doubt raised against it.

So, to all of you named in the Mitchell Report: Please ignore those in the cult of apologia and just shut your pie holes. We know you are all guilty. We also know that many of your MLB compadres are guilty, too, but got lucky because their sources weren't interviewed. We don't need to hear either your sob story or your denial because we know your word is worthless.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Why the Pro Bowl Voting is a Joke

First example the Cowgirls have more players than the Pats.

That the Vikings and Seahawks have more players than the Packers is example number 2

The fact that Jonathan Ogden made it as a reserve instead of Joe Thomas when Ogden missed half the season just shows you this is a name recognition vote not what you are actually doing on the field. If Purple Jesus was not having such a monster year Joe would be a strong choice for NFL ROY(do they give a ROY in the NFL?)

I liberated this chart from ESPN it shows every teams total.

No wonder half the players don't even go to the game and no one watches it

Who actually votes for the Pro Bowl?

The Pro Bowl is a Joke.

4 Packers going to the Pro Bowl

They are Brett Favre, Al Harris, Aaron Kampman, and Donald Driver. If I heard correctly on Sirius NFL Radio, Favre, Harris, and Kampman are starters.

Significant names missing: Charles Woodson, Nick Barnett, and Greg Jennings. Barnett and Woodson are first alternates, Jennings just an alternate.

The Cowboys sent 11 to the Pro Bowl.

Brian Anderson interviews Eric Gange on his blog

Brian Anderson took a moment from golfing to interview our new closer Eric Gange.

It is a good interview and one thing struck me as a very good sign.

"Gagne: I think players see Milwaukee very differently now. I know I do. Players used to look at the Brewers not as a destination, but as a last resort. But now, especially after last year, I think they're really close to the ultimate goal, which is a World Series. If you look at the guys on the roster, it's a great mix. They've got a lot of really good pitchers. A true #1 in Ben Sheets. It's an exciting team and an exciting place to be."

Players no longer see Milwaukee as the Fat Girl at closing time. No that Fat Girl hit the gym spent some money on herself and now the boys cannot get enough of her.

Well we do not have the pull of New York or Boston we have enough pull that we can get players and our current players are not counting the days till they leave.

Green Bay went through this going from NFL Frozen Hell to a very attractive place to play. I wonder back during the Super Bowl run in the 90's the Packers made a very big effort to make black players seem comfortable in pasty white Green Bay they used to bring up "soul food" as one example I wonder if they still do things like that.

As for the Brewers they play in a great stadium in front of hungry fans and we now have a decent payroll all of these things will only help attract and keep better players. A couple of winning season in a row and a couple of deep playoff runs will help that effort also. And lucky for most of the baseball players the season ends in time to get them out of town before the White Death takes over for 3-4 months lol

Hurray we are not the asshole of the league anymore ;)


UW Commencement: Scott Van Pelt

Here is the transcript. I think he did a nice job. This all stems from a show he did back in July where he called Madison the finest college city in the country. The segment went on for over an hour, if memory serves.


Tony Romo: The Natural

In the movie "The Natural" Roy Hobbes sucks whenever he's cavorting with his blond strumpet.

Yesterday, Jessica Simpson, the latest object of Tony Romo's affections, was in attendance at the Cowboys/Eagles tilt.

Romo was terrible in a Cowboy loss.

I'm just saying.

Packer fans, we must keep Glenn Close away from the Cowboys at all costs!

Williams suspended.

Cowboys safety Roy Williams got suspended for his horse collar tackle on Sunday. It seems he had already been warned twice.

And so the Cowboy loss watch begins.

Pure Drunken Entertainment

I happened to have Chicago's 670 The Score on when I went to bed last night and to my pleasant suprise the bland Dan Patrick show was not on.

Instead it was Jason Goff hosting the Bears post game talk show and unlike say TMJ's or SSP's Packer shwos this was very entertaining.

Around 20 minutes before the show ended Jason (the host) was getting all drunk calls where fans would ask, perhaps they were Packer fans, why the Bears couldn't be more like the Colts. One fan compared Mushin Mohammed to Terrell Owens and Kyle Orton to Manning.

Jason, at this point was fed up with the calls and just decided to take as many calls as possible before the show ended and catching them by suprise.

It was extremly entertaning bed time stuff and I wish I could have had link so you guys could listen to. Did anyone else catch this?

While I wanted the Queens to win so it may be an easier game for the Redskins to win next week, it was nice that the Bears were officially eliminated.

12-2 is oh so sweet.

Farve Autographs

The US Marines are Great People. No doubt in my mind. That being said - some are also great Packer Fans.

This comes from today's J/S

Like most Packers fans, Matthew Bannach, Jayson Wissmueller and Joe Stewart wanted Brett Favre's autograph.

Not content to wait outside Lambeau Field with pen and paper, the three Marine lance corporals simply Googled the Green Bay quarterback's signature, printed it and took the John Hancock to a tattoo artist in San Diego while they were on leave. Actually, Wissmueller organized it and talked Bannach and Stewart into getting the $50 tattoos in October.

"Two beers later, it was a great idea," said Bannach, 21, of Franklin.

Even in Iraq - they will have a reminder of the best QB in the NFL.

Thank you USMC.

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